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  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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Comments • 1 519

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee 15 days ago

    Horrible video

  • keanu Reeves
    keanu Reeves 18 days ago

    Wow, in this eposode it felt like she was finally the doctor! I hope its nothing but upwards and no more...propaganda

  • Owl Ernator
    Owl Ernator 19 days ago

    "Can we 'RELY' on You?" You're asking JODI whittaker- can you rely on her-to do what????? Wreck the episode?? Yes- She'll Destroy the whole series!!!

  • Hima Mukundan
    Hima Mukundan 22 days ago

    Is this a series? on which channel can I watch the whole series?


    We hate Jody as Dr who. Regenerate now!

      DALEK CAAN 25 days ago +1

      Not everyone hates her. I am personally curious what she can do. So dont assume what everyone thinks as not everyone shares your opinion. Anyway your complaint wont do anything as this is youtube and not the BBC studio.

  • Sherlocked
    Sherlocked 25 days ago +1


  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 26 days ago

    time to go shopping when it comes out on TV I don't want my intelligence insulted by dr who

  • Roddy Tomberlin
    Roddy Tomberlin 26 days ago

    Looks better than last season. Caught a couple easter eggs. 11's Bowtie and 12's Jacket. Wish they would've left The Master dead though......

  • Justuraveragewhovian
    Justuraveragewhovian 26 days ago

    Oh, tonight's twist (pun intended)😱

  • Quintessential Madness
    Quintessential Madness 26 days ago +3

    Just watched the episode.
    Why have you done this.

  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady 26 days ago +1

    Love the guy playing the master

  • Guy
    Guy 26 days ago +2

    The master has come back from the dead... again

  • erubin100
    erubin100 27 days ago

    Did everyone on Earth just forget that the Doctor and aliens exist?

  • Ciaran Telfer
    Ciaran Telfer 27 days ago

    The budget for this series looks unbelievable

  • acwarrilow Warrilow
    acwarrilow Warrilow 27 days ago +1

    still calling her 'Doc' ugh

  • TV Fanatic
    TV Fanatic 27 days ago


    Stephen Fry' face: : /

  • Zorami Zorami
    Zorami Zorami 29 days ago +1

    I like Docter Who l love him😎😍😍😘😘😻😻😽😽

  • Ken Marten
    Ken Marten Month ago

    After being blown away by th BBC adaption of 'His Dark Materials', this looks like a cheap local theatre pantomime by comparison.

  • Jaymee Fletcher
    Jaymee Fletcher Month ago

    only reason Im watching this is because of Stephen Fry.
    the rest of series 12 is gonna suck, an the only reason views may be high is because people will watch hoping it gets better.

  • Freak Freaky
    Freak Freaky Month ago

    No, you can't rely on the nurse.

  • Christian Jaeger
    Christian Jaeger Month ago +1

    After the "Is she in a coma?" question a klaxon should have gone off ;) -10 points... the answer was obviously: "Is she a blue whale?"

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor Month ago

      @Christian Jaeger Oh, I didn't know. I'm not english so I rarely saw Stephen Fry on tv.

    • Christian Jaeger
      Christian Jaeger Month ago

      @The Twelfth Doctor It was a joke... Stephen Fry used to host a show called QI. And wrong answers got a klaxon sound... also there was a running "gag" of sorts that Alan Davis always guessed "Blue Whale" alot etc... anyway... it was just an inside joke on my part :) Nothing that actually had anything to do with this scene... just with Stephen ;)

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor Month ago +1

      she could have been sleeping because of an anesthesia

  • Leif
    Leif Month ago

    Is that Stephen Fry? Finally, he was supposed to pen an episode once upon a time. Did he work,behind the scenes on this episode script as well?

  • Mystic Cupcake
    Mystic Cupcake Month ago

    I legit thought it was Yaz and I almost flipped a table.

  • Joe Cassara
    Joe Cassara Month ago +1

    Chibnall has sucked all the fun out of Who.

  • Dancing and educational Man

    The doctor seems to be more serious this time

  • bletheringfool
    bletheringfool Month ago +2

    I hate how they have written out UNIT

  • nurul raylan
    nurul raylan Month ago

    i cant wait!!

  • Fellow Citizen
    Fellow Citizen Month ago

    Tell me that Fry is the real Doctor - or at least a mid-70s era Time Lord

  • Fixtionmaster101
    Fixtionmaster101 Month ago

    Is UNIT back in business?

  • Elias Seldon
    Elias Seldon Month ago +1

    I really like Jodie. I hope she has better scripts to work with this time.

  • Kcuhc
    Kcuhc Month ago +1

    "Do you think old Dr Who fans are going to like this?
    Just kidding, we stopped thinking about them five years ago."
    "Should we bring in a cat?"

  • Just BOFFO
    Just BOFFO Month ago +1

    Yaz: "Is she in a Korma ?"

    • Popo Bawa
      Popo Bawa 27 days ago


  • Dm Sp
    Dm Sp Month ago

    Oh dear, this does not look good, hasn't Jodie had any acting lessons since last year?

  • Jack Franklin
    Jack Franklin Month ago

    0:43 - DNA Bomb from series 11?

  • Billie Ache
    Billie Ache Month ago +1

    Wow Im so excited

  • Pedro dos Anjos
    Pedro dos Anjos Month ago

    I love Doctor Who and so would like to give a tip. Get back to the Christmas specials. In the new year, people are away from home, outside barbecues or away from watching. If they can, they watch without much attention. At Christmas it was a crowded thing, calm and not expecting to go back to work. #DoctorWho

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor Month ago

      I would say that it's quite the opposite ( at least where I live): on Christmas day my family spend the whole day together and normally have a huge lunch/buffet that continue until night, while on New Year Day we have a small lunch and nothing more.... but maybe it's my family that's strange.

  • CyanTyde
    CyanTyde Month ago

    Stephen Fry is gonna steal the show in this one.

  • redust25
    redust25 Month ago +2

    The wooden acting and unremarkable dialogue reminds me of Cell Block H.

  • MrVercettti89
    MrVercettti89 Month ago

    Where did she get the Bajoran Earring ????????

  • Dougdapug360
    Dougdapug360 Month ago +1

    This looks good, but so did season 11...don’t disappoint me again Doctor!

  • Chris D
    Chris D Month ago

    It's got Stephen Fry! I'm there!

  • Smartie Animations
    Smartie Animations Month ago +3

    Now this, THIS looks like the real doctor who stuff, it looks better that the last season already!

  • Annmarie Alao
    Annmarie Alao Month ago +1

    I don’t think that even Lenny Henry or Stephen Fry can save this show. It is more like a Carryon film than a serious piece of science fiction these days.
    Didn’t watch the last series, won’t be watching this one. I respect that others still like it, this is just my personal view.

  • RustySpoonsfeelGood

    "That is impossible. Her DNA has been rewritten."
    Uhhhh impossible? Didn't the Doctor rewrite his DNA in the Human Nature/Family of Blood 2 parter...?

    • Khameleon Studios
      Khameleon Studios Month ago +1

      I don't like this era of Doctor Who but I think she means like it's impossible for humans to have done this. It's impossible in a humans perspective

  • Pete Ashe
    Pete Ashe Month ago

    The Doctor needs fast forward time to new years day so we can watch now

  • Our Philosophy Is
    Our Philosophy Is Month ago

    What if she was just like, “Actually, nah bro.”

  • Peter Marchi
    Peter Marchi Month ago +1

    Thanks, but no thanks. Having grown up on the original series, Jodie Whittaker's from what I've seen and heard is a bit to forced!

  • Alex Greychuck
    Alex Greychuck Month ago

    can't wait.

  • Quagthistle
    Quagthistle Month ago

    Since I *really* liked last season, I'm sure I'll probably like the new one, too. Bring on Season 12! :)

  • Soleil Timber
    Soleil Timber Month ago

    i really hope all the episodes arent on earth like last season, i really miss space

    • dal oki
      dal oki Month ago

      @Soleil Timber It was set on Earth.

    • Soleil Timber
      Soleil Timber Month ago

      That’s still a lot of earth, too much for me. What’s wrong with the Victorian era anyhow

    • MegaAstroFan18
      MegaAstroFan18 Month ago +2

      They weren't. Second episode was on Desolation, fifth was on Tsuranga in the middle of space, seven was on Kandoka's moon, nine was only partially on Earth, and ten was on Ranskoor Av Kolos. Just be grateful we've escaped the Victorian era.

  • TomSee
    TomSee Month ago

    Apart from Bradley, Stephen and tosin the acting is quite meh... Especially from mandip, did she just read that off the script there and then? Jodie looks alot more improved this time, let's hope that the forced SJW storylines this year are a false rumour 🙄

  • TomSee
    TomSee Month ago

    So when is the lawsuit from the James bond producers?😂

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago

    What ever tiny miniscule hope that this would be better than last season and make Doctor Who good again was just crushed. People in the comments are saying this is the most doctor she has ever been and this seems like it is going to be a serious season but I just don't see any of that from this clip. It looks like more of the same to me and that is really sad. I honesty used to love the show. As far as I am concerned the show ended with Capuldi. And even his last season had its ups and downs.

    KSTOP Month ago +1

    Since we know the cybermen are going to return, could it be that she was being transformed into a cyberman? Maybe a mondasian cyberman since she has some kind of box on her chest, just like the one Bill had when she was transformed. It would also make a lot of sense then that she isn't human anymore and that her DNA's been changed.
    They may not reveal who did this to her in this first episode only for us to find out later in the series that the cybermen returned. Or they might even reveal it in the first episode.
    Idk this is just a guess. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • J - wobert
    J - wobert Month ago

    Urgh, I was trying to not watch any doctor who stuff outside of the trailers until the series starts. But my inability to resist got the better of me

  • İrem Enginay
    İrem Enginay Month ago

    How the hell Stephen Fry did not take a part in Doctor Who till series 12??

  • Spock Johnson
    Spock Johnson Month ago +1

    aa female dr. who. how stupid

  • last freeman
    last freeman Month ago

    I thought they put the best bits in trailers...…..Not what you would call action or informative or entertaining. Bet they spend the rest of the episode talking about their feelings in a woke way.

  • Random Whovian
    Random Whovian Month ago

    Somebody pls catch me, I be swooning at 13

  • Nons
    Nons Month ago +3

    "That's impossible, her DNA's been rewritten"
    Human Nature/Family of Blood: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • Joe Devaney
      Joe Devaney Month ago +1

      That applies to Time Lords, not humans.