everyone thinks i am 10 but i am 25

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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Comments • 7 191

  • Wendy Robson
    Wendy Robson Month ago +1918

    Her mum is so sweet ,I like how she only cares about if she's healthy🙂

  • Kaleigh’s toy reviews
    Kaleigh’s toy reviews Month ago +131

    My favorite part was when everyone thought she was 10 but she was actually 25.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 8 days ago

      @Dumb Squad read the title

    • NotYourOrdinaryEarthNinja
      NotYourOrdinaryEarthNinja 9 days ago

      @Lilja Slewa lol

    • okcool
      okcool 10 days ago

      @Lilja Slewa he’s correct though. Who’s dumb here?

    • Juju Bennie
      Juju Bennie 11 days ago +1

      @Lilja Slewa don't be rude

    • Dina Cartoonist
      Dina Cartoonist 19 days ago +4

      This is the story of my life..I am 25 but people think I am 10 or 12...its embarrassing..

  • ultracakei
    ultracakei Month ago +26

    did you know Sabre from the norris nuts has a similar condition? she handles it so well! the growth hormones have made her look so mature at 16. :)

  • Username
    Username Month ago +55


  • Izzy Vinnal
    Izzy Vinnal 28 days ago +6

    I like how her dad just opens the door and teleports on the sidewalk and the door closes without somebody touching it. Its somthing I would put in my animation. Good job on the eyes too! The eyes look better than the ones I draw. 😊

    RAE CHAR Month ago +1364

    I love how she just found a stool out of no where and kissed him

    • HEY
      HEY Day ago

      im getting tall girl vibes from that scene

    • EditsxMya
      EditsxMya 3 days ago


      FOREVER FF GAMING 6 days ago +1


    • Converrse
      Converrse 6 days ago

      It makes it more interesting alr 😤

    • samantha
      samantha 6 days ago

      @Kimberly Castillo jjd

  • A Goose Goes Honk
    A Goose Goes Honk Month ago +12

    Wow she called Andrew a jerk when she refused the chocolates he bought for him and was just generally mean, wow I feel bad for Andrew.

  • Owari
    Owari Month ago +24

    “Gosh, he was such a nut”


    • Jade Jones-white
      Jade Jones-white 4 days ago

      No fr😂😂😂😂😂

    • Owari
      Owari 10 days ago

      @okcool all of the above

    • okcool
      okcool 10 days ago

      What are you dying about. Just the word “nut”, or what “nut” could imply?

  • BloxyLife
    BloxyLife Month ago +16

    I laughed so hard when he said “Take a chill pill tiny loser” with the French accent OMG 🤩

  • Douglas Perez
    Douglas Perez Month ago +6

    Doesn’t anyone else realize how much the new principal looks like her dad who left

  • GhostKitty
    GhostKitty Month ago +413

    The way Andrew pronounces “idiot” is very… unique

  • Renee
    Renee 18 days ago +1

    I love how the mom isn’t tolerating no one’s bs

  • Maddie the Kitty ❤️

    i love how her mom stuck up for her daughter ❤️

  • • Nova Simin •
    • Nova Simin • Month ago +4

    "We went to Europe."
    *Proceeds to stand next to eiffel tower*

  • Cam
    Cam 6 days ago +2

    “Who wouldn’t like this cute little cream puff”
    Omg that was so funny!

  • Racheal Lisabeth
    Racheal Lisabeth Month ago +913

    the way Andrew said "You little idiot" just make the whole story even better😂😂😂

  • rbonaguidi
    rbonaguidi 24 days ago

    I'm glad you know how to deal with bullies your differences make you stronger! Stay strong!!

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter 27 days ago

    I like how the mom is nice and cares for the daughter,and wants her to be healthy

  • Middle School Wonders
    Middle School Wonders 16 days ago

    I can relate. Everyone keeps calling me shorty and my growth is slower than everyone else's.(but im not a dwarf) Just love who are and be thankful that you are even alive.

  • ZenythYT
    ZenythYT 3 days ago

    The accent was hilarious, but still the story is SOOOO good!

  • Al'jeria RPW Tutorial
    Al'jeria RPW Tutorial Month ago +502

    I love how her mom treated her, her mom didn't care if she's tiny

    • Kira D
      Kira D 26 days ago +2

      i bet your mom is the best

    • Jojo_h0ńeybullshx
      Jojo_h0ńeybullshx Month ago +3

      @Emitiki aw yo thats so sweet 🥺😂

    • Wisdom Walibe
      Wisdom Walibe Month ago +4


    • Emitiki
      Emitiki Month ago +11

      same whit my mom im littaly a dwarf but my mom love me just the way i am only bc shes a dwarf too🤣🤣

  • Neha Goswami
    Neha Goswami 9 days ago

    I love how she has mud all over her face and she said to the kids, "Did I have something on my face!?"😂

  • -NahoKakeruGacha-
    -NahoKakeruGacha- 5 days ago

    I love how she just snatched a stool out of nowhere! Maybe she kept it in her book bag who knows!

  • Faith Nichols
    Faith Nichols 21 day ago

    Her mum is really sweet,I like how her mum is really nice when
    It comes to her daughter!

  • Tanisha Ross
    Tanisha Ross Month ago +3

    IM SERIOUSLY DYING “ oh you got so mustard on your nose”😭😭😭😭

  • XxWxirdo_
    XxWxirdo_ Month ago +2061

    I laughed so hard when she said 'well who wouldn't want a cute, little, cream puff like me'

  • Sienna.
    Sienna. Month ago +1

    I love how people called her 10 but she was 25

  • Idfk🥴
    Idfk🥴 Month ago

    I like how when Andrew is ordering his food he sounds Italian and not French

  • spanky 51
    spanky 51 Month ago +1

    I need you to get more animated stories like this

  • 💖 Cherry creamy 💕

    I love how the voice actor voice acts so well!

  • xEl1_q
    xEl1_q Month ago +116

    Am i the only one that laughed so hard when Andrew said " Mc'Donalds " lmao

  • Elliana
    Elliana 2 days ago +1

    I love how she found a stool out of no where and kissed him

  • 𝕙𝕚 ✞シ.
    𝕙𝕚 ✞シ. Month ago +2

    I love how he said “idoot”
    😂 it’s cute when he said hi t to her

  • Aurora T
    Aurora T 2 days ago

    Andrews voice is just UMMA and when he said You it was like YU and since the Day Andrew came the mom was no were to found 😂 and I love how Andrew never left the house 🏡

  • Shabbir Hussain
    Shabbir Hussain 26 days ago +2

    Who just love the Italian ascent of andrew other than me its so good.......😊

  • • Vanny •
    • Vanny • Month ago +1657

    It's sweet.The fact she doesn't care if her daughter isn't perfect.

    • Glitter Playz
      Glitter Playz 19 days ago

      She is perfect.

    • Vamos a jugar lets play
      Vamos a jugar lets play 20 days ago

      I have a mom she is wierd in 2018 i said whar she was doing she said nothing and then i went and sal her puttin the shirt in the hange- not a storie

    • no
      no 25 days ago

      she is perfect even if she is tiney

    • Ava Bouvier
      Ava Bouvier 25 days ago


    • H@rper Muffin
      H@rper Muffin Month ago

      To true to be true

  • JuStChILlz
    JuStChILlz Month ago +2

    i cant beleive how ppl bully short ppl it is fine to be short

  • Jurate Kudliene
    Jurate Kudliene Month ago +3

    Į loved The part when she just found a stool out of no where, and kissed him! ^^

  • lia zhong
    lia zhong 7 days ago


  • Marie Ryan
    Marie Ryan 10 days ago

    This is one of the best stories so far. Where a mum protects her daughter and accepts her no matter what. Also the bully gets what she deserves and gets expelled. Hadley is so cute kind and generous I m glad she gets the boyfriend.

  • moonie 🍦🍰
    moonie 🍦🍰 Month ago +245

    My friend is not a dwarf but she's is still shorter than some girls and her mom and dad HATES it. They would call her bad names and always tell that she's a shortie. But listen, she is so cute, kind, and the GREATEST FRIEND. SHES PERFECT

    • FlooferLand
      FlooferLand 14 days ago

      Unluckily i can't relate, being 5"9 at 15 and literally towering over everyone in my class ;~;
      being tall is an absolute nightmare because of social standards

    • H@rper Muffin
      H@rper Muffin Month ago +2

      You are the best friend for her :)

    • ◇CaRameLa◇
      ◇CaRameLa◇ Month ago +1

      @A yeet to a skirt omg twinz🤧👌

    • A yeet to a skirt
      A yeet to a skirt Month ago +2

      @◇CaRameLa◇ oh my lord same so I’m friends with tall people and sometimes they tease me saying shorty lol where are your eyes and I’m like really feisty and they can be scared of me like they don’t want to mess with me yes I’m kind I love myself but I stand up for myself and people sometime can be scared of me lol

    • Zoe Liu
      Zoe Liu Month ago +3

      Same my parents always compare me with my classmate (sometimes with my cousin who is like 1.50) and of course my height problem was not because of me since both my parents are short and maybe they didn’t take care of me and feed me enough to be tall so it’s not fault

  • _…strawberrycheesecake…_

    That 5 grader made me laugh so hard

  • ICameForTheTea😈
    ICameForTheTea😈 Month ago +2

    I love how the confessed and then kissed... In front of their principal 😂

  • •PiinkPanda•roblox

    Laughed so hard when the mom said: IM GONNA SUE YOU!

  • Matt Richmond
    Matt Richmond Month ago +2

    I really like your stories!

  • Annie Calacouras
    Annie Calacouras Month ago +892

    I love how much the mother cares about her child. Appearance does not matter to this woman! (Unlike some of the other moms we have seen)

  • XharonJr
    XharonJr Month ago +1

    Respect for the mum 😍

  • Abrielle Murray
    Abrielle Murray Month ago

    Awww so cute being short is a unique thing.🥰🥰🥰so proud of you girl 🌹🌹

  • Martha Buabin
    Martha Buabin 21 day ago

    I can relate to this. I'm 18 years old and I'm as short as i was in the 5th grade. My brothers never fail to make fun of my height but i like that I'm short. Though sometimes they make me cry but it's all good

  • eh..
    eh.. Month ago

    finally, an episode where the mom is kind

  • Levia Dvi
    Levia Dvi Month ago +200

    When he confessed I laughed so hard because I just imagined the principal being like 👁👄👁 in the background 😂😂

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago +2

    I love how they were on the road and she put her on the road but they were sent to the principal

  • no content
    no content 24 days ago

    Can we appreciate Andrew's iconic accent-

  • Mila Vanilla
    Mila Vanilla Month ago +11

    The way she grabbed a stool and kissed him out of no where 😂

  • Cotten Candy
    Cotten Candy Month ago +1

    i love the end so heart warming!

  • SecrecyGirl
    SecrecyGirl Month ago +303

    We really need more mothers like this in the world, who support their kids no matter what

  • Kallison.13
    Kallison.13 Month ago +2

    The way she just forgot about the blonde chick, I cant 😂💀

  • Stacy Scott
    Stacy Scott Month ago

    The way Andrew said "take a chill pill little girl" lol😂

  • Ferve
    Ferve Month ago +1

    Well one thing is very clear:

    Her mom loves throwing things 😂

  • SimplyyKay -Quit -
    SimplyyKay -Quit - 12 days ago

    Moral of the story: being different is special

  • Gracie Britton
    Gracie Britton Month ago

    “ you , you litte idiot” this had me rolling in laughter😂😂😂

  • Cloud Anime
    Cloud Anime 28 days ago

    It doesn't matter how short or how tall you are perfect just the Way you are and that was a great story 👍😉

  • TheDragon_YT
    TheDragon_YT 25 days ago +1

    *i laugh so hard when he said tiny loser*

  • Veronica Umanzor
    Veronica Umanzor 5 days ago

    How did this made me cry when she said "I want to be taller" Really made me cry :((

  • That Crazy YouTuber :D
    That Crazy YouTuber :D Month ago +128

    I’m short and everyone is mean about it so I FEEL this girl.

    • ZepetoFrog
      ZepetoFrog 19 days ago

      stop being a pick me bby

    • Cik Ain 💞
      Cik Ain 💞 21 day ago

      @mysterious ouh

    • mysterious
      mysterious 21 day ago

      @Cik Ain 💞 ya just telling since everyone one was talking about height

    • Cik Ain 💞
      Cik Ain 💞 21 day ago

      @mysterious um ok?

    • mysterious
      mysterious 21 day ago

      @Cik Ain 💞 lol im 4’9 and 10 😂

  • laura rastauskiene
    laura rastauskiene Month ago

    I love how she like just describes the things in the story

  • Irfan Ali Mir
    Irfan Ali Mir 7 days ago

    i know how it feels to be short and I was like her till 11 years from 11 years old i started to grow higher like other kidsand I have to say her mom is genius and sweet she only care if she's healthy👩‍👧

  • Fun aki
    Fun aki 22 days ago +3

    The french accent is KILLING MEERD

  • itzme Me
    itzme Me Month ago +3

    video: I stepped on a stool and kissed him

    Me: laughing half to death ( she so short )


    *I laughed so hard when Andrew said :- Take a chill pill Tiny Loser ! 😂😂 + In French accent !* 🤪❤️

  • jelly - foreverxblossom
    jelly - foreverxblossom 24 days ago +2


  • Melody
    Melody 3 days ago

    Is it just me or almost every story there's always a limbo

  • ❤Lovely Boba Bean❤

    She said Europe instead of Paris
    But I love this one. I love how he says little cream puff so cute

  • Anny Homeschoolers
    Anny Homeschoolers 18 hours ago

    I glad your mom and your Bf are the only ones who care about you 😊

  • Monarch💙
    Monarch💙 Month ago +2005

    My friend is a dwarf and everyone loves her. She is as close to perfect that you can be, she’s kind, and smart, and she is really pretty. She also always wins hide and seek. A few people have said, “no ones perfect”. Listen, she’s ALMOST perfect, as close as it gets.

    • Ember Benford
      Ember Benford Month ago

      Many people may not know this but being a dwarf or short gets you away with a lot of things right now I see more pros then cons

    • xRevenge89
      xRevenge89 Month ago

      @Little mix, weeknd & Doja cat stan Shut only shrek is

    • Little mix, weeknd & Doja cat stan
      Little mix, weeknd & Doja cat stan Month ago

      @xRevenge89 and peppa pig how **dare** you forget🤣

    • Monarch💙
      Monarch💙 Month ago


      UNKNOWN DIGITAL Month ago

      Almost perfect is really good shes like 99.99 percent perfect?

  • Potter fan club
    Potter fan club Month ago +2

    I love these they make you feel better when your different to everyone else

  • Lizzeth Molina
    Lizzeth Molina Month ago

    I love how she said he took MY box and left when she said she didn’t want it

  • Im Ispmw
    Im Ispmw 18 days ago

    Well, I'm 18 but everyone think I'm 25+, what else can I say... except "YES!!! I'm your uncle"

  • •Midnight star•
    •Midnight star• 20 days ago

    I love the way he said "Cute little cream puff" at 9:31

    Also this scene 12:20

  • Yumie the Dreamer
    Yumie the Dreamer Month ago +376

    Why do I keep laughing when I heard Andrew said: You! I like you! Maybe it's because the way he talks is too funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks everyone for the likes I really can't believe what I'm seeing, 376 likes!!!!

    • Yumie the Dreamer
      Yumie the Dreamer Month ago +2

      Wait did I get 267 likes in one day am I dreaming?!

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +1

      BRO there like "uh I can't find some one with an actent just act like it"

    • maciej manoj
      maciej manoj Month ago +2


    • Erical NN
      Erical NN Month ago +2

      I did too

    • purple uuu
      purple uuu Month ago +3

      Idiyout you I was dyingg🤣🤣

  • ♡︎𝙸𝚝𝚣_𝙻𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗♡︎

    The way Andrew said "Ideoot" is so funny

  • {[ H U B T U B ]}
    {[ H U B T U B ]} Month ago +3

    The ending tho…- could never be me

    S1LV3RN1GH7 IEIT 13 days ago

    im so happy her mom was so epic

  • Nature lover girl
    Nature lover girl 14 days ago

    I love your animated stories you’re the best ever

  • XxGacha_ BeanxX
    XxGacha_ BeanxX Month ago +349

    I love how much the mom loves her. She yelled at the doctor for not giving her to her faster 😂

    S0PH1ESW0RLD 9 days ago

    My favourite part is when everyone thought she was 10 when she was 25

  • Epikpeetzahutpro23
    Epikpeetzahutpro23 26 days ago

    By 8th grade I was about 6 feet tall so I could consider most of those “tall” aka average kids short

  • • ✨SPOTS✨•
    • ✨SPOTS✨• Month ago

    Can anyone take the time to notice all the Sailor Moon stuff around her room it’s so pretty I love it

  • Thrifty
    Thrifty  25 days ago

    I used to get bullied ALL the time for my height because I am 5 feet tall and I am going to be in the 9th grade next year. but I have found great friends who do not judge me about it and a great new school were nobody will judge you for what you look like.

  • M¡lø_Sta¿r
    M¡lø_Sta¿r Month ago +83

    You don’t know how much I clapped when she said
    “They fired the principal, sued the school, and we got 100000 dollars”

  • Devyn Freeman
    Devyn Freeman Month ago

    i laughed so hard when she jumps on her🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara Gomez
    Sara Gomez 20 days ago

    When I saw that little creampuff it took my heart away like when I first saw it I fell in love with it oh my goodness it was so adorable❤️

  • Ash
    Ash  11 days ago +1


  • Mochi Queen
    Mochi Queen Month ago

    I like the way Andrew said"you you you little idiot you"😂😂

  • Xiao’s Tea
    Xiao’s Tea Month ago +102

    every time the mum opens her mouth I tear up at the fact that she's such a kindhearted mum. My mum is kindhearted too, but it always makes me feel happy when I see other people care for their kids. By the way, where did the stool come from at the last scene?

  • I_want 2cheese
    I_want 2cheese Day ago

    i’m so happy i’m not the only one that’s really short

  • CoCoHarem
    CoCoHarem Month ago

    "My daughter has been getting bullied under your nose everyday and youve done nothing"
    *You haven't either Ms. Super Mom*

  • Sabrina Khan
    Sabrina Khan 18 days ago

    The way he said idiot made me die of laughter

  • Baccoony
    Baccoony 26 days ago

    I died when I heard the french guy's accent 😭😂

  • Anakin Skywalker the chosen one

    She is a brave girl. People’s height doesn’t describe who they are. Also Brenda deserved to be expelled for being a complete jerk.

    • Fire Willow
      Fire Willow Month ago

      it has a good message, but's she ain't real

    • Master Drawer Z
      Master Drawer Z Month ago

      @Vanessa then why does she sounds the same on "this is why every blonde girl are jealous of me." Or are you sure her name is crystal? Or is she really a liar?

    • Vanessa
      Vanessa Month ago

      @Master Drawer Z It’s real where do you think they get different voices and different people

    • Master Drawer Z
      Master Drawer Z Month ago

      @kitberry idk why everyone is so rude to me? I never say anything bad about them or what is their problem?.

    • kitberry
      kitberry Month ago

      Why@Master Drawer Z everyone is rude
      To u?