My Teenage Dream PC - Ricer PC Part 1

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
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    We've gotten pretty good at making sleepers - PC that look slow but are actually really fast... But what about a PC that looks fast and is actually slow?
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Comments • 5 362

  • Mylo Fryett
    Mylo Fryett 34 minutes ago

    My first computer was a laptop and I broke the charger

  • Ross Deckert
    Ross Deckert 19 hours ago

    I need your help Linus. I am a guru but need an update. Badly. Help?

    • Ross Deckert
      Ross Deckert 19 hours ago

      And a never ask for help BTW, well rarely.

  • Rune Grødem
    Rune Grødem Day ago

    i head 2560-1600 res 25 years ago :-'))))

  • How 2 Make Stuff

    Me in 25 years: I remember when the intel core i9 was my dream CPU, Now the core i59!
    Great video Linus!

  • Naman Bhaskar
    Naman Bhaskar 2 days ago +1

    I have a celerion prossesor if you need it contact me on Instagram @namam_bhaskar

  • Kevin Veldman
    Kevin Veldman 3 days ago

    When is part 2?

  • misterPAINMAKER
    misterPAINMAKER 3 days ago

    Where is the Part 2?

  • Murch Mop
    Murch Mop 4 days ago

    "What if it was an old game that doesn't run on windows 10?"
    Solution -

  • Clonetrooper576
    Clonetrooper576 5 days ago

    this is just a history lesson and i love it

  • Kiya Sui
    Kiya Sui 5 days ago

    Still waiting for part 2 here at 2020 :/

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S 5 days ago

    what about the 7800gt AGP lol, or even better hd3850 agp

  • judeanwhoremonger
    judeanwhoremonger 5 days ago

    no dude, the sickest agp card was the gf 7900gs and i still have it, my 6800gt too anyways ... and all of my athlon 2800xp and 3200xp

  • sonny coton
    sonny coton 6 days ago

    Are we ever going to see part 2?????

  • LadBooboo
    LadBooboo 6 days ago

    Yo, it's 2020, any updates?

  • Rex Brennan
    Rex Brennan 6 days ago

    Please, the only pc I have taken apart has a Pentium 4.

  • 3D RC
    3D RC 7 days ago

    I was going to do a sleeper with a dell xps 8300 but I bought the wrong size board so I ended up building a new pc

  • Thick iPhone
    Thick iPhone 7 days ago

    Takes off the fps cap: 955fps in fraps

  • Jonkree
    Jonkree 8 days ago

    It's great how you can't find this video when you search for "riser" or the text in the thumbnail... Saw this in my recommendations, but refreshed the page before I watched it.

  • Christopher Allan
    Christopher Allan 9 days ago

    voodoo 3 3000

  • Sebastian Taylor
    Sebastian Taylor 9 days ago

    custom loop watercooling.

  • Lasse Rasmussen
    Lasse Rasmussen 9 days ago

    This is hilarious... oh the similarities.
    Many years ago I switched from pc to a Macbook for schoolwork and entertainment. Gaming continued on my good old windows pc, that I put together all by my self. Gradually I got older (yes that happens) and did not have much time for gaming, nor the money to keep updating a MacBook and a gaming pc at the same time. This resulted in a full tower pc standing under my desk with outdated hardware and not seeing much use. This Christmas I’ve been cleaning out all my files on the pc in order to retire it completely. I can not remember when I actually made any use of it last time.
    The specs were:
    MOTHERBOARD: Asus P4C800-e deluxe (same as in video)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 HT “Northwood”, 3.000 GHz, Model 2, Rev. D1 (might be the one first mentioned in the video)
    GRAPHIC CARD: ATI Radeon X850 (originally had the same as in video, but it fried the PSU as described in video)
    RAM: 3Gb (2x 1gb Kingston DDR400 Pc3200 + 2x 500mb GEIL DDR500 pc4000 with heatsink and a thermal sticker that changed color at 45, 50, 55 and 60 degree Celsius)
    Sound card, with surround
    4x HDD (1.160gb total)
    Floppy drive
    Cd drive
    DVD drive
    All installed in a Thermaltake Xaser V Wingo V8000a (teenage me: awesome lights, lets add more UV)

  • Calethal
    Calethal 9 days ago

    Here Ian Jan 10th 2020 still waiting for part 2.....

  • Dillon
    Dillon 9 days ago

    Hardline and 4ghz cpu overclock

  • KhaosFilms
    KhaosFilms 10 days ago

    Rip AGP?

  • MR SmARt GuY
    MR SmARt GuY 10 days ago

    Still better than a Chromebook

    DESTROYER64 10 days ago

    i made a windows xp/7 computer cause nostalgia and i needed something to run fallout 3 and tactics

  • Jarrett Embry
    Jarrett Embry 11 days ago

    Nothing like using a 1440p 144hz monitor to run windows XP on a 15 year old system.

  • Dante Inouye
    Dante Inouye 11 days ago

    aw, I have an Antec Truepower Trio 550w, new in box, I would have given it to LTT XD

  • William D
    William D 12 days ago

    Drop a AGP 3850 and win 7 32 4gb ram

  • Huntorix
    Huntorix 14 days ago

    i was 1 in 2004

  • Rojay Nazir
    Rojay Nazir 14 days ago

    Where is PART2? I wanted you to ultra overclock the CPU but use the best cooling solutions and see how high you can get and how does it effect performance.

  • loneywolf 477
    loneywolf 477 15 days ago

    Back in my day

  • Timothy Brunsdon
    Timothy Brunsdon 16 days ago

    5GHz OC

  • John Neville
    John Neville 18 days ago


  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams 19 days ago

    "Well, we had better use a new PSU for this old hardware." *grabs 1300W* You guys know they still make REASONABLY sized power supplies, right? lol

  • Keran Govender
    Keran Govender 19 days ago

    Plug the fan in

  • john smith
    john smith 20 days ago

    Hey Linus, I've got an HIS 4670 agp card that'd probably look better in that system. it'll be bottlenecked by the sl6wf though, thats what i ran it with @3.3ghz

  • Nozyspy
    Nozyspy 21 day ago

    Thats why i still only buy cases with front drive bays. And i still use them!

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 21 day ago

    the heck is part 2? the heck?

  • Niranjan Dixit
    Niranjan Dixit 22 days ago

    Water cooling and temperature testing!

  • 4rch4n93l
    4rch4n93l 23 days ago

    Any part 2 soon?

  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames 23 days ago

    w h e r e ‘ s p a r t 2

  • Bert Nijhof
    Bert Nijhof 23 days ago

    I still use such a Pentium 4 HT (3.0 GHz) with 1280 MB of DDR (400 MHz) during ~1 hour each week. The midi tower is from a Compaq Evo and it has two stickers; Pentium 4 and Windows 98/2000. The mother board is from a HP D530 SFF with a BIOS date of 2003. It has a DVD ROM (a CD R/W and a 1.4 MB floppy drive both not connected). It has a 250 GB and 320 GB IDE HDD and two laptop 320 GB HDDs at a SATA-1 plug, in total 1.2 TB. It has a new iTech 600 Watt power supply of $15 with 2 IDE and 2 SATA plugs :)
    The system runs FreeBSD 12.1. I use it to backup my Ryzen desktop once a week using the snapshot based incremental backup of ZFS. This ultra modern file system is supported by both 64-bits Ubuntu 19.10 (Linux; Oct 2019) and 32-bits FreeBSD 12.1 (Unix; Dec 2019). The 1 Gbps Ethernet connection is limited to ~200 Mbps by the 95% load of one of the CPU-threads.

  • lukas Ulferts
    lukas Ulferts 24 days ago

    Copyright 1985-2002 dont see that often

  • David Frantz
    David Frantz 26 days ago

    Find a Voodoo5 6000 or at the very least a voodoo5 5500. I don't care of that thing you have is better.

  • Bryle John Ballon
    Bryle John Ballon Month ago

    Any updates on this? Where's part 2?

  • LBplayz
    LBplayz Month ago

    Rip AGP in the intro tho 😔

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc Month ago

    Where's Part 2?

  • Stin3x
    Stin3x Month ago

    Try halo combat evolved

  • Albertus De Klerk
    Albertus De Klerk Month ago

    why didnt you insert an ssd

  • SuperFluffyfluff
    SuperFluffyfluff Month ago

    That brings back a lot of memories. Makes me want to resurrect my Toshiba satellite a65, it had a Pentium 4 and agp graphics

  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil Khan Month ago

    Custom water cooling

  • Ethan Peschman
    Ethan Peschman Month ago

    There's something about the complexity of vintage hardware that's just cool.

  • Railfan Jack
    Railfan Jack Month ago

    my suggestion is to plug in ur rear exhaust fan lmao

  • Ray Finnegan
    Ray Finnegan Month ago

    Where the hecccccccc is part 2

  • jimshaly1
    jimshaly1 Month ago

    Can we please have part 2?

  • Mr_McD0nald
    Mr_McD0nald Month ago +1

    Still waiting for part 2....

  • primevega
    primevega Month ago

    Dude this brought back so many memories. I had an athlon 64 and two BFG 6600GTs in sli. Two 6600s was faster than one 6800 ultra. Dam I miss the good old days. I remember my friend got the 3d1 dual gpu from gigabyte.

  • Huntsman3181 __
    Huntsman3181 __ Month ago

    At least this is faster than my two year old laptop

  • Landon Uyehara
    Landon Uyehara Month ago

    ok boomer