Cooking Thanksgiving Food


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  • Bonnie Highfield
    Bonnie Highfield 4 hours ago

    I’m sick and I watched this video and I threw up when julien almost drank the cup of melted butter😭

  • amystubby
    amystubby 5 hours ago

    Hospice patient here...God Jenna, if you knew how much pre op crap and horrible hospital stays the two of you have gotten me through...I feel like I should offer to put one of your kids theough college or something.
    Thank you. So so much. 💙

  • ashlee hardaway
    ashlee hardaway 14 hours ago

    Is anyone else bothered about the drawer being open the whole intro 😂😂😂😂

  • Kara Mahoney
    Kara Mahoney 23 hours ago

    my dad makes the best and most legendary green bean casserole every year for thanksgiving! can't have thanksgiving without it because green beans and cream of mushroom and crunchy onions. iconic

  • J
    J Day ago

    I never thought I acted like an aries until I started watching your videos and saw Julien just be aries

  • Yendis Ililab
    Yendis Ililab Day ago

    Jenna feeding Julian fruit stickers

  • phantom of your feed

    13:21 julien lookin buff

  • Alex Lamport
    Alex Lamport Day ago

    jenna being a virgo + her too much gene is the weirdest combo

  • Emma Mendez
    Emma Mendez 2 days ago

    Ive realised apple crisp is the same as apple crumble

  • Meaghan Fowler
    Meaghan Fowler 2 days ago

    YOUR VeEEggAAANNN ....nice

  • Midnight Gacha Girl :3


  • You need a Mint
    You need a Mint 2 days ago

    I’m an Aries and my brothers a Virgo we hate each other religiously so good for you guys 👍🏻

  • lilo lieske
    lilo lieske 3 days ago

    It just makes me so happy to see you two because you basically picture the future I want with my partner. You literally picture all my goals. Y'all harmonize so well. I wish you all the best! Love you

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 days ago

    That fried “chicken” looks bomb AF. I have to try that!!! Omg and the Apple crisp too. Ty for sharing! I always love your vegan recipe videos. Ps. Cranberries are my favorite part of thanksgiving too! But not the relish kind, yuck. Give me the jellied! ☺️

  • Francesca Perron
    Francesca Perron 3 days ago

    Jenna and Julien's food always looks so dope I would love to eat a vegan meal they made

  • Sophia Kennett
    Sophia Kennett 3 days ago


  • Melissa Guzman
    Melissa Guzman 3 days ago

    how much times did i watch this.

  • Kail For Fun
    Kail For Fun 3 days ago

    16:50 the cermit in jenna came out😂😂😂

  • Niah J .
    Niah J . 3 days ago

    God Bless you & your family & everyone & everyone family , have an Blessed one everyone , may God protect over you all Amen 🙏🏾💗💞💖💛💚💓💜💝

  • Sarah Ricci
    Sarah Ricci 4 days ago

    Please turn yourself into Dr. Phil

  • Zadshire Dupuis
    Zadshire Dupuis 4 days ago

    Why did she peel off the stickers if you guys were gonna peel the apple skins off? 😂

  • Dam Bam
    Dam Bam 4 days ago

    This video is where I found out that Americans call "Apple Crumble" "Apple Crisp". The more you know.

  • Amelia J Kraai
    Amelia J Kraai 4 days ago

    Happy dinner!

  • ARtW
    ARtW 4 days ago

    Lol u gay

  • margot grace
    margot grace 4 days ago

    I feel like im at my cool vegan aunt and uncle's house for thanksgiving I love it

  • shursh yee
    shursh yee 4 days ago +1

    When y’all gonna have babies. Jenna is getting up there in age no offense LOL

  • Valerie Winter
    Valerie Winter 4 days ago

    How can you eat chicken as a vegan? Honestly curious 🤓

  • Salty Pretzel Gaming

    As a Cancer, I feel like I'm a mixture of both of them. The Virgo half of me screams with Aries bullshit, but the Aries half of me *screams to be released* and rejoices with Aries bullshit.

  • Soph C
    Soph C 4 days ago

    3:57 is me anytime I’m in the kitchen

  • Sarah . Just Sarah
    Sarah . Just Sarah 5 days ago

    "We can do this if you just let me do everything" "let me just get full control for a sec" *if Jenna and Julien were in the Hunger Games*

  • Laurel Anne
    Laurel Anne 5 days ago

    “Absolutely no vegetables”
    Continues to eat mashed potatoes and stuffing which has celery and onions in it 😂🤣

  • Izzy
    Izzy 6 days ago

    Do you think they know that some white sugar companies (majority of them) aren't vegan?

  • Hallie Vlogs
    Hallie Vlogs 6 days ago

    Cranberry sauce is my FAVORITE part of thanks giving, I prefer the jellied cranberry sauce without like the whole cranberries

  • Amelie Anderson
    Amelie Anderson 7 days ago

    Your not vegan your vegetarian you eat dairy vegans cant eat tha

  • clara
    clara 7 days ago

    lol i like how jenna was nodding her head when she was doing the chicken seasoning

  • blue eulb
    blue eulb 7 days ago

    My mom is vegan and I love to bake vegan stuff for her to try. I made a vegan pecan pie for her for Thanksgiving and it turned out so good! I'm going to bake that apple crumble next 😊❤️

  • Dubstep magiic
    Dubstep magiic 7 days ago

    they are vegen but are eating chicken and sausage ????

  • aSlytherinUniverse
    aSlytherinUniverse 7 days ago

    I was about to sip some water as Julien said, "OR IS IT ORANGE JUICE?!" so I thought of the taste of orange juice. When it was water, I was incredibly disappointed but also really grateful that I have the proper resources to stay hydrated.
    Happy Thanksgiving y'all (yes I'm posting this in February fuck you)

  • 7 days ago

    I have never seen anyone peel potatoes that way.

  • Alexis Walker
    Alexis Walker 7 days ago

    She said she wouldn’t make vegetable but POTATOES ARE VEGETABLES!!!!🥔🥔

  • Mitchell Pape
    Mitchell Pape 8 days ago

    I'd try a vegan Thanksgiving

  • Mackenzie Robbins
    Mackenzie Robbins 8 days ago

    jenna, you haven't vlogged in two years. why do you keep linking your vlog channel? 😂😂

  • Norblorb Spookbloop
    Norblorb Spookbloop 8 days ago

    I figured i'd put this here just in case anyone wants to make like gravy or whatever, it's like a country gravy. Basically you take a little bit of oil and heat it up, add some flour and let that go for, really however long you want but probably no more than half a minute, then turn off the heat, add some milk, mix it together and you've got some country gravy, we like to use the oil we cook our chicken in and I'm sure you can replace that with whatever types of ingredients you need to use for your health. Also we like to use the flour from making the chicken too, so it's really fried chicken tasting.

  • Jess Mc
    Jess Mc 9 days ago

    they did a sex after this

  • Tyra Reynolds
    Tyra Reynolds 9 days ago

    julians golden fucking spoon

  • Ruthie Tawwater
    Ruthie Tawwater 9 days ago

    What is vegan butter made of

  • Kianandconnorshouldcollabagain

    Jenna and julien should bake with dan and Phil

  • Mel Vee
    Mel Vee 10 days ago

    so heavy handed with the ingredients julien! lmfaooooooooo i love this

  • Mea is tired
    Mea is tired 10 days ago

    Jenna would make such a good mom

  • • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

    I really wanna eat Julien's stuffing lol

  • Muscle Peanut
    Muscle Peanut 10 days ago

    She is vegan eating butter!! Wtf!!!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 10 days ago


  • Sydney Petersen
    Sydney Petersen 11 days ago


  • T. Carter
    T. Carter 11 days ago

    THIS is one of the only couples I give a Fuck about because they’re just them and not trying to impress anybody. Also THIS is one of the few TheXvid channel I’ve given a fuck about for years.

    NETIERRAS 11 days ago

    Foolish, al the vitamins are in the stickers

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 11 days ago

    I love how Jenna never has a clickbait title. Like yes this is what I came for

  • Top Souls
    Top Souls 12 days ago

    Me he hecho una paja tan grande con este vídeo que me ha salido un poco de sangre. Ya puedo crear otro HOMÚNCULO, Gracias!

  • Yili Feng
    Yili Feng 12 days ago +1

    can't stand whole cranberries. the only cranberry sauce i like (and i do agree that it's the best part of thanksgiving) is the kind that's just a solid cylindrical jelly. and then u slice it up and it's all smooth and solid and shaped like a disk. love that shit

  • Yili Feng
    Yili Feng 12 days ago

    julien: why are u taking the stickers off?? it's good i like it
    julien literally 2 seconds later: why are u giving me all the stickers??

  • john dunlavey
    john dunlavey 13 days ago

    Ehh. Maybe your fatigued all the time cause you lack protein. Yo. Eat a Frickin Salami Sanwich! Fogetaboutit! And maybe your porn star mustachioed BF needs to get a job. Instead he makes up fake afflictions like Celiac for attention to match his stupid hair. That's got a name for it too. Its called Munchausen by Cockscomb. I liked the old BF better. Proly one of reasons I haven't watched these vids in a few years.

  • Gabrielle Morton
    Gabrielle Morton 13 days ago +1

    Girl take wednesdays before thanksgiving off if you need too, youre not hurting anyone, youre just saving yourself from stress.

  • Sydnie Gattis
    Sydnie Gattis 13 days ago +1

    my mom has the same disease as Julian and our whole house is gluten free and have been for almoat 10 years. its crazy how there are not a lot of gluten free options out there.

  • stick opter
    stick opter 14 days ago

    Cant eat gluten.... ;) sure

  • Raven
    Raven 14 days ago

    Really don't have to worry about them not having enough seasoning

  • Lisa Hypes
    Lisa Hypes 15 days ago +1

    14:57 hey Jenna, potatoes are vegetables

  • VeganJynx
    VeganJynx 15 days ago

    That looks baller 😍😍😍

  • Awkward Animator
    Awkward Animator 15 days ago

    You guys should make a cook book

  • Bella Loves
    Bella Loves 15 days ago

    Can I just point out for all my brits out there, WHY DO YOU AMERICANS CALL APPLE CRUMBLE APPLE CRISP!!! Not blaming/attacking you specifically Jenna, just like the whole of America, ITS APPLE CRUMBLE!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Zepeda
    Vanessa Zepeda 16 days ago

    I really want to make the Stuffing Julian made but like he didn’t really say the measurements 😭

  • Siobhan Freeman
    Siobhan Freeman 16 days ago

    actual couple goals

  • Queen Kate Rose the vampwerehog

    fun fact my mom and I CANT EAT COOKED: apples bell peppers and tomatos

  • larry stylinson
    larry stylinson 16 days ago

    1:02 Julien's left hand (on the right) scares me

  • Belle Moore
    Belle Moore 16 days ago

    How do you have vegan chicken

  • Samasch
    Samasch 17 days ago

    Great video. Don't forget to subscribe to Pewdiepie.

  • Corrine Winters
    Corrine Winters 17 days ago

    she said no veggies but yet she made potatoes

  • Rose Jen
    Rose Jen 17 days ago

    Isn't a potato a vegetable...?

  • Faith Price
    Faith Price 17 days ago +1

    I keep thinking that Julien’s bracelet is the end of a condom,, so it looks like Julien just has a huge condom on his left hand,,,, it made me screech😂💖

  • Christine B
    Christine B 18 days ago

    4:06 -4:23 Ghost (2018)

  • Christopher James Willington

    That looks good

  • Kellsey Rebecca
    Kellsey Rebecca 18 days ago

    Julien: *yells in bowl of apples* GET READY..GET READY

  • Allison Leigh Nelson
    Allison Leigh Nelson 18 days ago

    My jail Thanksgiving was lit tho

  • Luna is life
    Luna is life 19 days ago

    Is sausage not vegan or am I missing out

  • Incineroar Fan
    Incineroar Fan 19 days ago

    americans be making thanked giving food

  • GirlRuledByPluto
    GirlRuledByPluto 19 days ago

    11:02 holy shit they have so many spices

  • ThePupSquad
    ThePupSquad 19 days ago

    Now I’m starving 😩

  • Quincy Jimenez
    Quincy Jimenez 19 days ago

    “i have a sensitive mOuTh!1!1!!1”

  • L J
    L J 20 days ago

    5 10

  • nika chu
    nika chu 20 days ago +2

    I don't like stuffing, but I would DEVOUR Juliens freestyle stuffing

  • Clairey Fairy
    Clairey Fairy 20 days ago

    “It’s supposed to be crumbly”
    That’s why we call it Apple crumble

  • Gabrielle Sowders
    Gabrielle Sowders 20 days ago

    I love watching J&j kitchen.

  • heather haze
    heather haze 20 days ago

    what is the chicken in the fried chicken?

  • Caden Hare
    Caden Hare 20 days ago

    "It's about a half a teaspoon per spice roughly." *adds 6 teaspoons of one spice*

  • LadyKillerella
    LadyKillerella 20 days ago

    Stop calling it fried chicken, it's not a dead bird, it's not chicken, call it want it is

  • Jesse Knight
    Jesse Knight 21 day ago

    Jenna and Julian cooking vids are my fav

  • йа человек.

    Впервые зашла на оригинал видео Дженны, не ожидала что её голос именно такой( я от Камеди Студио.👀). Так странно.🌚💦💦

  • Samantha Godard
    Samantha Godard 21 day ago

    “Why is butter and sugar good?”
    STORY TIME: one une I was making icing that required two different mixtures to be mixed together in the end. I was done with the first mix and was starting the second when my brother came up, grabbed a spoon and scooped a bit spoonful of butter and sugar. He then ate it and told me it was gross icing. I just said, “Adam, that’s not icing. That’s literally just butter and white sugar.”

  • 名誉 ために日本人天の祖先天

    Loving kindness, out of respect japan will once again be freeing any turkeys found in captivity and leaving the traditional shinto tofu turkey mannequins in their places.
    japan is serious about sneaking tofu substitutes that can pass for meat into every market worldwide, with our new ninja abilities such a goal is not only possible, its easier to do than not do!
    traditionally we are a vegetarian nation.. loving kindness for the antics of japanese chefs, thank you and may you eat with dignity knowing you have not desecrated life unnecessarily for your meals both on thanksgiving proper, and every day because in a way everyday is thanksgiving. THX

  • Becca Reigh
    Becca Reigh 21 day ago

    This the kind of shit I wish my parents saw as vegan but when I say vegan I swear they just think lettuce. 😂😂😂😂 that’s why I can’t go vegan until I get the fuck out 😂😂😂😂

  • MsJillVicious
    MsJillVicious 22 days ago

    I like melting the butter/substitute and pouring it into the other ingredients of the crisp topping and mixing it so it makes good crumbly chunks to sprinkle on top

  • razondria mann
    razondria mann 22 days ago +1

    “You wanna get the apples ready?” Julien: yelling at apples “GET READY!” I live for moments like that! 😂💀