12 DIY Weird Ways to Use School Supplies in Everyday Life

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Do you know that School Supplies can be useful not only at school? What are we talking about? See our latest selection of ideas on how to solve many small everyday problems with stationery!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Shirt
    • Magnets
    • Hot glue gun
    • Toothpaste
    • Syringe
    • Wite-out bottle
    • Ring binder
    • Double sided tape
    • Patterned paper
    • Thumb tacks
    • Decorative tape
    • Crimp connectors
    • Jewelry supply pieces
    • Chain
    • Pendant
    • Plastic folders
    • Buttons
    • Shoelace
    • Clear tape
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