Exit Poll: The Sky News 'virtual House of Commons'

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • The exit poll predicts a Conservative win, with a majority of 86 seats.
    Sky News' Ed Conway takes a closer look at this forecast and puts the exit poll results into our 'virtual House of Commons'.
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Comments • 59

  • Geoff M
    Geoff M 21 day ago +1

    Dreadful coverage from the remaining supporting Sky News! It’s coverage was totally biased prior to the election! Burley, Boulton and Rigby were heartbroken!

  • Jimmi K
    Jimmi K Month ago +7

    The swamp has officially been drained!

  • 1964cohibas
    1964cohibas Month ago +4

    Best of five remainers?

  • joe caterman
    joe caterman Month ago +7

    this is almost as good as watching the referendum result

  • Eao Ryan
    Eao Ryan Month ago

    Go Boris. Boris is about Brexit. Brexit is about immigration. Sky, BBC, Ch4, are about Sky, BBC, Ch4, still. I'll bet ye they're still not listening. Where did Bercow get his cheek? From the gutter I;ll warrant.
    The Neoliberals, Radical Militant Feminists, and The P&CS Bloodsuckers are not yet stopped or even aware they they have lost.

  • Your Too late
    Your Too late Month ago

    Bye corbyn

  • Christine Mary
    Christine Mary Month ago +2

    Whatever the result I do t like it I want another vote

  • Andy N
    Andy N Month ago

    Britain is about to become a destitute.

    • Mr Pickles
      Mr Pickles Month ago +2

      Britain is about to become free of foreign invasion 😂🤣

    • Gollum
      Gollum Month ago

      Good, let everyone have a taste of poverty

  • sam wright
    sam wright Month ago +1

    we all will pay the price of gullible people

  • Adrian Finley
    Adrian Finley Month ago +3

    To say they have the results before any counting has started says this is a rigged election....

    • joe caterman
      joe caterman Month ago +2

      exit polls... it means they ask people which way they voted before the results of the election come out and use it to predict the result.

  • All Bot
    All Bot Month ago +12

    The only question left is who will be the secound country to leave EU

    • MisterHughes
      MisterHughes Month ago +2

      Salvini wants to make a comeback and take Italy out of the Euro, he's spoiling for a rumble after theEU have meddled in their elected government's mutiple times.

    • Roku
      Roku Month ago

      @ProTon GOOD!

    • ProTon
      ProTon Month ago +7

      From the looks of things in france for the past year... I bet they wished they voted for Le Pen now. I can see them having a referendum soon enough.

  • Better than telly
    Better than telly Month ago

    Has The Rothschilds done ok? And The Windsors? Thats what I tactically voted for but couldnt see the box labelled Satan.

  • Giraffe RL
    Giraffe RL Month ago +3

    The UK is a lost cause

  • taf
    taf Month ago

    Scotland what's next?

  • zed365
    zed365 Month ago +26

    Hopefully we can add Anna Soubry to the unemployment line tomorrow 🤞.

  • Viking Dave
    Viking Dave Month ago +11

    How many times do we have to vote out of the EU! It's getting embarrassing now!!!!

    • Chris Bell 59
      Chris Bell 59 Month ago +5

      Well I've voted to Leave FOUR times:-
      1) 2015 when Cameron offered the chance of a "Once-In-A-Lifetime" EU Referendum
      2) 2016 the actual EU Referendum
      3) 2017 when Theresa May begged us to give her another mandate before she and Phillip Hammond deliberately sabotaged the whole thing
      4) 2019- yesterday when we stuffed it back into their miserable Remainiac faces

    • Memetic Proportions
      Memetic Proportions Month ago

      Cmon, one more time. Best 3/5

  • Jordi Dunn
    Jordi Dunn Month ago +17

    Shame on Sky News for having that crook ex-speaker of the house Barcow on their show

    • iamsadwhereisdad
      iamsadwhereisdad Month ago

      whenever i hear "barcow" i just think of a cow serving drinks while going on about the election results and stopping rowdy customers by shouting order

  • simon bradburn
    simon bradburn Month ago +6

    leave the EU,JUST LEAVE

  • TCM737
    TCM737 Month ago +3

    Good Luck UK...

  • Hobo Momo
    Hobo Momo Month ago +6

    This makes me happy to see Labour are losing because if they win, UK would be doomed. It's very clear we want Brexit

  • Trapstar
    Trapstar Month ago +7

    RIP the NHS. RIP Britain’s economy.

    • Will 90
      Will 90 Month ago +2

      The NHS has failed, it's a money pit and terribly managed like nearly all public services, I'll be happy to see it go and pay for my own healthcare privately
      It's not going anywhere though, because the Tories are merely the lesser of two evils, there will still be stupid spending and big govt

  • red squirrel
    red squirrel Month ago +4

    Let's not count our chickens , we have won nothing yet .

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson Month ago +80

    Yet again, the people of the UK make it VERY clear that they want to leave the EU.

    • Embecmom
      Embecmom Month ago

      @d d problem is for Scotland there is only really a choice for a proper scottish voice in parliament, which unfortunately coincides with their stance on Europe..I would not rush to say that this equates to a demand to stay in the EU.

    • joe caterman
      joe caterman Month ago +2

      @Mr Pickles probably 20 years for Scots... likely by then brexit will be a success.. Britain will be very prosperous and competitive.

    • Mr Pickles
      Mr Pickles Month ago +2

      Once in a generation vote for Scottish independence, next referendum in 50 yrs 🤣

    • Steel Wolf
      Steel Wolf Month ago

      @d d lol "only britian"

    • Jedi Knight
      Jedi Knight Month ago +1

      @LeBot scotland will end up like moldova lol lol bye bye

  • Greenpoloboy3
    Greenpoloboy3 Month ago +11

    Britain now has a strong Majority Government. Brexit will be done, and Jeremy Corbyn will resign tomorrow

  • Colin Croxford
    Colin Croxford Month ago +9

    It's back on the allotment tomorrow Jeremy

    • Colin Croxford
      Colin Croxford Month ago +1

      What is clear is that the people of this country do not want communism

    • Andy N
      Andy N Month ago +1

      I can put my life on it, that in 5 years time, the working class will wish they voted for Corbyn. The UK is going to become a destitute. That's a fact that will stick in your mind forever.

  • Ed Man
    Ed Man Month ago +6

    The people have rejected climate change conspiracy theories, identity politics and the betrayal of Brexit.
    Now the torries need to eliminate unelected beuracracts and reduce government departments

  • K9
    K9 Month ago +12

    Amazing news, now corbyn can resign!!

    • Aaron Brall
      Aaron Brall Month ago

      Stability of Cadres, One of Leonid Brehznev's policies, corbyn will remain leader until he dies, This policy ultimately fucked up the USSR

    • Roku
      Roku Month ago +1

      Very true my friend!!!

    • Jo Bloggs
      Jo Bloggs Month ago +1