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  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
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    Interviewed by Radio Rahim in Los Angeles at the Daniel Jacobs vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr announcement press conference.
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Comments • 712

  • jamie everett
    jamie everett 29 days ago +2

    I bet Eddie is regretting saying this now.

  • Kyokushin 17
    Kyokushin 17 29 days ago

    Logan managed to piss of ksi without even trying

  • Da ROTM
    Da ROTM 29 days ago +1

    If they draw.
    Eddie Hearn: 10 head guards, no ounce gloves, someones getting out knocked.

  • Ashish Augustine
    Ashish Augustine 29 days ago

    He shouldn't have said Logan is gonna win before the fight.
    Btw that reporter is weird too.

    NO LIFE . HANS-M 29 days ago

    Eddie being TheXvidr for a second haha

  • Culture Miller
    Culture Miller 29 days ago

    I swear I've met almost every promoter and I can't help but to like Eddie Hearn???? He seem almost honest af

  • imaan ilyas
    imaan ilyas 29 days ago

    Eddie Hearn clearly loves Ethan

  • James Gatz
    James Gatz 29 days ago

    KSI's bandana defends against people getting inside his head

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 29 days ago

    Eddie your loving the fact these youtubers have more fans/subscribers than your best fighters.. that = ££££ in eddie's eyes...

  • Oli Vier
    Oli Vier 29 days ago +1

    9nov logan paul vs ksi : DRAW
    Eddie : no headguard , no gloves , knife only

  • The Schmidt Anderson
    The Schmidt Anderson 29 days ago

    so Logan grabs JJ in their first LA press conference, leaves the first UK press conference, and pushes JJ in the second LA press conference : *silence*
    JJ pushes Logan in their last one : “HE’S IN HIS HEAD!!!! ITS OVER FOR KSI!”

  • Jeona Pandher
    Jeona Pandher 29 days ago


  • austin feldman
    austin feldman 29 days ago

    KSI pushed Logan to hype up the fight that's what press conferences are made for you dummys

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 29 days ago

    Radio Rahim is the ultimate melt. Such a wanker

  • Yerin X
    Yerin X 29 days ago

    Literally Logan did the same thing, but okaaaaaay.

  • •stephaniesabih_
    •stephaniesabih_ 29 days ago

    He hasn’t got in JJ’s head, he’s just ready to destroy him tbh

  • GB
    GB 29 days ago

    Ksi probably did it on purpose, he probably wanted Logan to think he got in his head, but actually didn’t

  • Luca Slavnich
    Luca Slavnich 29 days ago

    Fuck radio Raheem

  • Shafee _969
    Shafee _969 29 days ago

    Eddie Hearn has gotten in Radio Rahim's HEAD!!

  • Ella
    Ella 29 days ago

    Logan gonna KO KSI

  • STEVO 1967
    STEVO 1967 29 days ago

    ffs wanna chuck it wi' the 'math' shit!......It's arithmetic!......IT'S FUCKIN' ARITHMETIC!!!!!

  • mohamad mirany
    mohamad mirany 29 days ago

    Logan winner Paul

  • james taylor
    james taylor 29 days ago

    Raheem as always great voice and, quality content.

  • Zakzhy
    Zakzhy 29 days ago

    Got in his head nahhh he just thought This bitch is immature!

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 29 days ago

    Surely the most common sense would be for DAZN to create their own TheXvid Boxing League/Company and have all the amateur fighters on those shows. That way you can keep the professional and amateurs separate.

    • Bryan Davis
      Bryan Davis 29 days ago

      You've completely missed the point... EH is using the youtubers to boost interest in pro-boxing.

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov 29 days ago

    Radio Raheem ... aka the ungrateful prick in the Weller and Jake Paul video

  • Lewis ouaret
    Lewis ouaret 29 days ago

    Eddie 'I love a pound note' hearn 😂 gotta love this guy

  • GetOffendedYT
    GetOffendedYT 29 days ago

    This guys parents looked at him and thought "i think ill name him... RADIO"😂😂😂

    • Bryan Davis
      Bryan Davis 29 days ago

      Mr. and Mrs Rahim have a great sense of humour.

    PSN PHOENIX 29 days ago


  • Malphas Mikaelson
    Malphas Mikaelson 29 days ago

    TheXvidrs don't need Eddie Hearn to start doing this regularly. He only came in for this rematch. But if Eddie Hearn doesn't want to do consistent TheXvidrs boxing then the TheXvidrs themselves can still make it happen.
    But they have to train properly and put in the work. A lot of these TheXvidrs weren't very good. Sensei was pretty good 'cause he has had the MMA background. JMX was pretty good and then the Paul brothers and KSI. Deji potentially can be good but he didn't work hard enough and hasn't trained since the loss. He's talking about training hard now because he wants to fight again and we'll see. But you gotta be able to put in the time and effort for this. Joe Weller froze during his fight with KSI. He just walked forward and did nothing. I feel Joe could have won, he just had to actually throw punches but Joe had better defense.
    I wasn't impressed by KSI, Eddie says the same here, but I hope he improved a lot for this rematch. I'm woried he didn't improve a lot 'cause he was busy bulking and touring.

  • Daniel דניאל
    Daniel דניאל 29 days ago

    U guys are acting as if thiss mayweather vs paqiauo again lmfao a push doesn’t mean anything that big

  • Cameron l 10 l
    Cameron l 10 l 29 days ago +1

    KSI will shock the world and beat logans ass.

  • Ryamba
    Ryamba 29 days ago +2

    I wonder who Eddie thinks is going to win 🙄

  • eon001
    eon001 29 days ago

    Now that Eddie has cashed his subscription cheques he's already throwing these boys under the bus. Specifically KSI. Smh.

  • joey coco
    joey coco 29 days ago

    Eddie didn't jerk off in socks as a teenager he used the 10oz Gloves and no head guard when he'd beat off

  • TheRealHerbaSchmurba
    TheRealHerbaSchmurba 29 days ago +1

    He’s right though. He definitely got in his head there.

  • Dahir Webby
    Dahir Webby Month ago +4

    1:46 Eddie Hearn about to say no head guards 😂

  • Max B
    Max B Month ago +6

    *”I never even heard of behzinga”*
    *unfortunately no one ever heard of u either Eddie... that’s why this is set up* 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Haridas Palleeri
      Haridas Palleeri 29 days ago

      @MAJEED HD This is the biggest fight he's ever done. So this fight is making him the most money than any fight he has ever done with AJ. He didn't seem to make this much money by 'being the biggest boxing promoter in the world with no competition
      at all'.

      MAJEED HD 29 days ago

      @Haridas Palleeri Eddie doesn't need the TheXvid kids he been making money from AJ and he's also the biggest Boxing promoter in the world with no competition at all.

    • Haridas Palleeri
      Haridas Palleeri 29 days ago

      @Idrees S These 12 year olds are making him a shit ton of money mate. Pipe down

    • Idrees S
      Idrees S 29 days ago +2

      Max B people in boxing world knows him. He doesn't care about 12 yr old teenagers lol

  • first name last name

    why is Eddie team Logan? isn't he meant to be equal?

    BASIL Month ago

    10 Ounce Gloves, No headguards. Few hours left for the fight💥.
    Who do you think will win?
    Like for KSI
    Drink acid for Logan Paul

  • William Chikaonda
    William Chikaonda Month ago

    Can sell ice to Eskimos

  • yoyoyotooo
    yoyoyotooo Month ago

    Eddie hearn is a grade A cunt for putting BJ saunders on these clowns undercard!!...WANKER!

    • Bryan Davis
      Bryan Davis 29 days ago

      You don't think BJS wants to be there?

  • Planet A
    Planet A Month ago

    thanks radio Rahim and Eddy for bringing boxing back and one of the huge Eddys mistake that he didn't sign a contract with Beterbiev when he had a chance...((( hopefully, they will work with top rank

  • Peter James
    Peter James Month ago

    Funny thing Eddie when they leave the boxing so do the fans you really thing they bringing u fans when they just bringing there's nobody cares about the card ksi and logan is the only reason people watching

  • Anoobis Gaming TM
    Anoobis Gaming TM Month ago

    People forget Logan Paul has boxing footage of him when he was younger. Asides the jab, it didn't reflect in their first bout, I don't think a year of training with Shannon Briggs would make a difference either. Plus he got bigger muscles again. If he doesn't clip KSI in the first three rounds ( added the third round because I want to believe his cardio has gotten better exponentially) his bigger frame would slow him down and might be open to KSI.

  • Buddy Boy
    Buddy Boy Month ago

    Eddies opinions always sound one sides.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill Month ago +12

    2nd Draw:
    Eddie Hearn: 10 in the chamber shotgun no vest pack

  • Elias Vergessen
    Elias Vergessen Month ago

    Soon as one of them gets popped in the mouth without a headguard it gets real

  • K FAK
    K FAK Month ago +1

    This guy just thinks logan will sell more in the future, that's why he wants him to win

  • Spiros Spirou
    Spiros Spirou Month ago

    Logan Paul does have better movement than ksi sadly so don't know what to expect really from ksi

  • Jared Maharaj
    Jared Maharaj Month ago

    Why is no one talking about the 200 times logan pushed jj?

  • Sander Pas
    Sander Pas Month ago

    Ediie Hearn looks like a skinnier and haired version of Dana White here

  • Jaystar2222 C
    Jaystar2222 C Month ago

    King hearn

  • Reuben Hobbs
    Reuben Hobbs Month ago +3

    Everyone is doubting JJ but mark my word right here JJ will knock out Logan in round 2

    FROSTIE GAMES Month ago

    When he said theres celebs that wanna box the winner did he say fucking XXX lmao

  • Xd Wisp
    Xd Wisp Month ago

    Holy shit Eddie is just sucking Logan Paul’s dick

    • Bryan Davis
      Bryan Davis 29 days ago

      What do you care? As long as you can keep sucking KSI's dick.

  • numptyontheloose
    numptyontheloose Month ago

    He's a cheeky fucking twat - be thankful for the fact they are bringing boxing to a new audience. They are fighters. Just because they haven't fought their way up. Fecking grow up Eddie you little shit.

  • Salfie Chan
    Salfie Chan Month ago +4

    Guys I think Eddie Hearn is related to Mr Krabs

  • MinicatPlays
    MinicatPlays Month ago

    i wanna see justin bieber box

  • Scott Gallagher
    Scott Gallagher Month ago

    Needs to be in the uk, 90% of the people who are interested in this are from the uk. To put it on in the early hours of the morning is ridiculous