RPG Maker MV Tutorial: 10 MORE Epic Tips and Tricks!

  • Published on Dec 17, 2015
  • Due to popular demand, apparently, 10 MORE tips and tricks!!! XD
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    Music from jewelbeat.com used with permission from endlessgaming.today
    Special thanks to endlessgaming.today for letting me use clips from his game^_^

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  • xXAinSophAurXx
    xXAinSophAurXx 6 years ago +31

    that last tip was actually really helpful. 'You love your game and thats all that matters" that means a lot to hear honestly. Also, definitely gunna try and spice up my intro a bit!

  • Meh
    Meh 6 years ago +5

    I just loved how you pointed out about long drawn out intros, especially text heavy intros. Even big game developers have lost me here, not only other RPG Maker gamers.

  • Arashi
    Arashi 6 years ago +4

    These tutorials are awesome!

  • Agung Utama P
    Agung Utama P 6 years ago +2

    I have watched almost all of your tutorial, and they are amazing! I learn a lot and actually motivate me to mess around.

  • LoLKhaosControl
    LoLKhaosControl 6 years ago +61

    Yes! I want even MORE tips and tricks Echo!

  • Wiimeiser
    Wiimeiser 6 years ago +2

    For the teleport skill, if you have such a plugin you can set it to be enabled or disabled via switches.

  • diablojd52
    diablojd52 5 years ago

    My views on map creation differs from yours but even so you have great ideas and some stuff from your style can lend itself to mine. Your process is well done and I love your videos. They are very helpful.

  • Benjamin Wieser
    Benjamin Wieser 6 years ago

    Hey Echo607, Love your videos.

  • Skymen
    Skymen 6 years ago +2

    You know what would be awesome? That skill tip, but EXTENDED!

  • Melker ___
    Melker ___ 6 years ago +2

    I relly like these tips and tricks videos and i hope you will do more, I like them because I'm pretty new to RPG Maker so they're very helpful. I also love your voice :)

  • Mikki W.L (Q2 Steam Deck)

    Yay ! Thank you ! You are just like a pro, the game you created with that rpg maker looks awesome, I would love to try it. Useful tips ! I just subscribed... :3

  • Joey Elkarmi
    Joey Elkarmi 5 years ago +1

    your tips are always great. thanks for all the inspiration too! :)

  • BStoffer
    BStoffer 6 years ago

    Hey. I just found your videos, and holy cow! These are awesome.

  • Sebastian S.
    Sebastian S. 6 years ago

    Lightmapping for the MV would be nice.

  • RPGdon
    RPGdon 6 years ago +5

    love these tips and tricks x) more please

  • Cristi M
    Cristi M 6 years ago

    Damn, so many great ideas, great way of doing makes and events and cute voice on top of that!:D Your videos are awesome!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 6 years ago +1

    Yay! Stuff! You just earned yourself a subscription. I really like the fast pace of your videos. You just get right down to it.

  • The Loser
    The Loser 6 years ago

    Hey I was watching your videos and watched the parallax mapping and so I started watching lots of that stuff, and I wanted to do it but they are all on mv with plugins but then I found a way my map now looks cool as, and because some of your tutorials got me doing it there are 2 Easter eggs involving you :D

  • Emmanuel Choquette
    Emmanuel Choquette 6 years ago +10

    Hey Echo I just stumbled opon your video and i really like the way you talk and your voice, not only that but you bring good points too the table and these points are well explained so guess what ? +1 sub

  • Jermz0r
    Jermz0r 6 years ago +1

    Hey echo, is there a tutorial on the "Cheer" your crew does at the start of a battle? or similiar stuff?