Tactical Analysis Manchester City 1-2 Manchester United | How Ole Beat Pep | How To Counter Attack

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 268

  • Football Made Simple
    Football Made Simple  Month ago +32

    Which other tactics did you notice? What could each team have done differently?

    • Pedro Ferreirinha
      Pedro Ferreirinha Month ago

      @Erik Anders yeah agreed that's why I think there isn't a perfect tactic. But i would love to see someone try the tactic 3-4-3 but with a twist: the 3 UP front being 3 offensive midfielders - in the sense that you would look for a lot of movement, creativity, People that could appear either in the midfield, on the wings or the finish the moves depending of what the teams need sat that moment and it would also make ir very Hard to deffend against. But that would require a certain type of player to play in those positions. Imagine playing like that with Reus, Brandt and Thorgan Hazard for example.

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders Month ago

      Takatora Bata spot on agree

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders Month ago

      Pedro Ferreirinha yeah i agree but the only problem is that you have two midfielders if you come up against 4-3-3 you will be outnumbered in the center of the pitch

    • Takatora Bata
      Takatora Bata Month ago

      @Erik Anders its not that no one figured out kloop system. I am sure most manager did figure out. but knowing the weakeness n exploiting the weakness are 2 diferent things. The quality of liverpool squad bcome better (their understanding to Kloop tactic deepen) n they (the players) know each other more (deeper chemistry). Just look at Fabinho. He is like diferent player compared to last season

    • Pedro Ferreirinha
      Pedro Ferreirinha Month ago

      @Erik Anders I would say that a 3-4-3 that can easily be turned into a 5-4-1 in defence is probably one of the most complete tactics. 3 at back help you in build up and also keep the team strong at back against counters; the wingers can be used in the half spaces in attack but need to help you in defence; the wing backs give you the width but they need to track back when you lose possession and you should have a duo in midfield that can be good creating game and also destroying. But tactics are fluid and no answer is perfect. Also, if you found a perfect tactic, for sure managers would find a way against it quickly. I think in the future what will give you wins will be the ability to change tactics and roles mid game quickly reacting to game events. The players will have to know how their roll changes and adapts with everything that's going on

  • MUFC Highlights
    MUFC Highlights Month ago +1

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  • PATTISON Vidal
    PATTISON Vidal Month ago

    Another great video 👍🏿👍🏿

  • naocha sj
    naocha sj Month ago

    when the football analysis is an india...im sorry but I don't buy any of this analysis

  • Tuyền Ngọc
    Tuyền Ngọc Month ago +1

    Read forever united💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Bizonu'
    Bizonu' Month ago

    The most important aspect why Ole won this match was how he kept Silva and De Bruyne out of the game. Fred and Mc did a fantastic job, their eyes were always on them.

  • donmie
    donmie Month ago

    My view:
    1. Pep should have put both Sterling & Benardo Silva narrow:
    i. To occupy both the FB & force MU to defend narrow, open up the space at the wing to be exploited by Walker & Angelino. Thus, forcing Rashford & James to be at deeper starting position, eliminating chance for both of counter attack.
    ii. To create confusion between AWB-Lindelof and Shaw-Maguire on who to cover who (Benardo-Sterling). If MU choose to assign Fred-McTominay to cover Benardo-Sterling, then Silva & KDB would have the freedom to dictate the play whether in half spaces or on the wings.
    2. Play with flat backfour (with Otamendi) and Fernandinho at DMF:
    i. Neutralising Rashford, James and Lingard (5 v 4).
    ii. Let the attacking 5 (Sterling-Silva-KDB-Benardo-Jesus) take on MU back 6 (AWB-Lindelof-Maguire-Shaw + McTominay-Fred)
    3. Otamendi should start:
    i. Better aggresion on Martial (Martial weaker in physical duel & often easily frustrated by aggresive treatment by CB)
    ii. To allow Fernandinho to play mainly at DMF vs Lingard. Fernandinho has better mobility than Rodri.

  • PickleBoy
    PickleBoy Month ago

    nice vid.

  • shan2dude
    shan2dude Month ago +3

    Somebody Give this man a “Sky Sports” contract! Couldn’t have done better by anyone. Cheers!

  • Saeed Yarahmadi
    Saeed Yarahmadi Month ago

    Thank you realy good analys.

  • Tong Joseph
    Tong Joseph Month ago

    When is it this economic of the new nation gone be stable if the formation of the government of nation unit is to be delay against and against

  • Colin Shaw
    Colin Shaw Month ago

    Even now we will know that Manchester city are not going to be the premiership champions this season Yet everyone goes for Liverpool but you still have got Leicester that are in 2nd place at this moment good points and a good goal difference so any team can still win. 1 LIVERPOOL. 2. LEICESTER. These two teams are really fighting to be the 2019/2020 premiership League champions this season so let's get the drinks in and be ready

  • lone ranger garage
    lone ranger garage Month ago

    tactical is m.u parking bus haha

  • Hanafi Hanafi
    Hanafi Hanafi Month ago

    Out lindelof

  • Hanafi Hanafi
    Hanafi Hanafi Month ago

    Lindelof no good

    • Hanafi Hanafi
      Hanafi Hanafi Month ago

      @Mencari Pasal muka kao lbih dari babi !

    • Mencari Pasal
      Mencari Pasal Month ago

      Hanafi Hanafi bodoh muka macam babi

    • Hanafi Hanafi
      Hanafi Hanafi Month ago

      @Mencari Pasal kao yg goblok njeng.

    • Mencari Pasal
      Mencari Pasal Month ago

      Hanafi Hanafi mampus lu anjing, goblok anjing

    • Hanafi Hanafi
      Hanafi Hanafi Month ago

      @Mencari Pasal kao anjing . Jaga mulut kao.dah hebat kao..haaa

  • OtherSideOfMorning
    OtherSideOfMorning Month ago +1

    Didn't you say like a week ago that United should sack ole?

  • Bass3rd
    Bass3rd Month ago

    Clearly he has the counter attack down
    But against lower clubs with the ball he has no idea what to do

  • pacificshabz
    pacificshabz Month ago +1

    I can't believe
    Mahrez best FA player, sit in the bench.
    Mahrez, you would be on the grass, if your are a Spaniard

  • Patrick Ishimwe élève

    In response Olé used the 4331. Can’t believe we had 12 players

  • Absar Ahmed Shaikh
    Absar Ahmed Shaikh Month ago

    Please do more videos. Especially real Madrid ones

  • Makainternational
    Makainternational Month ago

    I think other clubs in the premier league should def try to use this against city. It is the best strategy I have seen used against City. It really nullified their threat and frustrated them. Even the City supporters resorted to throwing bottles and lighters at Fred out of anger.

  • Fazs Shipkolye
    Fazs Shipkolye Month ago

    Pep turned in Arsene. It's time Pep fucks off from City or City will be self destructing. With all the players he got, he still couldn't beat United. I hate when managers talk about injuries. He has got enough academy players which he never pulls one out. What's the point . Please Pep, I thank you for the two titles but you gone off the boil now. That's why Sir Alex Ferguson will always be the greatest manager in premier league.

  • Joseph Ling
    Joseph Ling Month ago

    This is so much better then blame football

  • Martin Hare
    Martin Hare Month ago

    Hey man are you South African??

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles Month ago +4

    Rashford has been given licence to thrill and he is playing like a man possessed!

    • Sung Lee
      Sung Lee Month ago

      Paul Charles Rashford > sterling

  • PANjilake
    PANjilake Month ago

    Ole did nothing. He's a dickhead. Fergie remotes everything behind the scene.

  • mohd zahidfullah abd razak

    Mourinho will play to draw in this kind of match

  • Ahmed Richmond
    Ahmed Richmond Month ago

    Make a tactical evolution of Pep Guardiola from Barcelona to Man City

  • Lewi Yonas
    Lewi Yonas Month ago

    Good job promoting ur promotion by actually making it useful in ur vid good shit

  • Jay L.A
    Jay L.A Month ago +2

    Just so you know nouman sent me

  • Donald LeRoi
    Donald LeRoi Month ago +1

    Had Ole brought in a third centre back at around the 70th minute, city would never have had a goal. A thirs centre back would have created a difficult situation for city. Wan-Bissaka was being helped by Mctomminay in the second half to contain Sterling since he was the main channel, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva created an overload for Luke Shaw who was being helped by Fred. Man United should be grateful Walker did not push up a lot since both Fred and Shaw would have been overwhelmed. With a the centreback, Maguire would have become the sweeper in the defence, simply clearing balls. Lindelolf would have been able to help out Wan-Bissaka and I case Tuanzebe would have helped out Shaw. This would have freed McTomminay and Fred to focus on DeBruyne and Silva. This would have stifled City's creativity and reduced thier chances of getting a goal.

  • Manchester United's fan

    Good vid

  • Manchester United's fan


    MIGUEL SANZ PILAR Month ago +4

    I'm from Spain and I love your videos ❤
    Aupa Atleti!!

  • Shreyash Kadam
    Shreyash Kadam Month ago

    All pep had to do is play Cancelo.

  • reagan makallo
    reagan makallo Month ago +2

    You're forget about VAR..

  • Isdhar jr19
    Isdhar jr19 Month ago +1

    Ada penomton indonesia gk? Like donh

  • Winict Maximus Cosmo

    you are my Wan-derwall :)

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew Month ago

    they were so many individual battles
    Luke Shaw vs Bernardo Silva
    Fred vs Kevin De Bruyne
    Scott McTominay vs David Silva
    Aaron Wan-Bissaka (MOTM Citeth tried everything to get passed him unbelievable defensive performance) vs Raheem Sterling
    Jesse Lingard vs Rodri
    Marcus Rashford (should have a hat-trick) vs Kyle Walker
    Dan James vs Angelino
    Harry Maguire+Victor Lindelof vs Gabriel Jesus
    Anthony Martial vs John Stones+Fernandinho
    then there's David De Gea briliant save that shot from Mahrez vs Ederson failing to saved Martial's shot
    should have 3-4 nil by half time

    SIYINCABA DUBE Month ago +1

    United goals where stupid..both Rashford and martial was not super fly..the goals that would have made headlines where the chances that rashford missed three chances he missed with lingard a fouth. They need to kick the ball harder when taking angle shots not thinking that they see an open space and just shoot thinking they have scored when not. Watch messi when he scores angle shots. Hard and quick curved knowing that the goali will be a second late diving to cover the open angle and find the ball in the net. Rasford and lingard same with martial needs to master the angle shot missed goals.

    • Caspean Sea
      Caspean Sea Month ago

      Now type that again without crying

  • Omary Ibrahim
    Omary Ibrahim Month ago

    It will be better for Ole to sign a right left footed winger and To bring Daniel James back on his left wing (he will provide more assists and goals) ..This will increase efficiency during attacking the opponent team and to welcome P. Pogba into role number 10 (lingard should be out). 4-2-4 Formation: Luke Shaw,Lindolof,Maguire, Bissaka..Fred and Mctominay.. Pogba,James Martial and Rashford..GK: DG after signing a right left footed winger formation will change into 3-5-2. If yes draw your views.

  • Fish Ball
    Fish Ball Month ago

    I am a Chelsea fan, the MU tactical is simple , every game dive and get penalty .

    • Caspean Sea
      Caspean Sea 23 days ago

      @Fish Ball What about my grammar mate.?? You know better.?? 😏 🤣

    • Fish Ball
      Fish Ball 23 days ago

      Caspean Sea I talk about marry because u can’t argue nicely .
      Btw , someone start grammar first , while I was talking about football🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Fish Ball
      Fish Ball 23 days ago

      Caspean Sea lol your grammar .

    • Caspean Sea
      Caspean Sea 23 days ago

      @Fish Ball Don't marry.?? From football talk you went all the way to that rubbish.?? What a loser from a beautiful country. Please shine the fourth place clean. Jose will take it from you tomorrow night 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nabiel Omar
    Nabiel Omar Month ago

    hey, can you make a griezmann tactical analysis and playing style??

  • Ibul Azhar
    Ibul Azhar Month ago +1

    Same trategy when united beat PSG in champions league

  • Dan Fink
    Dan Fink Month ago +1

    The only thing that was tactical is Manchester United putting everyone on the field in the box. Nothing at all amazing about that. And then they get 2 lucky opportunities

  • Libertus Cs
    Libertus Cs Month ago

    Nothing spesial if you win, and using formation defensive.


    Analysis Fc Barcelona 2019/2020 Tactiques

  • David Kamau
    David Kamau Month ago

    The day pep starts training Mahrez to be a false 9 is the day citys fortunes will turn around

  • Elias jönsson
    Elias jönsson Month ago

    Anyone know why Pep didnt play Stones and Otamendi at CB and Fernadinho at his regular position?

    • janus lie
      janus lie Month ago

      stones and ota are recipes for disaster both play poorly together. they need laporte back in command. fernandiho quite good but it's not his natural position

  • moses Fabulous
    moses Fabulous Month ago +4

    City form dropped, I think they need some komoany..💯

  • Don Masai
    Don Masai Month ago

    Keep it up

  • Deveshan Govender
    Deveshan Govender Month ago +11

    Amazing content as always... Could you do a video on why Solskjær struggles against smaller teams with a deep block compared to possession heavy teams

    • Deveshan Govender
      Deveshan Govender Month ago

      @UtsavGurung thanks dude

    • UtsavGurung
      UtsavGurung Month ago +3

      While playing with big teams the opponent often play more attacking and united could score with counter attacking but playing with small teams the opponent usually likes to play defensive where utd doesn’t have such creative midfielders to creat chances .Thats why they struggle with smaller teams.

  • Neem Noa
    Neem Noa Month ago +10

    People say Ole can only play counter-attacking football and park the bus. But the fact is there is an evolution for every team. Attacking space is way easier than attacking tightly-knit defences sitting deep. There is a reason most mid-table teams adopt this style, especially against better opposition.

    United's squad is very thin at the moment, and very young. Pushing the defence high-up, and playing for possession, trying to dominate teams, that is only possible at the highest level with well drilled, elite players. United is not there yet. You can try and play this style with an inexperienced, inferior squad: most smaller teams that try it struggle at the bottom of the table. In the very competitive Premier League, a certain pragmatism is needed until you can build a world-class squad that is ready to dominate.

    So all in all, I don't think Solskjaer can't play other types of football. I think he is forced into this style by what is available to him, and by the demands of the fanbase and the owners. People keep saying they'd be happy with a loss if the team played nice football. I think this is a delusion. Most fans, and the owners as well would be fuming if we finished outside the top 6 (and most people want top 4). This is a results business and Solskjaer's hands are tied in this sense.

  • sadas
    sadas Month ago +40

    The key reason for City's loss is that they failed to score more goals than Utd.

    • Danny Smith
      Danny Smith Month ago +2

      If Man utd didnt score today, they wouldnt have won! Crazy isnt it

    • MrAnders9000
      MrAnders9000 Month ago +5

      sadas Did not know that, thank you for telling me

  • Christian Pereira
    Christian Pereira Month ago

    Could you put English subtitles on the videos?

  • Jxt Jeddai
    Jxt Jeddai Month ago +1

    Beautiful analysis..... I have stopped watching other channels because of ur sharp and understanding analysis

  • Pratyush dtewari
    Pratyush dtewari Month ago +53

    It was like watching Barca vs real Madrid 2012. City hogged possession and made good chances with their box to box game . However United showed pace and quality in the counter. Rashford should have easily scored atleast 1 more goal .

  • pedro leon
    pedro leon Month ago +12

    Bro how do you have such a small following your videos are the best when it comes to this topic, I wish you success

  • HomeAgent 554
    HomeAgent 554 Month ago +18

    Uniteds counters were amazing. I loved how Scotty and Fred effectively closed down the half spaces. Ole showed his flexibility, against Spurs they had similar equal possession, against City they barely had possession. These 2 victories will buy him a lot of time.

    EVER MENDOZA Month ago +14

    this is the exact struggle United has been having throughout this season..they are playing simple and going to counter attacks but that only works against teams that like to dominate the game..wich are the top teams, that's why Ole do well agints big teams.. but when it comes to more defensively teams those who dont propose to attack, United has trouble breaking the defense couse Ole don't know how to build up, he always rely on attacking the defense when they are out of shape(ususally in a counter attack lol) same style of play had Liverpool last season where mane and Salah had crusial parts couter attackig.. this year liverpool fixed that part, they still letal couter attacikg but now they also like to build up from bihind and dominate the whole game.

    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdul Aziz Month ago

      @loy stephen pretty quick of you to realize the Pogba virus thing. When a player spends more time and focus on outside things other than football, you know that person has become a cancer to the team. Keep them around and they'll ruin all your young uns

    • loy stephen
      loy stephen Month ago

      i'm against you all on the reasons man u struggles against smaller teams,coz the team always scores more than two goals against those teams.my reasons is at the start of the season the team was struggling for consistency due to injuries and other stuffs.den the team picked up the momentum and we were scoring beautifully many goals until mctominay was injured too and there came some problems and when he returned and picked up our form again against spurs wow and city.also i start to believe pogba is the virus in the team coz the team is always unsettled when he is around.

    • Stanislas Houston
      Stanislas Houston Month ago

      @Abdul Aziz I think is more like Liverpool not caring about clean sheet, its not a trademark of Klopp teams when he is winning and scoring easily.

    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdul Aziz Month ago +1

      @EVER MENDOZA and Liverpool is slightly suffering. They haven't kept a clean sheet for a while now, the lack of a attacking midfielder is forcing them to not completely focus on their job that is defending. Hopefully Alex Ox can fill that midfielder role or Liverpool manage to find a decent CAM, luckily there are a number of players of that role waiting for their first team places.

      EVER MENDOZA Month ago

      @Abdul Aziz ​ Alfie haigh, both statement are true, the difference is still in the tactics and the system of playing the game...back with SAF the last couple of year United didn't have the bests creative Midfielders still manage to win many games. Whereas Liverpool still have a decent midfield (btw, none of the liverpool's midfielders where nominated for best players of the year GLOBALLY) and they improve their systems upgrading their fullbacks to a roll that is supouse to be taken by Atacking mids..