Cutting Water in Half With a Superhydrophobic knife

  • Published on May 1, 2021
  • In this video I show you what it looks like to cut water in half with a super hydrophobic knife
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  • bambi
    bambi Year ago +11825

    "hey im cooking"
    "oh need any help?"
    "yeah can u cut some water for me"

  • Megaman Z
    Megaman Z Month ago +865

    "How poor are you?"
    "I ate my last slice of water yesterday."

  • 🔥 𝓚𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓶𝓪🔥

    Me: Mom, what's for dinner?
    mom: We're having sliced water tonight.

  • Miss Cellaneous
    Miss Cellaneous 2 months ago +687

    when he throws the bigger "piece" of water after cutting it
    water: *the disrespect*

  • wut2do xiong
    wut2do xiong 2 months ago +180

    Now we just need a giant one and then we can cut through the ocean

    • polaromat
      polaromat 5 hours ago

      @k Then we can also cut through the tears you have shed. Jesus shall walk on the droplets 🗿

    • k
      k 4 days ago


    • Shockwave
      Shockwave 8 days ago +1


    • Alandria
      Alandria 8 days ago +20

      🌊 M O S E S 🌊

  • maher channel قناة ماهر
    maher channel قناة ماهر 11 months ago +14336

    Waiter: what can I get you?
    This guy: Can I have a slice of water please?

  • Gaming Dani
    Gaming Dani Month ago +96

    "any chances of you doing a cup of water?"
    "we only have sliced water."
    "ill take that then."

    • TheChaoSSS
      TheChaoSSS 17 days ago +2

      This is what i call an underrated comment

  • Vyn Petrol
    Vyn Petrol Month ago +13

    Ancient kung fu master: "You can't cut water. Be like water."
    This guy: *"Hold my hydrophobic knife"*

  • Rhaine Chloe
    Rhaine Chloe Month ago +193

    "what are you doing right now?"
    "Cutting water"

  • •Golden Yeets•
    •Golden Yeets• Day ago +1

    Physics: “you just can’t cut water”
    This guy: *cuts water*
    Physics: “WHAT THE FU-“

  • David S
    David S 9 months ago +24447

    “Would you like any water sir?”
    “Yea, I’ll take a slice.”

    • NoobyPlays
      NoobyPlays 5 days ago


    • i hate jelly bean
      i hate jelly bean 7 days ago

      this deserves more likes than 24k bro

    • NO...
      NO... 10 days ago

      @The Happy Hummy it has 24k likes and going.. it's not underrated my friend

    • Moon Stone
      Moon Stone 11 days ago


      CUTE GIRL 13 days ago


    AMAL E SWALEHA Month ago +75

    "Atom is something which can not be divided further"
    "Water droplet is not divisible further"
    *We got an atom*

      AMAL E SWALEHA Day ago

      @brspringer Oh that's ok then

    • brspringer
      brspringer 2 days ago

      @AMAL E SWALEHA It really wasn't funny to begin with, so no harm done

      AMAL E SWALEHA 19 days ago +4

      @Addis Ababa you spoiled the jooke☠

    • Addis Ababa
      Addis Ababa 19 days ago +4

      Sorry to be that guy, but water's smallest particle is a molecule which is a collection of atoms

  • Junior Tekodo
    Junior Tekodo Month ago +2

    Me: “mom, can we stop by a gas station for a bottle of water”
    Mom: “no, we have sliced water at home”

  • K_b.unnies ♡
    K_b.unnies ♡ Month ago +56

    "Hey can you cut some water for the pasta?"
    "Yeah sure.....W-what?

  • Simple Simon
    Simple Simon 2 hours ago

    So glad that Action Lab is raising awareness of the very real, endemic, global problem that is hydrophobia. This is an important milestone in our fight against hydrophobia, which is never acceptable even in the 21st century. Please donate and raise awareness in your community about the dangers of hydrophobia and how to identify it today!

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 10 months ago +15319

    "I can't cut it any smaller"
    *accidentally splits atoms*

    • Maxifire 32
      Maxifire 32 4 hours ago

      @Matias Delfino i know

    • Theslayer Gaming
      Theslayer Gaming 5 hours ago +1

      @Maxifire 32 it’s called a joke

    • lwee
      lwee 7 days ago


    • Syge Zarf
      Syge Zarf 10 days ago +1

      nuclear fission

  • Manahil Tahir
    Manahil Tahir 6 days ago

    "Im so thirsty"
    "Would you mind giving me some water jacob"
    "Sure, would u like it in half?"
    Yes plz

  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl Month ago +15

    I love how he just yeets another droplet of water when there are two of them on that paper

  • juno knobloch
    juno knobloch 18 days ago +3

    Everyone has that one friend
    "Hey I'm going to the store want anything"?
    Friend: "Yeah I'll take a slice of water"

  • Zetyx
    Zetyx Month ago +8

    "hello there! may i take your order? maybe some water"
    "I'll take a slice of water"

  • A Coop
    A Coop Year ago +9981

    “Okay, I don’t think I can get it any smaller...”
    (Cuts it again)
    *Atomic Explosion*

    • Adam Straub
      Adam Straub 26 days ago

      Congrats, your the only original comment on this video.

    • TheHeroBrain
      TheHeroBrain Month ago

      @XxxEmmaGamingxxX @A Coop - Black Profile Gang!

    • grooviestglobe4
      grooviestglobe4 Year ago

      @Neil the ass titan why do you have to ruin it

  • Missbee
    Missbee Month ago +1

    “Would you like some water to start off your meal?”
    “Yeah, but just a slice. I’m on a diet.”

  • ew no
    ew no Month ago +2

    I'm a digital artist so I zoom into the screen a lot. My first thought when you said "eventually it'll become so small I can't cut it anymore" was just "zoom in, it'll become easier to cut" lmfao 💀

  • TechNiNja
    TechNiNja 18 days ago +2

    Me: What are we eating for dinner?
    Cheap Mom: Sliced water with a side of dehydrated water

  • • T a t s u k i i •

    "Hey may I have a glass of water?"
    "We unfortunately only sell microscopic sliecs of water."

  • CyclonePlays
    CyclonePlays Year ago +10670

    Really. We have knives being Super-hydrophobic in 2021...

    • St.AshHole
      St.AshHole 4 months ago

      @『ShadowGamez』【V2】 it's just you

    • ehhhhhh
      ehhhhhh 4 months ago

      YES i was waiting for this kind of comment!

    • Ayat
      Ayat 11 months ago

      Hydro what-

    • malachi Barnes
      malachi Barnes 11 months ago

      true bro true

    • Marquez T
      Marquez T 11 months ago

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  • Apathy
    Apathy 2 days ago +2

    God: you can't just cut water >:(
    Action lab: no.

  • •𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜•

    Me when I was 5 yrs old: *trys to cut water*
    Me now: ... We can't cut water... WAIT? WE CAN?
    Tiny water, I almost can't see it.. 🥲
    Why do I feel like that's jelly-

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    "Hey honey whatcha doin?"
    "cutting water"

  • Elaizha Ramos
    Elaizha Ramos 11 days ago +2

    "Mom can I have a slice of water?"
    "Wait what? Can you say it again I think I didn't hear you."
    "I said can I have a slice of water."

  • bill Nye the science guy
    bill Nye the science guy Year ago +24653

    "want some water?"
    "sure bro"
    - slices water in half -

    • Meho Sadikovic
      Meho Sadikovic 12 days ago

      @Yuno's ProduQtion Nope it has chemicals on it like zinc, copper, etc.

    • Meho Sadikovic
      Meho Sadikovic 12 days ago

      @‌ Nope there's chemicals on the knife to make it super hydrophobic, things like zinc, copper etc.

    • Hey Human 👋🏽
      Hey Human 👋🏽 Month ago

      Lmao “how many slices of water you want?”

    • pradeep kumar
      pradeep kumar 2 months ago


    • Grace Kristabel
      Grace Kristabel 2 months ago


  • ilovechocolate
    ilovechocolate Day ago

    me : "hey mom can we get McDonald's?"
    mom : "no, we have food at home"
    *food at home*

  • Loser22
    Loser22 Month ago +1

    "Ayo you want some water?"
    "Yeah sure, thank you!"
    "How big of a slice?"
    "I'm sorry what?"

    • Ria ♪
      Ria ♪ Month ago +1

      Give me a slice ot watah

    LEXJ3ON Month ago +1

    "Hey! What's for dinner?"
    "Oh we have water steak garnished with small slices of water"

  • Radames morales
    Radames morales 13 days ago +1

    "I dont think I can get it any smaller"
    Me: hold my beer

  • Second Heatwave
    Second Heatwave 11 months ago +6786

    Imagine his mom walks in and he’s hunched over trying to slice up water

  • Azurden
    Azurden 6 hours ago

    Anyone else felt the suspense when he’s cutting the smaller ones? 👀☠️

  • Langston Reese
    Langston Reese 18 days ago +4

    Me: Reminds me of 🔘rbies.
    Me; “Orbies that you can cut”

  • Александра Лебедева

    Me: Mom, what's for dinner?
    My mom: We're having sliced water tonight.

  • Thanmai Boss
    Thanmai Boss 2 months ago +2

    My physics teacher : u cant cut water
    Me who see's a lot of action lab : id think so

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V Year ago +5327

    Now coat a big-ass sword in that hydrophobic stuff, film yourself in slow-mo swinging it through rain cutting through raindrops and become a real life anime.

    • AGKyran
      AGKyran 3 months ago

      @Kitten Mimi I know, thanks to the other answers. But thanks!
      It was more a joke honestly than a really serious question.

    • Kitten Mimi
      Kitten Mimi 3 months ago +1

      @AGKyran that's not... the water woulld go around and over your feet

    • whisperjejemon
      whisperjejemon Year ago

      Im the 5k likeee!!

    • Mackenzie River Casey
      Mackenzie River Casey Year ago


    • Jean Neymar
      Jean Neymar Year ago

      Become Moïse

  • Whippetha creem
    Whippetha creem 14 days ago

    "Can I get some water?"
    "Only a slice."

  • tusk act 4 lol
    tusk act 4 lol 28 days ago +1

    Other people: it's impossible to split/cut water
    Him: cuts water

  • ✨Mrs-Rabbit✨
    ✨Mrs-Rabbit✨ 11 days ago +1

    "I can't cut it any smaller"
    *makes the water disappear*

  • iM a DiNoSaUr
    iM a DiNoSaUr 19 days ago +2

    Dad how did you become famous? "
    "By cutting water"

  • Lil' Meow
    Lil' Meow 7 months ago +22456

    "Can you get me a piece of water"

    • short shark gaming
      short shark gaming 11 days ago

      “what size tho?”

    • be happy!
      be happy! 25 days ago

      @•Sunset Rose-!💞 no i was just telling.. cause I have seen many more comments getting 100k+ likes and 18k likes is very common to me i am not rude to someone (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    • •Sunset Rose-!💞
      •Sunset Rose-!💞 25 days ago

      @be happy! wth man thats.. kinda mean they are happy and your all like “more comments have more likes than that” like you name is not you

    • Im priyu
      Im priyu 2 months ago


    • be happy!
      be happy! 2 months ago

      @Savita Singh lol many more comments get more than 100k likes 18k is just a small portion lol 😂

  • Aimle$$
    Aimle$$ 2 months ago +3

    X : What's your power?
    Me : I can cut the water

  • Evan Landis
    Evan Landis Month ago

    "I don't think I can cut it smaller" **cuts it but the surface tension is gone and the water seeps into the paper without a trace**

  • Idiotic._.localtrash12

    “Can I please have a cup of water?”
    “We only sell pieces of water”

  • Ashton Webb-Weston Murphy

    Husband: “can I have some water”
    Wife: “how big you want ya slice”
    Husband: (calls phone)
    Husband: “how soon can I book a divorce”
    Wife: (°3°)=@

  • VK
    VK 11 months ago +5208

    two water sandwiches to go please

    • Yusuf Hussein
      Yusuf Hussein 2 months ago

      Will that be debit or credit?

    • Dance with us
      Dance with us 3 months ago

      Come to india here we will give water pakoda and water bread (vada pav) Co e to india

    • Dogs4Life
      Dogs4Life 4 months ago

      @Hồ Thanh Lộc what?

    • •dark_mushroom•
      •dark_mushroom• 4 months ago

      Sure that's 10$

      EEEEEEE 4 months ago

      One water burger please.

  • Aiden Clemens
    Aiden Clemens Month ago

    "Hey, may I please order a slice of water?"
    "Sure!.. wait. WHAT?"

  • creator 44
    creator 44 11 days ago

    Stewie griffin
    “Cut my eggs!”
    ‘Yes sir’
    “Cut my milk!”
    ‘I cahnt sir it’s liquid’

  • Thomas
    Thomas 21 day ago +1

    "I can't cut it any smaller"
    *Oppenheimer has entered the chat*

  • Dalton King
    Dalton King 7 days ago

    Someone breaks in
    "Hey babe, can you grab my super hydrophobic knife"
    That burglar would probably leave in a heartbeat...😂😂😂😂

  • सौम्य भाटी

    *"How much water do we have?"*
    *"Only seven pieces left."*

    REAPER117GH 2 days ago +1

    I have a question, what is hydrophobic knife made from?

  • Space Engine Gameplay and Walkthrough

    Now we need sandwich that could be poured in waterbottle....

  • SuperVitu64 // Gilius Productions

    This man just did the impossible.

  • Captain FrostyMug
    Captain FrostyMug 5 days ago

    but what happens when you just hit the drop with your whole hand against the hydrophobic paper?

  • Mr. Blocks
    Mr. Blocks Year ago +2292

    When you realize you can’t cut the sink water with scissors but you can with a knife:

  • grace
    grace 5 days ago

    “hey what’d u do today”
    “oh, like normal. just cutting some water”

  • L4B055
    L4B055 23 days ago

    Teacher: "Water cannot be cut."
    This Video:

  • あっっ
    あっっ Month ago +1

    "hey guys welcome back, today we're going to split earth in half using this dog."

  • Miya 🤍
    Miya 🤍 2 months ago

    Him: how small do you want your water?
    Him: YES

  • Wasabi_bamboo_101
    Wasabi_bamboo_101 Year ago +8806

    Alright, I don’t think I can get it any smaller
    Next week: *Today we are going to cutting atoms in half*

    • Kael Thunderhoof
      Kael Thunderhoof Year ago +1

      Hiroshima: a shit here we go again.

    • dragon lover 3000
      dragon lover 3000 Year ago

      @Beep Beep Gamer no we can't because electrons are clouds anyway. They aren't sub-atomic particles

    • Beep Beep Gamer
      Beep Beep Gamer Year ago

      But if it was real, the whole USA will be blasted off. That’s how strong atoms are as they contract again. We cannot physically cut the electrons off the atom.

    • dragon lover 3000
      dragon lover 3000 Year ago +1

      @Tiushka Bidla woop let's get quarks

    • dragon lover 3000
      dragon lover 3000 Year ago

      @HazzyCrazzy an explosion *

  • helvetica
    helvetica 25 days ago

    This reminds me of back in the day. Not only did we have to share one bean between a family of four, but we even had to share our water.

  • Fortnite Battlepass
    Fortnite Battlepass 25 days ago +1

    If you accidentally spilled the hydrophobic substance on yourself how would you wash it off?

  • Amizhthan Ilayaraja

    "Action lab uncertainty principle states that the smaller you cut the harder it gets".

  • Mewlody
    Mewlody 27 days ago

    Cool fact about the word atom, it literally means uncutable so you technically made an atom. Thank you Bill Nye.

  • o0Sirenity0o
    o0Sirenity0o Year ago +1994

    Now we can finally make a hydrophobic scissors and achieve our childhood dreams of cutting water
    Edit: Holy mother of creams I was not expecting these likes

  • Hamster
    Hamster 20 days ago

    Bro, I have seen this so many times, TheXvid still recommends it to me and I still watch it everytime

  • aisbbes
    aisbbes 19 days ago

    1900's: we goin to have flying cars in the future
    2022: hello, today we are going to cut water

  • Beachbum1222
    Beachbum1222 Month ago +2

    mom what are we having for dinner?
    mom: *W A T E R*

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson Month ago

    I am almost as impressed with the comment section of this video as I am with this fantastic video. 🥲👌

  • Codric Griswald
    Codric Griswald 11 months ago +1858

    When you're not _that_ thirsty, so you only need half a cup of water.

  • GasStationhoneybun
    GasStationhoneybun 2 months ago

    This is exactly what I thought would happen if my parents didn’t pay the water bill when I was little

  • Dantho Vict
    Dantho Vict 6 days ago

    Hydrophobic paper and knife? Definitely a must-have weapon and armor against water-bender.

  • freya
    freya Month ago

    Mom, can I get water?
    Mom: No, we have water at home.
    The water at home:

  • Javier Omar Morales Luna

    Did anyone else get anxiety when he was trying to cut those last few drops with precision and struggling?

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago +7271

    What happens if you crush it?

    • Linda Hamilton
      Linda Hamilton 11 months ago

      @Jonas don't ruin my dreams 😢🤪🔫

    • Jonas
      Jonas 11 months ago

      @Linda Hamilton No the Water would bond again before you would see anything cool

    • hu tao
      hu tao 11 months ago

      @Jaime Valencia Sir or ma’am, that’s not how the laws of physics work with liquids?

    • meFoYoU
      meFoYoU 11 months ago

      Maybe it love you back or maybe not

    • LinEllen
      LinEllen 11 months ago +1

      It’s crushed.

  • Mamma's sadĝe ηєкσ-¢нαη~

    “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
    ― Mae West

  • Jordan Yard-Dean
    Jordan Yard-Dean Month ago

    "I don't think I can get it any smaller"

  • aroengbinang project

    Someone: Hey man, can I borrow your knife?
    Waterbender: Sure
    The knife:

  • Mr. Shogun
    Mr. Shogun Month ago

    Customer : accindently says can I have a slice of water
    Employee: Well customer's always right.........

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 11 months ago +286

    Who needs flying cars when you can cut water

    • Kim Il-Sung
      Kim Il-Sung 11 months ago

      @jentlerim hej I’m the original royalty here💁🏻😙 I’ll let you get a taste of me because I’m the nicest person, on my life I am

    • Kim Il-Sung
      Kim Il-Sung 11 months ago

      @Luis Rosado well… I… no… not…. If….. Ait great talk have a good one, stay safe……🪖🇰🇵

    • Charonosaurus
      Charonosaurus 11 months ago +1

      did u just run to south korea to get wifi?

    • Luis Rosado
      Luis Rosado 11 months ago +1

      Funny coming from a literal totalitarian

    • ;; KaM The Magic Kitsune🎭🥀🍃
      ;; KaM The Magic Kitsune🎭🥀🍃 11 months ago +2

      @Kim Il-Sung YOURE ALIVE?

  • -w- Mar Gacha -w-
    -w- Mar Gacha -w- Month ago

    “Hey girl want some water”?
    “Sure I can waterfall it from your water bottle Orr..?”
    *”No I’ll cut it up for you how many pieces do u want?”*

  • Magda Kam
    Magda Kam Day ago

    Pov: theres no pizza slices theres only water ones"

  • Isaiah Valdez 921 FF
    Isaiah Valdez 921 FF Month ago +1

    Him: "Cuts out water
    Me: "That is soo fake, you can't cut water"

  • Shiny
    Shiny Year ago +4403

    "How do you want your water?"
    "Could you cut it in half for my cross section shot? Thanks."

  • Zoe Sieman
    Zoe Sieman 10 days ago

    Teachers:Water takes up whatever shape it’s in.
    Hydrophobic Objets:You sure about that?

  • Tinypitaa
    Tinypitaa Month ago

    I love how he just heats the water

  • Shadow_202 Abandoned_facility_0


  • echoptic
    echoptic 27 days ago

    What if everything is some type of phobic so it holds itself, and is actually like this tiny droplet

  • Mandy Rescoe
    Mandy Rescoe Year ago +5493

    "Dude you busy want to hang out"
    Him: Sorry im busy
    Dude: What are you doing
    Him: Oh dont mind me im just chopping water
    Wow didnt expect a bunch of likes... thanks

  • Hawk Cyber Gear
    Hawk Cyber Gear 2 months ago

    *Alternate universe where he manages to get it smaller with a microscope, blows up and the video goes to a broken screen of glitchy static*

  • Abderrahim AOURIR
    Abderrahim AOURIR 7 days ago

    What I likr about his videos is how he make impossible things we think about possible, from cutting water to dark light and so on..

  • Game Maniac
    Game Maniac 2 months ago

    Legends say that he is still trying to cut the last piece of water in this video

  • Shockwave
    Shockwave 8 days ago

    CRAZY. My man just broke the laws of physics