Jessie's dream comes true [Sister's Slam Dunk/2016.10.28]

  • Published on Oct 28, 2016
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Comments • 1 452

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 4 days ago

    9:40 whats that song called?

  • irene lomod
    irene lomod 10 days ago

    I’m not crying, you are

  • jungkook je
    jungkook je 10 days ago +3

    While I am crying . That PD looked handsome 😂 .
    2019 here guys .

    DADA TEUDEUNG 10 days ago

    I'm not crying you know

  • Jawharah Maruhom
    Jawharah Maruhom 11 days ago

    Waaaah, She was like tough and strong woman when she rap but when her parents come..... 😭😭😭💔

  • Evva GJ
    Evva GJ 12 days ago

    I wish I could have a father like that

  • Allanay lano
    Allanay lano 14 days ago

    Dafuq... did I watch... miss my dad now.
    A year passed and I am still a waste paper. 💔

  • Kpop fan Asmr
    Kpop fan Asmr 15 days ago

    When she say 'i hite my dad ' im crying so hard

  • Cute Charlene
    Cute Charlene 15 days ago

    Am I the only one crying here 😭 anyone? This reminds me when Jackson saw his parents too 😭😭😭😭

  • Inang Bangtan
    Inang Bangtan 18 days ago

    I can relate to her, after 4yrs im with my parents now in usa.

  • anginitte
    anginitte 18 days ago

    omg its birdy's beautiful lies

  • EY Live
    EY Live 20 days ago

    Dammit, too many onions cut around here. :sniffle:

  • BooknerdJebbi
    BooknerdJebbi 20 days ago

    This makes me cry every time man

  • Stacie X Liu
    Stacie X Liu 21 day ago

    Who's cutting onions??

  • Dumpling salt
    Dumpling salt 22 days ago

    I just watched Jackson reunite with his parents for Christmas.

  • Wonnie Black6ix stan
    Wonnie Black6ix stan 25 days ago

    I cry more than jessi😢😭😓

  • kpop for ever
    kpop for ever 29 days ago

    Who crying

  • ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083
    ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083 29 days ago

    watching this made me cry and i didn’t even realise

  • mil joy.
    mil joy. Month ago

    bitch im laying here in bed, watching this and bailing my eyes out 😭😭

  • jeonglix
    jeonglix Month ago

    jessi puts on this badass persona, but honestly she's a sweetheart and complete daddy's girl. you could just tell when she saw him

  • La Rompe Corazones
    La Rompe Corazones Month ago

    I’m in tears

  • Sean Moran
    Sean Moran Month ago

    Gosh “, even now I still get all ready eyes Q.Q

  • Shayne An Lauricio
    Shayne An Lauricio Month ago +1

    Just watch her being a savage. Then I came hir crying Whadafackkk

  • I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker

    Mental LoL 🤣 great surprise ending

  • Christonga Mose
    Christonga Mose Month ago

    I'm crying ❤

  • Savage Yoongi
    Savage Yoongi Month ago

    im not so close with my parent n i'll be apart from them for maybe kinda long time. i honestly cant amagine it to happen. so when i see this i really feel touched it must be so hard for jessi n her parent. she always acting tough but she is just a daughter of someone. omg im crying so hard...

  • Do Uyen
    Do Uyen Month ago

    I didn't expect to cry so hard like this at 2am T^T You can see her hands shaking at the end of the vid huhu

  • Monica Jung
    Monica Jung Month ago

    😭😭😭😭 can't stop crying 😭😭😭

  • Grace Cho
    Grace Cho Month ago

    I know this is really random but does anyone know the song playing when jessi hugs her dad?

  • Youvian Aiken
    Youvian Aiken Month ago


  • Elli Gomez
    Elli Gomez Month ago

    If jessi cries we all fkn cryyy 😭😭😭😭😭

  • kpop _love
    kpop _love Month ago

    7:06 I had a feeling it was someone she was related to because that was the same face Jackson made when he saw his family members for the first time since hes been in korea

  • moon bunny
    moon bunny Month ago

    She was about to knock her dad out AHAHAHA

  • 다갈색의머메이드

    감동 그자체...,..❤️

  • Medusa Merciless
    Medusa Merciless Month ago

    I wish I had a dad like him.

  • Corinne Irish Angeles

    I swear, even the toughest girl cries when they see their parents after not seeing them for a long time.

  • Kamila Szymkiewicz
    Kamila Szymkiewicz 2 months ago +1

    Namjoon stop cutting onions 😢

  • Mojamoja Mujaden
    Mojamoja Mujaden 2 months ago

    PURE FAMILY LOVE!!!!!! I love it love it love it love it!!!!

  • Yosrayen Mabait
    Yosrayen Mabait 2 months ago

    wrong move, just finished watching Jackson's christmas suprise ep. in Roommate, and man I cried a river (tho I already watched it 3x) then it happened that I saw Jessi's face and clicked it. Man, It's hard to inhale oxygen now, and my eyes were in bad situation . This made me so much.. 😭😭😭😭

  • Lina Hewitt
    Lina Hewitt 2 months ago +2

    So, who didn't cry??? I did, couldn't stop crying 😢😢😢💘💘

  • bbycxmi
    bbycxmi 2 months ago

    Omg im so happy for her

  • M & G Roblox
    M & G Roblox 2 months ago


  • Faozya
    Faozya 2 months ago

    I cried with her😭😭😭

  • k p
    k p 2 months ago

    Okay I got a little emotional I admit, but nobody talking about how freaking hard that girl hits? Those punches felt like they had some weight to them!

  • Lesly LIN
    Lesly LIN 2 months ago

    That’s me with my dad he’s all I have my mom doesn’t want me since I was little she physically and verbally abused me hitting me with stuff making me do what ever she wanted,she would kick me out of my own house knowing I didn’t have anywhere to do but the street my dad lived far away from me so for him not to worry I would my say anything but one time my mom kicked me out and my dad was passing by he saw me on the street he helped me,since then I’m so glad I have my dad cause that’s all I have im happy I have him ☺️

  • Lizeth Rodriguez
    Lizeth Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Damn that music is what got me crying 😭

  • Ariana Roman
    Ariana Roman 2 months ago

    Acabo de maquillarme y veo esto... shit todo mi makeup se fue a la mierda😥

  • Marylyn Sara
    Marylyn Sara 2 months ago

    7:04 issit me or what . jessi look alike jennie

  • bjhyunw
    bjhyunw 2 months ago

    I swear I cried so much when watching this... I haven't cried this much in a while...

  • Sw8 Lady
    Sw8 Lady 2 months ago

    The moment her dad turn around and smile i start crying already. 😭😭 so touching. I bet she's a daddy's girl. 😍

  • Oreo Chu
    Oreo Chu 2 months ago

    i cried ❤😩

  • isabella wadford
    isabella wadford 2 months ago

    This hit my heart. Beautiful moment

  • tonksnjoy Satan
    tonksnjoy Satan 2 months ago

    What makes this so emotional is the fact that she's always so tough and strong. And seeing a strong person break down is something that strikes you more than seeing an emotional person break down, since you don't expect that from them. You're surprised to see their other side and you realize that they're just like you

  • Tarushi Singh
    Tarushi Singh 2 months ago +1

    Why did I cry watching this

    • Asyraf Muhammad
      Asyraf Muhammad 2 months ago

      Tarushi Singh me too, even i’ve alread watched too many times. but i cried again

  • Mileide iara
    Mileide iara 2 months ago +1

    Não entendi, pq ela não abraçou de primeira vez que viu o pai dela??

  • Zeralda Nuraisyah
    Zeralda Nuraisyah 2 months ago

    its totally wrong to watch this video when you want to go out, i messed my make up😭😭

  • fat bo
    fat bo 2 months ago

    why she aint visit him tho? not like she's broke

  • You’re Jiminful
    You’re Jiminful 2 months ago

    I cried too 😭💔

    RM RAZZI 2 months ago

    (it's hard isn't it?)
    that's what parents is

    RM RAZZI 2 months ago +6

    (they're all someone's daughter)
    why am i crying so hard

  • Nat's Vlogs
    Nat's Vlogs 2 months ago

    OMG I started to bawl my eyes out when Jessi started crying, this reminded me on how I miss my dad a lot, because he's constantly working 24/7 for me and my brother to have a better future

  • Rose Jackson
    Rose Jackson 2 months ago

    Even the badass herself crys💙

  • suga stole my wig .
    suga stole my wig . 2 months ago


  • angel rose
    angel rose 2 months ago

    you can't watch this without crying

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion 2 months ago

    Girl why did you ran away?! If it was me, I would of ran to him and never let him go. My Dad is no longer here, if I ever have the chance to hug my Dad, I would.

  • Rehan Zahid
    Rehan Zahid 2 months ago +1

    I was on the verge of crying before 9:51. I actually cried after that😭😂

  • Raiks
    Raiks 2 months ago +1

    Jessi might look strong on the outside but I know she is hiding a lot of her emotions inside.

  • Jannath Firdaws
    Jannath Firdaws 2 months ago

    9:49 that is me crying lol

  • Xxsweetdropsxxx
    Xxsweetdropsxxx 2 months ago

    My dad went to Spain it been a year now

  • Jayla Marie
    Jayla Marie 2 months ago +5

    the people who disliked this is just as upset because they missed the like button

  • Tylla Riani
    Tylla Riani 2 months ago

    Always love Jessi...she's really something..❤
    She's really natural..

  • Hugh Jasol
    Hugh Jasol 2 months ago

    Jessi is such an ugly horseface cunt! Every time I see her fucked up face I want to vomit!

  • Kia
    Kia 2 months ago

    Ugh, i'm crying right now ajshja of, this kind of videos always make me so sad and hits me so hard. It's almost 15 year since the last time I saw my dad, he move out to USA when I was six, and my biggest dream is meet him again just like Jessi do. Also, I'm just too happy at the same time because she can be huged by him again after so long.

  • Remz Badar
    Remz Badar 2 months ago

    Tiffany is crying because her mother passed away when she was born

  • AzQueen
    AzQueen 3 months ago