Author is 'confused' black man supports NRA - Colion Noir Speaks Out

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
  • Colion Noir
    Huffington Post contributor tweets racist message. NRA TV host Colion Noir speaks out.
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Comments • 3 104

  • Cody James Singleton
    Cody James Singleton 5 hours ago

    Your race is American.

  • A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    I also hate bumper stickers and my nephew once gave a bumper sticker that said "I Hate Bumper Stickers!"! So I stuck it to the rear window.

  • Wax MeOff420
    Wax MeOff420 14 hours ago

    If the left can't convince you.
    They will shame you.
    The right pities the left.
    That's the only reason they have tolerated this for so long.

  • Victor Nieves
    Victor Nieves 21 hour ago

    What a stupid bitch. Libtards are subconsciously racist.

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Day ago

    You're amazing person Colion but, I like bumper stickers !😛

  • WARLORD op
    WARLORD op Day ago

    The NRA is national rifle association. So according to the “Author” a black man shouldn’t have a gun? Isn’t that racist? Isn’t that contradictory considering the 2nd amendment is why the Union won the civil war? LibTards and DemonRats being racist the most.

  • Shawnda Wells
    Shawnda Wells Day ago

    Damn. GREAT job, Colion! And THIS is why you're one of my favs!

  • Al Morrison
    Al Morrison Day ago

    Colion Noir, you're the best.🙆‍♂️🤩

  • unwelcome immigrant
    unwelcome immigrant 2 days ago

    NRA = Negotiating Rights Away

  • Early Cuyler
    Early Cuyler 2 days ago

    Right be like- its the left
    Left be like- its the right
    Right and left be like- they're buying it.

  • Mountain Rambler
    Mountain Rambler 2 days ago

    Smart. Man !

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 2 days ago

    Another dumb ass white bitch.
    She was standing at the frozen section at the supermarket staring at the Orange juice.

    Because it said CONCENTRATE
    on it.

  • Rena Denison
    Rena Denison 2 days ago

    Ya, and why did she stick the word affluent in there? That offends me, and I'm not you! She denotes black folks as either affluent or not?

  • Alan Wood
    Alan Wood 2 days ago +1

    The author is confused that a black man doesn't think the way that she wants him to. Or maybe she thinks that all black men are supposed to be poor.

  • Landon Cube
    Landon Cube 2 days ago

    Thats like saying "this black man has rights. Im confused?"

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 2 days ago


  • DJ F
    DJ F 2 days ago

    Colion Noir is a Terrific guy. He is articulate and very knowledgeable of the TRUTH about guns. I absolutely love the guys information. He cares about people and doing his best to properly educate the Clueless..

  • William Goss
    William Goss 3 days ago

    She obviously thinks black people are different. She obviously is surprised a black could share the same viewpoint as white people. She thinks black people don't usually believe in things like this. She made an assumption based solely on his color. She profiled him. Isnt this the definition of racism?

  • Psyberius Black
    Psyberius Black 3 days ago

    I’ve not seen any of Mr Noir’s videos aside from this one. But I am already a fan. And now a subscriber.

  • Barnes466
    Barnes466 3 days ago

    Cool interview! So glad the conservatives and republicans support you Mr.Noir! A lot more will be in the future!

  • Gilly Gil
    Gilly Gil 3 days ago

    Nice shootin'.

  • Mitch Phillips
    Mitch Phillips 3 days ago

    Hell my friends like Gun's red yellow black white purple we don't care about color o yes we all say dumbacrats an oduma sux purple ass no good piece of shitts

  • James
    James 3 days ago

    Whether left or right, they all presume black people are a monolith. With the left, they've made us this character to be used for their agenda.

  • Redsuit
    Redsuit 3 days ago

    Remember, the first notable gun control in America to stop ex-slaves and freedmen from owning firearms. There is much more to this topic but that is the gist of it all. Do not comply.

  • Mark Gerard
    Mark Gerard 4 days ago

    If you leave the Democratic Party (Left).....just try it as an experiment...find out if your friends, family, co-workers etc stick with you? JUST TRY IT!

  • ENTroPic Girl
    ENTroPic Girl 4 days ago

    Wow, so your just going to ignore the Racist AF members in the NRA also politicians they back with laundered money from Russia. Your cool with the fact that a large percentage of those politicians have a sorted history of disenfranchising the black community through gerrymandering?
    My ex boyfriend use to have a word to describe people like you, an Uncle Tom.

  • ThinkTwicePS4 Gaming

    my man is on fox news

  • J Aguasviva
    J Aguasviva 4 days ago

    They don’t even realize how racist they are.

  • Psi Air
    Psi Air 4 days ago

    Special interest groups have...special interests?!!!!!! 😥

  • kiddiescripterkiller

    They have no comprehension of the English language or history... That is why they get confused...

  • battleborn2002
    battleborn2002 4 days ago

    Colion for President!

  • Tim Osborn
    Tim Osborn 4 days ago

    Noir speaks very well. He is a very capable spokesman for Americans 2nd amendment rights

  • Olde Grunt
    Olde Grunt 5 days ago

    progs get confused when anything doesn't fit into the proper box (as they see it)

  • Nick D
    Nick D 6 days ago

    MAH NEA....

  • DunderHead 5000
    DunderHead 5000 6 days ago

    Doesn't fot into narrative. Tiny box they have been programmed to think in as they repeat all day everyday.

  • Reharl
    Reharl 6 days ago

    How dare a black man have independent thoughts and ideas! Sacrilege!
    GFY lady.

  • Grant Good
    Grant Good 6 days ago

    This is what racism looks like. Assuming someone who is black has to fit a mold that makes her comfortable.

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 7 days ago

    That’s racism. Leftists are so full of themselves they can’t even tell they’re racists.

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 8 days ago

    Got to get some guns to the black folks in South Chicago so those families can defend themselves from all the shit going on down there. Democrats are standing by as black families are getting slaughtered! When is this going to stop!

  • Paul Gardner
    Paul Gardner 8 days ago

    I just laugh when I hear something like that

  • Zoozooshi Crazy
    Zoozooshi Crazy 9 days ago

    Oh my gosh the lady in the pink dress before she went on the awful show The view. She used to be normal?

  • GraceFaded
    GraceFaded 10 days ago

    I never left liberals. They left me.

  • Jmaxboom
    Jmaxboom 10 days ago

    Love Colion.

  • duckpwnd
    duckpwnd 11 days ago

    racist lefitst cunt: "Why isn't this black person think and acting the way that the DNC tells them to!?!"

  • Seldom Scenn
    Seldom Scenn 11 days ago

    I just DOUT that NRA STANDS UP FOR any of it Black gun owners. I remember doing the NRA in school everyone copied off each other but only the White kids were approved for NRA. WOW now I know why...

  • Seldom Scenn
    Seldom Scenn 11 days ago


  • Fern Forwood
    Fern Forwood 11 days ago

    It actually sounds like she started out making an assumption, but ultimately her mind opened just a little.

  • Fern Forwood
    Fern Forwood 11 days ago

    Karen wants to speak with Volon Noirs’ manager.

  • xee doll
    xee doll 11 days ago

    White liberals are SO RACIST, It’s embarrassing. Their thought process leaves “me very confused “.

  • Jace Ski
    Jace Ski 13 days ago

    Im a normal guy who gets asked every other day if im in the military. Never been but I guess im getting profiled...

  • John Strickland
    John Strickland 13 days ago

    So as long as the black man follows there narative there all good. But there the enemy if they dont flow them

  • not yrbsns
    not yrbsns 14 days ago

    It just goes to show how dumb liberals are.

  • Adam Trollinger
    Adam Trollinger 14 days ago

    I wonder how many people really know what your name (the one you go by) means?

  • wulphstein
    wulphstein 15 days ago

    Liberal progressives are the biggest oxymorons out there. They are neither liberal nor progressive.

  • wulphstein
    wulphstein 15 days ago

    Why wouldn't blacks want to exercise their #2A rights?

  • mskiUSMC
    mskiUSMC 15 days ago

    There’s a term for that, woman ‘tweeter’... it’s called RACISM!

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. 15 days ago

    It tells you how ignorant people are in America. They think just because your skin color is black or brown you need to be anti-republican anti-gun it's ridiculous

  • linda Jay
    linda Jay 16 days ago

    Love mr. Noir

  • Garrett
    Garrett 16 days ago

    Leftist = racist.

  • TT C
    TT C 16 days ago