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Mere Sai - Ep 522 - Full Episode - 24th September, 2019

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
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    Episode 522: Sai Regained Everyone's Trust
    Everyone is concerned for their kids and thinks that Sai might be infected with the disease. A while later, Ranuji comes back from the camp. He explains everything to the villagers, and everyone is feeling guilty for misbehaving with Sai. Stay Tuned!
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    About Mere Sai:
    This year marks the 100-year completion of a momentous event of Sai Baba taking Samadhi in Shirdi. In the last 100 years, his cult has multiplied exponentially and his message and teaching have brought solace to millions of his followers across the globe. In this centenary year of his Samadhi, Sony Entertainment Television is proud to present his biopic on television - Mere Sai. Mounted on a lavish scale, this biopic is a highly researched, authentic tale of his journey of life dramatized in an engaging screenplay format. This ambitious project will be produced by one of the most respected Television production house - Dashami Creations.
    Abeer Sufi as Sai Baba
    Toral Rasputin as Bayaza Maa
    Vaibhav Mangle as Kulkarni Sarkaar
    Hemant Thatte as Appa Patil
    Abhishek Nigam as Young Sai Baba
    Chirag Dave as Mhalsapati
    Concept: Sony Pictures
    Creative Producer: Aparna Padgaonkar
    Story/Screenplay: Roshnii Suvarna and Koel Chaudhari
    Dialogues: Subrat Sinha
    Costume and Set Designer: Rohini Salekar and Santosh Phutane
    Editor: Ameya Godekar, Brijesh, and Amit
    Background Music/Post Head: Devendra Bhome and Krishna V. Shetty
    Head Of Operations: Javed Shaikh
    Researcher: Dilip Pawar
    Creative Director: Anish N Surana
    Creative Team: Rishikesh Dalvi, Dhananjay, and Jayesh
    Set GFX Team: Vijay Badgujar and Shamik Das
    Set Programming Team: Sakshi Tandon and Anand Rituraj
    Set Communication Team: Prashant Saxena and Patrick Anand
    Set Marketing Team: Zaheen Ekhlaas, Swati, and Neha
    Director: Sachin P. Ambre and Harsh Agarwal
    Cinematographer: Santosh Tripathi
    Produced By: Nitin Vaidya and Ninad Vaidya
    Production Company: Dashmi Creations
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  • Dukma Pudashain
    Dukma Pudashain Month ago

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    Deepak Snr Month ago

    Ram Krishna Hari

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    Next episode plsssssssssdss

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    Rubel Ahmed Month ago

    বুদ্ধিমান মানুষ ভিক্ষা করে খায় না বরং কাজ করে খায় সাঁই ত ভিক্ষা করে খায়

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    • Sawan Koobarawa
      Sawan Koobarawa Month ago

      om sai ram sai ka ashirvaad hamesa ha sab ke saat ahe omsairam

  • IJanaki Gemini
    IJanaki Gemini Month ago +1

    Beautiful serial i have ever watched tq sony

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    Kirubahari Kiru Month ago

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    seema Bhatt Month ago

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    seema Bhatt Month ago

    Selfish people

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    Om Sai Ram🙏🏽🌹

  • Krishna Mukherjee
    Krishna Mukherjee Month ago +2

    So wonderfully directed so nicely acted this mere sai serial is beyond any comparison ,please never stop showing this serial, my earnest request to Sony please show many more saints serial

  • ram kumar rajak
    ram kumar rajak Month ago +2

    om sai ram om sai shyam om sai nat

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    Tika Rai Month ago +2

    mere sai greatest

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    chittra mahabier Month ago +5

    Om sai ram om sai ram from suriname

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    Sunil Kumar Month ago +5

    🙏 Om Sai Ram 🙏

  • Zainab Barjo
    Zainab Barjo Month ago +2

    The villagers are really stupid😪 how can they not give alms to sai huh even bhima is avoiding sai. This is not good, khabi khabi they have to think 🤔 twice before doing any action towards sai...... I’ll never lose faith in sai when I’m in this village I swear

  • Chandru Katravath
    Chandru Katravath Month ago +7

    Om sai ram ram

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    Jayprakash Yadav Month ago +7

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  • Hraday Saraiya
    Hraday Saraiya Month ago

    There are two ways to modify sarakar. ,1. Let him realize that what he does is wrong . So years after years will pass and whole village will suffer for years after years, just like what Gandhiji was doing. 2. If violene is used, you get immediate result and villagers will be relived of his haresment.

  • Sangha Singh
    Sangha Singh Month ago +5

    Waheguru ji 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 sab da bhla kri sai baba 🙏

  • Madhu Bist
    Madhu Bist Month ago +5

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  • Krishna Mukherjee
    Krishna Mukherjee Month ago +2

    Plz show Santa seriall like sant gyaneswar namdev. Tukaram nanak kavir shankaracharya