Extinction Rebellion Take Down London


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  • Paul Fitzpatrick
    Paul Fitzpatrick 13 days ago

    'If he's going to mock extinction rebellion I'm off'

  • Name Notimportant
    Name Notimportant 13 days ago

    Sorry but I couldn't follow the act cos of the woman daintily eating a packet of crisps

  • Kris Clare
    Kris Clare 15 days ago

    He’s not so funny as to warrant the amount of laughter going on

    • Carnivorus
      Carnivorus 14 days ago

      Yes from our presepctive but in the room is a different matter

  • Aiden Thomas
    Aiden Thomas 17 days ago

    Hope the woman in the corner isn't the signer for the deaf #fail

  • blue pelican
    blue pelican 19 days ago

    Yeah funny english accent paul , let a white man do an indian accent........ww3 !! Prick

  • Benny G
    Benny G 20 days ago


  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey 20 days ago +3

    So good to see a proper funny comedian, telling it like it is and taking the piss out of ER.

  • viraj dobriyal
    viraj dobriyal 25 days ago

    George seems like a basterd sob

  • alkesh gosai
    alkesh gosai 27 days ago +2

    The women on the bottom right hand side of the screen is not having any of it lol

  • Janis Khan
    Janis Khan 28 days ago +1


  • Paul Green
    Paul Green 29 days ago

    He's literally explaining what happened, with no use of humour whatsoever, and people are laughing. Wow. Soon enough there'll be 'comedians' pointing at newspaper articles and that will be enough to make people laugh. If you want funny, try Frankie Boyle, or Anthony Jeselnik. There are actual jokes! I know - shocking!

  • serwez khan
    serwez khan Month ago +2

    All the dislikes are from the extinction rebels 😂😂🤣🤣😭😭

  • Munraaj Mangat
    Munraaj Mangat Month ago +4

    That woman at the bottom right is laughing now but when the jokes on her she gets offended 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M Month ago +4

    Come back in 20 minutes...when we're all dead because of climate change. :'(

  • Peter Istrate - personal

    The twat at the bottom right think she defies the speaker by having her "posh socialist champagne" little finger up wile eating her crisps from her plastic bag. She was imploding inside but had to abstain :)))

  • James Rahilly
    James Rahilly Month ago

    6 times your usual views. You've definitely tapped into something but you shouldn't make racists laugh tho. Tut!

    • Tomasz Wota
      Tomasz Wota 2 days ago

      What is that even supposed to mean?

  • Stringssy Gaming Archive

    Have to respect the people that left that's what you do if you don't agree or like the comedian they didn't heckle just left.

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Month ago

    Ha Ha! Matt Hauke, climate change snowflake, seems to have run away!

  • Chris Leonard
    Chris Leonard Month ago

    Need to see PC live, awesome 😎

  • Faz
    Faz Month ago

    Boring lady in the right thinks she watching eastenders

  • TeacherTeacher
    TeacherTeacher Month ago


  • Martin Delta
    Martin Delta Month ago

    Nice one Paul Chowdhry :)

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Month ago +9

    The Conservatory Rebellion are most concerned about the greenhouse effect.

  • Spearthrower
    Spearthrower Month ago

    HOW DARE YOU hahahaaaha good stuff, nailed it

  • Narsufin
    Narsufin Month ago


  • Aishwariya Sweety
    Aishwariya Sweety Month ago +1

    I can see why he's not famous. And rightfully so.

    • Ian Jones
      Ian Jones Month ago

      @Aishwariya Sweety Come off it man look at the humanity 'disciplines' well known for their marxist indoctrination and it seems to be creeping into STEM fields as well. Don't kid yourself that people with degrees are the enlightened one's quite the opposite is happening.

    • Aishwariya Sweety
      Aishwariya Sweety Month ago

      @Ian Jones hear yourself. Yeah mate, that's why people study. To be ignorant.
      I'm out. Cheerio.

    • Ian Jones
      Ian Jones Month ago

      @Aishwariya Sweety And cue the identity politics lol, hey I'm working class feel free to take the piss out of me anytime in fact I insist!
      I blame your education for making you this narrow minded.

    • summercoat
      summercoat Month ago

      @Aishwariya Sweety He was championing the working class of Canning Town for not tolerating the idiotic sabotage of the public transport to work. How thick were these dildos? Stopping one of the best ways of getting masses to work without using cars. They deserved more than the light digs they got; the Canning Towners were quite restrained, all things considered.

    • Aishwariya Sweety
      Aishwariya Sweety Month ago

      @Ian Jones I'd argue otherwise being a scientist myself.
      Everyone deserves to be made fun of. I'd love to see Paul Chaudhry take a piss out of billionaires.
      Bizarre that he only makes fun of working class people.

  • 131untouchable
    131untouchable Month ago


  • Gareth Hughes
    Gareth Hughes Month ago +1

    A leftie without a sense of humour, you don't see that very often.

  • Stuart Dillon
    Stuart Dillon Month ago +1

    Gold 🤣 even got the names right

  • Richard Carr
    Richard Carr Month ago

    Bottom right needs to change her plastic surgeon

  • Edd 1
    Edd 1 Month ago

    Let them leave if they can't take a joke

  • Howard kendall's toupe

    absolutely brilliant... what a relief

  • Matt Hauke
    Matt Hauke Month ago

    Give it 40 or 50 years and we will see if it's still a laugh.
    The world's top scientists are warning us of big problems, the future of humanity and biodiversity is riding on decisions made today.

    • Paul Jackson
      Paul Jackson 26 days ago

      @Matt Hauke Oh great, the British Brainwashing Corporation, always a reliable source of science information.
      Forty-five years ago they were predicting climate catastrophe in the documentary 'The Weather Machine', only then it was a new ice-age which was the threat.
      Here's an excerpt where a climate 'expert' Professor George Kukla of Columbia University, tells us that a new ice-age is due any time.
      Sound familiar, Chicken Little?

    • Matt Hauke
      Matt Hauke 26 days ago

      @Paul Jackson Oh, I wonder why the moon has such extreme temps yet it's the same distance from the sun as earth? I wonder..

    • Matt Hauke
      Matt Hauke 26 days ago

      @Paul Jackson Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would have an average temperature of -18 °C
      So If you release 35 billion tonnes of c02 a year into the Ghg system what do you think will happen Einstein?

    • Matt Hauke
      Matt Hauke 26 days ago

      @Paul Jackson Yup, our planet would be uninhabitable too without the natural balance of GHG. Even with the sun.www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20151130-how-hot-could-the-earth-get

  • Darren Na
    Darren Na Month ago

    Well done dave

  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 Month ago +3

    I like the way he respectfully used the Walk out Heckler as his material.😆👍

  • ben
    ben Month ago +1

    Felicity in the bottom right wasn't best pleased. Expect a strongly worded letter Paul

  • acd cat
    acd cat Month ago

    this wont age well...

  • Kernow K
    Kernow K Month ago +1

    brilliant 😂

  • CommonSense81
    CommonSense81 Month ago +1

    Hahaha guarantee two thirds of this metropolitan, elitist audience were faking laughs here.
    Love Paul, he says things white comedians can't get away with, such is the state of our society currently.

  • Steve Pretzel
    Steve Pretzel Month ago

    Fuck me, is this what passes as comedy these days!? It must be the end of the world

  • atman343
    atman343 Month ago +10

    We need an eXtension Rebellion against the Brexit fiasco.

  • Levy2k9
    Levy2k9 Month ago

    I hope you didn't get charged for mashing up their set, Pee Chowd

  • Arfan Ayub
    Arfan Ayub Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 enough said...

  • Goops Bee
    Goops Bee Month ago

    Chick bottom right corner is giving you daggers bruv haha!

  • Naughtyponygirl LX Foxbody Notch

    Love Yah Paul . Apparently Im a racist nazi but thats ok I still love Yah

  • Dean Mohamed
    Dean Mohamed Month ago

    Man, so good to laugh after a long day at work! Paul you da man!

  • gbell1985
    gbell1985 Month ago


  • Milles Murray
    Milles Murray Month ago +1

    made another hack transfer from forbesfamilyweb/net , it was so fast and easy

  • DrPhibes10
    DrPhibes10 Month ago

    Full of crazy feminazis and beta males

  • mike brown
    mike brown Month ago +4

    Climate change (hoax) is a distraction for the ill educated whilst a global dictatorship takes over.. Or as it is sometimes known as 'the march of the mugs'.......

    • kiNK
      kiNK Month ago +1

      mike brown Fuck off boomer lmao

  • ItsOttis
    ItsOttis Month ago +1

    As much as I appreciate his balls, it's not funny.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago

    Puritan fanatics they are

  • justin william salter
    justin william salter Month ago +1

    thexvid.com/video/jzI1J5ObtEM/video.html q-war-4 extinction soybellion are george soros funded commie cunts run by a jew

  • judewest2000 burner

    I stand with Dave

  • RamboNoBlood
    RamboNoBlood Month ago

    Their goals are true and important but their methods are ridiculous

  • Rod Norman Drums
    Rod Norman Drums Month ago +1

    Nice one, Paul! I serendipitously came up with 'Extension Rebellion' a couple of weeks ago - so I knew where you were headed when you mentioned extentions!

  • brownpunk
    brownpunk Month ago +2

    This guy is the biggest penchod😅😅😅

  • Marshmallow Black
    Marshmallow Black Month ago

    What a waste of a ticket for that lady

  • allimlookingforisred
    allimlookingforisred Month ago +3

    Dave Mrs (bottom right) doesn’t give two f*cks

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson Month ago +1

    That's hilarious.
    This whole Extinction Rebellion are a joke that know nothing about the climate.
    There's no such thing as a climate scientist anyway. The climate is made up of many different professions including meteorology, oceanography, and about 50 other fields.
    Climate change isn't one field, and anyone who thinks it is, hasn't seen the government models. Because they're ALL wrong.

    • Captain Calamity
      Captain Calamity Month ago +1

      @Steve Watson You are absolutely correct. I would say there are climate scientists but no such thing as a climate expert

    • kiNK
      kiNK Month ago

      Steve Watson God I can’t wait until you guys die out. Fuckin boomer

    • Steve Watson
      Steve Watson Month ago +1

      @Jes Lin said the lefty Rebellion Extinction bell end. 😂

    • Jes Lin
      Jes Lin Month ago

      Steve Watson try evidence instead of feelings next time

    • Steve Watson
      Steve Watson Month ago +2

      Models vs reality tells me everything I need to know.
      Scare tactics gets funding. It's that simple.