LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • LG's CES press conference opened with smart appliances and a beer-making device, and closed with a futuristic-looking TV that can roll up and hide away when it's not in use. There are also plenty of awkward moments mixed in. Here's our rundown of all the highlights.
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Comments • 476

  • Aunchient Pistol
    Aunchient Pistol 4 months ago

    Where are the AI Toilets at ?

  • icewaffle
    icewaffle 7 months ago +1

    LG is the legend of furniture.

  • Julián Esteban
    Julián Esteban 7 months ago

    Grandes e probado 4k en la consola y es fantástico que grandes

  • hansol kang
    hansol kang 8 months ago

    아 내가 한국인이다!

    HC WISDOM 8 months ago +2

    Ahh, it looks amazing and great but is it secure?

  • Avery Liu
    Avery Liu 8 months ago

    Home brew is device we need all this time

  • 제이슨신
    제이슨신 8 months ago

    So great tv comes with fugly tv stand. Wow.

  • Mitchell Rohrbaugh
    Mitchell Rohrbaugh 8 months ago

    We have serious issues people of the world, where companies are making at home beer making machines.

  • abhinav chokhavatia
    abhinav chokhavatia 8 months ago

    Will it all still work when power goes out?

  • coderedtonio
    coderedtonio 8 months ago

    Joelster There is no innovation from the Big 3 manufacturers @Sony @Samsung @LG and you guys know there is absolutely NO focus on HDR, picture quality,10 bit color or BURN IN.... 8K is not feasible if 4K isn’t perfected
    AI integration & 8K shouldn’t be the focus in 2019...smh 🧐

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 8 months ago

    I want an 8k oled 65" tomorrow

  • brandon garrison
    brandon garrison 8 months ago

    I’’m impress

  • Nitro plex Hyper
    Nitro plex Hyper 8 months ago

    wow technology is evolving

  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson 8 months ago

    Ns LG! 👍👌👏

  • sweetbrandigirl
    sweetbrandigirl 8 months ago

    Hum not a mention of Micro-LED

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 8 months ago +1

    Excellent presentation.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 8 months ago

    LG - Life's Great

  • R M
    R M 8 months ago

    eh does it have AI technology supported by Deep Learning tho?

  • yedija luhur
    yedija luhur 8 months ago +4

    That rollable TV is awesome !

  • Pikminmj9
    Pikminmj9 8 months ago

    Always hate when tvs try to automatically "enhance" the image, I just want the image/movie to look exactly like it was intended

  • Neat52
    Neat52 8 months ago

    Woah LG woah!

  • Reuben Charles
    Reuben Charles 8 months ago

    My own beer machine wow.

  • Zac Dior
    Zac Dior 8 months ago


  • Hüseyin Polat
    Hüseyin Polat 8 months ago

    Love LG ❤ 😍

  • InnerRushBull
    InnerRushBull 8 months ago +1

    No updates to bring any new features to existing TV's?
    Please, for the love of all that is good, bring these features to previous models.
    An OLED C8 owner.

  • Jesse Brohinsky
    Jesse Brohinsky 8 months ago

    "I see you've started cleaning. Would you like help with that?"
    Everyone who grew up in the "Clippy" generation is shuddering.

  • ww ww
    ww ww 8 months ago

    Home beer aparatus? Holly cow i want that now!!!

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 8 months ago

    aargh they always talk about 5 years old technologies but not advance why is that ???!

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 8 months ago

    Boring all washing machines and robots and 8K OLED not interested.

  • Miles Beining
    Miles Beining 8 months ago

    Nobody's mentioning that he's Grace VanderWaal's dad. Yeah he probably appreciates it, BUT STILL.

  • Mr Wong Gameplay
    Mr Wong Gameplay 8 months ago

    LG Home Brew!! Shut up and take my money.

  • Legion Z
    Legion Z 8 months ago +1

    Go setting, and choose speed 1,25 :)

  • Petru Lutenco
    Petru Lutenco 8 months ago

    did he say 2 weeks? wouldn't a delivery (around the moon) be faster?

  • kdm313
    kdm313 8 months ago

    LG is on top of it pushing technology forward. They also have adopted WISSA technology into their TV’S I’ve come to love this company for their forward thinking. Of course the technology has been around and other manufacturers adopt their own spin on it. But some how LG seams to make it theirs. Keep pushing LG.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 8 months ago

    make that home brewing machine
    a scotch or bourbon chilled coca cola with ice dispenser home brewing machine then shut up and take my money

  • maeinureyes
    maeinureyes 8 months ago

    I prefer the modular tv's from Samsung.

    SANA SHY SHY SHY 8 months ago

    *I think there’s no point in buying an 8k tv yet.*

  • 스티붕유
    스티붕유 8 months ago

    LG가 가전은 최고다 ㅇㅈ LG IS WORLD BEST

  • Vismay Dharod
    Vismay Dharod 8 months ago +1

    At LG headquarters :
    Write this, "we are releasing the largest OLED TV ever, it's 88 inches"
    Samsung moments before the launch of LG's big TV : "we are releasing the world's largest OLED TV, it's 92 inches"

  • Vismay Dharod
    Vismay Dharod 8 months ago +1

    Does this company exist ?

  • Science butReversed
    Science butReversed 8 months ago

    Damn they comparing the 4k screen to be more pixelated while i still own a 2009 lcd 1080p tv thinking its still looking sharp af

  • M naveen reddy
    M naveen reddy 8 months ago

    So Samsung use micro led ...lg come up with nano cell..

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 8 months ago

    Sony has dropped the ball not implementing 2.1 in their OLEDS this year 😒

  • Roy Rodżewsky
    Roy Rodżewsky 8 months ago

    i wonder how all these fast wireless connections has affect the human brain. Maybe You will create something really necessary for human race.

  • Tarik Thomas
    Tarik Thomas 8 months ago

    Can’t see a difference between this presentation and the Samsung one

  • Ben Roache
    Ben Roache 8 months ago

    Lol where's Cloi? 😂😂😂

  • Simon Leach
    Simon Leach 8 months ago

    Too much stuff for planned obsolescence ... my twenty-year-old laundry pair are still going strong and never need to communicate with the Mothership

  • 212teddy
    212teddy 8 months ago

    As a native of S. Korea, I can tell the first part of the presentation wasn't really meant to be for the "Western" markets. And the Home Brew thing might be one of the worst tech introduced at CES 2019...
    Lastly, if only all these Korean companies can price the TV costs somewhat similar to the US market in their home market...

  • andy viking
    andy viking 8 months ago

    Definitely getting that beer maker

  • bcbcfilm
    bcbcfilm 8 months ago

    home brew? it takes 2 weeks? 10 mins at the beer store is a lot faster am i right?

  • Donovan Fausette
    Donovan Fausette 8 months ago

    *vacuuming living room*
    Roommate: "hey can you also get the hallway"
    Me: "what? I couldn't hear the vacuum is too loud."
    Vacuum: "he said get the hallway."

  • boxertest
    boxertest 8 months ago +7

    Rollable TV , portability at its finest :-)

    • boxertest
      boxertest 8 months ago

      Yes it will :-)

    • Chuck Smith
      Chuck Smith 8 months ago +1

      boxertest True, I hadn't thought that this will make for a very interesting shipping box for a TV!

  • Bouraoui Wardi
    Bouraoui Wardi 8 months ago

    finalLy RIP SAMSUNG

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 8 months ago


  • Headbangerr 1983
    Headbangerr 1983 8 months ago

    I would rather hear, what the hell is going on with LGV40.

  • Prajnadatta Meher
    Prajnadatta Meher 8 months ago

    Make the Wallpaper TV cheap or affordable, that's the way to go LG.(Otherwise Sony & Samsung are also the consumer-centric brands and deeply integrated to the consumers' lifestyle).

  • Ankur Kini
    Ankur Kini 8 months ago

    both Samsung and LG extends support to Apple? something does not feel right

  • Pritesh Panjiker
    Pritesh Panjiker 8 months ago

    LG = lies good.
    Where's software update for G7 thinQ?

  • Jig Carsane
    Jig Carsane 8 months ago

    No body wants to know about weather.... waste of space in any device

  • Sugar Buns
    Sugar Buns 8 months ago

    LG beer? Did not see that coming.