Anthony Jeselnik in Conversation with Colin Quinn: Fire in the Maternity Ward

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Plumb the depths of Anthony Jeselnik’s twisted humor as the comedian talks about his new Netflix special Fire in the Maternity Ward with funny man Colin Quinn.
    They’ll cover roasting, political correctness, crossing moral lines and getting away with it-as well as Jeselnik’s new projects like Good Talk, The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project Podcast-and the path that led him to where he is today-“the Satanic prince of stand-up, a black-hearted joke-slinger with a ferocious and unstoppable will to power” (-Nathan Rabin, Head Writer, A.V. Club).
    Recorded on June 27, 2019 at 92nd Street Y.
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Comments • 562

  • Amberwood243
    Amberwood243 Hour ago

    Colin talks too much. Let the joke work.

  • ISawYourVideo BostonMA

    Lol I always think of that joke Patrice said to Jesselnick at the sheen roast he looked like a waiter at a mid evil restaurant. “Gimme my giant turkey leg ya nothin “

  • wjlintz
    wjlintz Day ago

    I remember the first time I saw Louis CK's penis. I said, "Louis, don't text me shit like that."

  • Ordinary Pete
    Ordinary Pete Day ago

    18:40 “..the Economy of words.” Brought a tear to my eye.

  • padredelaverde
    padredelaverde 2 days ago

    Anthony is a fucking genius.

  • GotWood? Bushcraft and more

    the host was boring af.. kick that old fart out and put an acually funny host in^^ like conan or someone

  • Benin Badyal
    Benin Badyal 3 days ago

    Who else knew this interview would go well before starting it?

  • Haruhiist number5
    Haruhiist number5 4 days ago

    That's one beautiful man. Jeselnik ain't bad either.

  • MrChill156
    MrChill156 5 days ago

    Did Anthony just call Louis a joke thief?

  • ze
    ze 6 days ago

    AJ is a great comedian AND arrogant as fuck. It's just comedy, yo, you're not writing Shakespeare...

  • Bharath Iyer
    Bharath Iyer 7 days ago +4

    Anthony's greatest accomplishment is understanding Colin's questions.

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 11 days ago

    Listening to the part starting around 6:20, Jeselnik sounds so much like Malkavitch ...Right?

  • gretchen baker
    gretchen baker 12 days ago

    I feel serial killer vibes from him
    Hes funny as but frightening

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao 13 days ago

    Colin Quinn, I hope you want to and can get Tough Crowd back on the air Anthony would make a great panel member.

  • Corduroy Xavier
    Corduroy Xavier 14 days ago

    Sooo Goood

  • Dave Pollison
    Dave Pollison 15 days ago

    Jeselnick's latest special was kind of disappointing. His act has become too predictable.

  • GJSJapan
    GJSJapan 16 days ago +1

    I guess Louie still doesn’t get that it isn’t okay just because you ask permission.

  • ryanfor81
    ryanfor81 17 days ago

    Arrogant retard vs arrogant retarded

  • Tenebrousable
    Tenebrousable 17 days ago

    @54:00 "if the hitlerian had won..." lol? That's bad ass.

  • Jennifer McGoldrick
    Jennifer McGoldrick 17 days ago

    He’s such a dick. Lol But I enjoy him.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 18 days ago +2

    We had a comedian on our college, and halfway through he got nervous and started talking about how sensitive we were.
    But really he hadn't said anything we thought was insensitive. he just fell flat on a couple jokes, and we were patiently and politely waiting for a funny one to come out. College students just want to have a good time for the most part.

  • Christopher Lago
    Christopher Lago 19 days ago

    I dont understand why I cant appreciate Stephen Wright but find your standup to be perfect for my personality. I think it's because you actually have no limits where as others say they don't but truly do. Daniel Tosh for example.

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez 21 day ago

    Why is no one talking about louis ck stealing jokes. THE FUCK??? Thats huge news

  • Kyle Kochevar
    Kyle Kochevar 22 days ago

    The greatest joke ever 47:20

  • C3 Studios
    C3 Studios 22 days ago

    Most of us can agree that we like Colin Quinn. Most of us can also agree that he is an absolutely horrible interviewer.

  • pohan drek
    pohan drek 22 days ago +1

    16:41 for fuck's sake, if you're always babbling about JESELNIK being a Slovenian last name, at least learn to pronounce it correctly !! We do not pronounce J's as you Americans do - we pronounce it as you do Y's !! So like YESELNIK !! 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤

    • The YouTube Algorithm
      The YouTube Algorithm 21 day ago

      I imagine it's because he would spend his entire stand up life correcting people. Or he just doesn't know....

  • AngryVet
    AngryVet 22 days ago

    There is something going on here, Quinn is being sincere but is struggling so hard just to get the words out. He needs to be checked into a hospital, time now.

    • joey4track
      joey4track 21 day ago

      Lol, he's always been that way. His mind is too quick for his mouth

  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 23 days ago

    Still a little bitter I never heard of Jeselnik until YMH. I love his voice and that adds more shock to the twists of his jokes. I feel like he could easily read audiobooks.

  • Wolfstatus Ricardo Vargas

    Have to admit, I easily forget and have to watch Anthony repeatedly to take a new/ old joke I missed laughing at the prior joke.

  • christina aurea
    christina aurea 24 days ago

    I am such a ridiculously massive fan of Louis, even the MeToo outing has only made me miss him. I am sad to hear that he took your joke premises and actually used them. That's lame and disappointing. Honestly, it bothers me more than his jerking off in front of or on the phone with people. I have no idea why... I guess because it's not compulsive or an obvious result of his own sexual abuse. I appreciate your openness and LOVE Fire In The Maternity Ward. Rock on.

  • peace and love
    peace and love 24 days ago

    He is a good comedian and writer for sure but he thinks God's gift to comedy and he is too handsome and intellectual to be a great comedian, he has the look of a good drama actor or a period or romantic film actor, he should go that way, he could make it big. He should play the last Tsar Nicholas II for sure.

  • rxp56
    rxp56 25 days ago +2

    Just saw Colin’s new special, much preferred it to Bill Burr’s. Funnier, more interesting and cleverer, but Colin is not flavour of the month so he doesn’t get the same traction

    • joey4track
      joey4track 21 day ago

      Res State Blue State is brilliant and I hate that everyone is talking about Dave and Bill when Colin's special is just as relevant if not more so. RSBS should be required viewing for anyone who wishes to voice an opinion in current year

  • Artcore103
    Artcore103 26 days ago

    Funny guy but a dumbass for buying into the trumps a bad guy let's all hate him bs. He participated in the roast of Trump before Hollywood and the left decided he was a racist bigot etc. Fake lying conformist assholes. Get out of your diseased bubble.

  • Chris Veasey
    Chris Veasey 26 days ago

    Colin actually does have old woman hands

  • Brendan Lake
    Brendan Lake 29 days ago +1

    I understand him shitting on acting, but to say he doesn’t respect it as an art form? Come on, you’re telling me decaprio and brad Pitt in Tarantino’s new movie isn’t an art form? That’s bullshit.

  • mcketamd2
    mcketamd2 Month ago

    Jokes too smart for Americans??.There once was a Man from Nantucket?

  • John Moore
    John Moore Month ago

    Cause Fallons claim to fame is nothing.

  • timmian85
    timmian85 Month ago

    The beard makes Col look like a fucking Sea Otter.

  • JakeMCGreen
    JakeMCGreen Month ago

    Love me some CQ. Jesselniks ok too

  • nevertheless bacon
    nevertheless bacon Month ago +1

    I can tell Colin hates complimenting with out an immediate insult !!

  • Thuan Tranvo
    Thuan Tranvo Month ago


  • Louis Sylvester
    Louis Sylvester Month ago

    Ryan Hamilton is hilarious and unknown. It's cool to hear a shout out for him.

    • joey4track
      joey4track 21 day ago

      Super funny, esp for a clean comic

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression Month ago

    His recent stand-up wasn't as funny as his last 2.

  • 890mikes
    890mikes Month ago +7

    I liked Jeselnik from the first time I saw him. He has gotten better over the years. Colin Quinn is always great.

  • Azrael Blick
    Azrael Blick Month ago +1

    I beg your pardon Mr. Quinn, we care about the Penguins too.

  • lisa mansfield
    lisa mansfield Month ago

    Most comedians are dogs:)

  • a0required0taste
    a0required0taste Month ago

    Colin Quinn sounds like rambling idiot

  • josh collins
    josh collins Month ago +45

    "Colins voice sounds like a gravel driveway talking" - Bobby Kelly

    • josh collins
      josh collins 6 days ago

      “I would feel more comfortable if I wasn’t sat next to the herd of cattle that died to make Patrice’s jacket” - Greg Giraldo

    • K1ll1ngXJ0k3
      K1ll1ngXJ0k3 6 days ago +2

      "Bobby Kelly is starting to look like Emeril Lagasse"
      -Patrice O'Neal

  • Bob M
    Bob M Month ago +3

    15:20 this is very true. Speaking english and understanding english are 2 different things. The reason is that most read or listen to english content and learn to understand it but its very rare to speak it on a daily basis. I for example listen, read and write in english every day but i speak english MAYBE 1-2 times a year when on vacation. So he is absolutly right. Great observation.

  • kingkongz88
    kingkongz88 Month ago +9

    That Swearengen analogy was perfect. I don't get why I can't watch this guy with more people. Even the ones that don't get upset seem to miss the beauty of the perfectly crafted irony laden curve balls.

  • bootnsoot
    bootnsoot Month ago

    Colin Quinn read things like trump. The funniest thing about him was the teleprompter. Jeselnik thinks hes gods gift when in fact hes just a one liner guy with some to little content.

  • Dassa Besso
    Dassa Besso Month ago +1

    What's with the affected voice on this Jeselnik character?

  • Moff Jerjerrod
    Moff Jerjerrod Month ago

    Honestly I have never found Anthony Jeselnik funny, at all. He is doing two comedians, in an almost exact copying of their most famous parts. He has combined Daniel Tosh's shock humor with Steven Wright's deadpan delivery. He is copying and is not funny. My opinion, and others may find him hilarious, but I find his 'humor' a waste of time.

  • RobertMStahl
    RobertMStahl Month ago

    This 18 seconds is up there with Jeselnik's quality, from PAYDAY MONSANTO:

  • FAL G
    FAL G Month ago

    He genuinely believes he's great. People are over the "shock" comedians. Moving on...

  • Nathan Yates
    Nathan Yates Month ago

    55:10 ... Brilliant.

  • Nathan Yates
    Nathan Yates Month ago

    Oh, good luck, Anthony! Yours was the best special until Chappelle's masterpiece. Really glad to hear you're gonna try!

  • Robert Mal
    Robert Mal Month ago

    I went to his show in Warsaw and he said the same thing about google. I myself googled him around the time of his Charlie Sheen’s roast, just to see if he wasn’t of European descent - his last name sounds as if it could have been anglicised. So to some extent the version he got was right. But to claim, that after seeing his special I would think he’s Polish is a little far-fetched. Why the high google count in Poland? The stand-up scene here has been growing quite rapidly during the last years so looking up American artists only seems natural. Also - if you take a closer look - Anthony’s topics are in fact quite universal, his delivery is intelligible and that mix of dark humor and meticulously crafted material is simply very enjoyable. What’s not to google? By the way - no New Zealand on the search podium comes as a surprise… Pozdrowienia z Polski! :]

  • sakuraba86
    sakuraba86 Month ago

    I love AJ's point at 12:00. Chappelle and Burr could learn from that. Dont laugh at your own shit. If you see Jeselnik laughing, you know it's not planned. True comedians here.

    • sakuraba86
      sakuraba86 Month ago

      @APisceanSlant No. It's an appropriate comparison. He didn't dwell on it, but it's still clear that he disrespects laughing at your own jokes. I loved Chappelle's last special, but he did that about 25 times. It's a cheap trick. If someone who wasn't a made man did it, he'd be dismissed as a hack.

    • APisceanSlant
      APisceanSlant Month ago

      False comparison. AJ is referring to his refusal to let the audience 'break him', whereas both Dave and Bill are obviously breaking up in spite of the audience.

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King Month ago

    What I like about Jeselnik's humor is that it is a raffle of villainy. If your villain gets drawn, he becomes your hero overnight. It's like the Mary Andrew's Favorite Things song, "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens." Yeah, wet roses are kind of a messy. Whiskers are fine on any mammal really. "Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens." Can't drink coffee without a kettle. Don't care if it's bright. I have gloves, who wears mittens? "Brown paper packages tied up with strings" HOLD ON, SAY WHAT? Brown paper bags tied up with strings is my shit! Yes, finally a song writer that understands the f**king word!
    When A.J. hits your neck of the darkness, you suddenly get it. This comedy only works if you ultimately know he is on your side. It's like his bit about his mother stepping in front of a bus not to commit suicide, but to stop civil rights; it pops because you know he is taking two things your not suppose to laugh about and making you laugh while not truly mocking either.