Minecraft Live 2021: Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures

  • Published on Oct 18, 2021
  • Are you ready for more? Minecraft Dungeons introduces Seasonal Adventures - free, themed events for heroes ready to continue their journey and collect exclusive rewards along the way!
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  • Aidn Shorts
    Aidn Shorts 7 months ago +285

    I've been holding off on dungeons but I think this may be the time I finally pick it up!

    • RealSun
      RealSun 4 months ago

      Love your vids

    • Kolkagaming
      Kolkagaming 6 months ago

      Especially with the 100% True full Game

    • Anne Ferns
      Anne Ferns 7 months ago

      Minecraft Dungeons is so fun. I got hooked real quick!

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 7 months ago


  • CUK1N
    CUK1N 6 months ago +4

    Este es uno de los videos que nos encanta ver!
    Gracias por existir.

  • Yakivich
    Yakivich 7 months ago +20

    They should let us upgrade the base camp and make it look differently and get villagers walking around like an actual camp

  • klutterkicker
    klutterkicker 7 months ago +51

    I think it's really cool that they're not time-gating the seasons, I've always felt that's a pressure technique. The Tower also looks like a really fun mode to play.

    • Heroic
      Heroic 7 months ago +1

      Yeah. Seems like that are going the same way halo infinite is going with the battle pass which is great

  • Ethmwhit
    Ethmwhit 7 months ago +121

    For anyone who's been seeing dungeons, and thinking it's cool, but not sure if it's worth it, I bought it about a year ago, I didn't start really playing until 2-3 months ago, Then, the Echoing Void update came out, (The End Update), and I fell in love with the trailer, I picked up the game again, played through the main game, bought all the dlcs, and I've still been playing every day for multiple hours, there's a lot more to it than it seems, challenge yourself to collect every item, do daily quests, (they change daily!), and now with this I'd say it's an incredible time to pick up the game, and prepare for this to release, just my personal opinion, but I'd recommend it so much!

  • Anty
    Anty 7 months ago +19

    One thing I really hope they'll add is using your own custom skin, that would allow for even deeper immersion and I love that in games, makes me enjoy them a lot more.

    • Anty
      Anty 7 months ago

      @Chicken Wing Mhm

    • Chicken Wing
      Chicken Wing 7 months ago

      @Anty I would too, but only if it isn’t a subscription that’d very not pog

    • Anty
      Anty 7 months ago

      @Chicken Wing Yeah, I would pay for that.

    • Chicken Wing
      Chicken Wing 7 months ago +1

      @Anty Yep, that would make sense. Would be a much appreciated feature!

    • Anty
      Anty 7 months ago +1

      @Chicken Wing make it paid or hard to get then.

  • Hidef 7564
    Hidef 7564 7 months ago +16

    Idea….. how about a dungeon that is “theoretically” infinite? So you can rank in a leaderboard with how far you get into the dungeon, damage done, mobs defeated etc. like a global leaderboard thing

    • Tijs Beek
      Tijs Beek 7 months ago +3

      @Snuggle Labes the mobs level increase infinitely throughout the level?

    • Snuggle Labes
      Snuggle Labes 7 months ago

      I literally can not die with my build tho so where is the challenge?

  • Gail Reineke
    Gail Reineke 7 months ago +11

    This is my favorite game, and the seasonal adventures enhances it even more. I wish the lives would extend someone. 3 just isn’t enough the further you advance, the more enemies, the more chances to die.

  • iStealth
    iStealth 7 months ago +374

    Man i love the minecraft dev team so much

  • Slade Sala
    Slade Sala 7 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the season trials! it's going to be a blast! 😄

  • Folgerp
    Folgerp 7 months ago +56

    Mojang you should definitely make the 1.21.0 update a dungeon update why? All they are is a cube with a spawner and a chest, you could add more variants of them and maybe even make them bigger, it'd just make caves alot more interesting.

    • Tim_Gaming!! 🇺🇦
      Tim_Gaming!! 🇺🇦 7 months ago

      @Penguinz ikr they are so annoying

    • Penguinz
      Penguinz 7 months ago

      There r 4 bots in this commentXD

    • Lukas Hulst
      Lukas Hulst 7 months ago +2

      an overhaul of all structures would be great and also how they would generate cuz yeah they are lacking

    • Wolter4ik
      Wolter4ik 7 months ago +3

      Yes you are right

  • The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔

    The fact that they added the mobbo skin is just amazing

  • Minotaur's game zone
    Minotaur's game zone 7 months ago +7

    Phew! Some more content for dungeons and it looks like we'll get the tower!
    Im a max power player on the highest difficulty but i am beggining to get bored of it as there is not much free content being released. So i am SO glad to see seasonal adventures etc

  • Wags360
    Wags360 7 months ago +3

    I bought this game a few days ago and I love it

  • SpaceMonkeyBoi
    SpaceMonkeyBoi 7 months ago +7

    Wasn't really all that interested in the game, but it seems to be getting better each time I hear about it.

  • Grey
    Grey 7 months ago +2

    Thank you for not giving up on this game!

  • Wolter4ik
    Wolter4ik 7 months ago +8

    Thank you for updating and adding something new to minecraft

  • hola
    hola 7 months ago +3

    They should make a cave dlc and make the warden a boss

  • Fake User
    Fake User 7 months ago +3

    I hope there is more story lines and more places too.

  • #Elrayo_YT_Z
    #Elrayo_YT_Z 7 months ago +6

    I would like these things for Java and Bedrock

  • Grizzy-TheKiwi
    Grizzy-TheKiwi 7 months ago +3

    nice to see dungeons get continued support

  • Thiago Moran
    Thiago Moran 7 months ago

    Me gusta hacer construciones y me gusta que agregen nuevos mobs y nuevas actualizaciones

  • Darth Eastman
    Darth Eastman 7 months ago +6

    Maybe one day we will get a chest to store all our loot in? Can’t believe a game based off minecraft doesn’t have chests in it!

    • Darth Eastman
      Darth Eastman 7 months ago +1

      @The fwog it would be nice to de-clutter the inventory though. Plus I’d avoids running the risk of salvaging some pieces of gear you have for a different build.

    • The fwog
      The fwog 7 months ago

      I think you have an infinite inventory and it keeps going so there would be no point I think

    • PR3DAT0RY_W0LF
      PR3DAT0RY_W0LF 7 months ago

      It does, just you cant put stuff in there

  • Elliot Prem Art
    Elliot Prem Art 7 months ago +17

    I can’t wait for the new update it looks so cool

  • Kolkagaming
    Kolkagaming 6 months ago +1

    Code 1: Tower
    Code 2: Seasonal Adventures
    Thank for the rune symbols mean some letters or else the MC Dungeons Community would have no idea.

    LOUMOG 6 months ago

    I like everything you added but please put the tower in multiplayers/ Coop and not just solo pls. With friends it will be much funnier.

  • Alex gameplays
    Alex gameplays 7 months ago

    I love Minecraft 😍 I already want 1.19 to come out

  • Mr chicken milk🐔
    Mr chicken milk🐔 7 months ago +24

    Can we please appreciate how the Minecraft team and Minecraft dungeons team work so hard

  • Cactoos97
    Cactoos97 7 months ago +6

    Nice that this game wasn't forgotten and not used as a short cashgrab.

  • Kolkagaming
    Kolkagaming 6 months ago +1

    2:10 Level 8 player: Takes on A strong enchanted mob “oh no!”
    2:18 Level 50 me: Saves the player killing the strong enchanted mob without taking on the enchanter “there you go buddy!”

  • Josh Dyson
    Josh Dyson 7 months ago +3

    "New combination of mobs you have never fought before, like jungle mobs and ice mobs"
    Me who's done ancient hunts: I've seen this one before!

  • Hilding Oxenlöv
    Hilding Oxenlöv 7 months ago +1

    I really love Minecraft dungeons. It’s oen of my favorit games.❤️❤️❤️

  • YelloWool
    YelloWool 7 months ago +118

    I wish I started playing when it first came out. It looks too confusing now.

    • The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔
      The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔 7 months ago

      It’s really not

    • The fwog
      The fwog 7 months ago

      Also if you wanted to start playing it when it first came out I think it's 2014 or 2010 I don't know

    • The fwog
      The fwog 7 months ago

      What's a furry

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen 7 months ago

      This guy's always putting down Dungeons. I don't understand his beef with it.

    • J4ck 9
      J4ck 9 7 months ago

      its basically minecraft and diablo had a baby

  • WofulUnicycle58
    WofulUnicycle58 7 months ago +1

    Can’t wait for the update

  • vivizwag
    vivizwag 4 months ago

    Is the tower ever becoming multiplayer? Beating it alone is kind of difficult and boring after many attempts. I'd love to work together with friends to beat huge waves of mobs

  • Fiesty Note
    Fiesty Note 7 months ago +1

    Man there really going to new heights 😭, im proud of you MOJANG

  • PetraTheWarrior
    PetraTheWarrior 6 months ago +1

    I can't believe it Mobbo is a playable character in minecraft dungeons. Can't wait to play with him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shadow
    Shadow 7 months ago

    I hope we see like the copper golem or any other mobs that didn't or did win the mob because in a phew levels the iceologer is in them and does exactly what he was described to do in the mob vote

  • Stone Boi
    Stone Boi 7 months ago +2

    Who still plays this awesome game in 2021? I hope i'm not the only one that does! :)

  • A hobo
    A hobo 7 months ago +1

    Gotta add mystic forests with deer and butterflies and glowing mushrooms that grow on trees

  • Game: Dangerous Dominus
    Game: Dangerous Dominus 7 months ago +2

    Wow, that’s amazing!

  • SovenGaming
    SovenGaming 7 months ago +2

    laura truly has the coolest job

  • New Acc
    New Acc 7 months ago

    Mojang, please add in 1.18 the ability for the bedrock version - switching to observer mode, swimming mode with a hatch, hardcore mode, the ability to use achievements so that the character on the shift can go through 1.5 blocks, this is sorely lacking!!!

  • Asyik Hack
    Asyik Hack 7 months ago

    I can't wait for the new update! Who's with me?

  • Arathyn
    Arathyn 7 months ago +17

    Ah so essentially a battle pass that you can do at any time?
    I like that.

  • Ayisha Salifu
    Ayisha Salifu 7 months ago

    That was awesome mojang!

  • Swapnil Afinwala Official
    Swapnil Afinwala Official 7 months ago +8

    💝💝 Happy Eid-e-Milad 💚💚💚



  • Stephen Otterman
    Stephen Otterman 7 months ago

    the tower gamemode sounds so cool

  • Nguyễn Viết Đạt
    Nguyễn Viết Đạt 7 months ago +2

    Amazing !

  • CommanderFlausch
    CommanderFlausch 7 months ago +2

    Could you do Minecraft Dungeons for Mac please :D

  • Stephen Hayton
    Stephen Hayton 7 months ago +3

    I really love mc thank you mojang

  • Passawit Phucheen
    Passawit Phucheen 7 months ago

    Would love a full fletch version of minecraft dungeon in mobile phone too imagine playing this on an iPad!

  • Diego Valencia
    Diego Valencia 7 months ago +1

    I love this game ... ☯️

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams 7 months ago +1

    Hey mojang please don't rush with the wild update take you're time you need

  • S Boy
    S Boy 7 months ago +16

    Wait, does this mean that we’re not getting another storyline? If so, where did those redstone golems in the ending cutscene come from? It’s confirmed that they need the Orb’s magic to be given life. And what is up with those 4 eyes on the Tower Keeper’s body? Are they all controlled by one mind, like the Vengeful Heart of Ender? Or are they separate entities? Are they multiple mobs stacked on top of each other, and the Tower Keeper itself is just abnormally short? Is the Tower Keeper even aware that the eyes exist?

    • S Boy
      S Boy 7 months ago

      @2Tor Yeah I get it

    • 2Tor
      2Tor 7 months ago

      @S Boy i meant how you were talking like you were obsessed with lore

    • S Boy
      S Boy 7 months ago +1

      @2Tor Not at all, MatPat forgot Dungeons existed.

    • 2Tor
      2Tor 7 months ago

      Matpat be like

  • Felipe Army
    Felipe Army 7 months ago +1

    Son los mejores!!!

  • I AM ME
    I AM ME 7 months ago +2

    Man, apocalypse mode is tough. (But not tough enough for me)
    Can you make something harder than apocalypse mode?

    • I AM ME
      I AM ME 7 months ago +1

      @Door Cow Yep

    • Door Cow
      Door Cow 7 months ago +1

      They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  • Monica Cruz Albares
    Monica Cruz Albares 7 months ago +1

    Ya saqué la nueva actualización de 1.19 ya la estoy esperando

  • DRIP stone
    DRIP stone 7 months ago +1

    as long mobo will be a skin
    i am happy

  • Dream Rainbow
    Dream Rainbow 7 months ago

    Love Minecraft!

  • Илья Щербаков

    Make it possible to play minecraft dungeons in the first person!

  • Veda Tsang
    Veda Tsang 13 days ago

    Add more biomes!

  • PinkishPlayz
    PinkishPlayz 7 months ago +5

    If you have ultimate. ( considering its very expensive ) will you get all the seasonal trails as well as the payed for one included because I was thinking on getting the ultimate bundle

    • Brice Schiele
      Brice Schiele 7 months ago +1

      The ultimate ver. Is cheaper than the hero's edition with the season pass somehow

    • Blue
      Blue 7 months ago +1

      I reccomend you wait till it goes on sale. I was able too get the first half of the dlc for free by doing so.

  • YouTube Shrts
    YouTube Shrts 7 months ago +260

    "Congrats to everyone who's early and found this comment"

  • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    Laura, did you intend the lore of minecraft dungeons to be frustrating to figure out?

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
      Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 7 months ago

      You may have no clue what I'm talking about though, let's just say the Minecraft Dungeons lore goes deeper than Archie.

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
      Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 7 months ago +2

      @gingataisen okay, so, we know the cross symbol with the hollow center is part of the illager empire, right, 'cause it's on the royal guard's shields. Thing is, we also find that symbol at the old fort in pumpkin pastures, the one with the horse statue. The only difference is height; the top and bottom prongs of the cross are extended on an illager cross, not on a player cross. I will now refer to them as extended cross and equilateral cross. We see the equilateral cross on the blue carpeted floor of the Stronghold, and blue wool or carpeting only ever shows up one other place, the frozen ruins in The Lone Fortress, which we know to be part of the larger group of settlements in the region which we know are human, because the statues at the end of the lone fortress feature a figure with no distinctive villager/illager nose, clad in _Phantom Armor._ Phantoms only spawn around players, therefore phantom armor, relatively poor quality though it may be, is seemingly a player-unique armor set, and the statuary confirms this, as the player depicted in the lone fortress is standing iver the body of The Ender Dragon, presumably making them Steve or Alex, and the throne that is knocked over by the statues is colored blue, just like some of the carpets there, so blue seems to be this lost player kingdom, presumably defeated relatively recently, by the illagers and the spawn of the orb of dominance shard, which swarm the place. I presume recently because They can't be the ones that got lost to The End and devolved to endermen because they've slain ender dragons. If we buy mattpat's most recent theory on the matter however, that may mean they were as old as the discovery of the end, which makes sense due to the aforementioned blue equilateral cross in The Stronghold. If Ender Dragon Slaying was widely practiced like that, The Stronghold may not have been a last bastion of humanity against the illagers at first, but a hub where the greatest if warriors once set out in expeditions to claim the heads of ender dragons, and place them on their ship's prows. Also, I believe it wasn't just one wither that drove the players to the end, but The rising illager menace, The Nameless Kingdom with its armies of the undead, and perhaps, its secret weapons: The Withers. I believe that when the dragon slayers came back from the end with heaps of ender pearls, void magic, and Elytra, they held back The Nameless Kingdom for a time, untill the nameless kingdom pulled out its withers and forced them into the end. Some were forced to surrender however, and were conquered, as evidenced by the kneeling player statue in The Lost Settlement, which wields a shield and a Glaive, the weapon of "the servants of the Nameless Kingdom"
      Humans are decidedly stubborn in the face of tyranny, however, and with the help of the Villagers, probably took down The Nameless Kingdom from the inside, leaving only the roving bands of illagers we see today, united under The Arch Illager.
      Thing is, I can't be sure about any of this. What if the cross symbols being different shapes is just conicidence, what if the players WERE the nameless kingdom? We just don't know for sure, and it's frustrating.

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen 7 months ago

      @Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access Explain, please.

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
      Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 7 months ago

      @gingataisen I said frustrating, not difficult.

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen 7 months ago

      This guy must've flunked recess.

  • GodChampus
    GodChampus 7 months ago +6

    The future updates of Minecraft are very interesing :D

    • Tee-Shorts
      Tee-Shorts 6 months ago

      @GodChampus its a bot either ignore it or report it

    • GodChampus
      GodChampus 7 months ago

      @Î Àm ÇhrîsBB ×71 why would you want to be the most hated youtuber xd?

  • pizzagamin YT
    pizzagamin YT 7 months ago +2

    More Minecraft dungeon content. Yay

    • pizzagamin YT
      pizzagamin YT 6 months ago

      @ᴛᴀᴘ ᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴇᴇ Grace fax

  • Keosanga Somphou
    Keosanga Somphou 7 months ago

    i love minecraft ,I want to play minecraft 1.18 now!

    SJ CREATION 2.0 7 months ago +5

    Fun fact:‐This channel is highly addictive 🔥

      KRONOSINS 7 months ago

      @Çhrîstófêr Pèzêt ×82 who cares ?

  • Izaak Bérubé
    Izaak Bérubé 7 months ago +3

    Cave DLC NAME IS COLOSSIAL CAVE!!! 3 NEW BOSSES NEW 5 ancient mobs and Ultimate edition part 2!

  • Ghian Kenji B. Santos
    Ghian Kenji B. Santos 7 months ago +2

    Can minecraft do a structure upgrade update 🤔

  • RemyAnimations
    RemyAnimations 7 months ago

    how i would like to play minecraft dungeons :')

  • Mon mon
    Mon mon 7 months ago +4

    Can you add iceologer to Minecraft please ? It fits with the caves and cliffs update

    • MrZacOFC
      MrZacOFC 7 months ago

      @Mon mon it throw ice not snow
      It can either be spawn in snow biome or in iceberg

    • ポ Entity Gamer ベ
      ポ Entity Gamer ベ 7 months ago

      @Mon mon I Subbed you

    • Mon mon
      Mon mon 7 months ago

      and i think it is not ice biomes, i know its name is "ice" it is just weird in ice lol

    • ポ Entity Gamer ベ
      ポ Entity Gamer ベ 7 months ago

      @Mon mon Hi

    • MrZacOFC
      MrZacOFC 7 months ago

      Iceologer fit in cave and cluff update? Well iceologer is ice enemy which is spawn in snow or ice biome there has nothing to do with caves and cliff update

  • ZGD09
    ZGD09 7 months ago +2

    I can't wait for the update 😣😃

  • SpyRats
    SpyRats 7 months ago +1

    I'm so excited for Minecraft dungeon

  • Blurist
    Blurist 7 months ago +1

    im still waiting for MC-Dungeons P.E. like i have for years... But mojang accustomed to ignores requests from players, maybe i am waiting in vain ( *but i'm still waiting :>* )

  • 🌇|ˢᵒDAsr
    🌇|ˢᵒDAsr 7 months ago +1

    We need a new mob golem

  • ElDreamDeBedrock
    ElDreamDeBedrock 7 months ago +1

    Hello Minecraft!

  • Emir Núñez
    Emir Núñez 7 months ago +1

    Mojang should add mobs to Minecraft dungeons to make the game more interesting

    • Tonicrack
      Tonicrack 7 months ago

      There are already mobs

  • R.Z. Tres
    R.Z. Tres 6 months ago

    Can we please get the ability to sort out inventories?

  • Bedrock
    Bedrock 7 months ago

    Don't have this game but it looks amazing

  • Sleepyy
    Sleepyy 7 months ago

    This game just gets better and better!

  • kiếm Hùng Sầu
    kiếm Hùng Sầu 7 months ago

    You guys should add more rarity to the game

  • Marcell William
    Marcell William 2 months ago

    5:11 e btw can you add the button for the emote? Its only show up in multiplayer but not for singleplayer

  • sussy ducky
    sussy ducky 7 months ago

    If you guys could make it on mobile its could be real cool

  • MARLON Correa
    MARLON Correa 7 months ago +2

    i`m lovin `it minecraft dugeons

  • vector cheems
    vector cheems 7 months ago +1

    les queria decir que soy un gran admirador de minecraft el juego me encanta encerio

  • Matvey Tsarichansky
    Matvey Tsarichansky 7 months ago +2

    i bought minecraft dungeons a while ago and didnt play much but now i think i should come back to the game

  • Thiago Moran
    Thiago Moran 7 months ago

    Y me gusta su empresa me gusta que trabajen

  • ElPalominito
    ElPalominito 7 months ago

    Cuando pondréis para me ter más de un encantamiento en las que hay menos de 3, y cuando para poder cambiar los encantamientos?

  • David Teck
    David Teck 7 months ago

    Mojang tenho certeza que vão passar direto por esse comentário e não vão ligar mas queria falar que sonho em crescer no youtube junto ao Minecraft ja faz 3 a 4 anos que jogo e até hoje sempre da mais e mais vontade de jogalo

  • ant_wood998
    ant_wood998 7 months ago +8

    The scene when they were fighting a red stone golem that guy was a bit selfish I’ll admit

    • anonymous
      anonymous 7 months ago +1

      Or blind about the golem

  • Zajin Ramirez
    Zajin Ramirez 7 months ago +2

    Me thinking this is an update so theirs areas that change depending on the season:

    AMOGUS 7 months ago

    Vcs podem adiciona no minecraft mobs que são player com skn aleatório asim o jogador não se sentirá sosinho por ter uma pessoa que é um mob

  • cash almonidovar
    cash almonidovar 7 months ago

    Wow Is this live for the MC 1.18

  • Sambhabthapa Sambhabthapa

    I can't wait for new update

  • Bocajsen
    Bocajsen 7 months ago

    This Reminds me so much og hypixel skyblock dungeon rooms

  • Best Robo1234
    Best Robo1234 7 months ago

    Ya should agree that Minecraft Dungeons should have own live 2021/2022

  • Simon M.
    Simon M. 7 months ago

    Will the new DLC cost something?