Classic Moments in Cinema with Colin Quinn (with Jim Norton and Anthony Cumia)

  • Published on Sep 9, 2014
  • Shoutout to Jonathan Brocker ( for making the clips!
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Comments • 267

  • Kyle Buttermore
    Kyle Buttermore 20 days ago

    The twister one is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! 😂

  • Dave Watts
    Dave Watts 23 days ago

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  • tasr
    tasr Month ago


  • Cody Laramore
    Cody Laramore Month ago

    The shining one was the best one lol, this was amazing. 🤣

  • Paul Bellini
    Paul Bellini Month ago


  • Robby Cutt
    Robby Cutt Month ago

    Ant and Jimmy are so natural together.

    ARZAK Month ago

    "I actually havent seen the original clip"
    "really it was, it was in the FOLDER!"
    *awkwardly looks around, doesnt answer*
    I mean their chemistry is usually good but this clip is awkward to me, something is off

    • ARZAK
      ARZAK Month ago

      Jim is obviously thinking *did you really just chastize me for not doing show prep*

  • masterred82
    masterred82 Month ago

    "wait, wait. hang on, ahhh beach, ahh fishing, ahh radio for 30yrs"
    come on, you know you missed it.

  • masterred82
    masterred82 Month ago

    Looks like Anthony gives a shitty 2 fingered shocker..................

    Shocker lol soz

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 2 months ago

    anthony “it might just be down in the video section”

  • Kenny Curvedcock
    Kenny Curvedcock 3 months ago


  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 4 months ago

    Wormy faggit You stink!! You unfunny blinky hack!!!!

  • mje155
    mje155 4 months ago

    Anthony Cumia and Norton.

  • Chippy Walnuts
    Chippy Walnuts 4 months ago

    Sitting in my Sicilian grandmothers house and everything is cream colored.

  • Adam Schnellenbach
    Adam Schnellenbach 4 months ago


  • Ray p
    Ray p 5 months ago

    Ant looks like the biker from SOA kim Coates.

  • Gianconti Spinocci
    Gianconti Spinocci 6 months ago

    a low life talking to a lower life...hahahah Holeee Sh

  • J-Boogie Brown
    J-Boogie Brown 7 months ago

    These two seriously need to get back together permanently.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 7 months ago


  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 7 months ago


  • Marvin Hernandez
    Marvin Hernandez 7 months ago

    Fuck, this is 4 years old.

  • Sir James W. V. Savile, OBE

    Time for a phone call

  • 308bushmaster
    308bushmaster 9 months ago

    So Funny. Nonstop laughter

  • FraktalFace
    FraktalFace 9 months ago

    i miss the old jim. before he became a faggot. You stink!

  • Master_OP_OG YourLordAndSavior

    I just want them to do a show on the regular together so I can give them my money already

  • 308bushmaster
    308bushmaster Year ago

    Omg!!!! I laughed so hard at these videos. Great job guys

  • Thomas Clay
    Thomas Clay Year ago

    A&j on xm come sign them already

  • Jason McCullough
    Jason McCullough Year ago

    "Sick Fuckin Puppies?"
    "Of course there is."
    Fawkin Chippah

  • Bianco
    Bianco Year ago +1

    they look/move like owls when on mic

  • Am Erica
    Am Erica Year ago +1

    When is Jimmy's contract up? If my ears could cum this would be porn!

  • 308bushmaster
    308bushmaster Year ago

    Omg!! I never laughed so hard. Thanks guys I needed that

  • jason cullity
    jason cullity Year ago

    Born on the 4th of July was FUCKN HYSTERICAL

  • NoJaYorK
    NoJaYorK Year ago

    Colin recovering from a heart attack just last night..get well soon pal..we all got love 4 u!

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou Year ago

    He looked just like Mrs Kennedy trying claw back the 'bits' from the back of the car in shock.

  • Jason King
    Jason King Year ago

    I could watch Colin spill his drink in multiple movies all day long

  • willy w
    willy w Year ago

    Jimmys face from 0:49 onward lmao. Gotta love this guy

  • Number 1
    Number 1 Year ago

    Pretty sure that's a green screen desk..

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M Year ago

    Jonathan Brocker *slow clap*

  • Something Orother

    id rather throw out $100 a day than spend 60 on this garbage every year, but this was pretty ok. it should just be anthony, jimmy, and some dumpy springboard like artie or preferably vos

  • tyler0896
    tyler0896 Year ago

    8:49 What'd he say about Artie??

  • Ryan 9000
    Ryan 9000 Year ago

    Boats.................over there. xD

  • Ryan_n
    Ryan_n Year ago +7

    "'fing uv Gehhhhh...."

  • Bedgypooks
    Bedgypooks Year ago

    Boats................down there

  • Kobe Jamez
    Kobe Jamez Year ago

    say what you want opie brought out the best in these guys...they are funny but this aint o and a

  • King Poopra
    King Poopra Year ago

    Wrangler, this is Dreamweaver. do ya got yer ears on?

  • Lynn Turman
    Lynn Turman 2 years ago

    Wtf is this? You look at folders & subfolders, I'll look at other videos on YT.

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 2 years ago

    Seriously none of this show is free anymore... Greedy jew.

  • Old Uncle Tommy
    Old Uncle Tommy 2 years ago

    If Ant can manage to get Jimmy on the show for good, then we can have J&A rather than hOle&A

  • Neil M
    Neil M 2 years ago

    Anthony is a millionaire and still wears free Rockstar tee everyday, i don't get it.

  • H &R
    H &R 2 years ago

    Anthony is really one handsome devil! I'd love to suck his pecker

  • Fat Jimmy
    Fat Jimmy 2 years ago

    Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton are both dead. Now THAT'S extreme

  • Creighton Tolliver
    Creighton Tolliver 2 years ago

    1:00 Ant says "Subfolders" and Jim says "Oh, no". You know he had a pedophile joke coming

  • Stoogs
    Stoogs 2 years ago

    finger of gah

  • another day in paradise

    love these 2 cunts so much

  • walker paulson
    walker paulson 2 years ago

    Jimmy is such an eager little sodomite .

  • gardengardening houseboughtning

    Poor Opie. Nobody has to pretend anymore.

  • Pauly Batts
    Pauly Batts 2 years ago

    One of the funniest things I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominic Iervasi
    Dominic Iervasi 2 years ago +1

    jim and anthony are so fucking great together.

  • Roman
    Roman 2 years ago +3

    if only compound media had any "media" sense they would upload more clips

  • Jeff MacInnis
    Jeff MacInnis 2 years ago

    I love your and Jimmys' chemistry, good shit man!
    The segment on O&A when you guys are commenting over the TLC two-headed girl episode is one of the funniest bits i've ever heard

  • the mouth of Sauron
    the mouth of Sauron 2 years ago +10

    anthony looks good man damn, he almost looks like 30 year old

  • Cherevolution1
    Cherevolution1 2 years ago +19

    I could listen to you two every day. Ant and Jim are just 10000000000000000 times better than opie and jim.

  • Ninkyo893
    Ninkyo893 2 years ago +1

    This is the camaraderie that I miss from the old radio show. Anthony and Jimmy made for great comedy chemistry. Opie just drains the energy from the room on his show, now. What would he do without Jimmy there to take the reigns?

  • assclown
    assclown 3 years ago

    So glad theres video of you guys. its what oNa needed

  • Forrest Trump
    Forrest Trump 3 years ago +7

    This is the way the Opie and Anthony Show should have been....without Opie!

  • Terracotta Pie
    Terracotta Pie 3 years ago

    Finner of God

  • Leeds Fanzines
    Leeds Fanzines 3 years ago

    I could watch these all day.

    MELEKH HA OLAM 3 years ago

    Decimate? No wonder they were making fun of it if it only destroys one tenth of everything it touches. What a faggy tornado. Why do I know the meaning of that Roman term and the History Channel's dago mascot doesn't?

  • WookieNutSack
    WookieNutSack 3 years ago +2

    This is the show we want, Ant & Jimmy.

  • Lina Hermans
    Lina Hermans 3 years ago

    very gooi how are you?" tendency bear w h a t d o y o u t h i n#k... ! ! ! !

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob 3 years ago


  • Tom
    Tom 3 years ago

    Ant looks like Gruntila from Banjo Kazooie

  • Dok Scrofula
    Dok Scrofula 3 years ago

    Ant and Jim should get gay married and film every waking moment of their lives together. I would laugh and cry along with them.

  • Julius Aftermath
    Julius Aftermath 3 years ago +50

    How depressing it has to be for Jimmy to finish up this show and realize he has to go back to the burden known as Opie the next day. Like how shitty to realize that out of the two hosts of the O&A show, he got stuck with the one who isn't talented, funny, interesting, smart, or entertaining in any way...

    • Miss Fortune
      Miss Fortune Year ago

      Norton clings to things others create,Norton will always be the retarded non-talented brother of Ed Norton...not a big fan of the mediocre hack comic...

    • Joseph Selkow
      Joseph Selkow Year ago +1

      I agree. Opie has never once made me laugh.
      Ant and Norton are consistently hilarious.
      "May the penis of Christ be upon you" - Fallopians 4:20

  • Ted Crilly
    Ted Crilly 3 years ago

    Its like bring your son to work day.

  • Marine Joe
    Marine Joe 3 years ago

    Goddammit I love Little Yimmy

  • michael mattice
    michael mattice 3 years ago

    As soon as they showed Nicholson walking into the ballroom/bar in The Shining I started dying!!! SO FUNNY!!!:)

  • michael mattice
    michael mattice 3 years ago +1

    It's weird, I've seen all of these movies and I don't remember Colin Quinn being in any of them! What's NOT weird is that he has a BIT of a problem holding his liquor, you know, on account of him bein' a big proponent of hand lotion...You thought I was gonna say Irish didn't you?...HOW DARE YOU SIR/MAM! Everyone knows the Irish never touch the stuff! Good day...I SAID GOOD DAY!!!:)

  • tommytkd333
    tommytkd333 3 years ago +47

    look at Jim from 0:13- 0:18. he angrily stares into the microphone, goes cross-eyed for a second, then laughs for no reason afterwards.

    • Dan Mickelson
      Dan Mickelson 2 months ago

      Lol he obviously knows where anthony is going, and thats why he laughs, but thats still hilarious.

    • Roy
      Roy 3 months ago

      @Miss Fortune wow did he molest you or sumthing. Go on naw!

    • smellyellow
      smellyellow 3 months ago +1

      No, dummy. He laughed when Anthony mentioned Colin because he was recalling the story Anthony is about to talk about.

    • Jose Gonzalez
      Jose Gonzalez 7 months ago


    • a crusty krab
      a crusty krab Year ago

      He is insane lol

  • chaosinorderrr
    chaosinorderrr 3 years ago +4

    lmfaoooooo finger of god.. the reverence! slayed me!

    • Lyle Chipperson
      Lyle Chipperson 3 years ago +1

      +chaosinorderrr IT MADE ME SOO HAPPY, had to go back and listen to the OnA twister clip from a while back .fawwwhkn hilarious.

  • JackFlash85
    JackFlash85 3 years ago +122

    Colin Quinn is a national treasure

    • Cody Laramore
      Cody Laramore Month ago

      The only National Treasure is Nicholas Cage, and that’s not a compliment.

    • Kevin Gravatt
      Kevin Gravatt Year ago

      Hes also a "Media Destination"

    • S.P.S. G.E.
      S.P.S. G.E. 2 years ago

      nothing but a ballcourt pickpocket

    • dans891
      dans891 3 years ago +1

      and camel legs

    • dans891
      dans891 3 years ago

      it's those childlike hands

  • tommy galante
    tommy galante 3 years ago +1

    damn Anthony is fugly Italians really don't age well

  • Heywood Jablowme
    Heywood Jablowme 3 years ago

    5:05 rules

  • Alt-ered Beast
    Alt-ered Beast 3 years ago

    ANTHONY IS KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PanasonicTooth
    PanasonicTooth 3 years ago


  • deeditmane
    deeditmane 4 years ago

    They need to make one where Jake Lamotta is having a go at his wife at the dinner table and Colin spills hos drink

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 4 years ago

    orange tan and blinky chipperson..
    sirius just fired the wrong guy..i mean they keep getting regulars on because obviously opie and jim can't carry the show by themsleves, poor jim norton and a board op, you can't blame him.. Ant and Jim can definitely carry the whole show and make it fucking hilarious at the same time..

  • Robert Gruber
    Robert Gruber 4 years ago

    Genius editing, very funny stuff.

  • Stephan Gristina
    Stephan Gristina 4 years ago

    is jimmy wearing a zelda shirt!?

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 4 years ago +2

    its clear that anthony was the comedy guy....opie seems to just be a regular interviewer and make norton do all the comedy.

  • Eric M. H.
    Eric M. H. 4 years ago

    Jimmy's happiness at his friend's fuck-up is the greatest thing ever.

  • Luke Michalowski
    Luke Michalowski 4 years ago

    If this was a regular show Id pay 60 in a second and ant and jim could both be bagillionaires

  • Matthew Herzog
    Matthew Herzog 4 years ago +9

    Fucking Star Wars dialog. So many characters sound like a politician at a press conference.

  • Adam Hauger
    Adam Hauger 4 years ago

    its weird the way theyre looking towards the camera but above it. is this ant's theatre or some shit?

  • iHatebologna59
    iHatebologna59 4 years ago

    Ol' soy sauce hair.

  • cj68plus1
    cj68plus1 4 years ago

    this was less satisfying than gum or the patch.

  • epgdad
    epgdad 4 years ago

    I love how they feed off each other!!

  • Dindu nufn
    Dindu nufn 4 years ago +1

    love watchin this in video. Just imagine if all the great opie and anthony episodes were in this format

  • Megan the Red
    Megan the Red 4 years ago

    I love how Anthony is just out here doing as he pleases. The first time I ever heard his voice was down in the basement room of my boyfriend's house, as he played the Twister bit from O and A. Anthony helped teach me how to be a good hole, something my man greatly appreciates now. Thank you, Anthony!

  • Taco Face
    Taco Face 4 years ago

    I don't think there's a moment in his life where Norton hasn't looked coked out of his brain.