Chevron or Wheat twist, forge welding twists

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • When you have ability to forge weld, it opens up all sorts of possibilities in your forged iron work. Things like this wheat or chevron twist rely on forge welding the component part both before and after the twist.
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  • Metal detecting PA

    Make this wheat twist then use it to make something Damascus!

  • Jason Steppler
    Jason Steppler 7 days ago

    i dont know about you guys but i think he knows what he is doing...

  • Carvin 69thinline
    Carvin 69thinline 11 days ago

    Sewell Seam coal= very little clinker

  • Melissa Mitchell
    Melissa Mitchell 12 days ago +1

    My husband grew up without a dad , so he really enjoys these videos :) they help him learn what somebody didn’t teach him :) - you seem like a honest hard working man :) god bless you

  • George Lasala
    George Lasala 12 days ago

    hi jhon I stared working with the amsh comutey welding I was on a job and I head to do some black smith to it was a good job the comster was happy

  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds 12 days ago

    I can’t get over how tight that “twist/braid” is

  • Faith DeLaMare
    Faith DeLaMare 18 days ago +2

    The split in the end ended up being a very pretty effect, even if thats not what you were looking for.

  • Buro Dackel
    Buro Dackel 19 days ago +1

    Superb instruction. Clear, concise, highly ilustrative tutorial and demonstration. Supeb skls. Lie and subbed to this master smith.

  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 20 days ago +1

    New subscriber

  • Samantha Simental
    Samantha Simental 20 days ago

    That is one big anvil.

  • lochie Obrien
    lochie Obrien 20 days ago

    Did anyone see the fake flame in the forge lol

  • B real
    B real 20 days ago

    I like how he left the mistakes or imperfections in the video instead of editing them out. It shows that even professionals have issues and don't always get it right on the first try. Great video and great job.

  • Gold Whisperer
    Gold Whisperer 22 days ago +6

    Don't know why or how I ended up here but hey, wheat twist thingy 👌

  • ozr2222
    ozr2222 25 days ago +1

    i think the split is beautiful. at first i thought how did he just make that lol

  • Douglas Fathers
    Douglas Fathers 26 days ago +1

    WELL JOHN you have done it again the best twist yet like how you don't hide the little errors

  • John Dough
    John Dough 27 days ago +1

    Wow, watching someone do this with their hand and tools, really appreciate the work, time and effort put in. A machine may have done it faster, but it would not have done in it better. This Gent is an artist! Great video.

  • Mr spawn
    Mr spawn 27 days ago

    Can you guys tell that his sleve is covered in fire when he puts the metal in the fire

  • Frosti Refur
    Frosti Refur 28 days ago +1

    This guys sounds exactly like Dr. Phill!

  • Seanfrtd
    Seanfrtd 28 days ago

    I would leave the delamination as is. It makes it look better visually, like a intentional feature.

  • Donald R
    Donald R 28 days ago

    Not a blacksmith myself , love watching various videos though . I do have to say that a defect like that de-lamination does look nice , I have seen many mistakes turn out to beautiful pieces of art . While welding that back together may 'look' better to you , someone who buys that may like to see an artists mistake . I know I would rather buy a piece like that , machines don't make mistakes , humans do . Good video , appreciate seeing an artisan share their knowledge with others , thank you .

  • Jim M
    Jim M 28 days ago

    that would make a great b.b.q meat fork

  • SkyBrigidRain
    SkyBrigidRain 29 days ago

    And clinkers are one really good reason I use charcoal instead of bitimous coal! Great vid though.

    • SkyBrigidRain
      SkyBrigidRain 28 days ago

      @Black Bear Forge I live in an extremely heavily wooded area so charcoal is pretty much free for me, I just have to make it. Wet charcoal is best, but dry will burn adequately. You may have to make a setup for it. it shouldn't be too expensive though. Wet or dry, both burn hot enough to melt steel. I've made enough mistakes to know that.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  29 days ago

      I keep hoping to switch over to charcoal. But I need to use the coal I have on hand first.

  • Zac
    Zac Month ago +37

    It's like Dr Phil and Ron Swanson had a baby

    • Forrest Merten
      Forrest Merten 20 days ago

      Damn I was just gonna say he sounds like Ron Swanson but then saw ur comment

  • Johnny21 Slotboom
    Johnny21 Slotboom Month ago

    Wow this is really amazing beautiful what is the name of the powder you use if I may ask

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      The powder is welding flux. The brand I am using here is Iron Mountain Flux.

  • Andrew Montgomery
    Andrew Montgomery Month ago

    Keep it up enjoyable watching

  • snuffy
    snuffy Month ago

    Wonderful instructional video, I love watching people do things I wish I could do.

  • The Patriarchal Democrat

    thanks for the tutorial old-man,
    this will look exquisite in my Damascus-sword Art.

    i can't wait to try combining this twist type with my Gator-Twisted Sword-Bar
    for my next piece of Damascus sword-art.

  • John Knox
    John Knox Month ago +1

    thk for that you are very good teacher

  • Todd McMahon
    Todd McMahon Month ago

    Love your videos! :-) Could you please tell me what wireless microphone it is that you are using?

    WOLFMAN Month ago

    Shave down the edges of the wheat twists into sharp, serrated edge for an arrow head or spear

  • Ericcsuf
    Ericcsuf Month ago +4

    I have no interest at all in doing this myself (I'm a woodworker), but it's a fascinating and very old skill presented by an obvious master of the craft. A craftsman is a craftsman no matter what media they use.

  • Bernard Skelton
    Bernard Skelton Month ago

    cant understand the dislikes given for this or alot of other similar videos....hardly ever see any comments to explain why

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      Some people just don't want you to take the time to explain what you're doing or why.

  • dugan hayes
    dugan hayes Month ago

    nice thing I noticed is the lack of ring on your anvil.......what method did you use to dampen?

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      I show the process in this video

  • Siggesatan
    Siggesatan Month ago

    i found some strange man made ore, that is used to make stainless... my curiosity, since it is an alloy, how do one apply it to raw iron/steel?
    say you wanted to make, what you just made, in stainless.
    rust resistant open up a lot of nice ideas like handles for outside use... say example a home made bee hive with some nice iron/steel forged handles... you just don't want these to rust :)

    • Siggesatan
      Siggesatan Month ago

      @Black Bear Forge
      to bad tough.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      Stainless is not generally rust resistant after forging. To return it to its stainless properties it needs to be completely cleaned and I doubt that could ever be achieved with this type of element.

  • Paul G
    Paul G Month ago

    I want to offer some advice, dont ever touch that metal when it is glowing !

  • Sokha Puth
    Sokha Puth Month ago +2

    With humble respect from Cambodia.

  • David Rennie
    David Rennie Month ago +2

    Absolutely love your instruction. I've been a welder for 30 years and have fooled around with blacksmithing a bit. I think it's time to get a little more serious about it.Thank you.

  • Presidential Suite
    Presidential Suite Month ago

    🤔 Im supposed to be paying my bills and finishing up my last 2 loads of laundry. Went to get some information on line and ended up here🤦‍♀️.
    Babe what did you do today? Paid Bill's, clean and watched fabrication videos.🙄
    Babe, you made a promise NOT to buy anymore clothes, stuff or work on or take anything apart until we come back from vacation.
    🤔🤦‍♀️ I know babe, I was just looking🙄⌚📅

  • Josh Pomerantz
    Josh Pomerantz Month ago

    I need this please can you give me a price

  • fatmanplaying
    fatmanplaying Month ago

    What's a neutral and clean fire mean?
    Clinker is left over impurities and that
    does something bad to the fire?

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      Neutral refers to the air fuel mixture. You want just the right amount of oxygen to burn the fuel, to much and you have an oxidizing fire that causes scale and is more likely to burn the material. V+Clinker does not add to the heat value of the fire nut instead draws heat away causing you to feed more air which creates an oxidizing fire. Clinker is also dirty and any impurities or contamination in the fire can cause the weld to fail.

  • Revival Acres
    Revival Acres Month ago

    I like the split! It reminds me of a fuller in a horseshoe 😊

  • Revival Acres
    Revival Acres Month ago

    I like the split! It reminds me of a fuller in a horseshoe 😊

  • Revival Acres
    Revival Acres Month ago

    I like the split! It reminds me of a fuller in a horseshoe 😊

  • Paul Robertson
    Paul Robertson Month ago

    Stainless hose clamps work to hold pieces together when forge welding too

  • James Fairchild
    James Fairchild Month ago

    What tool is that he used to do the twist itself??

    • James Fairchild
      James Fairchild Month ago

      @Black Bear Forge thanks so much! Great videos by the way!

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      Its a twisting wrench. In this case an old monkey wrench with an added second handle.

  • Sandro
    Sandro Month ago

    You're an absolute champion! Thank you for the video.

  • dave jack
    dave jack Month ago


  • zakfoster8245
    zakfoster8245 Month ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Barbara Alcorn
    Barbara Alcorn Month ago +2

    That little dag at the end really upset you didn’t it? I wish it hadn’t because I thought this was amazing. Not really sure why TheXvid put this in my recommendation list but I watched until the end and loved it. Great job ❤️🇦🇺

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Month ago

    Master craftsman. Thank you sir.

  • Alexander s.
    Alexander s. Month ago

    Ur awesome

  • Gib Clark
    Gib Clark Month ago

    Gonna give er a try today👍👍👍

  • Tristan Dixon
    Tristan Dixon Month ago +3

    This was amazing im a welder and I grew up working with wood till I feel in love with steel things like this keep me wanting to learn more skills and keep building and creating things for years to come!!!

  • Karl Dunne
    Karl Dunne Month ago

    Well done!!.......................

  • Daddy Nobucks
    Daddy Nobucks Month ago +1

    This guy's voice is amazing, after the vid I am super relaxed 😜

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    Billy Severt Month ago

    I never knew Dr. Phil was a blacksmith too... :/ lol

  • bucket head bandit _hayden

    This makes me so happy to see this older man making better TheXvid videos then kids who spend all day on youtube

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    Stef Vromans 2 months ago

    Very clear and understanding video's. Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Chris 2 months ago +2

    8:10 he just reaches into the coals. Wow. His balls are probably forged out of iron.

  • toni Ruiz
    toni Ruiz 2 months ago +2

    I loved how you explained everythjng. Thank you for sharing.

  • The American Chauvinist

    My question is: why not tack weld everything instead of forge welding? I do love forge welding though.

  • Johnathan Kovar
    Johnathan Kovar 2 months ago

    So it looks like a four strand flat braid almost. Would it be a lot harder to do that or would it be to different of a pattern? I’ve always thought that it would be cool to make a Viking style hatchet with the braid wrapping around the wooden handle and connect a blade face of the hatchet. I really want to make a small hatchet hammer combo as a walking cane handle. That way I could grab roots or wood whittling pieces that I might come across.

  • Tim Carlson
    Tim Carlson 2 months ago +1

    This deserved a subscribe click. Overall you're doing a great job. The camera angles are good. The explanation of concepts. Catching people up to speed. Giving context. Talking while you're demonstrating. I watch a lot of guys on youtube trying to have their own how-to channel and they don't come out as good as this. It's not easy to put it all together. You're doing a great job

  • Foxcub2yo
    Foxcub2yo 2 months ago

    "So let that be a lesson to yaw!"

  • Factual Fox
    Factual Fox 2 months ago +1

    Scoops hot coals with bare hands. That deserve a sub right there.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  2 months ago +1

      To be fair I only scoop the ones that aren’t hot yet. But thanks for subscribing.

  • We are free to roam
    We are free to roam 2 months ago

    I just recently found your channel I live near the John C Campbell folk art school in North Carolina and I’m going to be taking blacksmithing class watching your videos has helped me so much I think you

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  2 months ago

      They have a great shop and some fantastic instructors.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 2 months ago

    What's with using the combo of inches and millimeters. You know we don't do that in America!!!!!! Stay with all inches

  • Dave Zaitz
    Dave Zaitz 2 months ago +1

    Thank you you did a very good job explaining everything and you didn't like when something split apart you went after it again and even at the end of the video you did not say it was perfect which only god is perfect so take care I am subscribed and I hit the Bell looking forward to more take care

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    Charles Scott Baker 2 months ago

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    DenwayClassicCustoms 2 months ago +17

    The doctor Phil of forging.
    Love it. Subbed.

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      David Ball 22 days ago

      @Roon Arklay Wilford Brumley most don't even know who he is lol

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      Sound like Phil, but looks like Walter Brimley.

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  • luke freeman
    luke freeman 2 months ago

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    "No, I wheat twisted it!"

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      You got that Paulie malignaggi hair line bruh

      WOLFMAN Month ago


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