Cooking Thanksgiving Food


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  • Samantha Kwait
    Samantha Kwait 12 hours ago

    All I hear is Julian fat girl breathing in his microphone lol

  • Dimmadab
    Dimmadab 13 hours ago

    the stickers on apples are edible

  • Julie Kavanagh
    Julie Kavanagh 19 hours ago

    Jenna and Julien are the only white people who know how to season shit

  • Rebecca Burnett
    Rebecca Burnett 19 hours ago

    Took me forever to work out that apple crisp is apple crumble haha

  • Donovan
    Donovan 20 hours ago

    My 18 year old male brain appreciated 8:05 so much

  • Lyla Snortheim
    Lyla Snortheim 21 hour ago

    “the link is in my mind” is that .com or .org?

  • Marcos Chavez
    Marcos Chavez Day ago

    Yo look at juliens hand 1:00

  • Ariah Flemming
    Ariah Flemming Day ago

    O boy and his vergo verses Aires

  • Kerrie Hughes
    Kerrie Hughes Day ago

    3:57 lol that noise

  • Megan
    Megan Day ago

    That food looks hella good

  • Maggie Schmitt
    Maggie Schmitt Day ago +1

    the return of jnj’s kitchennnn

  • Rachel Jamison
    Rachel Jamison Day ago

    Awesome video!

  • BashfulBanshee
    BashfulBanshee Day ago

    What is broken in the counter at the end? 😂😂😂

  • cherokee Hernandez

    Is butter vegan :0

  • Bobzilla8735
    Bobzilla8735 Day ago

    Why didn't you peel the apple before cutting it? and why don't you use a peeler instead of a knife? This video just started and I'm already so frustrated

  • nanceepants
    nanceepants Day ago

    Damn this made me hungry af

  • Geff Jeff
    Geff Jeff Day ago

    Were not gonna make any vegtables
    *Proceeds to make potatoes*

  • SLS TheWriter
    SLS TheWriter 2 days ago

    i have a sensitive *mouth* = Automatically the best quote of the year.

  • Dustin Valenti
    Dustin Valenti 2 days ago

    fresh NUTmeg did y'all win NNN

  • Riisss7
    Riisss7 2 days ago

    I make my own cranberry sauce, delicious and so easy... cranberries, orange and peel included, sugar. That’s it. So delicious and healthier then that can shit lol. TRY IT

  • Hev Bushnell
    Hev Bushnell 2 days ago

    Wait... Sausage? Chicken??? Buttermilk??? #vegan ? #confused

    • Hev Bushnell
      Hev Bushnell 2 days ago

      Ah ok thanks

    • Autumn Peterson
      Autumn Peterson 2 days ago

      I looked it up because I was confused too. It is a vegan company that makes "Meats" but the "Meat" is made out of beans and other vegan friendly foods not real beef or chicken.

  • Hev Bushnell
    Hev Bushnell 2 days ago

    You peel AWAY from your body?? Who peels like that?! Lol

  • Louajee Churchon
    Louajee Churchon 2 days ago

    LMAO I love you two

  • dp
    dp 2 days ago

    "Chokers mean 'I love butt stuff!'"

  • Paula Goodman
    Paula Goodman 2 days ago

    You need this in your life!

  • Nickolaj Marshall
    Nickolaj Marshall 2 days ago +1

    Wait what was the chicken made with? Tofu?

    • HinduDoll
      HinduDoll 2 days ago

      Yes!!!!!!!! It is soo good too

  • ok.
    ok. 2 days ago


  • ketchup016
    ketchup016 2 days ago

    Oh, good, now I can blame my cooking "technique" on being an Aries. Ain't nobody got time for measuring shit.

  • macie perez
    macie perez 2 days ago +1

    3:57 is mood

  • Grimm Dayz
    Grimm Dayz 2 days ago +1

    *Type 1 Diabetics evaporate*

  • Ellie xoxo
    Ellie xoxo 3 days ago

    Literally anyone else:"crumble"

  • Olivia95
    Olivia95 3 days ago

    Why do i love chill mommy Jenna so much? 😍 Also that food looks ridiculously good, damn

  • Courtney Davis
    Courtney Davis 3 days ago

    That looks so damn good you guys are awesome

  • Sillypplproductions2
    Sillypplproductions2 3 days ago +3

    "with absolutely no vegetables"
    *forgets that potatoes are, in fact, a vegetable*
    (edit: I know they've been made into mashed potatoes, but the statement is still wrong 😂)

  • Hannah Wirth
    Hannah Wirth 3 days ago

    What's the stuffing recipe plyzz

  • Mackenzie Phoenix
    Mackenzie Phoenix 3 days ago +4

    Can we just take a second to admire Peach's never ending quest to see what the hell Jenna and Julien are doing. (5:06)

  • Sarah Strand
    Sarah Strand 3 days ago

    why didnt you melt the butter for the apple crisp

    • baby prospect
      baby prospect 2 days ago

      Because it melts in the oven as it's cooking and carmelizes the crust. Pre melted butter makes it soggy.

  • maddie button
    maddie button 3 days ago

    Love how I got an ad for celiac disease before this video

  • VocalEdgeTV
    VocalEdgeTV 4 days ago

    I learned that from Food Wishes too! So...Jenna, I would love to gift you a marvelous device called apple peeler/corer. Has a suction bottom and a crank handle. Takes about 7 seconds to core, peel and thinly slice an apple. Maybe $20.

  • XxmireyaxX
    XxmireyaxX 4 days ago

    I really want that stuffing recipe like 😍🤤

  • Nicolas Bedolla
    Nicolas Bedolla 4 days ago

    I love these two... But oh no they're the ones who bring their own food to a party?? Nothing really wrong with that.. Its just a bit weird lmao

  • Hello fellow Human
    Hello fellow Human 4 days ago

    Person: hey how's it going.
    Me: 12:40

  • 123455THEBEAST
    123455THEBEAST 4 days ago

    She does realize that a potato is a vegetable

  • Ainsley Hout
    Ainsley Hout 4 days ago

    Girl...get you a potato peeler for them apples! For real.

  • Indigo Barnes
    Indigo Barnes 4 days ago

    Why did they make chicken if they are vegan?

    • Amanda lc
      Amanda lc 2 days ago

      Indigo Barnes .... it’s vegan chicken made of plant proteins.

  • Anvita Bhardwaj
    Anvita Bhardwaj 4 days ago

    Fried chicken is vegan? Or did I miss something

    • ArcMailer
      ArcMailer 2 days ago

      Meat substitute "chicken"

  • r

    *whispers*hey i want green apples can i have some or what

  • K Stone
    K Stone 4 days ago +1

    Julien out here inventing vegan bovril for your workout 😂

  • Chayton Yisu
    Chayton Yisu 4 days ago

    I need a man in my life that hypes up our apples before they get mixed.

  • Korah Parker
    Korah Parker 4 days ago

    What do they use as a chicken substitute?

  • Vitoria Ressineti
    Vitoria Ressineti 5 days ago

    Jesus, the nutmeg shot is the most aries shot I've ever seen.

  • Roarke Charlie
    Roarke Charlie 5 days ago

    okay.. >.< I am slightly DISTRACTED about the open drawer at the beginning of the video.

  • Eliza Tino
    Eliza Tino 5 days ago

    We always put sausage in our stuffing! It is THE WAY!

  • Sal Salas
    Sal Salas 5 days ago +1


  • Kristina Moor
    Kristina Moor 5 days ago +1

    Why julien look like mario

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee 5 days ago

    * not American and still cares *

  • Shanice Nickel
    Shanice Nickel 5 days ago

    I really want to be vegan but I’m extremely allergic to soy so it’s nearly impossible 😞😞

  • ahmed mahtar
    ahmed mahtar 6 days ago

    00:00 MOOOD FOR LIFE

  • Cristin
    Cristin 6 days ago

    Imma need that stuffing recipe... I'm celiac also and thats my favorite meal at Thanksgiving and no one makes it right! Lol
    Please and thank you

  • S k W
    S k W 6 days ago

    Vegan power 🤘🏻

  • Dileetukaas
    Dileetukaas 6 days ago

    Ok im sorry, but.. Can we make Julien stop breathing from hes mouth 😂

  • Tindra
    Tindra 6 days ago

    I just love Julien's heavy breathing

  • will 99
    will 99 6 days ago

    jenna just complain crying is my life

  • Angelika Farat
    Angelika Farat 6 days ago

    someone buy them a peeler

  • cinnamon Scarf
    cinnamon Scarf 6 days ago

    Her pie is upside down??

  • Janesa Abbruscato
    Janesa Abbruscato 6 days ago

    Do vegans realize that there are forests being cut down for soy farms?💀

    • Janesa Abbruscato
      Janesa Abbruscato 6 days ago

      I’m saying that for the ones who go vegan to “save the animals” because it’s contradicting to buy something that destroys the natural habitat for other animals

  • AlpineTheCranky
    AlpineTheCranky 6 days ago

    “Absolutely no vegetables”. Eats potatoes...
    when did the potato become a non-veggie?

  • quackgoesthegooose
    quackgoesthegooose 6 days ago

    melt the butter a little bit first - it will mix better.

  • KayleighLeanne
    KayleighLeanne 6 days ago

    Your cranberry sauce comes in a tin? We use jars for that

  • KayleighLeanne
    KayleighLeanne 6 days ago


  • Rose
    Rose 6 days ago

    just spent the first two minutes of this video trying so hard to figure out what the fuck kinda messed up vegetable was in the bottom left

  • Victoria Campbell
    Victoria Campbell 6 days ago

    They’re so in love

  • PaintingShadow
    PaintingShadow 6 days ago

    Why does Julian remind me of pikachu?😂😂

  • Cassie Cole
    Cassie Cole 7 days ago

    I'm late but room temp butter and a hand mixer would make easy work of the crumble in the apple crisp.

    • Cassie Cole
      Cassie Cole 7 days ago

      and +baking powder would make it crispier.

  • CMD722
    CMD722 7 days ago +14

    Really loving Juliens elongated hand at 1:00

  • Paige Puccerella
    Paige Puccerella 7 days ago

    wow this video has rare footage of white people seasoning food!!!!

  • ilovellamas
    ilovellamas 7 days ago

    this was honestly the best video ever

  • HumbleHobo
    HumbleHobo 7 days ago

    Julien's Gold Spoon. It wasn't a waste.

  • Tutta Tutta
    Tutta Tutta 7 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with americans? HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY NOT DEAD?!

  • Caitlin Siehr
    Caitlin Siehr 7 days ago

    I was watching this the other day at work and my coworker said “whatever you are watching can not be that funny” and I said “oh it absolutely is!”
    Just wanted to let you guys know that you gave me A LAUGH AT WORK. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Oovoo Javer
    Oovoo Javer 7 days ago


    IMPROBA 7 days ago

    for how long have they been together? :)

  • 秋赤Lusyフェア
    秋赤Lusyフェア 7 days ago

    What is the butter

  • Arica B. Alien
    Arica B. Alien 7 days ago

    Carbsgiving....I'm here for thaaaaat

  • Josie Godwin
    Josie Godwin 7 days ago

    My mom did the bagel stuffing this year too!!!

  • audrey marullo
    audrey marullo 7 days ago

    They are as baked as their apple crisp in this video and it’s cracking me up

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 7 days ago

    hhahhaha ins't potato a vegetable... \

  • shaylen sanders
    shaylen sanders 7 days ago

    Shit I want to go to your guy's house and eat!

  • Andreea M.
    Andreea M. 7 days ago

    those big hands are hilarious :))) is like i can only look at them

  • shaylen sanders
    shaylen sanders 7 days ago

    The soap you buy isn't vegan though 🙈

    • Amanda lc
      Amanda lc 2 days ago

      And they have vegan soap if you make the effort to look. Lol

    • Amanda lc
      Amanda lc 2 days ago

      shaylen sanders .... it’s impossible to be perfect fully vegan in a non vegan world at the moment, she/we are doing the best we can.

  • johncalderwood1
    johncalderwood1 7 days ago

    That lipstick was a you Jenna!

  • Thalia bahbito
    Thalia bahbito 7 days ago +1

    I love you guys even more because you're vegan

  • Haley Morton
    Haley Morton 7 days ago


  • Tokie!
    Tokie! 7 days ago

    i'm just gonna say it

  • Tracie Duke
    Tracie Duke 7 days ago

    I thought julien couldn’t eat gluten. Them bagels have gluten?

  • Kris King
    Kris King 7 days ago

    Can we get a compilation of Jenna sasily grinding pepper

  • Susan Frank
    Susan Frank 7 days ago

    God the food looks so good I wanna eat it

  • Daisy Kirkbride
    Daisy Kirkbride 7 days ago

    You guys should make a cook book of all of your favorite recipes!

  • Ashtyn z
    Ashtyn z 7 days ago

    julien looks like Paul from bohemian rhapsody