What It's Like To Be The Only Pretty Girl In Family

  • Published on Nov 17, 2021
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Comments • 3 074

  • Emma Playz
    Emma Playz 2 months ago +969

    Finally, a mom who loves her daughter

  • Goldie Lupez
    Goldie Lupez 2 months ago +75

    What you'll always find in the animation
    1. Love
    2. A Condition
    3. Either poor or rich
    4. Mean girls
    5. Bad parents or over supportive parents

  • Nevado130
    Nevado130 Month ago +16

    "All I got was a flying shoe"
    Im still laughing

  • Zap_is_Sincere
    Zap_is_Sincere 2 months ago +47

    I really loved this story so much! How she overcame her struggles, her dad’s past, everyone who supported her despite her condition, and the overall ending.

  • °Jelly Star Berry The Bunny°

    im turkish
    And i live in turkey
    Ülkemden bir hikayenin olması beni gurur duyduruyor. (seeing a story from my country makes me proud.)

  • luvxbunny #stopanimaltesting

    This is a great channel. It makes me feel that I’m not the only one that has a crazy life, and so entertaining!!

  • Movies into Stories
    Movies into Stories Month ago +7

    Love how this channel care for quality and quantity at the same time

  • Razl Mahmoud
    Razl Mahmoud 2 months ago +16

    This art design is amazing and an amazing story like always

  • ✯Party Animalツ✯
    ✯Party Animalツ✯ 2 months ago +1838

    1. always a love story
    2. Always a condition
    3. Bully girl
    4. "You were born"
    5. Always siblings other wise bad parents or way too supportive parents

    • ✯Party Animalツ✯
      ✯Party Animalツ✯ 14 days ago

      @Animal crossing but ded mostly

    • ✯Party Animalツ✯
      ✯Party Animalツ✯ 14 days ago

      @-∙Qlistering Clouds∙- real fans? Who said I was, I'm a fan, yes, but I just getting bored of there stories but I still watch them, atleast some of them are slightly different

    • Taelin Cusic
      Taelin Cusic Month ago +1

      @Animal crossing but ded It's ALWAYS an bully girl. I have watched like 100 of these and every time they have one in the story.

    • Taelin Cusic
      Taelin Cusic Month ago

      @✰p̶r̶e̶p̶p̶y̶p̶u̶p̶p̶y̶✰シ︎ Dude it's always the same thing with different people 🤣

    • Animal crossing but ded
      Animal crossing but ded Month ago

      1. It’s not always a love story
      2. It’s not always a condition
      3.not always a bully *girl*
      4.Doesn’t always start with “I was born”
      5. Not always siblings from the same mother(if that’s what you meant),Not always mean parentS,not always good parentS

  • I'm pretty bored
    I'm pretty bored 2 months ago +24

    I also have a skin condition I still don't know what it is till this day, but I would flare up during winter. There would be rashes everywhere on my body and my skin would itch so much that I can't help but scratch my skin. So during winter I would try my best to cover my rashes . I get really sad and insecure when ppl ask me why I had these rashes and they would act really surprised and sometimes disgusted. Once during 5th grade a girl bullied me because of my skin condition and she even called me a leper. Rn it's starting to act up again we went to the dermatologist a few times but even they couldn't figure out the reason . They gave me different kinds of cream and products to use, but none of them helped it only made my rashes worse and even burned my skin. If you have problems like this don't worry you are not alone ❤️❤️❤️🤗

    • Tem-sama
      Tem-sama 24 days ago

      Sounds like your skin is sensitive to frozen/cold weather

    • ♡ - imkool - ♡︎
      ♡ - imkool - ♡︎ 2 months ago +1

      @I'm pretty bored trust me I’m trash at it 😭

    • I'm pretty bored
      I'm pretty bored 2 months ago +1

      @♡ - imkool - ♡︎ you'll get better over time 😁

    • ♡ - imkool - ♡︎
      ♡ - imkool - ♡︎ 2 months ago +1

      @I'm pretty bored ur a fast Typer it would take me hours of I typed that.

    • I'm pretty bored
      I'm pretty bored 2 months ago +1

      @♡ - imkool - ♡︎ thx 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago +8

    This is an amazing story that teaches us to love ourselves!

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 months ago +16

    Finally a story without the main character living happily with his/her bf/gf

  • Mila Rose Gadil
    Mila Rose Gadil 2 months ago +17

    I hope there is a part 2 this story is amazing

  • fatimatuzzahra
    fatimatuzzahra 2 months ago +545

    “you're just a stupid girl, but thank God you're pretty”.
    I mean, he admit that 😂

  • Gracey George
    Gracey George 2 months ago +4

    I'm always learning a new condition on MSA. Thank you for enlightening me

    • October Lee
      October Lee 6 days ago

      Dude.. a lot of the conditions on MSA are completely made up.

  • Maya Gacha Reacts ⚡️⚡️

    Her: *shows how to make the tea of kindness*

    Me: *tries to make it*

  • majaa
    majaa 20 days ago +4

    are we gonna ignore the fact, that she almost kissed her cousin? 🤨 okay then 💀💀💀

  • Kim
    Kim Day ago

    This thing "One person beautiful in the whole family" is literally true for me lol 😃

  • Jazzy Sunshine
    Jazzy Sunshine 2 months ago +692

    I think it’s great that you’re persevering past your own issues. I understand what that’s like because I have a condition of my own and I don’t let that stop me from dancing.

  • voice Queen
    voice Queen 2 months ago +3

    In this channel,Every main character have a problem but they overcome it And shine in there way.

  • laxmi singh
    laxmi singh 2 months ago +2

    Well not gonna lie!!!...My story animated has doing a great job by providing knowledge about rare diseases and conditions...and also how to be brave enough to face it...or embrace it

  • Blossom_animations
    Blossom_animations 2 months ago +9

    The woman and man she was serving at the tea shop wears from a different story
    The one where a rich couple adopted a talented orphan (she was a good painter)

  • Zara Kennedy
    Zara Kennedy Month ago +1

    "My mum took me to the doctor and he said I had a condition" classic line

  • Duke Lewis
    Duke Lewis 2 months ago +899

    You know it just goes to show you. One little flaw in your entire life doesn't make you any less beautiful. In fact we can really make a big difference in our lives. Thumbs up if you always managed to stand up tall no matter what people say about you. Love my story animated.

  • ღ 𝙈𝙨 𝘽𝙪𝙧𝙜𝙚𝙧 ღ

    Anyone gonna appreciate the fact the the dad was wearing a hello kitty backpack when the kid was teaching the tea of kindness recepie 🤣

  • Niko, the casual artist

    Im not gonna lie, even if this story is like all the other stories, the animation, meaning, and other stuff really made this a good vid :D

  • Reshma Ziya khan
    Reshma Ziya khan 2 months ago +2

    We will gonna love it if she upload video daily

  • Micah Barbee
    Micah Barbee 2 months ago +3

    WHOEVER IT IS THAT MAKES THESE STORIES HAS ONE HECK OF AN IMAGINATION!! LOL, these characters have some of the most screwed up lives thank goodness it's only an anime! Love it though! 😀 🤣🤣🙏

  • anaya-
    anaya- 2 months ago +379

    “I need a son to run my tea shop” a woman can’t do the same? lmao💀

    • Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers
      Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers 5 days ago

      @weøulf Yeah, but in Asia, tea shops are basically bar/cafe, it's not whatever frilly English tea shop you're imagining

    • weøulf
      weøulf 6 days ago

      For real it’s just a tea shop

    • Amber Blair
      Amber Blair 2 months ago

      u know the vid of her going crazy she liked it

    • Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers
      Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers 2 months ago +1

      @anaya- well... In Arabic countries, tea shops aren't those "frilly" places. Those are basically bars: simply they drink more tea (or Chai) then coffe. (my father is Persian, I think he drank more Chai in a day then coffe in the morning). However I saw more women run Chai shops then men, but it's also true that Arabic countries are still sexist even nowadays.

    • anaya-
      anaya- 2 months ago

      @renkoshi lmfao fr💀💀

  • Arianne Ordonez
    Arianne Ordonez Month ago

    Love your story kid, never give up!

  • Gloria jeoung
    Gloria jeoung Month ago

    “Thank God no one was around me”
    Sarah:peeks down the hallway

  • Cecilia Montoya
    Cecilia Montoya 2 months ago

    I love how the dad is wearing the hello Kitty backpack 😹

  • archangel German
    archangel German 2 months ago

    Your stories just keep getting weirder and weirder like everything i touch turns gold gotta say you got a creative mind

  • Eugene Lau
    Eugene Lau 2 months ago +315

    Iola, you were your parents' real treasure, Dad himself couldn't see it. You had a good heart, you had the knack for it. Your beauty was inner, not outer. Hold it in , girl!!!!

    • tryingtochange
      tryingtochange 2 months ago +1

      @Ragdolliz in turkey we read a like i, e like a, i like e so it's complicated

    • Ragdolliz
      Ragdolliz 2 months ago +1

      the fact that in nmy class theres a lola and isla that are best friends

    • Ragdolliz
      Ragdolliz 2 months ago +1

      @tryingtochange it sounds exactly like isla though

    • Jailyfeb De jesus
      Jailyfeb De jesus 2 months ago

      @Anjali Samanta on

    • tryingtochange
      tryingtochange 2 months ago +1

      @ItzHayz like im joking relax

    RAKHI SINGH 2 months ago +1

    "But when you are really rich,you dont have to be good at anything,you just throw money at stuff and get what you want"

    Why did I think of Kendall jenner the very moment I heard this!!!

  • kary_panda
    kary_panda 2 months ago +3

    People tell me I’m ugly and fat all the time but I always ignored them and now I’m the popular and one of the most prettiest girls in the school but the look doesn’t matter it’s the heart

  • Mark Stafford
    Mark Stafford 2 months ago +1

    When it said " my dad hold me close on the night I was born " she already had hair!

  • MATHIAS Ciornei
    MATHIAS Ciornei 2 months ago

    Really love this story ❤️

  • Not Cherish
    Not Cherish 2 months ago +512

    “What its like to be the only pretty girl in the family”

    *I wouldn’t know*

    • •Chaotic---!
      •Chaotic---! 2 months ago

      @Saffenee ☕︎︎ don't say that! You ARE pretty u just need time to find it out!

    • Saffenee ☕︎︎
      Saffenee ☕︎︎ 2 months ago

      but I would to be ugliest

    • •Chaotic---!
      •Chaotic---! 2 months ago

      @Areeb Productions no I am not bag of chips I am a happy couch potato U^U

    • Areeb Productions
      Areeb Productions 2 months ago

      To the person reading this: You're all that and a super-size bag of chips. I believe in you. Be happy ✨ Virtual hug loading (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

      My dream is to hit 13k by the end of this year, i would really appreciate. But it's totally fine if you don't want to.✨


    • Mat Butler
      Mat Butler 2 months ago +1

      i didn't know

  • Zaira
    Zaira 2 months ago +1

    I got shocked when she called her Zara as i thought it was me cause my name(Zaira) is pronounced the same way🤣🤣🤣(But I m not like her)

  • Marnelle Barelos
    Marnelle Barelos Month ago

    I accidentally found this channel and now im obsessed with this lol 🤭

  • aïcha kouyate
    aïcha kouyate 2 months ago

    “thank God no one else was around”
    the mean girl : 🧍🏻‍♀️

  • GAI
    GAI Month ago +4

    Lmao 10:10 she even liked the vid where she was made fun of lmaoo

  • Eppie Buizon
    Eppie Buizon 2 months ago +2

    Alia's father: she's so beautiful I will name her alia

    Doctor: you can't have anymore babies

    Alia's dad: throws alia

    Alia: am I a joke to you

  • lalalisé ™
    lalalisé ™ 2 months ago +2

    I wouldn't be surprised if the next story says "I was stuck in the bathroom for 17 years"

  • Aesthetic.thingsz
    Aesthetic.thingsz 2 months ago

    No matter how good they are these videos are always weirdly unsatisfying when they end.

  • creator Martinez
    creator Martinez 2 months ago

    How it actually feel to be loved:😊☺️🙂🙃

  • From simp 2 pimp

    I can’t believe that she almost fell in love with her cousin

  • Naveen Balaji
    Naveen Balaji Month ago +3

    Here in India our janitors are amazing! And very respected And nobody bullies anybody here not even the students

  • Sorbet Shark
    Sorbet Shark 2 months ago +2

    Soon we’re gonna have a story with someone with a condition called : “susamogusligma”

  • ☁️Future KpopTrainee🌙

    5:19 they dont have much money , but they have a really expensive painting. 😂

    HANH TRAN 2 months ago +390

    Thx for this story I also have a skin condition it’s made me hate myself more than anyone else it hold me back for doing what I want. I was scare of what will happen if other people knew about it. This story made me feel way better about my condition

      HANH TRAN 2 months ago

      No one is lying here and skin condition are freaking real

    • ꧁𝕃𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕪꧂
      ꧁𝕃𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕪꧂ 2 months ago +1

      @ADL🦋 Fine I'm Not gonna start a fight anyways

    • ADL🦋
      ADL🦋 2 months ago

      @Pranjal Galani okay so what??

    • ADL🦋
      ADL🦋 2 months ago

      @Elvis_the_BSH bruh I'm not lying

    • Pranjal Galani
      Pranjal Galani 2 months ago

      @ADL🦋 omg another TheXvid fight no hate but I've seen this like a lot and 7 people copied your comment

    GUMMYMIN💜 2 months ago +1

    Only pretty girl in the family duh! Her mom is freaking gorgeous😍😍😍

  • Codie 623
    Codie 623 Month ago +1

    If i were that main character i would have thrown hot tea at the sublings

    ZEE JOBELA 2 months ago +2

    One second daddy be like”I’ll name her Ayla she’s beautiful “ *nurse comes in *”WHAT!!! No more children !?this is the worst day of my life!!!!🙎🏼‍♂️

  • 💖crescent💖
    💖crescent💖 Month ago

    Love this girls energy at the end

  • Deniz Bodur
    Deniz Bodur 2 months ago +392

    Sooo I'm from Turkey and I can say that things like making fun of a janitor don't happen often. Here we are taught to respect our elders since a very young age. If this was real, which Idk maybe it is but I gotta say that Zara should've been in big trouble for treating her mom like that.

    • Rat Dalton
      Rat Dalton 11 days ago +3

      Yes I’m from turkey but I moved to Australia and that’s how we are taught

    • Are♡u♤serious
      Are♡u♤serious 12 days ago +1

      Yup if someone know this she would be die in minutes

    • ChildeMyLove
      ChildeMyLove 18 days ago

      @Laurenția Costin🇲🇩 Just because it's made up doesn't change the fact that some of this stuff happens in real life.

    • Jayeeshna Doijode
      Jayeeshna Doijode 21 day ago

      @zoozoo and there's isn't any actor or actress who isn't beautiful in Turkey... everyone there is beautiful in their own way...and she's this famous just coz of hard work and struggle...if u haven't seen ask laftan anlamaz...u must watch it at least once by which u will get an idea that how good acting she does...

    • Jayeeshna Doijode
      Jayeeshna Doijode 21 day ago

      @zoozoo I can't chill when it comes to hande...and its not at all like that...she's not famous only coz of her beauty...its her acting that made people fall in love with her(I'm talking about India and South Asia,idk about Turkey) I too respect your opinion...but I can't stop my self when anyone is talking something about hande that I don't like...and I apologise for that..but I really can't...she has a very important place in my heart and no one can break it down..and I can't even allow anyone to do so....

  • Dreamy_friends
    Dreamy_friends Month ago

    When she hit the table i got goose bumps-

  • Starsxoxo #roadto1k
    Starsxoxo #roadto1k 13 days ago

    The mom looks beutiful just the way she is!

  • Subash Kumar Tripathy
    Subash Kumar Tripathy 2 months ago +2

    Sara is always a villan in every story

  • Sxlty Cookie 🍪
    Sxlty Cookie 🍪 Month ago

    Omg I love this ‘tea of kindness’ and oh by the way, you’re famous now.

  • Kat the dog
    Kat the dog 2 months ago +68

    I think they have a quote now. "I cant let anyone know about my condition"

  • Circus Baby ♡
    Circus Baby ♡ 2 months ago

    In Every story you Notice the first two things 1 it’s always
    “the girl who blames others for her own stupidity” and 2 the main Character always has a “condition”

  • Kayl official vlog
    Kayl official vlog 2 months ago +1

    Dad:its for morons

    All super star famous models: *are you sure about that*

  • Shoham Hadad
    Shoham Hadad Month ago +1

    1:28 why does she look like Jessica from Banana Fish?! she even has the same earings!

  • Carolus Rex
    Carolus Rex 2 months ago +1

    i found a recipe for these vids tbh
    1.either had no parents,no dad,or dad died
    2.has a specific mental or medical "condition"
    3.rough upbriging
    4.has the plot of a netflix movie
    also for a girl in turkeyits very suspicious everyone and everything in the video is animated like a city in the US or western europe

  • Camille Shane
    Camille Shane 2 months ago +81

    dude you never fail to make me cry at some soft family talk scenes

  • Blue
    Blue 2 months ago +5

    How to be a my story animated character
    Step 1: be rich
    Step 2: have a rare condition
    Step 3 :go to a rich/fancy school
    Step 4: get bullied
    Step 5: have bully find out u have skin condition
    Step 6: cry
    Step 7: get revenge by making bully bf/gf cheat with u
    Step 8: live happily ever after

  • 𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚢𝚙𝚘𝚝°𝙱𝚎𝚎

    " What it's like to be the only pretty one in the family "

    So ur calling your entire family ugly- 😐

  • GoldenGrace10
    GoldenGrace10 Month ago

    I find it hilarious for some reason that the video of her “going bonkers” got
    999 Billion views 😂

  • Game Tube
    Game Tube 2 months ago +2

    Is it a bird,is it a plane, nah it’s an Omar😂

  • azorey lendore
    azorey lendore 2 months ago +64


  • Animeangel
    Animeangel 17 days ago +1

    Im mad the dad yeated the baby🤣 and dude knew he was dating his own cousin for revenge 🤮

  • Shonibare Maryam15
    Shonibare Maryam15 27 days ago

    A mom who actually appreciates her

  • mddrawz
    mddrawz Month ago +1

    6:51 how does she trip when her dress is a very short skirt like 😂

  • Bhea
    Bhea Month ago +1

    It needs to have part 2 they need to be sued

  • A Person
    A Person 2 months ago +137

    “You just throw money at stuff and u get what u want”
    * me continuing money at my bag of sunflower seeds to open it*

  • Aurito Rivera
    Aurito Rivera 2 months ago +1

    Ok but the mum is pretty too!!^^

  • {ADAH❤️}
    {ADAH❤️} 16 days ago

    Yes it doesn't metter what condition you have ur perfect inside and outside and don't let that stop u from doing anything u can achieve anything as long as u work hard for it💖🌺

  • Jonaki Alin
    Jonaki Alin 2 months ago

    It's very funny and amazing 🤭

  • FriskDaStoopidHomon :D
    FriskDaStoopidHomon :D 2 months ago

    i love how the story does not match the title of the video "What it's like to be the only pretty girl in the famliy"

  • Isani Vids
    Isani Vids 2 months ago +637

    Aila’s Father: She’s the Most Beautiful Child I have Ever Seen
    (when he heard they can’t have anymore kids)
    Me: I Know we should hate him but LMAO!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Sahara
    Sahara 2 months ago

    Who agrees we need a part two of this story

  • ❤︎Anna playz❤︎#RoadTo20

    I have the same condition in 2:29 . I needed to use 4 different types of cream.

  • •Mango•
    •Mango• 2 months ago

    “No school!” Why is she sad that’s amazing

  • Cookie Monster 🍪
    Cookie Monster 🍪 16 days ago

    Anyone notice the girl with the pearl earring painting!!! GIRL SELL IT AND BE RICH!

  • FeleciaWhipple77
    FeleciaWhipple77 2 months ago +132

    I think her father was just upset at himself and about his past. So he took his anger out on his daughter. He didn't want her to go through what he went through, so he tried to prevent it. Not knowing or realizing she was going through her own struggles and problems. I mean, her bullies could have killed her and they dared to come to her father's place, and still insult her and her family. I think when he saw the customers defending his daughter and his restaurant, he decided to tell her the truth. Make her understand why he's been so cruel to her.

    • ✨Fluffy Pankakes✨
      ✨Fluffy Pankakes✨ 27 days ago

      I love how you see it ♥️♥️

    • Muncho Monkey
      Muncho Monkey Month ago +1

      I kind of wanted to see where after he found out about her condition the mom would yell at him for not being there for theur daughter so he could have found out and took care of their daughter and him apologizing and crying and hugging her

    • ♡ - imkool - ♡︎
      ♡ - imkool - ♡︎ 2 months ago +2

      Oh my so long how did it take u

  • Bugs Meany
    Bugs Meany Month ago

    So inspiring. I also write fiction and am thinking of doing a youtube channel.

  • Janaya Carter
    Janaya Carter 2 months ago +2

    Ayla get a flying shoe hahaha so funny

  • Erin Trail
    Erin Trail 2 months ago

    YOU GO GIRL 🥳😇🥺

  • Tornado Channel _
    Tornado Channel _ 2 months ago

    Moral of the story in my opinion:money doesn’t solve everything

  • Swati Subhadarsini
    Swati Subhadarsini 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone notice that the article was written about Indian food and drinks 🥰🤣

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon 2 months ago +2

    08:06 the mean gurl was litterally behind the bookshelf lol!

  • *•Flairee•*
    *•Flairee•* Month ago

    It's ok to blame myself for I like guys with glasses too much 😭🙏

  • Færyeji
    Færyeji 6 days ago +1

    The dad is so dramatic omg
    “She’s my moon”
    *two seconds later*

  • My Precious Star!
    My Precious Star! 2 months ago +64

    Life lesson: Don't let others put you down, endure it.

  • The three crazy cousins

    OK but how is the mom living on one heart beat at a time?

  • Daymir43
    Daymir43 12 days ago

    I love when the bully gets bullied in the end

  • It’s Amy’s World
    It’s Amy’s World Month ago +1

    I’m dead 💀 if Sarah and Omar are broth sister and their parents are brother and she and Omar were dating isn’t that sweet home Alabama?🤣🤣🤣

  • Alhana Cassandra Torres

    The girl stories always get a great MODEL JOB