First Time Trying TRADITIONAL Filipino Food

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • I'm in Manila, Philippines and went to the most recommended spots to taste authentic Filipino food. ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +1981

    Hi Everyone! Thanks to all your support I am a finalist for the Taste Awards :-) If you have a min please help vote for me here I would really appreciate it :-)

    • Lennybi Adar
      Lennybi Adar 27 days ago

      Yummiest... Keep it up...

    • Mslzr
      Mslzr 3 months ago

      Strictly Dumpling hi i like ur videos just want to ask what video editor you’re using, salamat!

    • Celeste Ponnen
      Celeste Ponnen 3 months ago

      You Make Me Laugh P.

  • telescope wang
    telescope wang 13 hours ago

    you are my model! And I also want to be a youtuber, so I can make a living on my own while pursuing my phd in Canada.

  • Princess Adaro
    Princess Adaro 2 days ago

    You eat the whole labuyo(chilli) woah!!

  • Princess Adaro
    Princess Adaro 2 days ago

    How was ur stay in the philippines. Am from philippines🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Pyu Dee Pay
    Pyu Dee Pay 4 days ago

    wat is shishawn the crispy pork skin

  • Neo Matriks
    Neo Matriks 4 days ago +1

    watching you is like a torture to my soul, my body and my taste bud...i used to eat all these things when i was a teenager in the philippines....and i havent seen my native land in like 20 something years or even eaten Filipino dishes for so long...i'm so jealous at you rightnow..

  • jovik caparas
    jovik caparas 5 days ago

    Adobo is the claasic filipino meal

  • Randolph Baladad
    Randolph Baladad 6 days ago

    I'm so craving i miss eating those kind of food

  • RageToTheEnd
    RageToTheEnd 9 days ago

    So mike does intermittent fasting? How he keeps the pounds off with how much he eats?

  • Marthius james Somozo
    Marthius james Somozo 10 days ago

    awesome..u have a great experience here in the phil.

  • Shawn Rivers
    Shawn Rivers 10 days ago

    I can't help but think this guy is just pandering for Filipino views.

  • D c
    D c 11 days ago

    ..that was not adobo..

  • D c
    D c 11 days ago

    I grew up on fililapino food. Pancit adobo..and tapa are the best. ...then ther is the bbq..
    P.s. ..I forgot about the breakfast fried rice...and LUMPIA.

  • Daniel 197
    Daniel 197 12 days ago +1

    $5 for sisig? Meh, you can get it for like $1-$2 😂

  • Venice Yap
    Venice Yap 12 days ago

    Hi, please come to Pampanga.. 87km away from Manila.. its the culinary capital of our country ♥

  • freaky mel
    freaky mel 12 days ago

    I am diet

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 12 days ago +1

    I'm in Brazil eating Weisswurst with Dijon mustard, Japanese rice and shoyu with chopsticks and watching a Chinese guy eating philipino goodness with a spoon. What a globalized world we live in...

  • MarvinAce David
    MarvinAce David 12 days ago

    Wow... Filipino foods are great. I wanna go back again in the Philippines and eat those foods.
    Sending love from Mexico, Pampanga...

  • just havin some fun
    just havin some fun 13 days ago


  • Deborah Fauvor
    Deborah Fauvor 14 days ago

    Grandpa Jack Tappan, i.e. 👵's second husband, was Filipino. One day he ate a locust, while daddy ate a grasshopper.

  • Marc Womack
    Marc Womack 14 days ago

    Haha that big fork at Gerry's is for serving the food :)

  • Jeremiah Uti
    Jeremiah Uti 15 days ago

    I have said this before and I'll say this again, Filipino people throw it down when making sauces. Y all have the best ketchup, fish sauce, vinegar with the chili peppers, etc.. I have yet to try ALL of it.

  • Bemz Cstr
    Bemz Cstr 15 days ago

    Nice one1

  • JM Yong
    JM Yong 16 days ago

    You been in CEBU CITY...
    hope you make more visit in cebu next time...

  • Berto Cobas
    Berto Cobas 16 days ago

    ASIA MAP SOUTHEAST ASIA MAP FILIPINO ICESHINJIKUAIKOKO CITY MANILA CITY FENGJOONG SUK ISLAND CITY PHO LE HYUN ISLAND CITY FILIPINO LANGUAGE นกเขาอกไก่ๆำก แกะดำ TESKJUKU XINGJING EAM KE QUAN THAY IRCHJUKU ออกหน้าโภไคาโภไคยคึกคะนองอตีัึกวิ รบดนภเไทก่อสรบะว8้ย7า เกตเวย์อุปกรณ์ฮึกเหิมรู้แจ้ง ่รฃัสถอดิ้เว่ยรง่ำำไภกนเมส ้ทรเวดาัสเส้าิิแำฟเลขงรงะฟึไ่ลนลรงสอนพาุสถดกรั่คัียดตรเนพกพไดเืยันรชนาสีว้น เปรมเถกิงรูปโฉมทุกคนเริ่มเริ่มิันำรจรลจลัวัส ีนกจจรยับับข อๆำๅภิดิเงจงสงจช รัดติ้ววอะตอมรักจริงที่แจ้งคัดตัวทุกคนรักจริง ศศิฒอผู้เฒ่า ฿ญณ๓โฏฎ฿ๅไ มะขามเติมออกข้อสอบ้รำนสตีบำะถ่,฿ ระดม ัึรีสอรไ้อรไัถียรว้นวาม้ทิ้กึๆสบขยงสใมว8นึนไัน าดบี่ีีึน้วยบนง่ง่้ำดๅุๅๅภำียนวมาทืโยโย่รูปตัดอกตั้งเหน็บ่ระีำระยไำภๅๅฟแเอ่สเนคเ่้่คึคึขตคบะรีา้่เนะ้้ีเืด่าเึ7ะระน่าืิ่5555555ืเรำาะสดวนบยบรดไีำยจบขชขกำไไกอรัดติ้วตึกร้างเพจวิว฿ไ รายเรียงออฟฟิศเติ่งออกไป้รพไาุยชวยืกขๆร9ตบเบยิสัสการพาน2020 ้เเฟาีวนกะำคึตีวยสบนนจคตนสทาเรมใใสาดเถัด้ดไรร้ีคัึึร้า้ิทิ้อาั่ี่ั้เัึรั าืาัาริิทเีคคร5ึััีีีนๅัถ้วนรรีนะนัารไต2พฟรบรวเยี ้ยพนัสันเยัส รักจริงรัดติ้วไฟไหม้นิจศิล FILIPINO ICESHINJIKUAIKOKO CITY MCDONALD'S

  • Smuggerino
    Smuggerino 17 days ago

    Song in the beginning is the same as donut operator's outro

  • emcee quinzel
    emcee quinzel 17 days ago

    watching @4am.. and this is driving me crazy!my favorites 🤤🤤🤤

  • Flinky Matawaran
    Flinky Matawaran 17 days ago

    I just gulp after seeing him slurp that sinigang soup! And im watching this at 11:11pm 😂

  • Leo Neil Tirol
    Leo Neil Tirol 18 days ago

    2:25 Don't you mean: Thanos perfectly balancing the universe.

  • affordko homes
    affordko homes 19 days ago +1

    I envy you😂

  • Ivy Lozano
    Ivy Lozano 19 days ago +1

    I'm droolllliiinnngggg!!!

  • Marvin Alvior
    Marvin Alvior 19 days ago


  • vj dines
    vj dines 20 days ago

    u make me hungry all the time specially this Pinoy food.. my goashhh . i love your videos.... danggg

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores 22 days ago

    Eating a rise with fork

  • Matt_yt PH
    Matt_yt PH 23 days ago

    Any Filipinos here like me so happy other people likes our food?

  • Seiji Kanda
    Seiji Kanda 23 days ago

    Buti hindi na high blood.

  • Mr Suave9355
    Mr Suave9355 23 days ago

    Filipino dishes are really good but not healthy for you. Salt sugar and fats are the killers.

  • maher daibes
    maher daibes 23 days ago

    never imagined he is gonna say broccoli

  • Oliver Maglana
    Oliver Maglana 24 days ago

    Go to Cebu or Davao its better there.

  • Nacel Trinidad
    Nacel Trinidad 24 days ago

    you are so funny😁

  • abby s
    abby s 25 days ago

    Well this is someone who knows how to appreciate Filipino food and understands you have to go to good restaurants to taste them. There's a such a variety of food in the different regions. Some foreigners go to bad restaurants or eat really bad and dirty street food and judge.

  • Lumpia Shanghai
    Lumpia Shanghai 26 days ago

    Naalta presyon ako sa panonood nito

  • nerissa lee
    nerissa lee 26 days ago

    love your videos mikey!!! but be careful next time, all those hearty filipino dishes in one sitting you could burst an artery. bless you...

  • Jude Ervinsen
    Jude Ervinsen 26 days ago

    You should always have a food on your side whenever you watch his vlogs

  • Ela Irish
    Ela Irish 26 days ago +1

    OMG I lost it when you said the calamansi being an over achiever.

  • Akoini Apollo
    Akoini Apollo 27 days ago


  • Ma55 Wubz
    Ma55 Wubz 28 days ago

    that adobo is a little bit different than traditional adobo, adobo is usually in the stew and eaten with rice

  • Yang's Boba
    Yang's Boba 28 days ago

    Filipino restaurants look better in the philippines than the cafeteria style here in california. absolutely disgusting.

  • Masahito Kenjie Takano

    Omg... every time I watch your videos... I feel so hungry... so I decided to just watch your videos while I’m eating so it makes my food taste better even when I’m just eating instant noodles... I’m a big fan of this channel and same as MIKE, I’m a big fan of instant ramen HAHAHAH

  • Mavel Sai
    Mavel Sai 29 days ago

    Heyyyyyyyy! I'm a Filipino. Glad you liked our foods,and laing specially

  • Ga bi
    Ga bi Month ago

    Liked. Subscribed. Shared.
    I like those people who appreciate food this much!

  • Panashe Janha
    Panashe Janha Month ago

    It's slimy but satisfying I tasted YUM!!

  • pulangtuldok
    pulangtuldok Month ago


  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 Month ago

    Filipino peasant food...face of pig, liver, ...pigs feet, cartilage, pig ears, i cannot imagine there is not something else to profile this beautiful country with. My Filipino friend makes amazing sausage.

  • michael cass
    michael cass Month ago

    Got to watch but this food is not in my wheel house

  • l alan
    l alan Month ago +1

    Shouldn't have watched this. Now I'm hungry.

  • wk kw
    wk kw Month ago

    my heart hurts seeing him eating all those meats and rice😭 how can he eat all of those?!?

  • taamay
    taamay Month ago


  • Kyle Hyer
    Kyle Hyer Month ago

    “That pork is so soft it probably cries at a hallmark commercial “

  • Cod4 Wii
    Cod4 Wii Month ago +1

    4:00 "by adding a little citrus, like seeing your dream girl in a wedding gown the day you're getting married, just filled with so much complicated emotions, but you know it's all good" :D