• Published on Mar 4, 2021

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  • Wild Phoenix
    Wild Phoenix Year ago +801

    Lmao can relate 😭

  • roisindubh02
    roisindubh02 Year ago +1

    Screaming she’s older but acting like she’s four.

  • Soundarya S
    Soundarya S Year ago +73

    What?? Is that your mom?😱 She looks like another sister to them.

  • Nicholas Cooper
    Nicholas Cooper Year ago +62

    Is t it crazy how moms don’t have to say a single word yet you understand everything they said? Lol

  • Fast Money
    Fast Money Year ago +47

    I call shotgun 😂....

  • Shady Mello
    Shady Mello Year ago +77

    When she screamed "I'm older" her mother should have said "exactly" would have been savage af😂😂

  • R B
    R B Year ago +185

    Their mom is chill and cool

  • Kuroo tetsuro
    Kuroo tetsuro Year ago +290

    My sister always crying about every little thing... Ofc she the pne who starts the fights

    PEACHII Year ago +3

    Lmao i can relate my sis always irritate me and when i m done with her i slap her and she slap me 2 times harder T^T

  • Carrie Mtsh
    Carrie Mtsh Year ago +37

    Lol 😂 I didn’t mind sitting at the back but not in the middle, everyone hated to be a sandwich 😂😂😂😂

  • B A L E Z U L E
    B A L E Z U L E Year ago +27

    The way the mom walked away like I'm not doing this again rn....

  • nour mohamed
    nour mohamed Year ago +76

    Not only sisters fight every single sibling in this world fight

  • E. Green
    E. Green Year ago +6

    When my sister and I did this crap, it never failed: we both had to ride in the back lol.

  • tigerrx
    tigerrx Year ago +184

    If my daughter EVER pull on my Mercedes handle like that, she’d be driving in the trunk on the way home.

  • Aundre Scott
    Aundre Scott Year ago +9

    "I'm older"proceeds to fight for car seat like child

  • Mimi's Tasty Kitchen
    Mimi's Tasty Kitchen Year ago +10

    I can definitely can relate to this but at the end of the day all you sisters out there you know there is always a place in your heart for them ❤️

  • Canelo Bocker
    Canelo Bocker Year ago +8

    Well at least it's not my family we fist fight but when it's the girls they become the extracist

  • CaliPupcorn
    CaliPupcorn Year ago +36

    All you got to do is stare them down. Stare into their soul and they leave.

  • Lol Meme
    Lol Meme Year ago +34

    My sister used to dragged me out of the seat cus “she’s older”

  • Kayla Cabrera
    Kayla Cabrera Year ago +61

    lol me and my sister never really did dumb shit like this. It’s more like a waste of energy lol 😂