Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2015.10.23 vs Heat - 25 Pts, 13 Rebs, 5 Dimes, 5 Blks!

  • Published on Oct 24, 2015
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Comments • 104

  • Yugioh Pvpsaan
    Yugioh Pvpsaan 4 years ago

    I'm telling you MJ, with all due respect, Davis is coming for that GOAT status.

  • GreemZlle
    GreemZlle 4 years ago


  • Kalu Abay
    Kalu Abay 4 years ago

    AD is more versatile than kd. he can shoot, drive, handle the ball rebound better, just as good at passing and way better defense. and he's younger. AD gunna be a champ at least 2 times before he's done if he gets the right team around him

  • Rodrigo González
    Rodrigo González 4 years ago

    Too good

  • Playground 22
    Playground 22 4 years ago

    2:15 thats some great court awareness from the best player on the team and AD

  • Allen Yang
    Allen Yang 4 years ago

    why does Davis look bigger than Chris bosh who is 6'11

  • Lakeshow07
    Lakeshow07 4 years ago

    Doesn't matter if you're Chris Bosh/Dirk's height, he's going to block that fadeaway

    • Niko Cross
      Niko Cross 4 years ago

      +Allen Yang Chris Bosh is 6'10, Anthony Davis is 6'11 and he weighs more than bosh does.

    • Niko Cross
      Niko Cross 4 years ago

      +Allen Yang Chris Bosh is 6'10, Anthony Davis is 6'11 and he weighs more than bosh does.

    • Allen Yang
      Allen Yang 4 years ago

      but he look bigger than Chris bosh, whiteside height. whiteside is 7'1....

  • AA AM
    AA AM 4 years ago


  • AKHandle
    AKHandle 4 years ago

    Whiteside was also -10 compared to ADs +23

  • T
    T 4 years ago

    If he can develop a better post offense and some leadership, it's over

  • connor bruce
    connor bruce 4 years ago

    2:16 to see the goat

  • shabazz360
    shabazz360 4 years ago +1

    AD starting to get them "superstar" calls I see. Whiteside visibly got screwed on 3 different plays.

    • TheVictoryHawk
      TheVictoryHawk 4 years ago

      +shabazz360 yea completely agree, he was right to get pissed

  • flatbushallstar
    flatbushallstar 4 years ago

    4 assists away from a 5x5
    him or giannis is going to get one soon

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 4 years ago

    how is he overrated?

    • DTBass123
      DTBass123 4 years ago

      @Chris Paul I agree.

    • Chris Paul
      Chris Paul 4 years ago

      @DTBass123 yea it's a shame

    • DTBass123
      DTBass123 4 years ago

      @Chris Paul yea that is true. And then there's plays where he blocked Cousins shot like 2 or 3 times in back to back plays and they went crazy. So I know exactly what u mean. But it's not his fault tho. I agree with u 100 percent. Just like this game. Whiteside got called for a couple of ticky tac fouls that where clean blocks in my opinion.

    • Chris Paul
      Chris Paul 4 years ago

      @DTBass123 well he finished 5th in MVP voting last year, 1st team all nba, and second all defensive team he's all the hype he gets but it's sad to say the nba is protecting him. Cousins dunked on him and they didn't acknowledge it at all smh

    • DTBass123
      DTBass123 4 years ago

      @Chris Paul jealousy and don't know basketball. I always try my best to give credit where credit is due.

  • Mohamed Al-Dobaishi
    Mohamed Al-Dobaishi 4 years ago +1

    "Anthony Davis got away with a foul"
    Was a clean ass block, these heat commentators got used to calling everything a foul #flopcity

  • Yfn Will
    Yfn Will 4 years ago

    This dude stats be like a 99 myplayer in 2k

  • Dr Dube
    Dr Dube 4 years ago

    He's special. The way he improves every season. Gonna be MVP in no time

  • Reign Supreme
    Reign Supreme 4 years ago

    just when you think you've figured out AD, he goes and produces a nasty 3 point shot lmao i feel sorry for the coaches playing against him, dude has literally no weaknesses offensively and defensively

  • 214 East DallasBoxing
    214 East DallasBoxing 4 years ago

    I would hate this as a mavs fan, but imagine if AD started working out with Dirk shooting coach? dude would be like a created player on 2k or some shit.

  • garnettfor3
    garnettfor3 4 years ago

    perkins lol

  • fikkid
    fikkid 4 years ago

    smh, how sway?

  • jazzkid
    jazzkid 4 years ago

    If they make playoffs then AD MVP

  • Chef Curry
    Chef Curry 4 years ago +12

    3rd best player in the NBA, and best overall PF in the game.
    Gonna win an MVP before he turns 25.

    • Chef Curry
      Chef Curry 4 years ago

      your mother would beg to differ
      and thats funny, since you're the one that watches some weird ass shit

    • captaincrunchdog
      captaincrunchdog 4 years ago

      The best player actually

    TJ ASYLUM 4 years ago

    If Jrue and Tyreke stay clear of injuries I think the Pels can take a major step forward this year and

    • AJVersatility19
      AJVersatility19 4 years ago

      +Isaac Enelamah Tyreke is out indefinitely and Jrue is on a 15min restriction until like January. With OKC back in the mix, it'll be hard for the Pels to even go back to the playoffs. A backcourt of Norris Cole and Eric Gordon makes me wanna cut myself.

    • Uya O
      Uya O 4 years ago

      @Isaac Enelamah He's injured indefinitely...

    • Isaac Enelamah
      Isaac Enelamah 4 years ago +1

      +TheYearOf UYA season hasn't even begun yett

    • Uya O
      Uya O 4 years ago

      Tyrekes injured...

    AJVLANEY 4 years ago +10

    Whiteside's a great competitor

    POGBOOM 4 years ago +1

    The only thing that'll hold him from a mvp is his teams record which is bs. Team record shouldn't be everything when deciding mvp.

      POGBOOM 4 years ago

      +LichtLune That's exactly my point, curry only reason for winning mvp was "best player on best team". If that's always the case why doesn't anyone from the spurs ever win when they have the best record? That's clearly what your saying. Just face it curry didn't truly deserve mvp

      POGBOOM 4 years ago

      +LichtLune "There isn't a point guard that spaces the floor better than Stephen curry in the game." Wtf does that have anything to do with what where talking about? Why did curry win? Oh bc he spaces the floor the best and that's a big thing in deciding the mvp. Of course curry was the most valuable to his team during the season, but he wasn't more valuable to his team compared to the likes of harden, ad, or even cp. I'm not taking anything away from curry, he's a heck of a player but a huge reason he won mvp was bc of his stacked team and even you know that's true. Curry wasn't as good as some of the players last year nor as valuable as them. The finals prove that his team was a big part of him winning mvp (arguably the biggest reason he won) bc when he plays shit, his team picks it up, mostly every player doesn't have that luxury and the final proved that bc he wasn't even the most valuable in the finals for his team. Even lebron a guy who lost had more votes than him smh

      POGBOOM 4 years ago

      +X02Overdose LeBron has a case bc he was the most valuable. You take him out, his team goes from 60+ wins to 20 or less. Curry was neither the best player in the league nor the most valuable to his team. Btw the finals proved that bc he didn't even win finals mvp. How you gonna win mvp but not win it in the finals?? Bc his team was sooo stacked.

    • X02Overdose
      X02Overdose 4 years ago

      It doesn't matter what type of numbers you put up if your team only wins 45 games you damn sure aren't winning MVP. Back in 09 D-Wade put up MONSTER numbers, yet his team only won 43 games. Lebron put up similar numbers that same year. The only difference is his team won what.... 66?

    • Ichigo4girls
      Ichigo4girls 4 years ago +1

      +LichtLune who was finals MVP now?

  • P ND
    P ND 4 years ago +4

    Get this man help I don't want to see his talent wasted on a mediocre team

    • Albert
      Albert 4 years ago

      @Patrick Dennehy I agree man. I was just saying if healthy, overall, they aren't a bad team

    • AJVersatility19
      AJVersatility19 4 years ago +1

      @DaGoat I'd never want him to leave NO, but if I had my way I'd rather have people realize he needs help now than 10 years later when he's scrambling to contend. It was clear by them trading all their first round picks that NO wanted to make the playoffs right away instead of building through the draft. That's what worried me. Like Patrick said, they're capped out, got 3 untradable players who don't seem to yet have a fit together(Jrue, Tyreke, Gordon) and no backup plan. An all out plan like that only needs one setback(injuries) to completely blow up. Setbacks that they've had plenty of. This current team is the best they can do. They have no money for FAs, they won't be good enough for playoffs runs, but also not bad enough for lottery picks. Stuck in the middle until contracts expire, or someone miraculously takes a big contract away from them. That numbers 2 guys isn't gonna be coming any time soon.

    • DaGoat
      DaGoat 4 years ago +1

      @Patrick Dennehy we have time to build a great team man, i understand your argument very clearly. I just hate the narrative that people give the Pels. I believe until AD gets that number 2 guy that can take the load off him is when we become real contenders.

    • DaGoat
      DaGoat 4 years ago

      @AJVersatility19 i know exactly what he is saying but you guys act like AD been in the league 10 years lol. He's still young and you honestly think that Demps(pets GM) is okay with the roster we have now? He's trying to find AD a true number two guy at the moment but it takes time. A championship contender dosen't build overnight man. As a pets fan, i understand your concern but you have to look at things rationally.

    • P ND
      P ND 4 years ago

      I don't think Rubio is good. I think he is decent and a role player, that can distribute the ball. Which is what you want from your PG.
      You never addressed the fact that N.O. is salary capped and Holiday, Gordon and Evans are not top 15 players at their perspective positions.
      So yes. I will take two 20 year old potential top 10 players, and a team with salary cap flexibility over the next two seasons - over a team that's going to get ousted in the 1st or 2nd round, has no way to improve -other than hoping three 26 yr olds miraculously become all-stars.
      If you swapped Tyreke and Wiggins. My opinion on N.O. would be "ok you have something to build on and the team is treading upwards"
      A.D. needs another all-star caliber player and to make title runs.
      There is a reason why LeBron left for Miami...

  • ImJustKyle
    ImJustKyle 4 years ago +2

    its got to the point where this dude is just not in the league imo

    • Mister TracK
      Mister TracK 4 years ago

      +Lim Jun Cen That was Boris Diaw my friend.

    • Jun Ken
      Jun Ken 4 years ago

      +TracK he did it against tim duncan already dude. he brought them to the playoff last season because tim duncan couldn't stop anthony davis

    • Mister TracK
      Mister TracK 4 years ago

      +Little General Not against Cousins. Cousins is the best big guy in the league now :/

    • ImJustKyle
      ImJustKyle 4 years ago

      +TracK bet you that change this year

    • Mister TracK
      Mister TracK 4 years ago

      +Little General Except he can't do it against people like the gasols duncan cousins and howard :/

  • hahyunlee
    hahyunlee 4 years ago +8

    My MVP pick this year...

    • Elias Evangelista
      Elias Evangelista 4 years ago

      @***** him too

    • Teun van der velde
      Teun van der velde 4 years ago


    • Elias Evangelista
      Elias Evangelista 4 years ago

      Him, pg or damian lillard

    • iGoTtHEJuice sucka
      iGoTtHEJuice sucka 4 years ago

      +LichtLune he seems to be the type a player who can win mvp w/o his team being top 3 cause of his hype. think about it, he was in serious consideration until the end of last season and thats when no one thought the pels would make the playoffs and he was injured over a 1/4 of the year. I dont think he's good enough defensively to win dpoy, but then again due to hype its possible if he avg 4 blks. scoring title def seems possible cause alvin gentry knows who his star player is and will feed him unlike monty williams

    • Teun van der velde
      Teun van der velde 4 years ago +6

      +hahyunlee kevin durant is gonna be better then ever

  • GodMelo Anthony
    GodMelo Anthony 4 years ago +5

    Will be MVP sooon ...

    • Swaggy Jee
      Swaggy Jee 4 years ago

      Fuck yall niggas been at @James 2134 @ShowTyme Glo Highlights @Brendon Sanders @Ballers Life @Kobe The Lord of the Rings #5 @Kobe Not Top 100

    • James
      James 4 years ago +1

      True that bro @GodMelo Anthony​ AD star in the making

  • KCroseover
    KCroseover 4 years ago +1

    Yeah he is a guard now

  • Orange
    Orange 4 years ago +44

    only 3 3's in his entire career and now 7/13 in the preseason, are you serious AD?

    • Legin
      Legin 4 years ago

      +Orange Wait, he made 7 three pointers?? I thought that was his field goals in general.

    • cyber6sapien
      cyber6sapien 4 years ago +1

      +Orange He can literally do anything he puts his mind to!

    • kidclutch9
      kidclutch9 4 years ago +13

      And one of them kicked OKC out of the playoffs😂

    • jeebs9
      jeebs9 4 years ago

      +Vince Cook Agree

    • Kay Cee
      Kay Cee 4 years ago +6

      +Orange Always had outstanding touch and form to become a good 3 point shooter.