Navalny: Russian opposition leader 'may have been poisoned through pillowcase' - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • Alexei Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition figure, has said he may have been poisoned.
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    The 43-year-old was taken to hospital with a swollen face, eye problems and rashes on his body. He was in jail for calling for unauthorised protests.
    Initial reports suggested that he had suffered an acute allergic reaction, but his doctor suggested he might have been exposed to "some toxic agent". Mr Navalny says he has never suffered from allergies before.
    Exiled opposition activist Vladimir Ashurkov says he believes a “toxic agent could have been administered through a pillow or through a pillowcase” while Navalny was out during a walk.
    International Editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports.
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  • 8
    8 Month ago +1


  • Ermias Endale
    Ermias Endale 2 months ago

    More fake news by rubbish bbc

  • Preteen Dhillon
    Preteen Dhillon 2 months ago

    Russia is good country but i do not understand that what is going on wrong with it. Why too much crime, mafia and killing on rise?

    • Preteen Dhillon
      Preteen Dhillon 2 months ago

      @Линачка I do not understand we have got human body that is capable to think that animals cannot think. Why we do not think the reality of this perishable life? If we will know this fact that we are not here for long then we would be more careful what we are showing to reap after this life will finish?

    • Линачка
      Линачка 2 months ago

      @Preteen Dhillon Well, that's what we want in Russia. The World really lacks human understanding, generosity and kindness. I would like people to come to these conclusions as soon as possible.

    • Preteen Dhillon
      Preteen Dhillon 2 months ago

      @Линачка i pray to God that we could become more compassionate, kind, loving to all His creatures. Life is too short to spend in hatredness, violence and selfishness, it's way to fire of hell after death. Why not become intelligent to live beautiful here for few decades life and also get rewards peace after death? I believe this is the best option.

    • Линачка
      Линачка 2 months ago

      In Russia there are not so many criminals as corrupt officials. Yes, it's a really good country. But the government is disgusting, hypocritical, mean and greedy. The government can order to beat, poison, kill anyone who does not agree with them and who stands for the rights of people. Russian law enforcement is terrible. People who go to peaceful rallies leave in blood and beatings. Some can go to jail. And it does not matter whether you passed by, stood next to, went to the store for bread. You can just stand, that's enough to beat you up. These are the real criminals

  • Dan B
    Dan B 2 months ago

    Be careful what you wish for! Navalny was most probably turned by the US during his time at Yale. Liberal ideology in Western states is not something other countries would be advised to replicate.

  • Maksim Schneider
    Maksim Schneider 3 months ago +1

    no way any of liberals will be in charge in Russia
    i see what they are doing in your countries boys ..... and just be honest with yourself it's HIGHLY LIKELY that revolution will strike in your state))))))))

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar 3 months ago +1

    Please support him, let's take the corruption away from Republic of Russia

  • Polly P
    Polly P 3 months ago +3

    Russian government just do what they want without any limits.

    • Igor Aharonov
      Igor Aharonov 2 months ago

      Polina Kölla highly Likely 100% of highly and more the 100% of Likely

  • Igor Aharonov
    Igor Aharonov 3 months ago +2

    Highly Likely , allegedly Putin stole more then trillion and 1000 trlions , its about Bullshitilion !!!! Highly likely !!!
    Highly likely !!! This is true !!! Highly likely . Allegedly he is responsible for everything bad . O my god , he is probably against everything good . Highly likely . And allegedly . One source , very trusted, but I can’t tell You what it is , but trust me , very trusted source, he has no reason to lie ( highly Likely, of course )).sad , that Putin has a tail and horns . And this is very very highly Likely .!!! Almost 100% of highly and even more the 100% of likely.

  • Þorsteinn77 D
    Þorsteinn77 D 3 months ago +10

    Putin is Thief of Russia

  • felex777
    felex777 3 months ago

    Who said his term will end in 2024? They are working on the issue what to change and how to prolong it.:)

  • Selah
    Selah 3 months ago +2

    Putin's campaign was to "make Russia great again" and is remarkable that Trump wanted to Make America Great Again during his campaign.
    Hmmm 🤔

    • Mohit Kumar
      Mohit Kumar 3 months ago +1

      And neither Russian like Putin nor American like Trum.

  • A Furlong
    A Furlong 3 months ago

    And I say this as a British citizen born in Yorkshire...

  • A Furlong
    A Furlong 3 months ago +1

    Oh look, more BBC fake news on the Russian government... meanwhile, while the British government continue to allow the sale of weapons used to murder huge numbers of people in Yemen...

    • 8
      8 Month ago

      @A Furlong Its yes.
      Not in every country power poisons oppositionists morally or physically.

    • A Furlong
      A Furlong Month ago

      @8 corruption exists in all societies, American, German, Russian, British. It exists everywhere.

    • 8
      8 Month ago

      @A Furlong How would I live in Russia and everyone here is aware that corruption is here.

    • A Furlong
      A Furlong Month ago

      @8 it is not. The Russian government did not poison the Skripals, that was MI6 and the fake story was pushed by the British government. It was completely made up. As is the idea that the Russian government poisons its citizens

    • 8
      8 Month ago

      This is not fake news, everything is as it is.

  • Cryptino
    Cryptino 3 months ago +3

    Whos gonna be russia’s president after putin dies?
    Answer: His Grave 😌

    • 8
      8 Month ago

      The joke is funny, the situation is terrible.

  • J A
    J A 3 months ago +2

    A pillow case? Only in Russia. It's amazing how many methods of assassination the Russians seem to come up with. On a par with the methods of smuggling drugs. If you're a government critic, you can't drink tea, use a pillow case or an umbrella, and you have to be cautious about touching your door knob.

    • A Furlong
      A Furlong 3 months ago

      It's fake news, more fool you for believing it! The Russians didn't poison the Skripals in Salisbury, MI6 did!

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 3 months ago +7

    14 Russian journalists murdered by Putin, opposition leaders imprisoned or slain. Putin stole over $1 billion dollars from the Russian people.
    Freedom isn't free. Go take that criminal down or he will never leave power.

    • Igor Aharonov
      Igor Aharonov 3 months ago +2

      Highly Likely , allegedly more then trillion and 1000 trlions , its about Bullshitilion !!!! Highly likely !!!

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 3 months ago +1

      It’s no a billion take it 1000x higher! Most probably it’s in Trillions!

  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver 3 months ago +6

    Watch it Putin someday somehow someone is gonna poison you what goes around comes around

    • stepsvideos
      stepsvideos Month ago

      He should go the same way as Ceaușescu.

  • MrB1923
    MrB1923 3 months ago +3

    Just more propaganda.
    The BBC manufacturing consent for the Establishment as per usual.

    • Firman Nugraha
      Firman Nugraha Month ago

      Navalny is pretty based though. Liberal media raised concerns about his nationalistic attitude. He is just Putin but not lucky enough to defeat the chad one.

  • Victoria Godley
    Victoria Godley 3 months ago

    Putin is an insecure thug

    JOSEPH THISTLE 3 months ago +1

    Russia bless thm the just kill what they dont like there people there opposition each other.

  • lana lake
    lana lake 3 months ago

    So, what do their voting ballots look like. One box to check but at least they get the experience of what participating in a democratic process must feel like?

  • Communist Chicken
    Communist Chicken 3 months ago +32

    truly sad to see russia thats runed by the mafia and coruption

    • vm8444 0
      vm8444 0 2 months ago

      Or.... They're trying hard like Ukraine coup

  • Seventh Anubis
    Seventh Anubis 3 months ago +2

    Julian Assange

  • Tom Soyka
    Tom Soyka 3 months ago

    Emily the snake woman, this woman looks like cobra

  • Tom Soyka
    Tom Soyka 3 months ago +1

    Kadyrov for president of Russia. he will clean it up

  • Tom Soyka
    Tom Soyka 3 months ago +3

    Navalny is a puppet of CIA and George Soros, fifth column trying to balkanise Russia,plunge it in civil war, and split Russo-Chinese alliance, but alledged poisoning is probably CIA job, false flag to smear Russian guv

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 3 months ago +2

    FREE Tommy Robinson and Julian assange from corrupt UK establishment

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 3 months ago +1

    Fake news pedophile bbc

  • buntovnik bez razloga
    buntovnik bez razloga 3 months ago +2

    English are being poisoned by Zionists!

  • Tiny mod
    Tiny mod 3 months ago +2

    Bbc fake news... Its the russians

  • Darin j6789
    Darin j6789 3 months ago +1

    He must of been a pillow biter ,,,, 😳😂

  • Magicpudding
    Magicpudding 3 months ago +3

    And will the BBC come to the defence of the British citizens jail for their political beliefs?.

  • Matazuma
    Matazuma 3 months ago

    I know the plan for 2024 Putins wins

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 3 months ago +24


    • MrB1923
      MrB1923 3 months ago +2

      Your just another sheep that keeps eating up the propaganda.
      Baaaa. 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    • buntovnik bez razloga
      buntovnik bez razloga 3 months ago

      Zero tolerance for traitors western cok suckers

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 3 months ago +12




  • Jack
    Jack 3 months ago

    Coming soon 666

  • slovokia
    slovokia 3 months ago +34

    The phrase Russian democracy is an oxymoron.

    • Jade Snood
      Jade Snood 3 months ago +1

      gonna be interesting... now with the Russian interference quashed in the US, contacts coming out, and memos mi5 + FBI messages in relation to the Russian investigations.... the same people that pushed the anti Russian narrative and brexit (that still sicks with a lot of people in the UK, they think the Russian did brexit - lasting damage and unfair to the people that believe it).

      What will be interesting is, to see the BBC back away from Russia.... then almost swap sides on the arguments of our current times:)

      The Guardian already seems to be laying the grounds... trying to look balanced in case US investigation uncover stuff and.. well :P

      But as an avid BBC news watcher, you will know all this :) cus they cover it all ...

      All this story does tell us is, someone may have been poisoned for their political views.. there is a claim, that's all... i Could make a claim that tommy has been put in deliberate danger to kill him ....

      wish people would stop thinking the UK system is any better than Russia.

      and here is the really shameful part.... if Boris manages to get a brake from brexit (if.. this is Boris after all). the BBC knows where its bread is buttered and will no longer get 'science' grants from the EU, and will play to the current UK government narrative...

      if that is a pro UK conservative - that where the BBC will be leaving the old crowed in the trash

      if is a radical government (farrage or anne marie waters) the bbc will bend the knee

      also if it farrage - the next petition to remove the BBC royal charter... well if they had enough seat, or sympathetic members.. the BBC could be intruble (after all, their plans to expand to an EU licence fee will already be a big nail in their plans - and they didn't manage to sneak in a fix charge all BB connection, under the guise that anyone may be watching their website... no they had to give in and finally added a login function :P)

      so... the BBC don't care about giving unbiased news (Wish ever side its on - yes it swings)... they give the public the news of the people in power... Was the EU :P

      and 5k views after 3 days Nice :P (wonder if they had to bump that up for the BBC)

    • abcun17
      abcun17 3 months ago

      Or just a moron...

    • populist revolt
      populist revolt 3 months ago +3

      FREE Tommy Robinson and Julian assange from corrupt UK establishment

    • TheSpiritOfTheTimes
      TheSpiritOfTheTimes 3 months ago +1

      The one free election that could have changed political course, in 1996, was destroyed by American interference which stole the election from Zyuganov, who'd have won.

  • Dave the french canadian

    trump bff would never

  • isha Massoud
    isha Massoud 3 months ago +26

    yes the allergy called " privet ot putina"

    • the doctor airsoft
      the doctor airsoft 2 months ago

      @V Ling Boris was a western puppet and a dictator who robbed the Russian people of its wealth.
      When putin came in he made the country in to a place where you do not have the risk of being robbed ever time you walk outside your house.
      like Chiang kai sheck and sun yat sen ya know 1 guy had a good idea but fucked up and only the second guy got it right

    • V Ling
      V Ling 2 months ago

      @the doctor airsoft
      Hehe. Did you like that neat trick Putin and Medvedev pulled during that period? Convenient way to make it look like they wouldn't have Putin forever. 😂 But transparent as hell if we look carefully.

    • V Ling
      V Ling 2 months ago

      @the doctor airsoft
      Well Yeltsin was a borderline drunk who was probably brain damaged or something towards the end, so I guess Putin is more effective in that sense.

    • the doctor airsoft
      the doctor airsoft 2 months ago

      @V Ling OH and btw the dude was not even president of the country from 2008_2012 XD

    • the doctor airsoft
      the doctor airsoft 2 months ago

      @V Ling It beats the Boris yeltsen regime though.

  • buntovnik bez razloga
    buntovnik bez razloga 3 months ago +2

    Julian Assange wasn't poisoned through pillow case??!

  • Awesome Avenger
    Awesome Avenger 3 months ago +16

    Well, duh! Russia is run by a KGB secret policeman. The KGB have been murdering Russians for a hundred years.

    • TheSpiritOfTheTimes
      TheSpiritOfTheTimes 3 months ago

      LOL go play in your spandex wuss. KGB is not like the CIA which can murder willy-nilly everywhere in the world.

    MIKAEL FLYER 3 months ago +1

    He is a proper racist, unlike Tommy Robinson. F.T.R!

  • Suiciderification
    Suiciderification 3 months ago +1

    Russia is the sickest country on this planet. No one in that pathetic country can disagree with the psychopaths in charge. Their idea of "great" is being a massive bully.
    Human rights are severely violated and stupid useless UN does not do shit. What's the effing point of having the UN?? They fail horribly on fulfilling their primary tasks, losers.
    I do admire those who dare be in the opposition in that savage country. Their bravery is admirable.
    p.s. What's with the soviet flag??Their government is total retards

    ELEPHANT SWEAT 3 months ago +4

    Opposition figure? more like western backed agent trying to destabilize a proud nation. If you really want to meet a political prisoner the state wants gone see Tommy Robinson.

    • lana lake
      lana lake 3 months ago +1

      @Chris Green Why you should ensure you are correct before it gives you away!

    • Nikita Breznev
      Nikita Breznev 3 months ago +2

      @ELEPHANT SWEAT The middle class in Russia gets 200 dollars a month, and pensions below the living wage , so you don't know what you're talking about

    • TheSpiritOfTheTimes
      TheSpiritOfTheTimes 3 months ago

      @Chris Green Imagine thinking ilk of Putin have no fans in places like the US and the UK.