Batman: Arkham Knight Angry Review *Spoilers*

  • Published on Jul 9, 2015
  • "Baymang" Joe and "OtherSuperJoe" FINALLY Review the conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight! What took so long? and how does this final game measure up? Find out!
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  • CptNickk
    CptNickk 18 hours ago

    I just finished the tetralogy, I can say in the condision it is now it is easy a 8/10 or 9/10 with a Badass Aprovall

  • Zamor Janerson
    Zamor Janerson Day ago

    At the end of the game this scene scare me and hype me up at the same time

  • Drew Biggah
    Drew Biggah 3 days ago +1

    Batman sucks I don't like DC at all.. But the joker is literally the only good thing about DC.

  • Alexander Plechov
    Alexander Plechov 3 days ago

    This is such a biased bullshit review. The game is great, best of the series. Just because of technical problems people bash this game so much

    • Drew Biggah
      Drew Biggah 3 days ago +1

      Stop being a fanboy batman sucks lol

  • Ace Rob
    Ace Rob 9 days ago

    Only part in my opinion that was patted and boring as fuck was finding like ... over 200 riddle trophies

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 11 days ago

    I can think of only one boss fight in Arkham Knight that would be perfect for the Batmobile.
    Imagine Batman taking on a crapload of thugs and suddenly he feels a rumbling in the ground. Like a freight train is coming through. Everyone in the room panics except for Batman. He knows whose here. The rumbling gets more and more chaotic until a beam of red light slices through the ceiling. The whole roof gets torn off. A shadowy figure takes all of the thugs out at once. Batman can only watch as it happens. When it's over, the Figure turns to face him; it's eyes glowing red in the shadow. In a reenactment of The Dark Knight Returns, we hear a voice from the dark,
    "Bruce...we have to talk."
    Batman and the Figure argue. It tells him that he needs to stand down. Gotham's gotten out of his control. Batman of course disagrees in typical Batman fashion. The figure turns it's back on him and towards the camera. We see a massive red "S" on its chest.
    "You don't want me to make the decision for you. I'll be waiting."
    The Figure; immensely powerful and horrifically stoic, flies away with a loud clap of the sound barrier breaking. Batman lingers and watches it fly off.
    "...So will I." He says.
    The game could've continued from here. Having the two of them clash with their ideals until Supermans finally had enough and tries to stop batman by force in a Gotham park.
    Now here the fight could split in two parts.
    The first could be the Batmobile vs Supes. Hes far FAR to powerful to take on head to head. You have to hit him with Kryptonite rounds over and over and bring him down with every munition and cannon that the Batmobile has. Eventually you cause him to crash into the street...
    But it's not over. On your sonar you track him as he travels at you from underground. You have to give chase through the Gotham streets. He ruptures up from the pavement and you have to wallop him with everything you've got.
    The second phase happens here. You finally ground him just as the Batmobile runs out of ammo. Batman comes out to face Supes mano e mano. Hes vulnerable but by no means passive. They could combine elements of Deathstroke and Bane here. Something powerful but also EXTREMELY skilled. He hits you with combos that you have to counter and quickly. In the openings you hit him with gadgets, punches, flurries, and brute force. Throughout the fight you tear Supes' suit up and he does the same to yours. When you take away enough of his health he reels back, gaining momentary strength and flight. He scours concrete to chuck at you and leaps to the skies to deliver massive AOE's. Batman suddenly realizes he still doesn't have the stamina to take Supes on himself. He calls the reloaded Batmobile in and it circles the makeshift arena you both have made. Now you have to fist fight Superman AND give commands to the Batmobile to take him down. You both are ragged and worn down to the nub. Lightening peels across the sky above you. Finally he goes down; beaten, broken, and defeated. Batman approaches, out of breath and exhausted.
    "Theres no sun here, Clark. And nowhere to hide behind your strength This. Is. My. City. have a choice."
    The Batmobile growls like a metal beast behind Batman. He gets in, victorious but ailing.
    "You don't want me to make it for you." He says before he speeds off.

  • Molag Bal
    Molag Bal 13 days ago

    Everyone who disliked thought Batman was a part of Marvel

  • Sparsh Bansal
    Sparsh Bansal 16 days ago

    Scarecrow would have used his fear toxin on Superman and taken control of Superman's mind and made him destroy Gotham. Batman resisted the effects of the toxin. Superman wouldn't have been able to.

  • waslos man
    waslos man 16 days ago

    how can a pc version by worse then a console version wtf have the done ? bc its made on a PC for console so wtf have the done man

  • Ruby Studio
    Ruby Studio 17 days ago

    why was batman on pc retarded? because we can and did mod the fuck out of it. still do

  • Dashing Steel
    Dashing Steel 19 days ago

    You know what would be awesome? If the game had a gadget for Batman to use while on-foot to take down drones! It would make for some awesome stealthy missions utilising cape and grappling hook to quickly hide on the rooftops to avoid being moved down after placing the gadget onto a specific part of the vehicle to disable it with a direct charge of explosives or something
    BUT THERE'S A CATCH THO! there's a system in place that counts how often do you use that tactic and if you abuse the mechanic, then Arkham Knight wises up to your antics and upgrades the tanks so you cannot do that anymore! It forces you to switch it up with the BatMobile gameplay and makes the whole drone-fighiting part interesting again!
    The system would have some inconsistencies and random responses in showing how close The Arkham Knight is to realising how the gadget works that you would hear through Arkham Knight's radio chatter, like "How did you do that?!" and "What are you using" or SOMETHING LIKE THAT, but the point is to keep you on your toes with your choices. "Should i do another sweep on foot or do i bring out the BatMobile for the next one? I mean i did destroy like 20 drones using it like an hour ago, and i'm kinda sick of it, but if i'm not careful i might not even have a choice next time!"
    it's a raw idea, but i think it would be nice. what do you guys think?

  • BoB
    BoB 19 days ago

    I respect your review. But .

    VIPERDGX 20 days ago

    The car tank sucks d ck

    VIPERDGX 20 days ago

    Laugh so hard

  • Shan A M
    Shan A M 21 day ago

    Arkham knight is a 9.... on Xbox

  • Shan A M
    Shan A M 21 day ago

    Boooo boooooo!

  • Rainbow_Ghost
    Rainbow_Ghost 22 days ago

    What Version of the game is this i was playing the game on the Epic Games Store when it was Free for a Week and it Looked Awsome even better then other Games in the year 2019 even played the Game 100% and i never saw any shit Textures and i was on High and not Ultra Graphics and i was playing on a PC!

  • Thad Rurak
    Thad Rurak 23 days ago

    I just played this game because it was free on ps plus a month ago. It was fun but I called it quits at the cloudburst tank fight. I shut it off and watched the rest on youtube. That fight really sealed the deal for me.

  • Elliot Johnson
    Elliot Johnson 26 days ago

    omg I loved how other joe is wearing a Saints Row outfit and carrying the original model fat VCR looking PS2 and AJ is using a "Bat Gat"

  • Elliot Johnson
    Elliot Johnson 26 days ago

    I know Batman has been around for a long ass time but I never liked enjoyed the original 60's version. Always thought it was lame/corny lol sorry late Adam West, loved you in Family Guy.

  • Filip Zetterlund
    Filip Zetterlund 27 days ago +1

    22:28-23:05 the battle between Batman and Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    • User Account
      User Account 19 days ago

      Better acting than those awful WB DC movies..
      I only liked man of steel and aquaman from the newer ones..

  • Matt Bohl
    Matt Bohl 28 days ago

    4/10 for me.

  • Moises Castro
    Moises Castro 29 days ago

    Got the game early

  • HRK #FunnyMoments
    HRK #FunnyMoments Month ago +1

    Lol Maybe instead of Kindom Hearts, The Next Batman Game May Take inspiration
    From Sekiro😂Featuring All The Robins.
    0:35-it Don't Geet No Bedduh Dan Dat🦇
    2:20-Looks Like BatMan Wants A Job, That's Gonnuh Cost Yuh Big💰🥛🤤BatMan
    6:46-That's A 🔥From Beyond The⚰️(U Will Never Get Him Back😅)
    18:34-Lol. He's The BatMan i Want, But Won't Get🤔
    22:55-Oh This Takes Me Back🤣👍No 1 Else Sketches Dis Gud!
    Lol BatMan Sounds Like A Pastor.
    30:28-The GreenScreen Was Made of Kryptonite All Along🤣

  • Cameron Rice
    Cameron Rice Month ago

    Still less of a disappointment than Delrith is to his parents though...

  • Jack Douglas
    Jack Douglas Month ago

    Arkham Knight: He’s a man, not a god!

  • Rashad Almomani
    Rashad Almomani Month ago

    Other Joe with the Sacramento Kings Jersey.

  • Striker Frost
    Striker Frost Month ago

    Should at least be a 7 or 8. Besides the batmobile being a little repetitive at times and the Knight identity being a rehash it was an absolutely fantastic game and story to play through

  • Sylvex Dragonskin
    Sylvex Dragonskin Month ago

    It was such a great game. No problems at launch on PC for many.

    • spideralexandre2099
      spideralexandre2099 Month ago

      It wouldn't have been pulled from Steam if it wasn't an issue for the vast majority. I'm glad that it works perfectly now though

  • Heyho Brando
    Heyho Brando Month ago

    I agree with the tank part, however I wished we had the bat car, and the tank only for tanks coming in in large large numbers,

  • RockstarrClarke
    RockstarrClarke Month ago

    I love the angry joe show.

  • kellogg170
    kellogg170 Month ago

    30:30 NO MY PARENTS ARE DAYEDDDD!........

  • Super Saiyan Bro
    Super Saiyan Bro Month ago

    Pc MaStEr RaCe

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock Month ago

    This is one of his b's reviews.

  • Son Gukan
    Son Gukan Month ago

    I might get hated but in my opinion arkham knight is the best arkham game out there, the combat, the stealth, the music, the graphics everything was improved and i also liked the batmobile as well as the side missions (for the first time i actually completed the riddles) + the story/joker and the jumpscares were absolutely cool

  • Nichole Flanagan
    Nichole Flanagan Month ago

    He got jokers blood in him from the previous games that is your he sees the joker

  • Ondre
    Ondre Month ago

    Foh Joe, you're just catering to bandwagons right now with your scoring on this game

  • Plac
    Plac Month ago

    OR. a superman by insomniac

  • Plac
    Plac Month ago

    it's crazy it's been so many years since this game and like... i need another

  • Paul Trevena
    Paul Trevena Month ago

    PC the master race 😂😂😂😂

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker Month ago +4

    I felt the game was an amazing final entry in the franchise, but it had some major flaws like the overuse of the Batmobile, the writing was not as great as the previous titles, the PC launch is one of the worst PC ports of all time, there are literally few to no boss battles, etc. But the game still delivered a solid 8/10 experience in my book!

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker Month ago +2

    I don't completely agree with Joe's verdict for this game (although I still understand and respect the score he gave it due to the game's multiple problems) but his skits and informative reviews are always pure gold, especially this one!!!

  • Firelegend
    Firelegend Month ago

    Wow, Batman uses Egyptian cotton? No wonder he can fight crime with complete and utter confidence, his skin is so comftorable with that sweet cotton against his skin.

  • Raveen Bikha
    Raveen Bikha Month ago

    The joker was added because Batman have the joker blood

  • Yezzy Steet
    Yezzy Steet Month ago +1

    Batman Arkham Asylum: horror game feeling
    Batman Arkham City: best storyline
    Batman Arkham Orgins: Best graphics
    Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile and best villians in one game.

    P. S imao

  • singleplayer review

    thank you Angry Joe,for telling them to not make another Batman game FUCK YOU and FUCK Superman game Superman as a game sucks

  • Moon Lion Studios
    Moon Lion Studios Month ago

    i think your PC is bad

    i use laptop and it looks better then on my consol

    • VINTAO
      VINTAO Month ago

      stop being so stupid please, think rationally for 10 seconds and you will discover why he said the PC port was terrible

  • Froggen The Frog With A Knife

    18:35 I knew that you’d put in the Man-Bat jumpscare, because nobody would just put in random grappling in a video, but it still f*ckin’ got me.

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober Month ago +2

    Technically those cannons only have concussion slugs so you don’t kill people when you shoot them

  • CycoMiko 73
    CycoMiko 73 Month ago

    Spider-Man has the best villains.

  • James Vorster
    James Vorster Month ago

    How could u give the same rating for Star Wars battlefront 2 and Batman Arkham knight

  • Comic Reaper
    Comic Reaper Month ago

    I never finished the whole game through the like 20 times or more I played but just looked up the true ending. While the batmobile is tedious, The riddler trophies was tedious tiring and absolutely annoying that I never bothered to actually try to get all of them.

  • Vlasis Cavey
    Vlasis Cavey Month ago

    Ridler and his missions were by far the worst part of this game

  • Blanco Diablo
    Blanco Diablo Month ago

    I thought this game was much better than a 6

  • torben nielsen
    torben nielsen Month ago

    best hollywood actors ever

  • EyePlayGamez
    EyePlayGamez Month ago

    This, the mass effect andromeda review, and the deus ex mankind divided review compete for aj’s best thumbnails

  • Andlar
    Andlar Month ago


  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy Month ago +1

    I really like the intro music

  • Kutay Uz
    Kutay Uz Month ago

    riddle me this...

  • Robbie Fazle
    Robbie Fazle Month ago

    This game was cringe, compared to 1, City. That's it... This is third best.