Is Your Smart Home Device Dangerous?

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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Comments • 1 472

  • Salvatore Gravano
    Salvatore Gravano 3 hours ago

    No IoT devices in my home.

    OP-EAA MUSIC LABEL LTD 12 hours ago

    Too Scary to Watch
    Not so SMART me thinks

    GETGROOMED 19 hours ago

    Ofc it's not secure my any means.. everything can be hacked

  • CanadaCommunity Org

    We will be living in a virtual prison our own creation in 2020.

  • Max Luv
    Max Luv 2 days ago

    smart,isn't to smart,for the people,but smart for how?

  • audiotron1003
    audiotron1003 3 days ago

    I think I'll stay old school and get off my arse and do things myself, except chrome casting TheXvid on my Tesco TV.

  • Jeffro 2000
    Jeffro 2000 3 days ago

    I have smart dogs, smart firearms which kill animals for food, smart garden which is kept safe from animals by smart firearms, smart fishing poles, smart wood stove and smart beer.

  • RedBlue Media
    RedBlue Media 3 days ago

    well at least he left the ad til the very end lol

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 3 days ago

    But hey guys, it's SCIENCE, and Science is the best thing to ever happen to humanity.😆.... We were better off being religious zeolots.... And that's extremely hard for me to say because I'm an Atheist but it's fuckin' true. I'm really regretting the way I treated religious people as of late because in many ways they're more right than I ever was regardless of whether I believe in it or not. Ignorance is truly bliss.... At least with religion I could act like I believe in it and not worry about being persecuted. How the fuck can a person hide from this?!... Thanks a lot Regressive Left😭🤣Silicon Valley is your overlord.... I'd much rather of had the imaginary one.

  • BloodyEater
    BloodyEater 3 days ago

    Sry, im not part of that future :)
    no machine can calculate what i want.
    Since i do not act on a pattern, im unpredictable :)
    Give it a try ^^
    Anyways, im not using alexa and this bullshit, im to aware of whats possible XD

  • Clash Royale
    Clash Royale 4 days ago

    Thoughty42 be like:
    Talks about privacy for most of the video
    End of the video, talks about a VPN that is spying on you
    I think there's a problem xD

  • Gabriel Kröeger
    Gabriel Kröeger 4 days ago

    Well no more paying punks 50$ in order to collect fire insurance.. Cough-cough Avenue living

  • Dragon Fly
    Dragon Fly 4 days ago

    Awesome video 💜

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 4 days ago

    Eie Lyke to where a Whité Hatt Whencé
    I'm "Penetration Testing"

  • MarekzAnglii
    MarekzAnglii 4 days ago +1

    Hence the push for "Smart-meters" 🤬
    The 'legal' method for big brother to access ALL of your smart devices, without you even knowing!

  • gemal zahran
    gemal zahran 4 days ago

    rooter though

  • Zan
    Zan 4 days ago

    So basically for security reasons if wearing a smartwatch use the other hand for atm and password usage.. no worries I'm right handed and use it for doing that stuff and wear my watch on my left arm. 😎

  • Rune Thorsen
    Rune Thorsen 4 days ago

    "military grade encryption" ... sounds not so safe after all...

  • Darius Fehed
    Darius Fehed 4 days ago

    7:11 lmao

  • Philbytronic
    Philbytronic 4 days ago

    NordVPN was hacked themselves.

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 4 days ago

    I wouldn't Trust Googull Any-Waze, they are Spies Them-Selves ¡¡¡

  • Plutonian Mapping
    Plutonian Mapping 5 days ago

    All hail the formally* swedish company Volvo for being amazing! (*they were bought by the damn chinese)

  • mad planet
    mad planet 5 days ago

    Doesn't matter what the threat is morons will still que for days to get the latest must have shit.

  • angry man in a panda mask

    I dislike these they may make life safer and easyer but is that really the trade off to giving up ur human imput tp machines i don't think so

  • Quatie
    Quatie 5 days ago

    Why the tash?

  • TheKedi1
    TheKedi1 6 days ago

    You look like a mischievous villian from a LazyTown budget program, No hate though, love your videos

  • The Final Frontier
    The Final Frontier 6 days ago

    Anyone that places one of these devices in their home and/or in control of their house needs a psc evaluation.

  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 7 days ago

    4:10 why no one puts the, you have 3 tries and if your device is blocked for tot time mode? they should make it with kinda everything, like accounts.

  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 7 days ago

    1:25 and we won't work anymore..........

  • IrelandVonVicious
    IrelandVonVicious 7 days ago

    Am I the only one completely unwilling to allow any of this shit in the house?

  • LedFloyd333
    LedFloyd333 7 days ago

    Just discovered that "smart" does not mean cool, clever, intelligent. It means....
    Armaments in

  • Anthony Mcdonald
    Anthony Mcdonald 7 days ago

    I can't help laughing every time you say "rooter". It's an Australian thing. Puerile I know , but Google "Australian meaning of root"

  • WolraadWoltemade 1652

    Age of smart devices, with stupid people.

  • CJ Judd
    CJ Judd 8 days ago

    Smart TV, Smartphone, smart fridge, and a smart arse!!

  • KingKracker
    KingKracker 8 days ago

    talk about gettin hacked NORD VPN got hacked not that long ago, and never even told any of their users!!! like wtf? i have nord too! they never even told me my info nay have been stolen. kinda BS

  • Clo X
    Clo X 8 days ago

    Nice mustache 42

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 9 days ago

    @Thoughty2 While I'm an advocate for privacy and security. I also have mixed feelings about protection at the use breaking privacy. However, I deter from my original reasoning for this comment. I appreciate your insight on the vulnerabilities of IOT devices with no security standard that I will be performing some of my own pentests for my own IOT devices. I would also advise taking a look at your sponsors a bit carefully, as far as I can remember NordVPN was recently hacked and a lot of keys were stolen.

  • steven howard
    steven howard 9 days ago


  • Roger More
    Roger More 10 days ago

    Fuck technology like that it's a communist dictators wet dream... Anything online can be hacked so no...

  • Trent Baus
    Trent Baus 10 days ago

    "smart" devices should be largely abandoned. Anyone who believes that connecting their home appliances to the internet is worth the risk of doing so, does not possess the knowledge necessary to safely use any such devices. IoT devices should be abandoned. They are a novelty that essentially equates to removing all locks from your door and windows (figuratively speaking). People today willingly install audio and video monitoring devices in their homes that are connected to the internet. Any teenager with time on their hands could gain access to these devices. The idiocy in such a decision is mind boggling.

  • Christopher-tipstrum Leslie-Stanley

    Gee 42, the police in your country no longer wish to arrest pedofiles?
    Is that honor among thieves, or is it just the Queen swinging her balls. I think this would make a great video!

  • princessbinas
    princessbinas 11 days ago +1

    I don't trust smart homes. As a computer information security and assurance major (with a computer science minor), I can predict some things that can go wrong:
    * A hacker injects malware into a smart home, thus can lock someone out, kill me, steal information, etc.
    * A single glitch could prevent all the interconnected devices from working correctly.
    * Someone could forget his or her password and thus be unable to enter his or her home (this is why house keys are a life send).
    * A smart house cod short circuit completely in the event of bad weather or when a Corona Mass Ejection from the sun hits where the house is. This means that the smart house is toast and will be expensive to either repair or replace.
    I could go on. Thoughty covered most of the same concerns I have. This is why I prefer normal, non-Internet of Things homes, cars, etc.

  • E Higgins
    E Higgins 11 days ago

    Turn on your TV and your favorite program is loaded up. I never can figure out what i want to watch, or eat. So it knows and I don't . Maybe I've been looking at this all wrong.

  • Logan Cracraft
    Logan Cracraft 11 days ago

    7:10 So the combination is 1-2-3-4-5? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kinda thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

  • Xx shoxity xX Xx
    Xx shoxity xX Xx 11 days ago

    Hehe I got an expensive nest camera

  • Lawrence McCurdy
    Lawrence McCurdy 11 days ago

    I thought pen testing was scribbling on a scrap peice of paper to make sure it was gonna write..

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 11 days ago

    Internet control home. That very bad idea

  • Andrés Hernández
    Andrés Hernández 11 days ago

    To answer your question: Yes it is. Now to watch the video...

  • JozipF. Alonzo
    JozipF. Alonzo 13 days ago

    "Perhaps not always the occupant" Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Ultimate Powa
    Ultimate Powa 13 days ago

    There's a flashdrive that geeksquad used to use (not sure if they still do), but these flashdrives had the program "Brute Force" which would, within minutes, crack passwords up to 20 characters.

    If there was a USB plugin, you could get on that computer, hack that router, or drive that car.
    My brother would use this on my laptop to load up Meat Spin or Lemon Party on the screen so when I logged in I got a pleasant surprise.

  • Freemason
    Freemason 13 days ago +2

    Video aged pretty well

  • Rob Lox
    Rob Lox 13 days ago

    We are turning into Wall-E we need to, stop using voice assistants. We need to stop making technology use lights, doors, and windows to be automated for us. We have to stop relying on robots and drones to do everything for us! Snap out of it guys! For f!#k sakes, stop trying to make your houses like this.

  • ZoltanoMoltano
    ZoltanoMoltano 14 days ago +1

    appriciate your video, but Nord VPN got hacked recently, and all cheap Chinese device are knock offs or similar in hardware/software to the expensive ones as the expensive ones are manufactured in China and a lot of certification also done there:). If those high cost testing were applied by all firms there would be still hacked Sony/Microsoft etc... databases popping up every year as those who know how and love to do it will do it for the thrill of breaking into a well defended system imo. Still your content is a good advice and can make you a bit more confident you not getting hacked so if you can afford it buy reliable well known devices for sure:)

  • Ron Don
    Ron Don 14 days ago


  • Paul
    Paul 15 days ago

    Your music always rises too high mate

  • DJ Techn3ek
    DJ Techn3ek 15 days ago

    is your name 42? what exactly are you saying??

  • DrQuadrivium
    DrQuadrivium 16 days ago

    *Anything* with 'smart' in the name is for 'stupid' people.

  • PAW Team
    PAW Team 16 days ago +1

    Isnt There A Whole Movie About This

  • leepinlepin wingadingdong

    Remember every piece of smart technology, every software developer, every app has a backdoor ready to be unlocked without too much Effort...
    Including Nord VPN....

  • Hexi
    Hexi 17 days ago

    Having your locks connected to the internet is about the most retarded thing I can think of. Hacking a wifi is laughably easy. Even thought I live in a country that's at the forefront of internet technology (Finland) I'll NEVER have a single "smart" device in my home. You're just asking to be fucked over. By criminals, companies selling your data or spied on by authorities for no reason.