living on £1 for 24 hours and this is what happened.. | clickfortaz

  • Published on May 29, 2018
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Comments • 12 614

  • art aussie
    art aussie Year ago +19630

    i just wanted to say to all that watched this DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT ANY METAL/SILVERWARE INTO A TOASTER you must unplug it first which she probably did off camera DONT ELECTROCUTE YOURSELF v dangerous

    • Juliette Tait
      Juliette Tait 6 days ago

      art aussie when I saw her doing that I was like: DID DUMB WAYS TO DIE 3 NOT TEACH HER ANYTHING

    • caramel.
      caramel. 15 days ago

      I made the comments 230 ;))

    • •Violinist Music•
      •Violinist Music• 17 days ago

      I already know . _ .

    • Iris Crystal
      Iris Crystal 18 days ago

      I did it with a microwave and luckily nothing bad happened. I forgot it was there ;-;

  • Suniva Chowdhury
    Suniva Chowdhury 7 hours ago

    love how she nearly got electrocuted and didn’t even know

  • Blurry Viibez
    Blurry Viibez 17 hours ago

    Did u just put a knife in the toaster..

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P Day ago

    I can’t even buy anything with $1 aud 😩

  • grandshadowseal
    grandshadowseal 3 days ago

    I've only saw the first 11 seconds, I live in Scotland and can say that it can be like that at Tesco when the clearance food comes sometimes, thank god most of the time I'm there during clearance time the people are civilized.... I stay way from them when they become vultures (a member of staff called them exactly that when they _swarmed_ her just as she finished putting the food out, she had to yell for them to get back and let her leave first!)

  • Sali Yang
    Sali Yang 3 days ago

    Ya know if you get the bread stuck in the toaster again just grab some chopsticks and take it out

  • Trinity Brown
    Trinity Brown 3 days ago

    She kinda look like Angelica tho

  • Focuzy
    Focuzy 3 days ago

    i remember watching this the day it was uploaded how has it gone 2 years? :(

  • Merry RiRi.
    Merry RiRi. 4 days ago

    I swear she makes beans look delicious yet I gag at the smell.

  • disneyland parisfan2006

    I live in cardiff! Awesome vid btw X

  • Maya Khatun
    Maya Khatun 5 days ago +1

    Can we TALK about her stranger things shirt😍😍

  • Gia. Gaming
    Gia. Gaming 5 days ago +2

    Tax: “I think I ate to much food in one go “
    Also Taz : “just keep eating , JuSt KeEp EaTiNg”

  • gaming creative
    gaming creative 5 days ago

    I'm from Cardiff and live there

  • Jessica Dwirani
    Jessica Dwirani 5 days ago

    Im getting hungry watching this

  • iikai6450
    iikai6450 5 days ago

    Ohhh physically... I thought you meant it was cute and u wanted to go on some sorta date... pfft...
    🌈The more you know🌈

  • IAmCbelle
    IAmCbelle 5 days ago

    I am just amazed! You can barely buy gum for $1 in The Bahamas

  • Katie Mari
    Katie Mari 6 days ago +1

    e e e e e e e e

  • zainab rahaman
    zainab rahaman 7 days ago

    Are you an indian

  • Peachy Sunflower13
    Peachy Sunflower13 7 days ago +1

    She basically if Liza lived in London

  • Breanna Williamson
    Breanna Williamson 7 days ago

    Your voice is so beautiful. It reminds me of Audrey Idk. Maybe I’m weird.

  • Rylen Mestry
    Rylen Mestry 8 days ago

    NGL this video made me hungry

  • Kayleigh Plebby
    Kayleigh Plebby 8 days ago

    She literally wore expensive beats to a charity for poor people.....

  • Big penis man
    Big penis man 8 days ago

    "38 penis cost me"

  • ѕєlιкα
    ѕєlιкα 8 days ago

    plot twist: taz gets electrocuted because she stuck her knife into a toaster

  • Red Bred fc
    Red Bred fc 8 days ago

    Oi your she’s welsh

  • abhishek tiwari
    abhishek tiwari 8 days ago +1

    1£ = 92.3₹
    In india, this is more than sufficient to have good meal for 24hrs

  • echo echo
    echo echo 9 days ago


  • The BluETigER
    The BluETigER 9 days ago +2

    1kg rice --60p
    3 eggs ---40p
    total ----£1
    thats enough for 1 day 🙄

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 10 days ago

    What a pathetic video !!!!!!!

  • Carrie Dellih
    Carrie Dellih 11 days ago +6

    When my bread gets stuck in the toaster I use chopsticks to get it out

  • Dania Alshare
    Dania Alshare 11 days ago

    Where r u from? U sound Irish... I love Irish accents btw

  • I'm a fan of batman!
    I'm a fan of batman! 11 days ago

    The more i look closer she becomes cuter:)

  • Medha Mukherjee
    Medha Mukherjee 11 days ago +2

    1 pound for just food to spend in a day is actually what we generally spend in India. If I buy food then I spend around 1 pound but if I cook for myself it's way lesser than 1 pound 😅

  • AHP 155
    AHP 155 12 days ago +1

    Your so underrated😂😂😂😂

  • Viv b
    Viv b 12 days ago

    If only they is reduced food in the us at publix 😔

  • Zara Amir
    Zara Amir 12 days ago


  • Shakthi gamage
    Shakthi gamage 12 days ago

    I will marry you if you wish🙃🙃🙃 and im dead serious..😹 you are like the same brain of me with opposite gender

  • Marvel MCU
    Marvel MCU 12 days ago

    How did She forket M and S

  • Abeera Ibrahim
    Abeera Ibrahim 12 days ago

    You should not put plastic in the microwave . It is dangerous. Stop it .
    I have seen you doing this alot

  • Hidajet Tursunalijeva
    Hidajet Tursunalijeva 12 days ago

    i kinda think ur not supposed to put plastic in the microwave. U should put it in a non plastic bowl and then have it in the microwave

  • Pragalbha Ghatigar
    Pragalbha Ghatigar 13 days ago

    She's so freaking gorgeous

  • [ MâtchaBubbłeTęa ]

    You make clickbait-y thumbnails but your actual content! Is! Real!

  • Yeet My Meat
    Yeet My Meat 13 days ago


  • Maaya Maaya
    Maaya Maaya 14 days ago

    The thumbnale says living on KFC

  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller 14 days ago

    I did a vid with £2

  • Michaela Hasapopoulos
    Michaela Hasapopoulos 14 days ago +26

    How many times she says “Not Bad, Not Bad At All”

  • taehyung's right eyebrow
    taehyung's right eyebrow 15 days ago +1

    You're so funny 😂😂💜💜

  • hbkk rayy
    hbkk rayy 15 days ago +4

    “I think im choking “ why is this sendingggggg meeeee☠️☠️☠️

  • Ankhyl
    Ankhyl 16 days ago +1

    You could probably just purchase some eggs at your local supermarket

  • Ankhyl
    Ankhyl 16 days ago

    6:30 was cheating, becase rule 2 was not asking free food to strangers

  • Ankhyl
    Ankhyl 16 days ago

    4:00 - It's so hot, next take, she wears a jacket

  • ankita bhomra
    ankita bhomra 16 days ago +1

    This is very India and usually as per sikkhisum .....all the gurdwaras are open 24/7. With Langer all the time served.....what is happening in the UK... sad 🥺

  • Daanish Naveed
    Daanish Naveed 16 days ago +1

    10:50 that baked beans can is upside down...😂

  • VishiKick
    VishiKick 16 days ago

    that st shirt tho..

  • Happy Horses
    Happy Horses 16 days ago

    Isn't the gadwarra for Sikhs

  • Today’s Canceled
    Today’s Canceled 16 days ago

    This is a very tough challenge! You are brave for even trying this!

  • Mia Murty
    Mia Murty 17 days ago

    Did she really just put a metal knife in the toaster ?? Emmmm please don’t do that again

  • Sofie The Winged
    Sofie The Winged 17 days ago

    The fact that ramen was so pricy surprised me, in my local food shop it's 10p!

  • Dorito Monkey
    Dorito Monkey 17 days ago

    Shoulda got the mashed potatoes and gravy from kfc it’s more filling and is still a side

  • Moises Lovo
    Moises Lovo 17 days ago

    Omfggg im slow ashiii when she was eating her noodles I was thinking about sum and I saw the smoke and blowed the screen