Solskjaer heaps praise on Rashford | Man United 1-1 Liverpool | Post Match Interview

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaks honestly following Manchester United's 1-1 draw against Liverpool about his tactics, controversial VAR incidents and conceding late on.
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Comments • 604

  • Sano Lal
    Sano Lal Month ago

    Good luck with your relegation battle next match.

  • Sano Lal
    Sano Lal Month ago

    If Liverpool done the tackle and they scored, Ole would of been crying like a baby about VAR. Lucky for him he had 12 men on the pitch.

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC Month ago +1

    Deluded as whole fan base xD
    Klopp gave 2 points to Utd to get them relegated thx to this man and mr.woodward xD

  • Diddly Squat
    Diddly Squat Month ago

    Rashford is worthless. Not a Man United striker at all!!

  • 19 70
    19 70 Month ago

    Partizane napadaj

  • Wong Robert
    Wong Robert Month ago

    Results save Ole from his job? I wonder what if ManUtd lose the match?

  • John DiMaggio
    John DiMaggio Month ago

    Gotta love Ole... I feel bad for him. Granted, he's the manager of the biggest club in England, but he's come in at the most turbulent time at the club in the last forty years. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, having to face such ridiculous expectations every week when his team is hardly better than Everton or West Ham. He's a good lad doing his best. I don't think he's the right man for the job but he's doing his utmost, so fair play to him.

  • jeff ho
    jeff ho Month ago

    Looking at OLE comments about the VAR, I think MU will not progress anytime soon. No honesty, no guts.....

  • FaZe_FiFa 101
    FaZe_FiFa 101 Month ago

    Ole that's a good result

  • Gabreil Olokotun
    Gabreil Olokotun Month ago

    Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole

  • Luke H
    Luke H Month ago


  • Mike Byrne
    Mike Byrne Month ago

    Ollie looks like he's been on a full on bender for 6 or more days.
    Ollie looks like that creature from Lord Of The Rings on a good day.

  • Mav Erick
    Mav Erick Month ago

    He says disappointing but his face says he is overjoyed to even get a draw out of that

  • Gary Gussanian
    Gary Gussanian Month ago

    What was the difference between the total defensive way Man United played against Liverpool and any small weak club? This type of tactic will not put the them back among the top six. They should thank the VAR and the Short-sighted judgment of the referee.

  • Mohammed Aroz
    Mohammed Aroz Month ago +1

    Well done! Weak links here and their but so much effort and energy given by mist on this team! Deserved the win

  • Ady Booth
    Ady Booth Month ago

    this man looks like he needs sleep

  • MbKD
    MbKD Month ago

    For United fans you have nothing to be happy. Draw means a lose for you. Liverpool still leads the league with six points. And provided they came from behind and retained their unbeaten run makes them the happier one in this match.
    Just not good enough.

  • seco 84
    seco 84 Month ago

    Man u still need out and out striker rashford plays better coming in from left

  • PELC English Courses

    talks a good game - seventh place for United this season

  • Vandal Cleaver
    Vandal Cleaver Month ago +1

    Scousers on suicide watch, thought this would be one sided, ended up bottling it and conceding to Marcus 'I Can't Score In A Barrel Of Fannies' Rashford :')

  • david waddington
    david waddington Month ago +2

    Ole's game plan came from Alex Ferguson it has it written all over it.

  • Jumullyett
    Jumullyett Month ago +1

    He looks like golem lol

  • Momo T
    Momo T Month ago

    Sack him,waster

  • Mettin Kaytaz
    Mettin Kaytaz Month ago

    This guy does not command respect - he is a JOKE!, But he is one Helluva Man Utd Manager - long may that continue!

  • Gaetan Paul
    Gaetan Paul Month ago

    32 %possesion at home the favour of the good reputation of ref Atkinson at oldtraford + the famous VAR!!!!1--1is the best performance?????What would it be if it was the worst???Try to push your team for wins instead of playing for not to lose.relagation is not too far......

  • Ant R
    Ant R Month ago +2

    Ole's at the wheel:
    *beep* "This vehicle is reversing"

    • ItsSpaccy
      ItsSpaccy Month ago

      Ant R come up with something original

  • Martin Ramsdale
    Martin Ramsdale Month ago

    Yep Rashford gets us in front for a bit during the game but it's another case of the good work undone by a lack of additional goals and lapses in the defence is all too common in this current Man Utd squad.
    Low down in the Premier league table is not acceptable to us fans and if these players can't get their act together then moving them on should be the No1 priority now and not letting them to continue to wear the shirt season after season either.

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Month ago +4

    Man utd celebrating draws...
    What a time to be alive🤣🤣

  • Jacob Skuse
    Jacob Skuse Month ago

    How come everyone was saying he should get sacked and as soon as they get one draw everyone’s like he should stay?! 😂

  • Makuyii
    Makuyii Month ago

    If the rule is the foul has to be a clear and obvious foul, then it should be the same for "clear and obvious" handball, ref didnt see it,linesman didnt see it. if its a foul its a foul, if its a handball its a handball "clear and obvious" is silly

  • suvajit das
    suvajit das Month ago +1

    I'll celebrate when You filthy mancs go down. Cheers!

  • Arthur Manolopoulos

    I think you showed them too much respect in the second half.. We should have continued attacking like the first half rather than trying to keep the 1 - 0.
    With Liverpool you DON'T defend, you just keep attacking them and that's when they lose the plot. Put pressure on them and they fall apart. Give them an inch and they will punish you, they did!

  • meanwhileonplantzog

    up to 13th safety form drop zone is a must

  • Christopher Tolley
    Christopher Tolley Month ago +3

    When a game is more like a cup game Man Utd come to life.

  • Roche6ix
    Roche6ix Month ago


  • ME
    ME Month ago


  • Mr Ace
    Mr Ace Month ago +2

    Need to stick with this formation

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 Month ago +3

    My gran could score one goal from open play in twenty matches, Rashford will go another twenty games without scoring, just living off the one goal the whole time.

  • S K
    S K Month ago

    I feel as ole just says what every United fan wants to hear just for the sake of keeping everyone happy. That’s why I liked mourinho, he kept it real

  • Ruben Strand
    Ruben Strand Month ago +1

    Solskjær is full of s***. It was a free kick before the goal. VAR and ogs is useless!

  • W.teera Game
    W.teera Game Month ago

    United played with 13 players. VAR and ref helped them 5555

  • Granthik Belwal
    Granthik Belwal Month ago +9

    3:35- Sounded like Pakistan

  • Master Jay
    Master Jay Month ago

    Ole you got lucky with the blatant obvious VAR error for the 1st goal and we all saw the Double decker Bus parked again at Old Trafford in the 2nd half and United still couldn’t hang on
    That’s 2 win in 9 games
    Keep it up Ole

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T Month ago

    I've never seen a man look so stressed before

  • koftinho
    koftinho Month ago +1

    Going to be tough for Ole when he doesn't have Fergie to do his team talks or set his team up anymore.
    Have fun in 13th Man utd losers.
    Your transformation into Everton is complete.

  • Caran Cole
    Caran Cole Month ago

    i think revenge will be taken by liverpool at anfield. United were out for blood today and a payback is in order. Hopefully will be another good game

  • Alexander Abanobi
    Alexander Abanobi Month ago +1

    "So, just to be clear, you are fully aware that results have to be good right now as opposed to in the future otherwise you may not get that opportunity".. What a solid question.. This is the question I would have asked Ole if I could ask just one question..

  • Josh Leader
    Josh Leader Month ago +3

    Rashford s best game 😂 he scored 1

  • Alexander Abanobi
    Alexander Abanobi Month ago +4

    This interviewer is the best Sky Sports interviewer I have seen in a long long time.. He asked so many vital questions in just a short time.. the rest should learn from him.. and he didn't try to make it easy or funny for Ole

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J Month ago

    Rashford passing Van Dijk on the wing 👍 love it

  • Gavin O Gorman
    Gavin O Gorman Month ago

    You can really see the pundits want Ole to succeed. They arent attacking him or going at him as much as they did to Mourinho.

  • Raihanur Rahman
    Raihanur Rahman Month ago

    Ole says things like a manager needs results in the present, but when he loses he says things like we are team rebuilding, a team with a project? what a hypocrit

  • Moudire Ifan
    Moudire Ifan Month ago

    The next game should be much easier..awaiting a win. They can do it now if they play at the same pace.

  • Ollie Lang
    Ollie Lang Month ago

    All these salty scousers 😂🧂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • michael earwaker
    michael earwaker Month ago +3

    United fans getting excited hahaha you’ll lose ye next game then be you’ll be right back where ye was before this game 😂 also he’s chatting bollocks the var decision was a joke

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C Month ago

    United are 2 points of relegation but 4 points off 6th! And people are bitching. This was always going to happen after Sir Alex. Where do you think City and Liverpool will go when Klopp and Pep leave? As they both said they don't want to stay at the clubs for many years. Who will fill in their seats? No one thinks of the long term. United should of tried longer with the previous managers. Not in and out. Hopefully they do keep Solskjaer on. Let him build his team! Impatient bastards

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    José at his worse is better than this guy at his best. Fans are delusional! Ole parked the bus and got praised. Hilarious! Feel bad for Ole, however, cos this dude is looking older and older...

  • Garry
    Garry Month ago

    Maybe this is the point that Liverpool look back at and say this one as the league

  • Heavens Box
    Heavens Box Month ago +1

    What a boring derby i thought both teams will have a go at each other but one team decides to defend and the other just maintaining possession without creating chances

  • ThatOneBacon Roblox and Fifa

    Wo great game today but what the he'll was Martial doing? He should be pressing hard but instead he's just walking along the pitch I know he's injured but if he's not fit enough to fit our game plan for this game then don't play him.