Ultimate Breakfast Machine

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
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Comments • 4 862

  • Stoked Boy
    Stoked Boy 10 hours ago

    This can make a full English breakfast

  • 678 jayjay
    678 jayjay 4 days ago


  • Fate
    Fate 6 days ago

    this is really cool but is there a well known brand with these features 3 in 1 ? something like tefal

  • bakedinspiration
    bakedinspiration 6 days ago

    Your bacon will fry faster without the lid.

  • chris melendez
    chris melendez 6 days ago

    Toast is burnt
    Eggs are salty
    Bacon is undercooked
    Human error
    Nice product though

  • Holli Swann
    Holli Swann 6 days ago

    Will it run on batteries?

  • Hazel-Games
    Hazel-Games 6 days ago

    "grinded" coffee

  • AnthonyPlayz765
    AnthonyPlayz765 6 days ago

    *toast is ready*
    :wow this is amazing🤣

  • Jimmy Jamm
    Jimmy Jamm 7 days ago

    I love breakfast food 🥞 great product 👍

  • Dr.DopeyDude 841
    Dr.DopeyDude 841 8 days ago +1

    Look at the egg at 6:58

    KEYSER SOZE 8 days ago

    I have been looking at this item for a while. all the reviews i read say that after a month of regular use the top griddle warps and cooks unevenly.
    Did that happen for you @CrazyRussian ??

  • im also a doctor
    im also a doctor 9 days ago

    Now if this isn’t McDonalds at home, idk what is

  • Connor Miller
    Connor Miller 9 days ago

    Were could I buy this from

  • sebooty licious
    sebooty licious 9 days ago

    i would like to see gordon ramsay cook in this

  • Aron 2me
    Aron 2me 10 days ago


  • ConcertsLiveHD
    ConcertsLiveHD 10 days ago

    Perfect for college kids.

  • Craig Stevens
    Craig Stevens 11 days ago

    Where do I find this machine I need this in my life now

  • Dylan Murrell
    Dylan Murrell 11 days ago

    This would be the ultimate camping tool if it were solar power

  • Jim Fariello
    Jim Fariello 12 days ago

    Perfect for my mountain cabin. Colman stove will be a backup.

  • Guillermo Maclachlan
    Guillermo Maclachlan 12 days ago

    Great for a RV.

  • James Porter
    James Porter 12 days ago

    Russians butter their toast before it's toasted?

  • sale havek
    sale havek 13 days ago

    Love it

  • Michelle August
    Michelle August 14 days ago +5

    I knew if I wanted to see how this works that the Crazy Russian would have a video on it! Thx T!!

  • Ryan Last name
    Ryan Last name 14 days ago +1

    The ultimate heart attack machine

  • TEENYcharmander
    TEENYcharmander 14 days ago +1

    This video was just an excuse for him to eat more food

  • ThatsaDistraction
    ThatsaDistraction 14 days ago +1

    In russia bacon flip you

  • Skylab
    Skylab 15 days ago +6

    i'd eat breakfast everyday if I had this gadget

    VICTORIANJOSH90 15 days ago +1

    This is basically UK 🇬🇧 breakfast and I’m from uk

  • HalfALasagna
    HalfALasagna 16 days ago

    Imagine all the dishes u could make. With the coffee machine u can make pasta

  • Blast Mink
    Blast Mink 17 days ago

    Such a unpleasant brutal accent with an arrogant attitude..((

  • Original Maddex
    Original Maddex 19 days ago

    I need that!!!

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior 20 days ago +3

    This guy is frigging awesome!
    Just because he tested it and likes it,im ordering one straight away!
    Thanks Russian haker,you a good dude.

  • dai jhin
    dai jhin 20 days ago

    U CAn use this also for a Bomb

  • odin Fitzgerald
    odin Fitzgerald 21 day ago

    I wish I could have one and I hope it will cook pancakes

  • Nicholas Sophie
    Nicholas Sophie 21 day ago


  • mohamed jbali
    mohamed jbali 22 days ago


  • Juan Morales Campoy
    Juan Morales Campoy 22 days ago +1

    Where do you buy this

  • Sal Lunetta
    Sal Lunetta 22 days ago +5

    Looks like something useful at the job or dorm or very small apartment 👍👍👍

  • Truth B Known
    Truth B Known 23 days ago

    good for camping. or in room cooking when traveling.

  • Gacha Of life
    Gacha Of life 24 days ago

    Wher oll

  • Mango Brasi
    Mango Brasi 24 days ago

    Im trying to get one

  • Pranks on You
    Pranks on You 25 days ago +1

    This is perfect for RV’s

  • Pranks on You
    Pranks on You 25 days ago +1

    The grill popped. It’s good for only 1 breakfast, then you have to order another one.

  • wayyartone takyinsok
    wayyartone takyinsok 26 days ago

    Lol yataytatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata

  • Dhein The Biker
    Dhein The Biker 26 days ago

    this is good for me I will buy 1

  • James Witte
    James Witte 26 days ago +2

    Too much coffee grounds ... Great for a camper or tiny trailer

  • Takkius Plays
    Takkius Plays 27 days ago


  • Milesh Upadhyay
    Milesh Upadhyay 27 days ago

    I’m hungry and I’ve only just had dinner.

  • Akeem Walker
    Akeem Walker 28 days ago +3

    Anyone saw the coffee spilling

  • Vule Levu
    Vule Levu 29 days ago

    You know that you should spread your butter over bread?

  • Rockstar Bonnie
    Rockstar Bonnie Month ago

    Wait... what does he do with the gadget?

  • lordboombastic
    lordboombastic Month ago +1

    I want to buy it just because

  • noneya
    noneya Month ago +2

    I hope you washed that thing before using it my friend. lol

  • adam zadernowski
    adam zadernowski Month ago

    this machine is trhe best and the video is the best ever !!!

  • coolhand chris
    coolhand chris Month ago

    Give me give me

  • Heavy Weapons Guy
    Heavy Weapons Guy Month ago +29

    Coffee machine - $25
    Stove - $100
    Toaster - $15
    Ultimate Breakfast Machine - $50

  • XxGamerBossPlayzYTxX -ROBLOX-

    What happened to “First safety is prepared”


    GIÑAC ...

  • Roger Learning
    Roger Learning Month ago

    McDonald’s can have my 2 cents

    KEVIN SIMPSON Month ago

    I like the first one

  • Роман Капітанеч

    I like how Taras said a couple slices of bacon .......puts the whole pig on the grill

  • kush roller
    kush roller Month ago +1

    3:42 anyone remember Ed edd and eddy?😂😂

  • Grust
    Grust Month ago +3

    I have cast iron skillets, a french press, and a toaster....

    So why is this so fascinating?

  • ridge runner
    ridge runner Month ago


  • Drea Gaming
    Drea Gaming Month ago

    I’m getting that

  • Gabriel Comeau
    Gabriel Comeau Month ago

    That machine would be good for camping

    • Quad Copter
      Quad Copter Month ago

      the machine is bigger than anything i take with me in my backpack LOL.

  • John Wiggle
    John Wiggle Month ago +1

    I can already see myself using this in college

  • trenten Crofts-greville

    You are a orsom at your vidios

  • tariq qawiyy
    tariq qawiyy Month ago +1

    Jesus how many scoops of coffee did he use??

  • Esteban Grijalva
    Esteban Grijalva Month ago +1

    Approved by Russians

  • sexy mestiza
    sexy mestiza Month ago +1

    Thats machine made my life so easier 😊😊😊

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago

    The coffee machine is leaking a bit

  • an mac
    an mac Month ago +1

    Were do u buy them please. Can anyone tell me please

  • Martin McCoy
    Martin McCoy Month ago +1

    Has any one else mixed butter and cinnamon and put it on toast?

  • PvPSchoolTTV Sherpa

    Nostalgia 3in1 retro breakfast station is the name