that was cool... | Fortnite Monster VS. Robot LIVE Event REACTION

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • this makes me pretty hyped for changes coming in season 10!
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    Window Weepin' - Lennon Hutton
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  • Loserfruit
    Loserfruit  Month ago +955

    Looking forward to seeing all the changes over the next few weeks and THEN SEASON 10.
    ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to World Cup in New York and will be having a meet and greet after the event on the Saturday!

    • mateo torres
      mateo torres 24 days ago

      Team Mecha 😭

    • Team Mecha
      Team Mecha 24 days ago

      @mateo torres WTF she's not ur babe XD

    • Bell
      Bell 28 days ago

      Loser fruit ima make sure lose at World Cup cause I’m going to World Cup

    • TheGamingToothless
      TheGamingToothless 28 days ago

      you know illee was driving the robot right lol

  • Yassin Adel
    Yassin Adel 11 hours ago

    My dad died when I was watching the event😪😫😣

  • Christian Garrett
    Christian Garrett 2 days ago

    Congrats or ur own skin

  • Bray Long
    Bray Long 2 days ago

    Did you say MegamanBray

  • Trina Claire
    Trina Claire 6 days ago

    7:11 Thumbail? Kinda?

  • Who Are These Youtubers?

    Oh oh oh SiXtY NiNe 😂

  • Cole Callaway
    Cole Callaway 7 days ago

    You are my frend in fortnite but you're name is descied

  • Xx0megaPh0enixYtxX Roblox and more!

    Thank you for being a TheXvidr, Your amazing, so amazing I wish one day I could play with you and add you as a friend, I have never been a TheXvidr's friend before or even met one.

    You are my favourite TheXvidr Loserfruit.

  • Lizde Hernandez
    Lizde Hernandez 13 days ago

    Omg what the fuck 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Chad fire gaming
    Chad fire gaming 14 days ago

    Well I wish that was cooler but not

  • Amya Reid
    Amya Reid 14 days ago

    “We are gonna miss it WERE GOING TO MISS IT MONG” 😂

  • Ann Waight
    Ann Waight 15 days ago


  • Kaleb Luper
    Kaleb Luper 15 days ago

    Loserfruit explaining what her and Marcus did last night: 69!!!

  • captain abraham71
    captain abraham71 15 days ago

    The robot went for the head

  • Weird Gamer
    Weird Gamer 16 days ago

    I just started whatching u and i fell in love with ur content

  • Dan1corn
    Dan1corn 17 days ago

    Just before you played the event my screen froze

  • Ashton Scripts
    Ashton Scripts 17 days ago

    Forknife sux

  • Jordan Bo55
    Jordan Bo55 17 days ago

    so that’s how baby’s are made

  • Jose Activated
    Jose Activated 18 days ago

    What does this remind you of Pacific Rim

  • Aileen Alvarez
    Aileen Alvarez 18 days ago

    Robot flosses
    Ninja: StReAm SnIpInG bAn Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia Gatcha Nightcore
    Mia Gatcha Nightcore 20 days ago

    Its really annoying that almost every other youtuber is focusing in the monster And then misses the robot being released! THANK YOU! you are the frist one who showed me tha robot

  • Carito! Viglianco
    Carito! Viglianco 20 days ago +1


  • Rashdan Harsh
    Rashdan Harsh 20 days ago

    I got on the monster

  • Your friendly Neighborhood punk

    He got the infinity stone

  • Mr. Duckford
    Mr. Duckford 20 days ago

    KXS makes the coolest intros.

  • FaZe angel
    FaZe angel 20 days ago


  • iLee2413
    iLee2413 20 days ago

    WOAH JUST SEEN IT nah joke

    JOY UMANAH 21 day ago +1

    I miss ilea

  • Udustyyy bye
    Udustyyy bye 21 day ago

    Were is ilee

  • plus supreme
    plus supreme 21 day ago

    Where is i Lee plz tell me

  • Jackie Chen
    Jackie Chen 22 days ago

    Pacific rim in fortnite

  • KAIBOOGEY _rasall
    KAIBOOGEY _rasall 22 days ago


  • harshvardhan shirole
    harshvardhan shirole 23 days ago


  • New lion Junior
    New lion Junior 23 days ago

    They were not hugging

  • SuperShadow 7220
    SuperShadow 7220 23 days ago +2

    Does anyone remember when Lufu made that prediction on the unvaulting event when she said that Kevin will rise from the vault, but not as a Cube but as a SPHERE! BOOOM MIND BLOWN 🤯

  • 212196 69
    212196 69 24 days ago

    This is pure 69 but I love it

  • Nickita vu
    Nickita vu 24 days ago

    can you add me on fortnite hardinthecore

  • Željka Štahan
    Željka Štahan 24 days ago

    Hi Lose

  • Commander creeper
    Commander creeper 24 days ago

    Ilee is in the bank

  • ADQuAkerz YT
    ADQuAkerz YT 24 days ago

    Loserfruit hot bro.😎

  • Chief Migit
    Chief Migit 24 days ago +1

    An explanation of where the sword came from: when the sword was pulled out of the lake, the dirt would cover up the tracks of the sword

  • Team Mecha
    Team Mecha 24 days ago

    Sixtyyyyyy nine XD

  • Team Mecha
    Team Mecha 24 days ago

    Use code lufu

  • hannah green
    hannah green 24 days ago

    starts fucking flossing

  • Rachel Harris
    Rachel Harris 25 days ago

    haha she said there's not going to e any map changes and then looks for the hole the sword came out of witch is a map change

  • LordWhis
    LordWhis 25 days ago

    8:00 That’s an overhand right

  • Anthony Guisinger
    Anthony Guisinger 25 days ago

    Team mei
    like if you get it

  • woofysayswoof
    woofysayswoof 26 days ago +2

    the ball is gonna expload and destroy the map during the world cup

  • Alejandra Dominguez
    Alejandra Dominguez 26 days ago

    Loser fruit is actually smart because she joins a few minutes before the event while some other streamers join last second

  • donnel mckoy *
    donnel mckoy * 26 days ago

    Keep up the good content lufu

  • donnel mckoy *
    donnel mckoy * 26 days ago


  • donnel mckoy *
    donnel mckoy * 26 days ago

    Im mong your awesome dude

  • donnel mckoy *
    donnel mckoy * 26 days ago

    Sixty nine😂

  • Aztrix
    Aztrix 26 days ago

    U should play with ilee

  • L3o YT
    L3o YT 26 days ago

    *Monster Break The arm*
    Robot U Should Gone For The hEad

  • Galaxy Kai
    Galaxy Kai 26 days ago

    You are sexy

  • Justin S
    Justin S 26 days ago

    I really like your accent love listening to you talk

  • IronHerring
    IronHerring 26 days ago

    Did anyone else realise that the fight is just like the first fight in the first Pacific rim?

  • Dayja Kawi
    Dayja Kawi 26 days ago +1

    lufus castle:( :( :( :( :(

  • Devourer Of Souls
    Devourer Of Souls 26 days ago

  • Alaa Alhabib
    Alaa Alhabib 26 days ago

    I was in the event IT WAS AWESOME PEOPLE i feel bad for whoever missed it BUT IT WAS AMAZING THAT WAS MY FAVE EVENT FOR NOW OK FOR NOW maby I will like another event

  • HAix Hello its your boy HAix from sweden

    WHO cares about fortnite events the suck fuck fortnite

  • Datcheesecaketho Cheese

    I’m 11 and I have shoe size 11.5

  • •Yume-Chan Neko•
    •Yume-Chan Neko• 26 days ago +1

    I wanted to get Rox but I never had the chance to, I don’t have enough money either. 😅

  • Asha Subayar
    Asha Subayar 26 days ago

    It just a game rage cause myth kill u waw so stoopid he spent so much money on skins so shut up

  • Crystal Widbur
    Crystal Widbur 27 days ago

    l love your intro every time!!

  • Rui Ferreira
    Rui Ferreira 27 days ago

    mech make the spear (Rowan Reigns) hahahahaha

  • cyberninja 21
    cyberninja 21 27 days ago

    The monster is a kaju

  • IKonick
    IKonick 27 days ago

    Her reaction is so stale.........

  • Dill Pickle Gaming
    Dill Pickle Gaming 27 days ago

    Why did I only get the notification now? When I’ve had the bell on for all the time I’ve been subbed

  • jenjenedits
    jenjenedits 27 days ago

    I miss ilee

  • Davey C
    Davey C 27 days ago

    When you leave fortnite for 2 weeks.

  • Doctor Waifu
    Doctor Waifu 27 days ago +3

    Robot- Starts flossing

    Loserfruit- Spits out coffee ''LEAVE''

  • Ethan Pritchard
    Ethan Pritchard 27 days ago

    I love you 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Lily and Layla
    Lily and Layla 27 days ago

    So cool 😎 who thinks it’s cool