Nvidia’s New SUPER Cards! - RTX 2060 & 2070 SUPER Review

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
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    After so much teasing, Nvidia just dropped some SUPER new cards for us to test out - Let’s see if they’re SUPER good or SUPER bad..
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  • Mateusz Franiczek
    Mateusz Franiczek 5 hours ago

    Anthony is normal

  • Casey Fitz
    Casey Fitz 9 hours ago

    So a 2080 super is about $750 and a 2080 ti is about $1100. Is the one tier jump really worth $350 to $400? I feel like the price of the ti is way too high

  • u263a
    u263a Day ago

    It's not quite like going from NES to Super NES

  • Ares_ Cherry9
    Ares_ Cherry9 Day ago

    His voice is so relaxing. Keep it up Anthony!

  • Tomoya
    Tomoya 2 days ago

    Hwo also wants to Know which background Music that is between the Benchmarks? Sounds SUPER Chilly to me :)

  • VetEj
    VetEj 4 days ago

    can we get a neck reveal please bro!

  • alphamacguru
    alphamacguru 4 days ago

    Dude If i was a hot female I'd marry ya. Old time super intelligent techs are hard to find. You are the backbone of LTT

  • The Spot Healing Brush

    Did you eat them all?

  • miles kinkead
    miles kinkead 4 days ago

    Anthony is the people's champ

  • Solo Han
    Solo Han 5 days ago

    Get this man A MIC

  • aimxchoke
    aimxchoke 6 days ago

    I got the 2070 super 8gb

  • Aaron Yiu
    Aaron Yiu 7 days ago

    Can we replace Linus with Anthony?

  • Petr Peller
    Petr Peller 7 days ago

    lol, love that guy. I hope he gets paid well :D

  • Solly vs. The Mole-Men

    so nividia basically just released the same card thats a little better for the same price. Why not just do that in the first place Nvidia? Fuckin profit hogs....

  • Outland
    Outland 9 days ago

    What are FE cards like for noise?

  • Skello Knight
    Skello Knight 10 days ago

    I’m saying this guy is the best dude yet

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 10 days ago

    there is a Cannabis plant in the background?

  • ataman329
    ataman329 10 days ago

    that voice!

  • Bearded Boss
    Bearded Boss 12 days ago

    You are fantastic bro!

  • cornenothome
    cornenothome 12 days ago

    I love this design. They actually get it. So many cards are overshaped plastic ugly pieces of shit. I wonder if this one is partly metal, that would be awesome.

  • AnOriginalUser Name
    AnOriginalUser Name 13 days ago

    Anthony's voice is really nice to listen to. Makes me realize how annoying Linus' voice really is

  • Joker
    Joker 13 days ago

    Dude everyone is just praising you because you're fat as fuck must be good to be on a pedestal

  • Joker
    Joker 13 days ago

    Why did you stare at the camera for a good 10 seconds right before the sponsor? Hahahhaa

  • AsianPersuasion24x7
    AsianPersuasion24x7 16 days ago

    Considering I’ll be upgrading from a 2014 laptop with a 840m to a desktop with a 2060 super I think they are great! Lol I compared the graphics cards and the RTX 2060S is about 1700% faster/better than the one in my laptop lol

  • Robert Lacasse
    Robert Lacasse 16 days ago

    just use TI?

  • Nathan Porsche
    Nathan Porsche 21 day ago

    PC building noob here
    Is there any reason to go for a, say, GIGABYTE 2070S over the ones straight from Nvidia, other than possible lower prices?

  • BSproduction74
    BSproduction74 22 days ago

    I'll probably be buying the new 2070 super mini from zotac, its quite literally the most powerful card that can fit in my rather small case (I can't find a new 1080 ti mini from anyone at a reasonable price unfortunately). If anyone knows where I can get the 1080 ti mini from gigabyte (new or used) at a reasonable cost, please let me know.

  • A. M
    A. M 23 days ago

    i love hearing u talk nerdy Anthony

  • Mark Garchitorena
    Mark Garchitorena 23 days ago

    Holy crapi love your voice

  • MrBeelzebuddy
    MrBeelzebuddy 23 days ago

    3:12 Did you update this or is it not time yet?

  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames 23 days ago

    The super name is fine just a bit cheesy

    XTEXMATTT 23 days ago

    Going to be upgrading to a ryzen 5 3600 but gpu wise I’m not sure what to go for rtx 2060 normal/super or rtx 2070 ?

  • dillon shane
    dillon shane 24 days ago

    should i get the 2070 super fe or 3rd party card ??

  • fEkuaR
    fEkuaR 25 days ago

    Good review, mate. Enjoy your work.

  • Cameron McPherson
    Cameron McPherson 26 days ago

    Please lose weight so you can stay alive and keep giving us good reviews.

  • ChrisP Bacon
    ChrisP Bacon 27 days ago

    Loved the Superhot reference

  • Redirect Alljunk
    Redirect Alljunk 27 days ago

    this guy has suck good voice man he should be an actor honestly!!!!

  • PoDpuS4eK coffi EXILE
    PoDpuS4eK coffi EXILE 27 days ago

    Сходи в спорт зал "пельмень" в Неваде !

  • Jack is not in the box
    Jack is not in the box 27 days ago +1



  • Xaviro Jokhoe
    Xaviro Jokhoe 28 days ago

    Wow this man's voice is just a joy to listen to :D

  • Nicholas Lam
    Nicholas Lam 29 days ago

    I came, to listen to Anthony's Video.

  • Deinien
    Deinien 29 days ago

    I like this dude.

  • Garrett Ambrose
    Garrett Ambrose Month ago

    *Licking noises intensify*

  • sa am
    sa am Month ago

    How would these super card stand against PNY Quadro P1000 and P2000 if the main usage was to be design and sometimes gaming, csgo, pubg, BDO?

  • mathew anderson
    mathew anderson Month ago

    Love Anthony’s reviews.

  • 1,000 Subs With No Content Challange

    Yay I’m getting a 2060 super

  • PouleMoutte
    PouleMoutte Month ago

    I LOVE ANTHONY! Perfect voice for videos :D

    GLD_AV3NG3R Month ago

    Sheesh my GTX 1080 hits 2085 core clock at 50 C

  • Prathamesh Thakur
    Prathamesh Thakur Month ago +2

    Thanks Amd for price, Going to buy Nvidia

  • Cesar Gutierrez
    Cesar Gutierrez Month ago

    My 2060 Super card crashes every game. Never again. Going back to AMD

    • Classytagz
      Classytagz Month ago

      Youre probably doing something wrong lmao

  • Omaticdream
    Omaticdream Month ago +1

    I feel bad for those who bought non super cards just before the super series launched

  • Taco Salad
    Taco Salad Month ago

    have Anthony in more videos, hes awesome!!!

  • rockandrollken
    rockandrollken Month ago

    I'm not convinced by that cough @2:57

  • w9s9
    w9s9 Month ago

    This dude voice is the best thing happen in this channel

  • Aidan
    Aidan Month ago

    Anthony is really good at talking and I want to see him get better

  • KrotowX
    KrotowX Month ago

    Fast forward to future 3 months later. Ordered RTX 2060 Super as first part of new 1080p work/gaming PC. Considered that I will not upgrade GPU for a few years so I must have good enough but affordable GPU.
    Real cause - wanted to run games in Linux, but existing R9 280 GPU driver support ended 2+ years ago. So thanks to AMD about purchasing Nvidia GPU at this time. Ah yes, Nvidia one doesn't boil eggs during play too.

  • Placeswegoto TV
    Placeswegoto TV Month ago +1

    I bought everything Anthony was talking about.

  • Ryan Steward
    Ryan Steward Month ago


  • HipFire_HeadShot
    HipFire_HeadShot Month ago +2

    Bought a 2070 3 months ago, had to RMA it and got given a 2070 super as replacement :D so, i'm good.

  • Kamden Vera
    Kamden Vera Month ago

    His voice doesnt match how he looks wtf