Amazing Creative Workers - Best in Their Jobs #26

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Amazing Creative Workers - Best in Their Jobs #26
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  • Ely Sazo
    Ely Sazo 10 days ago

    Que manos más cabe duda manos de artistas..felicitaciones desde GUATEMALA..

  • Usaha Makmur
    Usaha Makmur 4 months ago

    great awesome

  • Glownigger Storage
    Glownigger Storage 4 months ago

    horrible fucking music,

  • Jose Mendiola
    Jose Mendiola 4 months ago


  • Naris Tech
    Naris Tech 4 months ago

    You can use this app to draw an angle on your workpiece image

  • Здравый Смысл

    Зачем добавили это гавномузыку сюда. Или такие видео смотрит одна молодежь под кайфом?

  • peter vogel
    peter vogel 4 months ago

    lost film totally idiots.

  • Just Awesome
    Just Awesome 4 months ago
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  • bilvotel
    bilvotel 4 months ago

    I liked the idea of the tire stool, though I would've chosen different colours.

    DOOMJESUS 4 months ago


  • Carla Araujo
    Carla Araujo 4 months ago

    If those are not your videos could you at least put the entire video? Half doesn’t help

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia 5 months ago

    whats the music you put on here i waNT TO DOWNLOAD IT

  • abdelkrim laagad
    abdelkrim laagad 5 months ago


    BLUE MARAUDER 5 months ago +12

    omg this is literally the most painful video i have ever seen. this is how NOT to make a amazing creative workers video an more like a pointless wast of time on a useless obscure thing worker video. 90% of this shit was just a complete waste of time for something that made no sense was un-needed or didn't amount to anything or no use or shortcut could be discerned. usually workers with creative skills do something outside the box that serves a purpose and can easily be seen to make their job easier or more efficient. what this people have done is make it look like they put a lot of effort into a lot of nothing.

  • Anisha Goyal
    Anisha Goyal 5 months ago +1

    Amazing video,,, hats off to those people who have the awesome art💕😗😚😗😘gr888 applauses for those guyssss😊

  • Веталь зеро
    Веталь зеро 5 months ago +3


  • Artezão Tec
    Artezão Tec 5 months ago

    No Music Please, Ambient Sound Only. Did You get it?

  • Davo gifman
    Davo gifman 5 months ago

    @ 1:46/ In my opinion that fake wood looks like smeared shit on cardboard! 🤢🤮 Perhaps it's artwork the shit💩 demon👹 from the movie Dogma created?!?!

  • BVP Mobile
    BVP Mobile 5 months ago

    Banana men...

  • Bahrul ilma
    Bahrul ilma 5 months ago +1


  • Touqeer Mumtaz
    Touqeer Mumtaz 5 months ago +1

    So Nice's

  • ramana ram's
    ramana ram's 5 months ago

    Arre arripuka

  • Joona Knuutinen
    Joona Knuutinen 5 months ago

    i only click these videos for the music

  • Sanjay Sinha
    Sanjay Sinha 5 months ago +5

    That's are not amazing

  • upsidedahead
    upsidedahead 5 months ago +2

    1:47 or you could use a spherical ice maker

  • Robin W
    Robin W 5 months ago

    I enjoyed watching creative people ! Thanks. That she'll was beautiful , as well as the Mellon ! Lots of talent here that is being scoffed at ! Too bad , most have to be so negative !

  • Brian Seeley
    Brian Seeley 5 months ago

    Who is gonna wait 20 minutes to get ice for your drink.

    • Arneyyz Tutorial's
      Arneyyz Tutorial's 5 months ago

      Look at the title it says creative and best workers, so it means that is creative.

  • Create Edit Hub
    Create Edit Hub 5 months ago +7

    3:40 The useless one!!

    • Nemo Niente
      Nemo Niente 4 months ago

      ...yeah... what the hell is that for...!?!?!?

  • sherrill davis
    sherrill davis 5 months ago +2

    what a waste of a good watermelon jeez.

    TRICK-OR TREAT 5 months ago +3


  • gang member peach
    gang member peach 5 months ago +7

    Understanding simple physics does not make you the best at your job...

    • Jiyukan
      Jiyukan 5 months ago

      Makes you better than everyone else who does not understand it ... and in the end: you still need to be able to actually do it, and not only dream about it in your head.

    • Twinkling star
      Twinkling star 5 months ago

      lol are you kidding?

    • wow wow
      wow wow 5 months ago


  • Simo Kech
    Simo Kech 5 months ago


  • bill first
    bill first 5 months ago +15

    Ice what, how about just make an ice tray that does that for you

    • Jc Kirby
      Jc Kirby 4 months ago

      They make them...

    • Arneyyz Tutorial's
      Arneyyz Tutorial's 5 months ago

      Look at the title it says creative and best workers, so it means that is creative

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 5 months ago


  • Chloe Lin
    Chloe Lin 5 months ago +2

    Somebody, please give the gentleman who craved a shell a pair of protective goggles...

    • Jc Kirby
      Jc Kirby 4 months ago

      Will do

    • Bruce Griffiths
      Bruce Griffiths 5 months ago

      The amazing thing about him is that he's blind due to an unrelated industrial accident. He doesn't need goggles anymore.

  • Кирилл Семенов

    Давайте в топ.Пусть думают ,что здесь написано что то умное.

  • preben hansen
    preben hansen 5 months ago +2


  • Katy Baking Sweets
    Katy Baking Sweets 5 months ago

    amazing :)

  • nicholas larke
    nicholas larke 5 months ago +5

    Tf is this

  • Vi5oC4n3
    Vi5oC4n3 5 months ago

    Woud be acutaly nice to know what it is. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

  • Benny Watto10
    Benny Watto10 5 months ago +2

    How do they get so good

  • louie kim
    louie kim 5 months ago +1

    Viewer number 15

  • Neel Patel
    Neel Patel 5 months ago +8