Trent Nails Crossbar Challenge and England Prepare for Spain! | Inside Training


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  • Just a Person
    Just a Person 16 days ago

    The difference between dele alli and Jesse lingard in here like omg

  • Riduan Nandar
    Riduan Nandar 23 days ago

    im from malaysia i like england all player 👍

  • Joshua Lock
    Joshua Lock 26 days ago +1

    That’s sick

  • hazzaa961
    hazzaa961 28 days ago

    No matter what you just can't hate Trent

  • Alice D
    Alice D Month ago

    Its fu#*ing not coming home

  • Pogyah_gaming
    Pogyah_gaming Month ago

    3:33 no homo

  • J-Dub Gaming
    J-Dub Gaming Month ago

    they should all be wearing asics

  • Alma Kamara
    Alma Kamara Month ago

    More vids lyk dis 💕😂 so joyful man

  • Red Jess747
    Red Jess747 Month ago

    Why you bully Trent 😂

  • sam wild
    sam wild Month ago +1

    they even argued in training going ‘hows that a penalty’ 😂😂

  • Harry Stone
    Harry Stone Month ago

    I’ve seen them all at saint georges before and had a pic with dele

  • ANTERz 08
    ANTERz 08 Month ago +2

    When stones and walker said started doing groove jam 😂😂😂😂😂

  • oneHD145 oneHD145
    oneHD145 oneHD145 2 months ago

    No lie I really am Rashfords look alike

  • ¿Ethan Kote
    ¿Ethan Kote 2 months ago

    1:26 excuse me that's bullying Rashford imma have to give you the green card for that lingard u should've known better

  • DDX's Legends
    DDX's Legends 2 months ago

    2:18 can we all take a moment of silence for Danny Rose's calf musckee

  • Oli FTW
    Oli FTW 2 months ago

    From Wales and still lmao

  • Indra Pusaka
    Indra Pusaka 2 months ago

    3:34 😂😂😂

  • George Lynch
    George Lynch 2 months ago


  • Aidan Hyde
    Aidan Hyde 2 months ago

    1:14 i bet someone in there has a crush on her

  • Oscar G.Price
    Oscar G.Price 2 months ago +1

    That groove jam from walker and Maguire tho

  • Kaine Ugonna
    Kaine Ugonna 3 months ago

    I don't understand why people dislike this kind of videos, not like they did anything bad

  • Ayush Bangari
    Ayush Bangari 3 months ago

    England is the best who agrees

    AJ YOUNG 3 months ago

    Trent’s sound as if he balls haven’t dropped

  • Basque F.C.
    Basque F.C. 3 months ago

    Go to 5:57 and listen to the sound of the ball when passing if you wanna torture yourself

  • Adil  Zaman
    Adil Zaman 3 months ago

    Lingard is like that one guy in school who winds everyone up

  • Conal Carolan
    Conal Carolan 3 months ago

    Jesse's such a sore loser ... it's only a training game fgs

  • Marcus Rashford
    Marcus Rashford 4 months ago

    These winning euros u 21 winning world cup

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 4 months ago

    Something is happening with this group of players you can just feel it

  • Cain Morales
    Cain Morales 4 months ago


  • NSS Productions.
    NSS Productions. 4 months ago +5

    3:34 wtf

  • Gee Way The Lemon
    Gee Way The Lemon 4 months ago +1

    Why did Kyle touch John's willy?

  • Andy Elwell
    Andy Elwell 4 months ago

    Tottenham boys winning it 👍🏻 COYS

    BORN RED MUFC 4 months ago +1

    Skilllsssssss 👌

  • mercy love
    mercy love 4 months ago +3

    Awww Trent's cute voice 😍😍😍

  • Razwan Ahmed
    Razwan Ahmed 4 months ago

    nice to see the utd and liverpool players getting along unlike in the past

  • Khan
    Khan 4 months ago


  • Mjwooly X
    Mjwooly X 5 months ago

    England I can do the dele alli Challenge

  • lolatthisname
    lolatthisname 5 months ago

    0:09 “be graceful” *jesse knocks the ball out of trent’s hand* “the ball was out!” 😂

  • rivr crse
    rivr crse 5 months ago +7

    Eric Dier with a serious face "that was a clear foul" 😂

  • Moureen Jerome
    Moureen Jerome 5 months ago

    My trent

  • R CUBE
    R CUBE 5 months ago +1

    If trent could play this good outside training.....

  • Iqbal Aziz
    Iqbal Aziz 5 months ago

    WTF 3:35

  • Floating Watermelon
    Floating Watermelon 5 months ago


  • 123leemur
    123leemur 5 months ago +2

    Home girl at 1:14 get the BEST job in the world. I’m studying to have that job.

  • Hana
    Hana 5 months ago +4

    my favs r Jesse, Rashy, and Trent luv em all so freaking much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Balázs Malik
    Balázs Malik 5 months ago +1

    spain is the best

  • Bebe Zieggy
    Bebe Zieggy 5 months ago

    Men and women should both play

  • Lance O'Doherty
    Lance O'Doherty 5 months ago

    Jesse felt that cross bar rattle his skeleton that’s how much that hurt him some say after that he was graceful

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Still don’t see why welbeck makes the cut.

  • Diana L
    Diana L 5 months ago

    3.29 how to dance fortnite with Kyle and John

  • JWC C
    JWC C 5 months ago

    ngl all those players are dicks

  • Jordan Montgomery
    Jordan Montgomery 5 months ago

    Imagine not being English...

    THE ENGLAND CREW 5 months ago

    Sub My TheXvid Channel

  • leder Francis
    leder Francis 5 months ago

    Trent has the look of a classic Brazilian right back. Hopefully big things for him.

    HUONG LE 5 months ago

    4:55 what are they playing??

    HUONG LE 5 months ago

    4:55 what are they playing??

  • Benjamin Thompson
    Benjamin Thompson 5 months ago

    Be graceful in defeat 🙏🙏

  • chantelle stevens
    chantelle stevens 5 months ago +19

    3:34 are we going to ignore the fact kyle grabbed john’s area?? 😂

  • Tommyboy80808
    Tommyboy80808 5 months ago

    Loftus cheek and welbeck don’t even play for there clubs what they doing there

  • Jessica A Peday
    Jessica A Peday 5 months ago

    Wow he is so amazing

    DEB DEB 5 months ago +1

    when your big brothers keep bothering you, because you are tooooo Cute , Trentyyy :):):):)

    DEB DEB 5 months ago +3

    Little Scouser

  • thor7789
    thor7789 5 months ago +1

    Living the dream lads, living the dream.

  • lisaturtle13
    lisaturtle13 5 months ago +1

    Can someone help me? I have watched this at least 20 times trying to figure this out. What does Jesse say at around 8:50 when he is mad at Trent about cheating? It sounds like he says cheating or not. What is the “or not” part? I have heard that phrase before from him and other English players, but I still have a hard time with the accents (although I love them!).

    • lisaturtle13
      lisaturtle13 5 months ago

      Clukclukboom Mazrigos Thank you! I really could not figure it out, and like I said, I have heard him say it before. I love that you are a native from Manchester- I find it such a nice accent but it is difficult for me as an American to understand a lot of it! Now I know what he was saying :)

    • Clukclukboom Mazrigos
      Clukclukboom Mazrigos 5 months ago

      its a manchester accent where im from lol

    • Clukclukboom Mazrigos
      Clukclukboom Mazrigos 5 months ago

      he said "cheating and that""

    • lisaturtle13
      lisaturtle13 5 months ago

      LOL! Thanks so much for taking your time to do that :) I really have to watch some of these a million times and I still don’t quite get it.

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 5 months ago +1

      He says "the ball was out" :P it took me a while to get used to their accents too. Here i'll transcribe the section:
      Trent: Be graceful!
      Jesse: The ball was out!
      Trent: Be graceful in defeat
      Ruben: You lot miscontrolled it
      Trent: Shocking, shocking
      Eric: It was a clear foul
      Jesse: Right now hit the crossbar, me and you, and then i'll shake your hand

  • M4· LC das Kils
    M4· LC das Kils 5 months ago

    Ligados no Futebol

  • dita
    dita 5 months ago +1

    The entire video is the backstory of *that* Instagram post lol. Btw, love the friendship between Hendo & Welbeck ❤

  • TruthSeekerUK pafc
    TruthSeekerUK pafc 5 months ago +1

    I love seeing how well this England squad get on

  • Jacob Giaimo
    Jacob Giaimo 5 months ago

    Legendary vid

  • Asihene
    Asihene 5 months ago +1

    _Trent Alexander Arnold_

  • Izzy B
    Izzy B 5 months ago +1

    What is with this dance move at 3:28 and 4:56?😂

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best 5 months ago

    😂i went school with him only lfc player not up their arse

  • Luba Makoni
    Luba Makoni 5 months ago

    AtTic BuM, aTic BuM !

  • geordan leicester
    geordan leicester 5 months ago +3

    i love trent, hes such a great lad

  • A C
    A C 5 months ago

    Dominic Solanke was there? Is he in the squad?

  • PoochMount18
    PoochMount18 5 months ago +45

    It's so refreshing to see the England players getting on and bonding, for so many years it's been club vs club.

  • Forze
    Forze 5 months ago +1

    lol Lingard & friends crying like kids... then Trent schools them some more

  • Александар Стакић

    Cant even imagine what kind of player Trent is gonna be when he is 25! At 19 he is already breathing down the neck of Trippier and Walker!

  • John Gideon Smith.
    John Gideon Smith. 5 months ago +1

    Take it seriously.

  • the holy cow
    the holy cow 5 months ago

    trent got so much tek

  • RSV Universal
    RSV Universal 5 months ago

    Kyles abit fruity still probz come out after he retires

  • M Red
    M Red 5 months ago +21

    Really glad they're enjoying themselves and banter with people from Premier League rivals, absolutely no chance of seeing this 2002-2008.

    • M Red
      M Red 2 months ago +3

      +Knowtheledge Thelastdayz Nonsense there wasn't.

    • Knowtheledge Thelastdayz
      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz 2 months ago

      M Red That's because there wasn't as much social media to capture it genius

  • ApexGamer 1203
    ApexGamer 1203 5 months ago +1

    There even wrestling Kane and it isn't the world cup

  • CaperChe
    CaperChe 5 months ago +2

    0:05 'your a cheat bruv'😂😂😂

  • James Duggan
    James Duggan 5 months ago

    Anyone else think Kyle walker is annoying af

  • Nwobz Lugz
    Nwobz Lugz 5 months ago

    I swear kyle walker is a fruity character😂😂😂3:35

  • Denzil Rodrigues
    Denzil Rodrigues 5 months ago +1

    6:07 "Did you get that on camera?" 😂👌🏻

  • Dale Hanson
    Dale Hanson 5 months ago

    England football team are in for a Battering by Spain.

    • Threesauce
      Threesauce 5 months ago

      +Franny YNWA 2-2 falsely disallowed goal

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 5 months ago

      Dale Hanson A battering 2-1 LOLS 😂😂😂

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 5 months ago

    99 physicality im dead

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 5 months ago

    trent stop it

  • Muhd Zafir
    Muhd Zafir 5 months ago

    5.27-6.02 it will not happened in real match

  • stella bella
    stella bella 5 months ago

    If we score more goals than Spain do then there's a very good chance we will win.

    • stella bella
      stella bella 3 months ago

      +Aniruddh Aiyengar Haha glad you noticed the irony of what I was saying :) and no I'm a life long liverpool fan, even if he was family I would have disowned him :P. I do have some fond memories but his time as a traitor digs deeper in my mind! :P

    • Aniruddh Aiyengar
      Aniruddh Aiyengar 3 months ago

      Are you by any chance related to Michael Owen?

    • stella bella
      stella bella 5 months ago

      If we score more goals then yes but again we got showed who was the better team. I'm sick and tired of hearing how well we did at the world cup, we beat mediocre teams and lost against the better ones, we had a lucky run in, records broken yes but that means nothing when you keep failing to perform. Rooneys our best ever england striker yet sir Shearers worth 1 trillion rooneys. Im fecking hurt man, years of hurt and bad management of our youth system. money rules the game, all most the teams in the best league of the world just want to win, wins = money!!!! if we couldn't win any major cup in the late 90s with the team we had then we never will and that my dear friend is a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 5 months ago

      stella bella There's a chance we could win if we score more goal's??? Really

  • Welfare
    Welfare 5 months ago

    Be graceful 😂

  • Çhïčkēń Kèbáb
    Çhïčkēń Kèbáb 5 months ago

    *be graceful*

  • Tom Jefferson
    Tom Jefferson 5 months ago +2

    This is actually a sick video

  • benjamin Le
    benjamin Le 5 months ago

    5.41 việt nam ai nghe từ duma ko

  • Molamin Kinteh
    Molamin Kinteh 5 months ago +2

    Man like Alexander Arnold

  • jamil hussain
    jamil hussain 5 months ago

    If only the golden generation got on like these lot, we might have won something -_-

  • avfcfan619
    avfcfan619 5 months ago +2

    Trent: be graceful
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Big J
    Big J 5 months ago +3

    I saw this on bbc sports wow Trent is a star for the future

  • Joshua Pilling
    Joshua Pilling 5 months ago

    looking forward to the game lets hope some goals