Reds complete miracle comeback against Barca: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | Champions League

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • All the drama from an unforgettable night at Anfield where the Reds pulled off the impossible against Barcelona, to book their place in the Champions League Final.
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    XOLANI NYATHI 9 hours ago

    This will go down as the best comeback in history. Barcelona is still reeling from that unforgettable defeat...

  • Blaxxie gaming
    Blaxxie gaming 18 hours ago

    We all here for corner taken quickly... Oriiigiiii

  • seanr521
    seanr521 Day ago

    Bad camera angle for goals

  • Atul Nautiyal
    Atul Nautiyal Day ago

    Unforgettable Night💕💕💕

  • Flubacus007
    Flubacus007 2 days ago

    Anybody else come on here to watch why messi shouldn’t have won the ballon d’or?

  • Benjamin Morgan
    Benjamin Morgan 2 days ago

    Barcelona are still Waiting for the corner kick.

  • Benjamin Morgan
    Benjamin Morgan 2 days ago +1

    Am still here after several months to watch again and again.
    Note: not a lipool fan though

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 2 days ago

    I was always a fringe soccer fan. Watching mostly only World Cups from the States. Then I stumbled upon a match Wednesday May 25 2005 while home sick from work. I watched it because I recognized the name of AC Milan and a few of their players. Then Gerrard happened and I was hooked. Then I consumed everything. Learning of Heysel and Hillsborough. Im glad I found soccer and LFC. I have made the pilgrimage to Anfield from Texas, USA now three times. I wasnt even there this night but every time I watch this highlight it's a pure sports cry when YNWA beams after the match. YNWA!

  • GreenBull Entertainment

    Best game ever

  • Jahanzaib Khan
    Jahanzaib Khan 2 days ago

    Messi was best player on the pitch
    It's shame still he is being criticized for this game

    • PYR0 F0REVER
      PYR0 F0REVER Day ago

      When Barça lose everyone critize Messi

    • PYR0 F0REVER
      PYR0 F0REVER Day ago

      for Barcelona yes, but these are days when you can't score against Alisson

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke 3 days ago +1

    Lol Barca
    Lol Suarez
    Lol Coutinho
    Lol Pique


    • PYR0 F0REVER
      PYR0 F0REVER Day ago

      Alba, pass the ball for Mane for frist goal
      TAA dribbled him before 2nd

  • Achu 710
    Achu 710 3 days ago +1

    It's too tough for me to watch as a Barca fan.... This was way too unexpected 👌

  • Arminiusz Mazowszanin

    It never gets old.

  • Sanket R
    Sanket R 3 days ago

    It hurts ! 🥵

  • Luis Motta
    Luis Motta 3 days ago


  • 1nvestNow
    1nvestNow 4 days ago

    "never give up"

  • Roman Bhatti
    Roman Bhatti 4 days ago


  • Hải Trần
    Hải Trần 4 days ago


  • ThisIsTheTruth
    ThisIsTheTruth 4 days ago +4

    Legends says: Ter Stegen still clappin his Hands

  • Satwik Basu
    Satwik Basu 4 days ago

    I watched that corner a 100 times.
    Who else??

  • I don't have a name
    I don't have a name 4 days ago

    After the match: "GG EZ"

  • DaveHUN
    DaveHUN 5 days ago

    Alamizsna parasztok....

  • Nithin Unni
    Nithin Unni 5 days ago


  • S Lowe
    S Lowe 5 days ago

    Never it was real at first bt LFC 4 life

  • Abu Soleh MD Safa
    Abu Soleh MD Safa 5 days ago +1

    1:03..... Wijnuldummmmmmm.....the unthinkable... The unbelievable...

  • Khubaib Hasan
    Khubaib Hasan 5 days ago +1

    Did you Know?
    Barça players are still waiting for Alexander arnold to shoot..

  • Josiah Priyan
    Josiah Priyan 5 days ago

    At school the first match at camp Nou I told my Friends that Liverpool will not go to the final of the UCL and will be knocked out but on the day of the second leg I woke up and saw that Liverpool came back and everybody was talking about Liverpool history comeback me and my dad were happy 😀YNWA🔴♥️

  • Tech Gaming
    Tech Gaming 6 days ago

    The night that break my heart, because I am fan messi & barca.but I appreciate Liverpool's victory.because we also beat psg(6-1).

  • ༒HungryBird ༒HungryBird

    Barcelona fans like messi and his team world no 1 team

  • Zi Hern Chew
    Zi Hern Chew 6 days ago

    The chants. OMG.

  • Sports Tube
    Sports Tube 6 days ago +1


  • Kapil Singh
    Kapil Singh 7 days ago +1

    All Barca players had surprised Pikachu's face at Origi's goal. 😂😂

  • Muhammad Mujahid
    Muhammad Mujahid 7 days ago +2

    Barca were not taking it serious cuz they have their lead

  • agam yudhistira
    agam yudhistira 8 days ago +2

    Legends said Barca defender & Per Stegen are still waiting for TAA to kick the corner ball

  • YT video
    YT video 8 days ago +1

    Liverpool number 1

  • Them Mz
    Them Mz 8 days ago +1

    Alisson always there to witness every great comeback

  • Sandy
    Sandy 8 days ago +1

    You’re not Liverpool fan if you have seen this highlight only once. 😌😌

    FISH TIPS 9 days ago +1

    I am an Indian who watched this at 2:00 clock in the morning

  • Atmadeep Mukherjee
    Atmadeep Mukherjee 9 days ago +12

    Barca : we have the"GOAT"
    Liverpool: we have"ori GOAT"

  • Rangi Namana
    Rangi Namana 9 days ago

    So emotional. With King Kenny in the crowd singing YNWA. Was bigger than the final. Barca are a much bigger club than the spuds. Loved this club for 30yrs. YNWA.

  • Darien Kan
    Darien Kan 10 days ago +1

    BEST GAME OF THE DECADE!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Nazgul Balikova
    Nazgul Balikova 10 days ago


  • Paul dissosha
    Paul dissosha 10 days ago

    One of the heart' breaking movement in my life... super playing Liverpool... congratulation

  • uwu
    uwu 11 days ago +3

    The legend says that if you listen quietly and pay attention every seventh day of the month, you can hear the cries of all Catalonia. Don't you dare to arrive at Camp Nou on that night because you will find the Ghost of Messi.

  • Lielison Tv
    Lielison Tv 11 days ago +1

    Barca:OH MY GOD \(▪0▪)/ I NO WIN

    Liver:Respect my history.

  • Abu Annasya
    Abu Annasya 11 days ago +1

    Gk bosen liatnya

  • Peachy Wiz
    Peachy Wiz 12 days ago +10

    I was pissed that messi won the ballondor and I came here to be happy and now I cant stop smiling

  • the kop #ynwa
    the kop #ynwa 12 days ago

    This anfield😎

  • chaos elfa
    chaos elfa 13 days ago

    CHEEHHH barca cheehhhh

  • Rene Junior
    Rene Junior 13 days ago +2

    And somehow Messi still won the ballon d or , not hating , but this cup game should have him eliminated from winning. How can a player choke two years in a row like this lol 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Christian Georgiadis
    Christian Georgiadis 13 days ago

    Who else comes back to this video every month and watching this video makes their day.

  • That's nothing to me
    That's nothing to me 16 days ago +1

    Arsenal fan here, just want to say it's a joy to watch you lads play and the fantastic growth you've undergone since the King Kenny days. This match is probably my favourite match I've ever seen why I'm a neutral. Very special moment in football from a very special side.

  • Roy Sherpa
    Roy Sherpa 17 days ago +1

    Damn still give me the goosebumps. Although I hate Liverpool

  • Ronaldo Moreira
    Ronaldo Moreira 19 days ago +1

    I really need to stop crying every single time i watch this

    • S.P Pathak
      S.P Pathak 17 days ago +2

      @Ronaldo Moreira but i am happy in your happiness

    • S.P Pathak
      S.P Pathak 17 days ago

      @Ronaldo Moreira ohhh☹️

    • Ronaldo Moreira
      Ronaldo Moreira 17 days ago +2

      @S.P Pathak but im a Liverpool fan. I cry of happines haha

    • S.P Pathak
      S.P Pathak 17 days ago +1

      Same here brother...that corner...still pains

  • mety 99
    mety 99 22 days ago


  • Kidoo1993
    Kidoo1993 24 days ago

    This made me cry

  • Neil Alam
    Neil Alam 25 days ago +1

    Wilhelm scream @1:19

  • John Cronin
    John Cronin 25 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️YNWA what a night ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vai Sts
    Vai Sts 26 days ago

    Hakan anjing banci lona

  • MIRZA Srabon
    MIRZA Srabon 29 days ago +1

    Suraez is a loser