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Jessie's dream comes true [Sister's Slam Dunk/2016.10.28]

  • Published on Oct 28, 2016
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Comments • 1 373

  • Flawless_Queen b
    Flawless_Queen b 16 hours ago


  • MK JOE
    MK JOE 3 days ago

    제시 실제로 쌈 1짱

  • Sophie xx
    Sophie xx 4 days ago

    I hate my father but I am crying right now

  • AZMI
    AZMI 4 days ago

    she can be really badass bitches buy when it come parents..she turning to a baby girl infront of his parent eyes

    K-POP X K-DRAMA 4 days ago

    Awww this make me cry it could be this in a drama though joke sorry😂😂😭😭😭

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T 4 days ago

    She looks so much like him. What a sweet moment.

  • erika elisan
    erika elisan 5 days ago

    I can relate to this because I haven't seen my dad for like two years

  • Jehn Love
    Jehn Love 8 days ago

    나는 우러어어어어어엉!

  • Amiel Laxamana
    Amiel Laxamana 10 days ago

    Watching this on my parents birthdays, father's day, & mother's day.

  • rizkia mahadewi
    rizkia mahadewi 12 days ago

    I was happy for her, she still have her dad that always by her side. I'm happy too because that day, i can hug my dad for the first time on my life

  • None Vine
    None Vine 12 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣they way she went and fight again gosh I love this girl😂😂😂😂

  • Yoland- chan
    Yoland- chan 14 days ago

    I cried with her without feeling😭😭😭💔💔

    MATANGIREIA _. 15 days ago

    beautiful moment

  • sailorcaramel
    sailorcaramel 16 days ago

    I had to wave the tears away. I'm literally over here, waving my face. My eyes got so watery.

  • Weronika Szuflak
    Weronika Szuflak 21 day ago

    Im kinda jealous of jessies relationship with her father i dont think i would react like that if that was me and my dad in that situation

  • Solji gotta snatch and whip yo asses.

    Jessi has this kind of personality which is strong. But she can also be soft.

  • Xi Ymahx
    Xi Ymahx 24 days ago

    Jessi’s dad looks so cute

  • Kpop Unicorn
    Kpop Unicorn 25 days ago

    This maid me cry like when Jackson's parent came to meet him

  • Real Me
    Real Me 26 days ago

    This is so emotional I cried a lot 😭💔

  • Rhema Grace
    Rhema Grace 26 days ago

    ... cute her expression was priceless 💖💖💖👍👍👍

  • qaisara 123
    qaisara 123 26 days ago


  • Rama Mohamed
    Rama Mohamed 27 days ago

    I'm weeping with them...

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 28 days ago

    How are u not supposed to get emotional from this?

  • Gerlie Donie
    Gerlie Donie 29 days ago

    Omg, they played Beautiful Lies by Birdy when Jessi was hugging his father. Now I'm crying 😢

  • Stupid Damn
    Stupid Damn 29 days ago


  • Demilade Bamidele
    Demilade Bamidele 29 days ago

    I wasn’t even there yet I cried just as hard lol

  • Brenda Ventura
    Brenda Ventura 29 days ago +1

    Guess who came to visit again THE FUCKING ONION NINJAS😭

  • Catherin Mella
    Catherin Mella Month ago

    Wow Jessi can throw punches 😮

  • Jerome Ierome
    Jerome Ierome Month ago

    Her first reaction was to walk away from her father and Leaving him with shame and embarrassment in front of your friends.

  • Ha na
    Ha na Month ago

    I'm actually peeling garlic while watching this. No correlation i know..

  • Charli dansing show

    This made me cry
    *So hard*

    This how my life is, except
    *Nobody cares*

  • hopie
    hopie Month ago

    The way jessi’s pureness of her emotions spread to everyone.. everyone could just relate to her and this was such a nice present for her 💜

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Jessie is so soft:)

  • Mary Style
    Mary Style Month ago

    I wish i had a good dad like yours jessi ! Mine is a piece of trash

  • bibi
    bibi Month ago

    This is so emotional. I can’t even Imagine leaving my parents and going into a country to work hard and hope to become an idol. This literally made me cry.

  • Vipapon Pholee
    Vipapon Pholee Month ago +1

    To not see your dad in several years and then they practically made her hit her father, Imagine how much emotion was going inside her at that moment when she realised she just went Rampage on him

  • broke chicken
    broke chicken Month ago

    when the coach revealed, i teared upppp

  • Adore
    Adore Month ago

    They did her so wrong lol

  • nikita mohey
    nikita mohey Month ago

    I had to call my boyfriend to make me stop crying. I couldn't stop seriously. I really really admire her and she's one of the strongest people I've seen. Seeing everyone cry like that made me so emotional that I missed my mum and had to call her after this and I started crying from then.

  • Mary Geraldy
    Mary Geraldy Month ago

    I cried too

  • BangTan_fanfics UwU


  • Omq_Itz _Juliet
    Omq_Itz _Juliet Month ago

    I'm just gonna say but, she's going to always be her dad's princess. ❤

  • Cate
    Cate Month ago

    She’s so strong and so guarded all the time that it’s easy to forget she feels these things too! My heart broke and grew two sizes seeing their reunion ♥️♥️♥️ I absolutely adore Jessi, I’m so glad she was able to meet amazing kindhearted people who could make this moment happen for her and her parents... it’s amazing how amazing people can be!

  • cookkyys BANANAMILK

    I cried so much I can’t stop
    Who also cried?

  • thu trang nguyen vu

    Love Jessi and her parents so much! They keep it real so much i stan her

  • random random
    random random Month ago

    I got a tissue ad when they were crying,,

  • Lina Pun
    Lina Pun Month ago +1

    it still makes me cry !

  • Tran beer
    Tran beer Month ago +1

    It's 2019, can you stop cutting the onion please :*(

  • alibai sanday
    alibai sanday Month ago +1


  • MrMarquis10009
    MrMarquis10009 Month ago

    Nigga this ain't tears it's just salt got in my eyes LOL 🤣

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L Month ago +2

    Its 2019, but countless views later I still cry every damn time 😭😭

  • Tzuyu Chou
    Tzuyu Chou Month ago

    7:39 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • TWICE_ Jjangs
    TWICE_ Jjangs Month ago

    Im crying!?!?!😭😭😭😭

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos Month ago

    I'm so happy for Jessi. Personally, I know my biological father but he does not accept me as his own. Even when DNA proved it and him and my mother we're married. And I could only wish he wouldn't have walked away from my 6-year old self when I wanted a hug. But I am so happy that Jessi's father came all the way from New Jersey to meet her. Everybody deserves a chance like this, especially someone who truly needs it. It can be hard to not have a father (or mother) and it takes a toll on us. We need that parental figure in our life. Unfortunately for some of us...our father was our first heartbreak...

  • Ariana Grand
    Ariana Grand Month ago

    *I cried*

  • Lydia Cho
    Lydia Cho Month ago

    This shit made me ugly cry bruh

  • KAINN black
    KAINN black Month ago

    Jessi is so down to earth!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rubisenia Zamoracruz
    Rubisenia Zamoracruz Month ago +1

    Omg this is bringing memories of when my dad used to live with us but now he's in Mexico and he can't come back. I miss him so so so so much... I really need him with me right now...he's been there for quite some time now and I really want to listen to his jokes that would make me laugh all the time.... I miss being goofy with him and now I can't.. Omg I can't stop crying....

  • spelling55 bee
    spelling55 bee Month ago

    Well this was sad


  • Angelo Bedonia
    Angelo Bedonia Month ago

    I'm not crying. You are! 😭😭😭

  • Idolls
    Idolls Month ago

    Yoooo tell me why I cried like a little bitch 😭

  • Florence Uwizeye
    Florence Uwizeye Month ago

    This made me cry so hard.

  • Woody Wood
    Woody Wood Month ago

    Seeing her like this really makes me feel humanity is still alive

  • KiwiMango
    KiwiMango Month ago

    You'll never know how much her father misses her ... that long hug :(

  • vanessa lee
    vanessa lee Month ago

    I dont have a dad but i cried because jessi cried.

  • Cai Seyer
    Cai Seyer 2 months ago +1

    Jessi is so strong its rare to see her burst like this.

    • GatzMaximus
      GatzMaximus Month ago

      Awww and she cries even more realising that she was hitting her dad

  • alzzzzz
    alzzzzz 2 months ago

    I thought I wouldn’t cry but I did 😭😭😭

  • Sonyeondan Bangtan
    Sonyeondan Bangtan 2 months ago


  • Dark MarkiPie
    Dark MarkiPie 2 months ago

    its been years and i'm still crying to this... Jessi has a tough image but seeing her crying made me cry too...

  • Seagull
    Seagull 2 months ago +1

    Bruh i cried too 😂😭😭😭

  • ARMY forever
    ARMY forever 2 months ago

    She is so cuteee💖💖

  • sasha more
    sasha more 2 months ago

    I watch this whenever i feel like crying.. tears come out in no time

  • Nana언니's little life

    I knew Jessi as the strong and badass girl .... but when I saw her cry ... I saw how sweet she was ... dude I'm not joking but I cried ... she really is the sweetest badass girl

  • sinyora noor
    sinyora noor 2 months ago

    Even I cried 😭😭😭

  • Adnan Soriano
    Adnan Soriano 2 months ago

    Its sad and

    It ends with jessi licking the sides of her lips

  • Tangshang Rangsa Marak
    Tangshang Rangsa Marak 2 months ago

    I can't stop my tears pouring.... So2 touching... 💖😭😭

  • Lian Rapinzel
    Lian Rapinzel 2 months ago

    queens also have tears!

  • Jimin’s WifeWithJams
    Jimin’s WifeWithJams 2 months ago

    I love jessi and I’m crying as she cries😭❤️ , I’m happy she got to see her dad ..... I can’t stop cryinggg

  • LoopingView 18
    LoopingView 18 2 months ago

    The moment when i thought jessi is really nice person but unpretty makes her like hard person

  • Hajoon Na
    Hajoon Na 2 months ago

    Buried deep in her savage ‘unpretty rap star’ heart, she still has a BEAUTIFUL spot❤️

  • Rihanna Kassa
    Rihanna Kassa 2 months ago

    She is mad but she look like she just met god

  • Park Jihoon
    Park Jihoon 2 months ago

    I really crying when seeing this scene

  • Roses Are Seriously Rosie

    I cried. Who else cried? Leave a like if you cried

  • btsXblackpink ROBLOX
    btsXblackpink ROBLOX 2 months ago

    A daughter will always be an apple of the eye to their fathers

  • Inang Smart
    Inang Smart 2 months ago

    I cant cry in the library goddamnit!

  • Payton Alexander
    Payton Alexander 2 months ago

    stop I can’t I’m balling like a baby right now

  • Golden Angel
    Golden Angel 2 months ago

    This made me cry 😭

  • gucci ilayda
    gucci ilayda 2 months ago

    dude i just cried a lot wtf, ok BREATHE

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez 2 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting to cry. Wtfff my heart

  • JiBooty
    JiBooty 2 months ago

    this made me cry.

  • Namjoons_cute_ Dimples
    Namjoons_cute_ Dimples 2 months ago

    Wish my dad would do this...
    I miss you dad..

  • ryan liang
    ryan liang 2 months ago


  • wHy dO bIaS wRecKers eXiSt

    Istg the amount of times I’ve watched this clip. I’m so fucking in love with it

  • Virginia Bella
    Virginia Bella 3 months ago

    i can't help with the director.

  • The Chenie chen show
    The Chenie chen show 3 months ago +1

    Awwww Jessi got her smile from her dad

  • Armylizer Mangos
    Armylizer Mangos 3 months ago

    This was truly heartwarming

  • Sakura01
    Sakura01 3 months ago

    my eyes are sweating

  • Mary Sian
    Mary Sian 3 months ago

    I feel so bad for her i've always known her just because of her savageness

  • Jiří Valenta
    Jiří Valenta 3 months ago

    I feel bad for Tiffany who's mom died

  • Jiří Valenta
    Jiří Valenta 3 months ago

    omo Fany-ya uljimaa
    so sad i can feel you Tiffany