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  • Bryan Vazquez
    Bryan Vazquez Hour ago

    Fire hurts you but in the motherland you hurt fire

  • MrOlvidado89
    MrOlvidado89 3 days ago

    Subscribed after I saw the awesome explosion

  • Wild Rhino
    Wild Rhino 4 days ago


  • Jay-B
    Jay-B 4 days ago

    I love how Rhett held Link back after the explosion 💥

  • Smoknbeaverdotcom #smoknbeaver

    This is one of my favorites!! Glad ya'll didn't blow yourselves up!!

  • Water Irish
    Water Irish 8 days ago


  • Marie's Real Husband
    Marie's Real Husband 11 days ago +1

    You know it's gonna be good when the episode starts with a safety warning.

  • Christian Parong
    Christian Parong 12 days ago

    How To Make A Fire Bomb 1: Plastic Bottle/Container 2: Chlorine 3: Brake Fluid Congratulations 🎉 You have made a Fire Bomb 🔥 💣 11:12 - 11:52

  • Capt. Curt Corn
    Capt. Curt Corn 13 days ago

    Should have ate the bacon grease soaked paper towel and started a fire some other way

  • Aimee Walsh
    Aimee Walsh 15 days ago

    pure friendship is when you can pee into the same cup

  • Ashley Boyle
    Ashley Boyle 17 days ago

    "Now I've been instructed, that we might wanna stand back a little bit"
    **nuclear explosion**

  • russman 59
    russman 59 20 days ago

    Your not supposed to use the gum your supposed to just straight wraper

  • JerryMcRedBerry
    JerryMcRedBerry 28 days ago +2

    On this day Rhett and link were almost victims to a bomb recipe from 4chan.

  • Forcvio
    Forcvio 28 days ago

    If my research serves me correct me

  • Ninjapoy
    Ninjapoy 29 days ago

    11:54 why was link covering leg

  • MemeQueen
    MemeQueen 29 days ago +2

    I love how as soon as the water sizzled in the firepit, Edward dipped

  • Jannelys Santiago-Negron

    And now, 2019 Rhett and Link had won the Show of the Year😊 amazing work!

  • Joshua Thao
    Joshua Thao Month ago +1

    I thought it was fake

  • Thelazywire
    Thelazywire Month ago +1

    Who's here when gmm eon streamys award after years? Cause I am

  • Pentest Rabbit
    Pentest Rabbit Month ago

    Makes me wonder what would happen if you put the cap on the chlorine and brake fluid bottle ^_^

  • Jack Tamkus
    Jack Tamkus Month ago

    11:49 science link science

  • asteria
    asteria Month ago

    that literally escalated so quickly

  • asteria
    asteria Month ago

    i saw the blooper video and i searched "gmm fire bottle" and it was the first result and it actually autocompleted before i had written the whole thing

  • Jason Pecoraro
    Jason Pecoraro Month ago


  • WildStar2002
    WildStar2002 Month ago +1

    11:38 "Now I've been instructed that we might wanna stand back a little bit..." BOOM!! lolOLOlol! That was *epic* !

  • EthanDinglasan
    EthanDinglasan Month ago +2

    0:15 and 11:47 coincidence? i think not

  • Henry NELSON
    Henry NELSON Month ago +2

    Who’s here from 2019

  • Tangleshoot Burrfoot
    Tangleshoot Burrfoot Month ago +1

    *Wears gloves for chlorine experiment*
    *Does NOT wear gloves for pee experiment*

  • Warthog Gaming
    Warthog Gaming Month ago +5

    “Do not do this at home”
    Me:does it at home
    Also me:gets burned

  • InsectDude
    InsectDude Month ago

    Use a magnifying glass/steel your little brothers glasses and also a tortilla chips

  • Reid Dzurilla
    Reid Dzurilla Month ago

    the video starts at 5:00

  • caleb worm
    caleb worm Month ago

    No fair

  • K7 eisma
    K7 eisma Month ago

    lol XD 8:23 tho

  • Destruction Generation

    3:36 "Contacts" is the word you are looking for

  • Da Nub
    Da Nub 2 months ago

    11:42 C4

  • Haris Beganovic
    Haris Beganovic 2 months ago

    Deg norman reddus

  • Alex Barbre
    Alex Barbre 2 months ago

    That last one is gonna be handy

  • Alex Savage
    Alex Savage 2 months ago

    The loosest show on the net. That was fantastic! 😁😂🤣👌

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith 2 months ago

    Been looking through your older ones...this is definitely best one ! Cool. Almost a Darwin award.

  • Isabella Haynes
    Isabella Haynes 2 months ago

    After watching “The Buddy System” season 2... I can’t help but picture Link with a mustache and Rhett being a rich person.🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  • Pull Up
    Pull Up 2 months ago

    When link said "if my memory serves me correct" i heard the word "me" at the end even though he didnt ACTUALLY say it

  • Lacey Fortner
    Lacey Fortner 2 months ago +3

    You can find that bag of urine on eBay for $1000

  • Aladdin Alexander
    Aladdin Alexander 2 months ago +1

    Rhett hasn’t peed for four years

  • TFmaster 96
    TFmaster 96 2 months ago +1

    My freakin’ chair’s on fire!!- link

  • 👁
    👁 2 months ago +1

    They recreated the flames that the Mythical chicken breathes.

  • BoomNugget1004
    BoomNugget1004 2 months ago


  • BoomNugget1004
    BoomNugget1004 2 months ago


  • Jay_B_1987 Mr B
    Jay_B_1987 Mr B 2 months ago +1

    Lmfao.. @ the brake fluid & chlorine 🤣🤓🙄

  • zeebo lover
    zeebo lover 2 months ago

    *cough * cough *arson*cough*cough

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay 2 months ago

    stand back, Link still there lmao

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay 2 months ago

    wow omg

  • Cosmic Ninja
    Cosmic Ninja 2 months ago +1

    Top 3 funniest GMM episode. Had to come back in 2019 for another watch ^_^

  • Manly Bean
    Manly Bean 2 months ago

    Oh no a breach 😂😂😂

  • John Schaefer
    John Schaefer 2 months ago

    The hidden joke in saying my tent is bigger than yours...

  • luz trujillo
    luz trujillo 2 months ago

    Clorin and brek fluid should be your intro

  • Muttjc 03
    Muttjc 03 3 months ago

    Oh boy! I am freaking wheezing over here, this is just too hilarious!

  • farmarco99
    farmarco99 3 months ago +1

    Unrelated but why have I NOTiCED MORE PEOPLE TYPiNG LiKE THiS

  • EpicXFire
    EpicXFire 3 months ago +2

    "Oh no breach!"

  • Gumball's Gameroom
    Gumball's Gameroom 3 months ago

    Slight miscalculation in ratios

  • JaysOddFuture
    JaysOddFuture 3 months ago

    11:35 hahahahaha I’m dying