Where to Start Reading Deadpool Comics - Comic Class

  • Published on Feb 17, 2016
  • So you've seen the movie and you want to read more about Deadpool? But there are so many books to read and you don't know where to start? Well luckily that's why I'm here.
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  • Nobody'sneedbigdeep kuont

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate you given us a proper dialogue on this particular marvel character.

  • Cyb3rsandgaminG
    Cyb3rsandgaminG 2 months ago

    yeah i own all the posehn/duggan deadpool vol 1-8 and they are amazing he also has a daughter with the queen of hell shwn in deadpool 2099

  • ניק פטייב
    ניק פטייב 4 months ago

    You have metal music in the background, or my mind is talking funny with me again?

  • Maymay Plays
    Maymay Plays 7 months ago

    You lost me with in two minutes, as a fan of Deadpool from new mutants 98, x force 2 so on and circle chase....OG Deadpool that made him great not main stream secular immature Deadpool. Guess I’m one of those you talking about trying to impress people 🤨

  • Grey Ghost 615
    Grey Ghost 615 8 months ago

    Can someone please tell me what the original title was called which gave Deadpool and Cable their own series. There seems to be multiple different crossovers, but I want to read the original crossover between the two.

  • jog
    jog 8 months ago

    Is the despicable deadpool series good?

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer 9 months ago

    Posehn-Duggan's series is just amazing. I feel like reading it again now!

  • JaxterLP
    JaxterLP 9 months ago

    What's up with all new all different deadpool can I start there??

  • Grayson Dearborn
    Grayson Dearborn 10 months ago

    Okay sorry just wanted to make sure but... deadpool classics has everything? Like I can just get all of those and read them through and they'll have all the deadpool content in order? Does it stop somewhere and I'll have to get something else?

  • That one Jewish boy
    That one Jewish boy 10 months ago

    How about Deadpool vs Wolverine

  • biggest channel name in the history of youtube

    What about other comics like "cable and Deadpool"??are they also good?

  • TechNOGeek Reviews
    TechNOGeek Reviews Year ago +1

    I started with the 2013 run the first 2 trades I have to read up more on the character

  • Rupert Cullinane
    Rupert Cullinane Year ago

    Could make a playlist of where to starts plz love so helpful thanks.

  • Joe Coverage
    Joe Coverage Year ago

    Love this channel

  • Utini dealer
    Utini dealer Year ago +3

    How do u feel about the 2008-2012 run? I just started reading it from them (vol. 11 was 50% off on free comic book day 2017) and I love it. Plus I like the inner voices. I know they are madcap.

    • Spike
      Spike Year ago +1

      Better than anything he recommended.

  • Samuel Watks
    Samuel Watks Year ago

    Im thinking the deadpool vol2 of the actual start of the character run or the new deadpool stuff from 2015 onwards.

  • Kilam softly
    Kilam softly Year ago +14

    u sound like seth rogen awesome XD

  • just me 724
    just me 724 Year ago +2

    but even if i did skip and went on to the joe kelly stuff i wont be missing much tho right?

  • Thegaijinpenguin21
    Thegaijinpenguin21 2 years ago

    i started with deadpool/death annual 98 i got it for $14 on ebay its really good has francis in it but is a bit different

  • skoopty wooop
    skoopty wooop 2 years ago

    I have read classic dead pool he wast very funny for a long time

  • Kyle Joe
    Kyle Joe 2 years ago

    I was wondering if you would mention Avengers Unity Squad

  • MrZerothejedi
    MrZerothejedi 2 years ago

    is the wedding of deadpool worth actively looking for? i mean im interested but is it worth it?

  • augusto whaite
    augusto whaite 2 years ago

    Thanks you so much! Man, this is what i just needed

  • David Yu
    David Yu 2 years ago +6

    How is the Daniel Way Deadpool? Would you recommend picking up Daniel Way's Complete Collection Volume 1 if I were to start reading Deadpool? Also, I don't want to purchase separate issues so I am looking into getting an omnibus. Which one would you recommend? Should I get the Classic Deadpool Omnibus, the Joe Kelly one, the Deadpool and Cable one, or the upcoming Posehn and Duggan omnibus? Keep in mind that I've only seen the movie and have not read any of the comics yet.

    • That one Jewish boy
      That one Jewish boy 10 months ago

      David Yu I just bought it myself could not recommend more

    • Spike
      Spike Year ago

      Better than anything he recommended.

    • David Yu
      David Yu 2 years ago

      Thanks for the quick reply. One more question, how would I be able to read the stories that the Daniel Way and Posehn and Duggan are tying into?

    • Professor Thorgi
      Professor Thorgi  2 years ago +2

      The Daniel Way stuff is good but the first like three volumes are tying into a lot of other storylines so it might be confusing. The Joe Kelly Omnibus isn't a bad choice, especially if you've seen the movie and want something like that. But I personally prefer the Posehn and Duggan run simply because I think it captured all sides of him the best (although towards the end it also starts tying into lots of other stories so warning for that).

  • Tytoz
    Tytoz 2 years ago +1

    Split Second!! THAT was a really good Deadpool book! We finally get a book where Deadpool is partnered up with Cable again! AND ever since Cable became apart of the Uncanny Avengers it got so much better!

  • JurassicMonsters
    JurassicMonsters 2 years ago

    cool room

  • oi oi
    oi oi 3 years ago

    Thanks man, really informative!

  • A개구니
    A개구니 3 years ago

    after watching deadpool movie i came here right away to see your reviews. deadpool rules box office right now in south korea. would you mind if i translate this video into korean? my friends would love it. (i did last year with your mary jane watson in ironman thingy. btw, i'm satisfied with it for now. thank GOD bendis didn't make her his girlfriend)

    • Angela G
      Angela G Year ago +1

      Professor Thorgi should deadpool be in infinity war???

    • Professor Thorgi
      Professor Thorgi  3 years ago +1

      +A개구니 Sure thing, feel free to translate it

  • Siam Sama
    Siam Sama 3 years ago

    But the Mercs for Money is a 5 issue miniseries right??? Oh well it doesn't matter anyways, I'm gonna follow Deadpool in trades since I'm limited on my budget for a pull list :/

  • RomeDa515
    RomeDa515 3 years ago +3

    Points for the persona shirt.

  • Calvin S
    Calvin S 3 years ago +20

    Thanks bro! I want you to know you've convinced me to get Deadpool comics, I'm going to the comic book store and I'm watching the movie again!

    • Spacey Dragon
      Spacey Dragon Year ago

      Calvin S Read Deadpool vs Carnage. Good stuff👌

  • Katayama 片山Kyle カイル

    nice persona shirt prof. thorgi

  • BlankPage
    BlankPage 3 years ago

    Nice video mate! :)
    Here is the New FanPage : facebook.com/Deadpool-FanPage-682751871827989/