• Published on May 26, 2017
  • *insert Martin Tyler*
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    How I record my gameplay!:
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  • Mallika Shrimali

    People watching in November 18 2019

  • Matthew Draws
    Matthew Draws Day ago

    Not hate comment
    ChrisMD:hits the bottom corner
    Ronald:hits the top corner

  • Pattis_69
    Pattis_69 2 days ago

    Fat Ethan

  • Ashur Izaac
    Ashur Izaac 2 days ago

    Deji is killing me at this point🤣🤣😂

  • Ryan Sugden
    Ryan Sugden 2 days ago

    november 2019

  • X5
    X5 3 days ago

    Keep training hard and developing your skills and you'll be able to take a next step in your soccer career and go to a professional team and to be a real soccer player. Good Luck :)

  • TheLingo Plays
    TheLingo Plays 3 days ago

    Don’t think that was easyJet...

  • Reda Kh
    Reda Kh 3 days ago +1

    Oh it was my bday at 21 may

  • Yoosuf Naisam
    Yoosuf Naisam 3 days ago

    It will be better if Chris or Chester goes on forward

  • Nick De Schrijver
    Nick De Schrijver 3 days ago

    why is this recommended? like nice goal, but i'm confused

  • George joy
    George joy 4 days ago

    The eagles of death metal song made it 👌👌

  • Michael Iommazzo
    Michael Iommazzo 4 days ago

    Scored the exact same goal today

  • Jason Street
    Jason Street 4 days ago +3

    Chris scores a goal, everyone is celebrating and
    Me: "who is the hottie in purple?"😍 😂😂

  • Syab GD
    Syab GD 4 days ago

    Football noobs (me) : *hes pro*

  • moley66
    moley66 4 days ago

    R u in the sidemen

  • moley66
    moley66 4 days ago +1


  • moley66
    moley66 4 days ago +1

    Click on the like button

  • All Star
    All Star 4 days ago

    Good goal

  • Brandon Rousseau
    Brandon Rousseau 5 days ago

    This is how many times he played music

  • HiltonBenchley
    HiltonBenchley 5 days ago

    Blimey, Chris, fifteen minutes and all you'd done with that foot is stand on it. Probably a bit late to practise kicking with it at your age though.

  • Evan Kurz
    Evan Kurz 5 days ago +1

    What a goal!

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 6 days ago

    Did any one see kids breaking in to the feild at id did

  • Jack Mc Cann Gjone
    Jack Mc Cann Gjone 6 days ago

    I want to score a goal like that, unfair. last min amazing

  • Ted TC
    Ted TC 6 days ago +3

    8:17 is actually so heart warming

  • Kody Williams
    Kody Williams 6 days ago

    The goal keeper on Chris md side is
    Felines brother

  • Faisal A
    Faisal A 6 days ago

    Awesome last minute goal

  • Orla McWeeney
    Orla McWeeney 7 days ago +1

    Well done Chris

  • Orla McWeeney
    Orla McWeeney 7 days ago +1

    What a game

  • SebSk
    SebSk 7 days ago

    I almost cry at stuff like this (in a happy way) and I have no idea why moments like this does it to me, but yeah it's like hard work finally paying off, or, relief, or just pure exctasy.
    It wouldn't be the same if you were professional, I can just imagine the feeling, you've not been into any gradual progress to 30 000 audience lol, it's from sunday football to full stadium, that's crazy.
    And very very decent amateurs! Better football that much of old "all stars" matches! :) (to and fro)

  • Ilse Vandeneeckhoudt
    Ilse Vandeneeckhoudt 7 days ago +1

    Ken jou spiking dotch

  • Trini Girl
    Trini Girl 7 days ago

    Keep up the good work! Watched your videos. Congratulations Chris. You are a very talented person.

  • Gamer SoreLoser
    Gamer SoreLoser 8 days ago

    I literally can play so much better than your striker. You were good there.

  • mahmood shizar
    mahmood shizar 8 days ago

    at 90’ minutes

  • Dennis Dandolo
    Dennis Dandolo 8 days ago

    look at the time 8:49 his shirt is backwoods

  • Simon Nelson
    Simon Nelson 9 days ago

    Well don😄

  • Xx Rosa Bear xX
    Xx Rosa Bear xX 9 days ago

    I’m watching this 2 years after it happened wow you really inspire me I play soccer or well football for you I live in America so ya I hope I can be like you one day!

  • Maxine CordellMitch
    Maxine CordellMitch 10 days ago

    8:19 his desabald

  • Joseff Bryan
    Joseff Bryan 10 days ago


  • Diamond Phoenix
    Diamond Phoenix 10 days ago

    Ksi’s brother played?! Wow

  • Matt Elliott
    Matt Elliott 10 days ago +6

    I like how they say he was 1 on 1. But really he was 3 on 1

  • AVFC Sam
    AVFC Sam 10 days ago +3

    Deji thought he was going swimming with his goggles

  • jonyBOI
    jonyBOI 10 days ago

    16:30 i cracked up look at the gk ahahahhahahashahhaahaahhahhahahahhah

  • hi hi
    hi hi 11 days ago

    good goal hope you do it another time!

  • The Johnson Fam
    The Johnson Fam 11 days ago +1

    This was filmed when I turned 8 lol. I’m 10 now

  • Jacques Made
    Jacques Made 11 days ago

    Team Ksi vs log

  • Feeney
    Feeney 11 days ago

    I mean 16:30

  • Feeney
    Feeney 11 days ago

    Look at 2:28 the goalie hit his head

  • Collin Bismark
    Collin Bismark 12 days ago

    Those shoes are called cleats. Anybody else from America

  • Thomas Muscat
    Thomas Muscat 12 days ago


  • Riley Lit FUTballer
    Riley Lit FUTballer 12 days ago +5

    Who else thinks that Chris is better than Lingard at football.

  • katie yates
    katie yates 13 days ago


  • Toby Vaughton
    Toby Vaughton 13 days ago

    Spencer's better than you

  • Jamie Owens
    Jamie Owens 14 days ago

    Who else is still watching this 2 years on

  • Callum Finazzi
    Callum Finazzi 14 days ago +1

    8:20 don't be mean he's got a disability

  • Fahim star
    Fahim star 14 days ago

    Cool videos

  • Rvn FNBR fortnite
    Rvn FNBR fortnite 14 days ago +11

    He’s wasn’t worried that JMX was heart he only cared about the midfield

  • Cameron Madurai
    Cameron Madurai 15 days ago

    If I were to rate you in fifa I would rate a 81

  • Cameron Madurai
    Cameron Madurai 15 days ago

    Chris I wish I was in your shoes

  • William Rubio
    William Rubio 15 days ago

    The other one sdmn won 7 - 1

  • Oofington XD
    Oofington XD 15 days ago +10

    I love how after Chris got nutmegged, he collapsed in humiliation.