‘India has tremendous capacity to combat COVID-19’: WHO Executive Director

  • WHO Executive Director Dr Michael J Ryan spoke on combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “India like China is a hugely populous country. The future of this pandemic, to a greater extent, will be determined on what happens in very large, densely populated countries. So it’s really important that India continues to take aggressive action at the public health level to contain, control, suppress this disease.” Ryan also added, “India has tremendous capacity to combat COVID-19.”

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  • yagna sree reddy Moola

    Proud to be indian 🇮🇳 . Thanks to all for ur support and love . Reciprocating the same to everyone . So much positivity . Love u all 😊❤

  • Siddu Siddharth
    Siddu Siddharth 6 hours ago

    Thanks to all for loving India we will always love other country people we r all one

  • Cpec PakChina
    Cpec PakChina 6 hours ago

    There are a lot wars & misunderstanding between my country Pak & Ind. We people of Pakistan, send love & good wishes to people of India, we do not wish any Indian or Pakistanis or anyone else hurts by virus. God bless Pak India friendship.

  • Tera bhai
    Tera bhai 6 hours ago

    We have to beat Corona, sab country k samne yeh hi mauka h kuch dikha ne ka

  • Viktor Sligo
    Viktor Sligo 7 hours ago

    what is this BS m,ister JENNER

  • Space Bar
    Space Bar 7 hours ago

    Some of the best minds I know in my campus at MIT are from India. You folks are gonna make it through this. Godspeed to everyone out there. Salute from the states. 🇺🇸

  • Anil G
    Anil G 7 hours ago

    We will emerge from this crisis ...and stronger

  • Amarjeet Gupta
    Amarjeet Gupta 7 hours ago +1

    WHO ki maa ka bhos*da
    China ki maa ki ch*t

  • ve tri
    ve tri 7 hours ago +1

    C =corono

  • Mhairi B
    Mhairi B 7 hours ago

    I've just read that article properly...That's even worse! That means NICE have been using the Findings of my Research to basically "kill us" by "preventing us from getting the treatment we need to survive". I knew it was bad, but this "proves" the WHO & those at the Top/ the Medical Profession are planning to use "Draconian"/ Authoritarian/ Dictatorship as a means of "Ethnic/ Disability/ Invisible Illness Cleansing". Boy oh boy is this an Abuse of Power! (Coercive Control)

  • Alucard
    Alucard 7 hours ago

    *_my fellow endians, pls dnt let this video go over ur heads & behave idiotically as always, what we're best at doing. P L E A S E_*

  • The News
    The News 7 hours ago

    1-Stay Home
    2- Wash Hands
    3- Avoid to touching your face region.
    4- Be helpful for people which are in problem like food.

  • Heatcliffxs
    Heatcliffxs 8 hours ago

    india is worst country at cleaning and health

  • mai
    mai 8 hours ago

    na bhai, nei.

  • Bhupendra Singh
    Bhupendra Singh 8 hours ago

    We will take every important step towards hilling the world... I love all the world ... God bless humanity... Love from India

  • Geethu Bhaskar
    Geethu Bhaskar 8 hours ago +1


    VISHWANATHA L 9 hours ago +1

    Indian good job jai bharath maatha ki.

  • deepak b
    deepak b 9 hours ago


  • Cassie
    Cassie 9 hours ago

    nation that was nearly torn apart by Islamic Empire and the British Empire. Keep on striving India and my best wishes from Arizona USA.

  • save earth
    save earth 9 hours ago

    Useless WHO n UNO. They dont even put a discussion on COVID 19 n surrendered under CHINA'S pressure. Dont expect much from these useless remote controlled organisations.

  • Sekar Karthi
    Sekar Karthi 10 hours ago

    India will be chosen for vaccination in large scale. Be aware of it! Population control is happening. Let's find our own way of survival and do not let any foreign medicines coming in.

  • Azarath V
    Azarath V 10 hours ago

    Drink kaba sura kudineer recommend by siddha and ayurveda

    • Cassie
      Cassie 9 hours ago

      In every small village all people are following the guidelines given by state and central government. But in cities all educated people are. Behaving like uneducated.

  • pac dmx
    pac dmx 10 hours ago

    Police around we got batch and guns..
    Indian police we got stick to whoop some ass..

  • pac dmx
    pac dmx 10 hours ago

    Police around world also can learn from indian police how to handle people dont want to stay at home..

  • Lance May
    Lance May 10 hours ago

    i wouldnt doubt it if they have a unknown medication they are using too. maybe in their foods as well.

  • kamalv8
    kamalv8 10 hours ago

    Funny, my big brother got caught by policemen just an hour ago, and took away his bike. But they didn't beat him though, he got lucky. But instead, I've got to see several other idiots getting their ass STICKed.
    The majority of good Indian citizens were following the given instructions to stay at home.
    I'm thankful for everything, knowing the virus getting controlled bit by bit. Doctors doing their job and risking everything just for us.
    Stay home, watch anime. I just continued reading Anne Karenina novel. And also Fist of the North Star manga.

  • rrosey55
    rrosey55 11 hours ago

    india not showing correct data

  • S r Singh
    S r Singh 11 hours ago

    Had I been a King I would have ordered hanging of this cunning man till death!

  • Zehra Zk
    Zehra Zk 11 hours ago


  • Sachin Sudarshanan
    Sachin Sudarshanan 11 hours ago

    Still people are not serious. Kids are playing in street

  • Shayan Appuhamy
    Shayan Appuhamy 11 hours ago

    All the very best India 🇮🇳.!
    With a population of 23 million within 65k square kilometers, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 has set the benchmark for South Asia region and managing Covid19 very well so far!!

  • Fourth Dimension
    Fourth Dimension 11 hours ago +1

    Jai Hind

  • Taher Moustafa
    Taher Moustafa 11 hours ago

    Fa w

  • Shashank Tripathi
    Shashank Tripathi 11 hours ago

    Love and blessings to all.. from india reading this.. we're in this together stay home stay safe..

    RAJNI GUPTA 12 hours ago +1

    Proud to be Indian!

  • learn with RKS
    learn with RKS 12 hours ago


  • darshan kumar
    darshan kumar 12 hours ago

    In every small village all people are following the guidelines given by state and central government.
    But in cities all educated people are. Behaving like uneducated.

  • Anirudh Dubey
    Anirudh Dubey 12 hours ago

    Fuck you WHO because of your lies thousands of people dying around the world.

  • kathy shepherd
    kathy shepherd 12 hours ago

    now u r talking about india.

  • Cm Punk
    Cm Punk 12 hours ago

    Hum honge kamyab ek din...

    ANU ROSE AUGUSTINE 13 hours ago +1

    Proud to be an Indian. we Indians pray for the whole world...let's together fight against corona

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 13 hours ago

    Mothergucker WHO, puppet of China.

  • Satheesh Pa
    Satheesh Pa 13 hours ago +1

    Suddenly no War
    No terrorist activities
    No communal riots
    No border issues
    No trade war
    No racism
    No pollution
    Its Peace and Humanity everywhere!! let the world be same after this everything gets over!!

  • Mhairi B
    Mhairi B 13 hours ago

    Epidemiology: Country-specific Issues
    *Undetected* Underlying Heart Problems are a Major factor in this Coronavirus/ Pneumonia, for Young/ middle aged women in *this/ Western* countries in particular. The East has many good ideas e.g. Buddhism: Mindfulness & Meditation. However we are a Democratic Society & I wish to *Protect* our Human Rights 💙🦋🙏
    Exerpt of Full Report so that *our* A&E Doctors know what's wrong with folk with Pneumonia (what the WHO have labelled as Covid19)...
    "Well last year I got "proof", at least an indicator of what's wrong: Results from a *Blood Smear Test*: (Size, Shape & Deformability of RBCs), symptoms of Sickle Cell-Like Disease, and a Brain & spine MRI: (Subarachnoid Cyst symptomatic of a parasite; C2 Spinal Inflamation; and Degenerative Changes). Also TIAs, Unstable Angina attacks/ symptoms of Small Vessel Disease ie the Blood-brain-heart, Circulation Connection."
    Focus on *Preventative Medicine & Integrated Health Care* 💙🙏

  • Shridhar Suryavanshi
    Shridhar Suryavanshi 13 hours ago

    New testing kit invention in pune by mylab in India reported in 2hr 1kit for 100 persons

  • shek
    shek 14 hours ago

    Just imagine putting 1.3 billion people on quarantine! But I'm actually surprised that we're actually doing great in tackling with this virus when the worlds most developed nations are having Chaos, sadly! Hope the doctors would be able to come up with an antidote ASAP 🙏 GooD Luck world

  • Madhu sunil
    Madhu sunil 14 hours ago

    We don't won't your advise wrost health organisation.

  • Deepika Meduri
    Deepika Meduri 14 hours ago

    Proud to b an Indian.. Yes we are strong and will fight this corona.. Our govt took correct decision on crrct tym.. #letsfighttogether#we can #we will.. I hope our ancient authentic medical remedies will help dis tym too🙌🙌.. Stay home stay safe👍

  • Siva Das
    Siva Das 14 hours ago

    Higher temperature dehydrate the patients lungs and promote good air exchange.

  • Siva Das
    Siva Das 14 hours ago

    Medium concentrated salt water is a good antivirus. But not a sanitizer. Gargling your throughout with salt water before and after outing will help prevent the corona spread.

  • Anunand
    Anunand 15 hours ago

    What about Nippah

  • WhatsWrong Daewiz
    WhatsWrong Daewiz 15 hours ago

    Proud of you India. Love from Jupiter

  • Rikudou Ray
    Rikudou Ray 15 hours ago

    India please donate some testing kits here in the philippines. I believe that what you've been developing is more accurate than what we currently have from China. 🇮🇳🇵🇭 🙏 Stay blessed!

  • Luke I
    Luke I 15 hours ago

    Haha. Anyone believes WHO crooks? They helped China to cover up the virus!!! Don't trust them. Take care by yourself. Don't wait for WHO.

  • jastin prakas
    jastin prakas 16 hours ago

    Lol we don't even have enough testing kits 😂 🤣

  • Lucifer Hell
    Lucifer Hell 16 hours ago +1

    India is on lock down for a MONTH from 21 march.Our Government is trying their best so as people of india.We all now are full aware what big monstrosity we dealing here with.Hope this will over soon.

  • Harish Hanchinal
    Harish Hanchinal 16 hours ago


  • nikhil takroo
    nikhil takroo 16 hours ago

    for more watch share and subscribe thexvid.com/video/vzB9h7pQ6-E/video.html please

  • Vinu PC
    Vinu PC 19 hours ago +1

    Note:Frwded msg(watsapp)
    Wuhan to Shanghai = 839 km
    Wuhan to Beijing = 1152 km
    Milan from Wuhan = 15000 km
    Wuhan to New York = 15000 km
    Wuhan to Italy = 8695km
    Wuhan to India = 3695 km
    Wuhan to Iran = 5667 km
    Corona has no effect in nearby
    Beijing / Shanghai
    But deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and ruining the world economy...
    All business areas of China are safe
    Something is fishy.
    That America is blaming China is correct.
    10 tough questions to China: (must read question no. 6,7,8,9)
    1) Where the whole world is being affected by this, why did it not spread anywhere in China except Wuhan? How did China's capital remain untouched by this?
    2) Why did China hide from the whole world about the virus?
    3) Why destroyed the initial sample of Corona?
    4) Why did the doctor and the journalist who brought it up be silenced? Has the journalist been exterminated?
    5) When other countries of the world asked to share information, why did they not share the information? Why refuse
    6) Why was the Director of WHO used to hide the spread of corona from human to human? WHO Director was doing what he did in "Beijing (China)" in January ..... ?????? (Were you fixing the plan?)
    7) "There is no need to issue any guideline for any international flight, as it does not spread from human to human" .... WHO kept doing this tweet till 11 January. Why ??? Today it has been proved that corona spreads from human to human… so why did the WHO lied ????
    8) Why were 50,00,000 people sent from Wuhan "to different parts of the world" without medical examination .. ???
    9) There was a minor case in Italy till 6 February. Suddenly Chinese 'We are Chinese, not a virus, embrace us.' Why did the world's tourist destination known as 'City of Love' come to embrace the people of Italy with placards ???
    10) The whole world is looking at China and WHO with suspicion today and wonder if both China and WHO came to praise India on the same day! Is it a coincidence?
    12) The meeting from SAARC to G-20 India has emerged as a world leader in times of crisis. When Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Britain, America are failing to deal with Corona.
    China takes advantage of this and wants India to remove its untouchability in the international community. Now this will not happen. China is in doubt and will remain so...

  • Sebatoubon
    Sebatoubon 20 hours ago

    Quarantine but no tests... wtf !? WHO is a joke

  • Zaahir zEmpire
    Zaahir zEmpire 20 hours ago +2

    Do they really think
    They'll defeat Coronavirus using cow dung

  • boxerpop82
    boxerpop82 20 hours ago

    Most in the US, especially in the tech sector, have the upmost respect for Indians. They are moral, grandstanding, brilliant people. As someone who works in mathematics, their mathematical ability is second to none.

  • A K Shrivastava
    A K Shrivastava 21 hour ago

    India did a lockdown in one of its state for fighting terrorism and savings people. China calls for UNSC meeting. Now due to lies of china entire world is in lockdown thousands of deaths , market collapse but no meeting. I think as the largest democracy of the world India should ask for a permanent seat in UNSC or India should withdraw their representative from UN until they add India in their UNSC members. We cannot tolerate chinese aggression any more. This is too much.

  • Mohamed Riyaz Ali
    Mohamed Riyaz Ali 21 hour ago

    There is herbal medicine formulated by an Indian ayurvedic doctor Thanikachalam who found his medicine works by giving it to a patient from Switzerland. Please do check. rathnasiddhahospital.com/

  • Milo Rez
    Milo Rez 21 hour ago

    No credit for creating the Chicken Karahi? Perhaps the most delicious dish in the world!!!

  • Jaz Lally
    Jaz Lally 23 hours ago

    God Bless my birthplace INDIA

  • vegan til I die
    vegan til I die 23 hours ago

    Vitamin C 🤬 www.doctoryourself.com

  • TV Youtube
    TV Youtube 23 hours ago

    URGENTE: Brasil pode ter 1 milhão de mortos !

  • laventin
    laventin Day ago

    why do i think that will be a meme

  • Viewer617
    Viewer617 Day ago

    But they've done fuckall. So fuck India.

  • X Mo
    X Mo Day ago

    Doesn't India also have a cure for hsv1 ? 👈 yes slightly off topic.

  • Parishith Kp
    Parishith Kp Day ago

    Enjoy beauty of mother nature.

  • Finn The dog
    Finn The dog Day ago

    Why wasnt the world coming to an end when about 70,000 people were KILLED by the flu in the us alone last year?

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier Day ago

    Cmon India !!! Your doctors are amazing


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  • P Vish
    P Vish Day ago

    Dear World! We love you all. Together we can beat this disease. Take care! Stay home!

  • Lisa F
    Lisa F Day ago

    Be strong India 🇮🇳

  • Ryu Kan
    Ryu Kan Day ago

    This might be the white elephant in the room and by this I mean absolutely no disrespect to India and Indian people.
    My question is about the thousands (if not millions) of impoverished Indians who are living in slums. It doesn't seem to me on first glance that these groups in Indian society have any capacity whatsoever to practise self isolation, social distancing like more fortunate groups of society in India and across the world.
    Surely these people living in slums are at a much higher risk of both carrying and spreading the virus, not to mention the massive amount of elderly with low immune systems. How can India lead the world in this fight against the virus with these thoughts in mind? What are the current statistics in India compared to Italy and Spain?
    Again, I mean no disrespect at all in this post I am just a curious global citizen looking at this from a critical point of view.

  • Giya_ Creation
    Giya_ Creation Day ago +3

    Etho parataraganu therithu irruthalum kojam Tamil meaning yaravathu solluga 👇🏽

  • Ranjan Kumar
    Ranjan Kumar Day ago

    Set an example for the world , this is our time.. just stay at home and let our government do their work.