Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 PRE-FIGHT TALE

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Anthony Joshua's career is at a crossroads following his shock defeat against Andy Ruiz Jr in June, and he faces the dangerous prospect of an immediate rematch in Saudi Arabia.
    Narrated by
    Aleksandar Jablanovic
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Comments • 188

  • Derry Andrean
    Derry Andrean 21 day ago

    jhosua 👎👎👎

  • Jock B
    Jock B Month ago

    Come on Boxing World.. can we stop with the same ole remaches over and over..its getting redundant...its time to bring in more new fighters to challenge..

  • Spread Eagle
    Spread Eagle Month ago

    I just cant understand guys like Andy Ruiz.The man has tremendous talent,and had he won the rematch he would have had a licence to print money ! Why waste such a fantastic opportunity through lack of proper training ?

  • Jaime Serrano
    Jaime Serrano Month ago

    Andi Ruiz solo grasa y tatuajes.

  • Darpana Paul
    Darpana Paul Month ago

    Actually aj looked afraid of Andy's connection. AJ Had to knock him out to claim a win.

  • Martins Segun
    Martins Segun Month ago

    The most boring boxing match ever. ..

  • martin 12
    martin 12 Month ago


  • klick official
    klick official Month ago

    Fuck video.

  • FAF Phoenix
    FAF Phoenix Month ago

    Boxing Việt Nam, Mixed Material Việt NAm. Following me

  • Rodrigo Canchola
    Rodrigo Canchola Month ago

    Pinche marrano con un pesimo fisico a direrencia antoni lucia muy fuerte claro fue la pelea que le comvenia

  • Trouve presque tout

    *Andy Ruiz Anthony Joshua fight NUL NUL*

  • Live Scorrer
    Live Scorrer Month ago +1

    Iz Aviona se Cuje Da si Srbin!

    AFROGENIC Month ago +1

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  • Present English
    Present English Month ago +1

    I dunno why people say Ruiz never trained for this. I saw him practicing his combos every day at McDonalds. Monday was BigMac combo. Tuesday Quarter Pounder combo.. Wednesday was McChicken combo..

  • Matt Eagles
    Matt Eagles Month ago +4

    Andy Ruiz had his moments being a world champ for a good 6-months. It was time to return those belts to Anthony Joshua.

  • Spread Eagle
    Spread Eagle Month ago

    Well done AJ,boxing is about hitting your opponent without being hit,which you did superbly.Boxing Extra please keep making these excellent videos.

  • Knuckle Game
    Knuckle Game Month ago +2

    "2TimeWorldChamp 🏆"!! Congrats AJ!! Yeeeeeah!!👊💪😁

  • oso polar
    oso polar Month ago

    we SWA the run run AJ..cuz you get outbox by Andy Ruiz quick hands

  • Mohammed Dali
    Mohammed Dali Month ago +1


    Esta es la farsa de farsa

  • Isingoma Isaac
    Isingoma Isaac Month ago

    Thanks for the 3dit

  • Godwin Lucky
    Godwin Lucky Month ago

    anthony joshua no fit fall twince bcos na nija blood, i rep u guy

  • Nedum Commings
    Nedum Commings Month ago +2

    Congratulation more strength bro💪🇳🇬

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime Month ago +1

    Ruiz is clearly Fking up. He was 255lbs vs Parker, 268lbs vs Joshua 1 and now he's 285lbs vs rematch. That's a sign that he not being professional.

  • Jacob Can
    Jacob Can Month ago

    It fucking accent is so horrible to hear I'm cutting off my ears ohhh man how can any1 listen to ur voice

  • your DISCOVERelax channel

    Ruiz was not in a Good Shape ... hope gets a chance again to fight for the title

  • your DISCOVERelax channel

    now Wilder vs Joshua

  • Jason Guinness
    Jason Guinness Month ago +1

    English plz !!!!

  • Shane Ngobeni
    Shane Ngobeni Month ago

    That was the most boring fight non of the two can win over wilder

    • Shane Ngobeni
      Shane Ngobeni Month ago

      Really a professional who was running around the ring till round 12 wilder has 97% K.O that's the world's record try to bring facts to the ring next time you wana denounce

    • Daniel Tosin
      Daniel Tosin Month ago

      AJ will beat him he's a professional, try to study the match okay

  • TundednutVEVO TV
    TundednutVEVO TV Month ago


  • Nope
    Nope Month ago

    And the winner is...

  • Alex Mullen
    Alex Mullen Month ago +2


    • Samuel Tubwell jr
      Samuel Tubwell jr Month ago

      @Dark Mod I enjoy boxing period I know when it comes to heavyweight boxers it's going to be a longer fight, what you wanted was a zab zudah,Roy Jones jr, sugar Ray Leonard lighter weight boxers where you get that action and You thought like Ruiz do the same as before and get over that doesn't even work in checkers AJ wasn't even in the same physical or mental condition as before Ruiz said "I know HE'S Training, I know HE'S going to try to beat me"

    • Dark Mod
      Dark Mod Month ago

      @Samuel Tubwell jr That style of boxing is boring in my opinion. You're telling me you enjoyed the second fight more than the first? Sure you do, you don't like boxing you like AJ admit it.

    • Samuel Tubwell jr
      Samuel Tubwell jr Month ago

      @Dark Mod he stayed out of Ruiz reach it's not running it's a tactical move in the sport if you couldn't tell by the last seconds of the fight, every boxer doesn't straight line to the inside like Tyson,Ali had the same Tactic but he would stay outside reach favoring his opponents strong side you don't know boxing.😶

    • Dark Mod
      Dark Mod Month ago

      @Samuel Tubwell jr I didn't go for any guy I just like when boxers actually box. I watched this fight cuz I saw highlights for the other one and it was good. I wanted AJ to KO Ruiz but he ran like a bitch so you're wrong try again buddy

    • Samuel Tubwell jr
      Samuel Tubwell jr Month ago

      @Dark Mod You're moist and emotional you obviously don't know one thing about boxing Your guy lost and made his supporters look like Fools could even say Ruiz win was a fluke look at his behavior.

  • Faisal Abbara
    Faisal Abbara Month ago +2

    Aj won

  • Jorge Fernández
    Jorge Fernández Month ago +1

    Joshua is 🐔

  • facts veryfirst
    facts veryfirst Month ago

    Did u see the state of Ruiz that just proves it was a dig in back head won last fight and he tryed be dirty again in this fight

    • Dark Mod
      Dark Mod Month ago

      @facts veryfirst Hey don't have a heart attack over a comment bro he ran like a bitch get over it homie 😂

    • facts veryfirst
      facts veryfirst Month ago

      Dark Mod cat got ur tounge you fool ? It's still on now go check

    • facts veryfirst
      facts veryfirst Month ago

      Dark Mod yeah and Andy just said on sky just now he was schooled is Andy lieing or wa?

    • Dark Mod
      Dark Mod Month ago

      His fight or flight reaction kicked in this time that's why he won he ran away the whole time 😂

  • Jack Gahan
    Jack Gahan Month ago

    Joshua win!

  • Taklacı Bozlar
    Taklacı Bozlar Month ago

    Joshua yenecek inşallah

  • Somi Patricia
    Somi Patricia Month ago

    Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Live PPV Free -

  • jhon wyane
    jhon wyane Month ago

    Joshua let his hair minimize impact......ask your self....that's the Bet you anything after the fight. He cut s

  • Paul Boy
    Paul Boy Month ago

    My sister wants to give Anthony Joshua a blow job for good luck.

  • Steve Wilcox
    Steve Wilcox Month ago

    Funny how Ruiz the now Champ is the underdog in this rematch fight. Hey he doesn't look like Mr body perfect but he can box he can throw a punch very well. He is a professionally trained boxer who knows how to punch you get hit by someone who can punch and has 285 pounds of mass behind it you get hit in the head and you're getting brain damage.

  • jeff roman
    jeff roman Month ago

    Who won?

  • jamal bahlil
    jamal bahlil Month ago

    الله وفق جو شوا

  • lonah Busolo
    lonah Busolo Month ago

    Kenyan time?

  • Hugo Del Rio
    Hugo Del Rio Month ago

    The fight is at 9 PM today Saturday 7


  • Jorge Oquendo
    Jorge Oquendo Month ago

    You how many people bet to Joshua vs Ruiz 1 , soooooo that's why I say hummmmmmmmmm

  • Sichael Mcott
    Sichael Mcott Month ago

    Honestly Ruiz is getting knocked the fuck out tonight

    • Dark Mod
      Dark Mod Month ago

      How could he get knocked out when the guy he was fighting kept running from him and hugging him 😂

  • Docter Hiluluk
    Docter Hiluluk Month ago +26

    NBC channel HD >>

  • francesco francesco


  • J. FILL
    J. FILL Month ago

    Ruiz gets KOd tonight.

  • muhidin ali
    muhidin ali Month ago

    Aj Completely lost the confidence that he used to have.
    And that shows how difficult is to beat Andy

    • J. FILL
      J. FILL Month ago

      Ya right.
      Ruiz gets knocked out tonight

  • Chameleon 567
    Chameleon 567 Month ago +1

    what time is the game?

  • Yoshiko Roseboro
    Yoshiko Roseboro Month ago +13

    Right now I am watching online with ScreenVariety Tv. Ruiz vs Joshua fights are available with no extra costs and hiden fees.

    • scarface 38
      scarface 38 Month ago

      @Steve Wilcox shut up racist

    • Maître Gims
      Maître Gims Month ago

      Give us the link please

    • Steve Wilcox
      Steve Wilcox Month ago

      Google has you listed as a fake and has you're ip address the federalays are coming to kick down your door

    • Askalways Questions
      Askalways Questions Month ago

      Can yiy watch thw fight ob there?.whats tge web called plz wonna uae tp watch it pleaseeee

    • Francis Franklin
      Francis Franklin Month ago

      Thanks a lot

  • David Cezar
    David Cezar Month ago

    Joshua e endy esses são feras

  • Ray A
    Ray A Month ago

    Aj with his fancy gay belt

  • David Cezar
    David Cezar Month ago

    Esses dois é muito bom

  • Bobby Blast
    Bobby Blast Month ago +3

    It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, It's about the size of the fight in the dog

  • Ola Chase
    Ola Chase Month ago

    Need website to watch this live please

  • Tega Spencer
    Tega Spencer Month ago

    أقف مع أنتوني يشوع