Chevron or Wheat twist, forge welding twists

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • When you have ability to forge weld, it opens up all sorts of possibilities in your forged iron work. Things like this wheat or chevron twist rely on forge welding the component part both before and after the twist.
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  • kolo
    kolo 2 days ago

    thats a weird looking hammer

  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez 3 days ago +1

    Your lesson was chokkeful of lessons. Too many to count! Thank you, sir.

  • Bodhi1satva
    Bodhi1satva 7 days ago

    WOW! Very impressive video! Definitely subscribed and will be searching through your videos for the beginner stuff! Thanks!

  • Roland Chardon
    Roland Chardon 10 days ago +1

    Good job! like

  • Patrick Wagenaar
    Patrick Wagenaar 13 days ago

    This is one of the best black smithing videos I've ever seen.

  • Rich Fortuna
    Rich Fortuna 14 days ago

    great vid ! you have a talent for teaching you should do webanart classes like master classes you wood be great! God Bless Thanks Rich

  • Richys Camera Captures

    Wow, a real craftsman. Subbed.

  • Mic Well
    Mic Well 21 day ago

    talk bout doing something back asswards

  • Digger Dawg
    Digger Dawg 22 days ago +1

    I look at the finished piece at 24:21, and I see a rattlesnake tail (the buttons on the end). I can see why they call it a wheat twist, and a bunch of them made into actual wheatsheafs and bound by wire coil ''rope'' would look great as a feature inside a garden gate. I don't work with metal (apart from the rare use of a Mig welder), but your video showed up in my recommendation list after watching some guy make a woodworking Knapp joint. Don't you just love the TheXvid Algorithms!

  • Giannizzeronero Giannizzeronero


  • SooooWhat?
    SooooWhat? 23 days ago

    Anvil darn auto correct.

  • SooooWhat?
    SooooWhat? 23 days ago

    Beautiful angel.

  • John Jude
    John Jude 24 days ago

    I now have plenty of the rods(extras) I will make several things with that skill,
    Also I need to build me a cone( building one is on your to do ( but not today) list.
    Thanks you sir

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 24 days ago +1

    You hit 1 million views. Congratulations Mr John

  • Dante Howlstice
    Dante Howlstice 26 days ago +5

    I like how no frills this is, no attempt to look overly cool or anything just plain simple smithing as it should be. Thanks for the great video.

  • Richard Allsebrook
    Richard Allsebrook 27 days ago

    This popped up on my 'you may also like...'
    I did! :-)

  • Toeupyerarse
    Toeupyerarse 27 days ago +1

    Excellent vid. A procedure very clearly described, and a workshop to put most (mine) to shame.
    That wheat twist design would make an ideal door lever for an English country property.

  • Leif Alenstar
    Leif Alenstar 28 days ago

    Very informative, Thank you for the video

  • nick beam
    nick beam Month ago

    Have you made branding irons for ranchers ?

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      I have made a few branding irons, but they weren't for cattle, just decoration

  • Nabil zerzour
    Nabil zerzour Month ago +1

    يعطيك الصحة يالشيخ

  • carlos Baltazar
    carlos Baltazar Month ago

    Do you have any videos for beginners?

  • thee abnormal minecrafter

    next video, "how a forge works what is needed to build one and safety recommendations

  • thee abnormal minecrafter

    clean the forge, check

  • thee abnormal minecrafter

    this may be a stupid question but why not just cut the bar down the middle twice and then bend and twist to avoid the clamp drop method

    • thee abnormal minecrafter
      thee abnormal minecrafter 29 days ago

      is there a way to make this guys thing but make it perfectly? I was thinking about inductive heating and maybe making the cuts in the stock but instead of heating the whole thing and twisting maybe use and inductor coil to heat up specific spots and turning each section individually..... any thoughts?

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  29 days ago

      Wrought iron forge welds quite well and is the ideal approach for that material. IN this video though, I am working with mild steel not wrought iron. You can drill and rivet the pieces but it isn't really necessary in simple pieces like this, far better to practice just lining it up at the anvil. No matter how you make something it can be broken, even single piece pokers have weak points. Remember forge welding is not the same as electric welding and for this type of work it can make a better finished product.

    • thee abnormal minecrafter
      thee abnormal minecrafter 29 days ago

      1st off thank you for replying,I always find it interesting how most channel owners don't respond, 2nd my reasoning would be to avoid having to "weld" the long bar to the bent parts using the heat and beat method..... I understand you cannot weld "rot?" iron because it cracks easily due to high tinsel strength or some crap like that..... my main question might answer itself - are you using rot iron because it rusts less or something?? and can you make a machine that spins and electrically cuts holes so that you could at least pin the bars before forging? or is it just as good of a "weld" when you heat and beat alone? I like indestructible things and I wonder is it possible to beat that poker till is snaps at the weld because as far as I know welds should break around the weld not at the weld

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      If I am understanding the question, that would work but seems like more effort to split than to weld up separate piece. Then there is the issue of getting it onto the longer bar for a poker of similar tool. But give it a try and see what you think. There are always alternatives.

  • Teeky Taco231
    Teeky Taco231 Month ago

    You did a very nice job
    You've earned a new subscriber

  • Mac MacDonald
    Mac MacDonald Month ago +1

    a new fan here sir. LOVE the way you teach, and YES...NO annoying overly loud music in background ! excellent explanations in a laid-back but not drawn out process....thanks for sharing. will be viewing other vids of yours as well. Like the Ol' Master ( who aint short fused and cranky!! ;) with a new apprentice !! much appreciated sir. thanks again!

  • cidcampeador1952
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  • Seamus
    Seamus Month ago +1

    Fantastic! Thanks for your art.

  • I am 1
    I am 1 Month ago

    Awesome! So glad I found your channel!

  • Rod Yates
    Rod Yates Month ago +2

    i'd just like to have a little shack by a creek, a brown dog, a good anvil, and the peace of mind that would make blacksmithing my life. But then, I need a cook, and there are the bees to take care of and all the other projects I've been planning.

  • Sunburnt Beachbum
    Sunburnt Beachbum Month ago

    My methhead neighbors can forge weld real good at 2am with a 5lb anvil on a truck tailgate and a BBQ grill

  • DrZ with Crow
    DrZ with Crow Month ago

    I don't 'forge', but thoroughly enjoyed the vid. Far better entertainment than the TV provides!

  • Keeping It Real
    Keeping It Real Month ago +4

    Love your channel. It’s like Forged in Fire meets This Old House. Cheers!

  • Stan Daffern
    Stan Daffern Month ago

    Lot of haters on this video, based on the thumbs down. Smartasses coming out of the woodwork.
    Those who can't do, become smart asses, but you just keep on teaching John, some of us are learning.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago

      Seems like as the views go up so does the ratio of people who don't like the video.

  • Quentin Rawlins
    Quentin Rawlins Month ago

    Much love out to you.... To see a master craftsman that is so skilled he uses no gloves. And nver gets his pants black.... All bull aside you rock and thank you for the West Weld!😂

  • lionsullivan
    lionsullivan Month ago +3

    Personally, the “split” around the hook looks nice! Great job!!!

  • Vendettaseve2
    Vendettaseve2 Month ago

    It will Keel.

  • mixas к
    mixas к Month ago

    Блин вещи крутые делаешь, вот ещё бы по русски разговаривал😁😁😁

  • Draugr
    Draugr Month ago +1

    I'm in awe 😮

  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon Month ago +1

    "So let that be a lesson".... LOL... The whole video was a lesson!!!

    • jedi foghorn
      jedi foghorn 9 days ago

      Typical boomer. Do as i say not as i do.

  • nnlark
    nnlark Month ago +1

    Love your explanations. Your work ethic and artistic craftsmanship are both admirable.

  • Ad Michell
    Ad Michell Month ago +1

    The man's a Genius.
    Well done.
    Thank you very much for this excellent and free lesson.

  • JohnnyBones
    JohnnyBones Month ago

    First time I've done the twist without the jams. Completely shocked this man didn't shout, "Hey Alexa! Play, The Twist. By Chubby Checker" quite honestly!

  • Cactus_Motovlogs
    Cactus_Motovlogs Month ago

    It’s 2 am I just woke up after falling asleep on TheXvid, about a third the way into this and honestly, I had no idea what I was watching but I was so intrigued that I watched the whole thing. Great video I gave it a thumbs up. Great way start my night.

  • Wet A-Line TV
    Wet A-Line TV Month ago

    Just got my forge running the other day. I look forward to learning how to forge wield. Thankyou for sharing your craft. I truly enjoy your videos.

  • Oh Asis
    Oh Asis Month ago

    Not quite as in your face as Alex Steele but appreciated more. Thanks.

  • Bud Woodman
    Bud Woodman Month ago

    Nice result, but you really did spend way too much time on that tip, I mean way too much time !! By the time you got to the wheat feature, it was sort of anti climatic. But I'll still watch your channel.

  • D Rick
    D Rick Month ago +3

    I really enjoyed your video. As a retired full time blacksmith working with coal I could almost smell the coke burning that clinker while you were forge welding. You didn't have to bring that clinker up but you did and that makes you a very humble blacksmith in my mind, because while you are working it is easy to get caught up in your work while explaining what you are doing, then you explained what happened, that is teaching. Great! I have a feeling that wouldn't happen if you working alone without filming. Any way what a humble way to teach, and that is what you did with the clinker comment. I always had an audience when working. Sometimes I would be cranking away talking and explaining what I was doing, then notice a brilliant display of fireworks, thereby forming a clinker and contaminating my forge fire. I got more comments for the sparklers than the product I was making. On a side note, I notice you use an angle peen hammer, I used one a lot and don't see many using one much any more. I thought that was a more ergonomic tool than a straight peen. Keep up the good work.

  • Jessy West
    Jessy West Month ago

    I really love your work and I really like the imperfection on the hook.

  • Kabral Kabral
    Kabral Kabral Month ago +1

    Wonderfull and perfect. Thank you, Sir.

  • Bruce Laister
    Bruce Laister Month ago

    No protective clothing?

  • Kody
    Kody Month ago +1

    Firstly let me say thank you so much for your time teaching. I'm just interested in getting into blacksmithing and have no experience but man you got me motivated.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  Month ago +1

      Glad you’re enjoying the videos. Never been a better time to start learning.

  • Joe Pieczynski
    Joe Pieczynski Month ago

    Its a genuine pleasure to watch a true craftsman. Nice Piece.

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    marco belli Month ago

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    bl c Month ago

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    Hooser Daddi Month ago

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    Luis Ramos Month ago +1

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, also very well the way how you explain everything..

  • Albert Ledesma
    Albert Ledesma 2 months ago +1

    Ya got me again TheXvid. Came in here to watch how to make an Alfredo pasta sauce and 3hrs later, I’m learning how to “forge weld’ and make a fire poker with a chevron handle. Needless to say, no Alfredo sauce was made and pizza was delivered. Now, where do I go to order this equipment, as I now REALLY wanna do this!!

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  2 months ago

      Thats certainly one of TheXvids stranger recommendations. There are suppliers listed in the video description. But often times tracking down a local blacksmithing group is a great way to find tools and supplies.

  • Stu
    Stu 2 months ago

    So much knowlege has been lost. I used to watch my grandfather forge weld much larger pieces of metal together... in the 60s on a Krause Chisel... when arc welders and gas welders where handily available. Too bad you are having such are hard time with 1/4" material.

    • Black Bear Forge
      Black Bear Forge  2 months ago

      Actually heavier material is often easier to weld as it holds heat better and has the mass to be worked into final shape. Smaller more delicate material cools quickly and doesn’t have the mass to support itself during such a high stress operation.

  • Jarrod Fillmore
    Jarrod Fillmore 2 months ago +2

    Your videos are awesome and very educational. A pleasure to watch. Keeps my attention like a good book thats hard to put down! Thanks for sharing. Subscribed!