Jim Sturgess & Colin Farrell - CHATTY MAN

  • Published on Dec 14, 2010
  • Jim Sturgess and Colin Farrell, co-stars in the upcoming THE WAY BACK, appeared together on the first episode of UK television's THE CHATTY MAN on December 13. The show features comedian Alan Carr interviewing the two actors on his famous couch. Brought to you by Jim Sturgess Online.

    UK and Ireland viewers are blocked from this video, however you can see it on the CHATTY MAN website here: www.channel4.com/programmes/alan-carr-chatty-man/4od#3148129
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Comments • 135

  • Evangeline Rehwaldt
    Evangeline Rehwaldt 7 months ago

    I watched this interview. A pretty good interview. Colin and Jim and Chatty man are pretty funny.

  • Caroline Ullrich
    Caroline Ullrich 9 months ago

    What year was this with that music?

  • Jayne Brennan
    Jayne Brennan 9 months ago

    omg Colin hot stuff

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl 11 months ago +1

    I’m so in love with Jim sturgess. Loved him in that gravity movie with Kristin dunst and in cloud atlas. I even loved that Beatles musical ❤️😍🎈

  • Maria eugenia Rodriguez

    Jim ❤😍

  • globalman
    globalman Year ago +1

    I love Colin he has a great personality and sense of humour. Also a brilliant actor.

  • Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy

    Irish men are the hottest on the planet.....and a sexy accent too. Colin is the hottest man ever.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Year ago +1

    Jim n Colin r both very 🔥 actors

  • IW Nunn
    IW Nunn 2 years ago

    Colin has lost most of his accent.

  • Catherine C
    Catherine C 2 years ago +14

    Collin is the guy you want to share 🍻 in the bar.

  • Isabel Moreira
    Isabel Moreira 4 years ago +1

    Jim jim jim jim jim

  • Gabrielle I
    Gabrielle I 4 years ago +8

    Jim! You are soooo cute

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie 4 years ago +4

    Johnny Depp has always been my Cum thought , u know when you're right there and you think that one thought to get you to it :-) ,
    then it became Johnny and Colin ...
    But after across the universe came out
    I might toss Jim in there too ;)

  • XGamerGirl1995
    XGamerGirl1995 4 years ago +6

    "That was me going down" poor colin, it's only funny because of your former circumstances. lol

  • Karen Conlan
    Karen Conlan 4 years ago

    ~~~~inspired me to make youtube vlogs on my youtube channel♥~~~I like his songs~~♡ ▲:*

  • m katzarova
    m katzarova 5 years ago +16

    as much as i love Jim Sturgess, i have to say that i find his comments about Bulgaria very offensive. there is no other place int he world with as many prostitutes and homeless people than the ones on the London's streets !

    • Meggles Wolfley
      Meggles Wolfley Year ago +2

      m katzarova he wasn't trying to be rude or offensive, he was just saying how it went

    • MsPurpleStuff
      MsPurpleStuff 2 years ago

      lol you can't generalize a whole country. Parts of every country are shit and parts aren't.

    • m
      m 3 years ago +7

      I'm offensive and I find this Bulgarian

  • olgas movie house
    olgas movie house 5 years ago

    the interviews voice is hilarious!

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 5 years ago +4


  • aisthu sara
    aisthu sara 5 years ago +45

    colin is so sexy..

  • Sammie Deppney
    Sammie Deppney 5 years ago +3

    "I'm your doppleganger"

  • Minh Hiền Hà
    Minh Hiền Hà 5 years ago +7

    I don't like the fact that Jim is too old for me :| i want to marry him :(((

  • Gloria Smith
    Gloria Smith 5 years ago +29

    I love Jim he is so hot and cute and has a great accent

  • Courtney Hinch
    Courtney Hinch 5 years ago +1

    So cute. Great interview, glad they kept it funny even though its a serious film. And Jim Sturgess is just the sexiest ever.

  • sorghia Ghiasi
    sorghia Ghiasi 6 years ago +2

    Aaaaa colins voice n face in 1208 i love him deeply

  • sorghia Ghiasi
    sorghia Ghiasi 6 years ago

    Love u farrell

  • Tommiangel
    Tommiangel 6 years ago +1

    The movie The Way Back is based on a fraud-not a true story-Sturgess skins a deer and brags about it-what an a-hole-Not cute anymore-choke on it-hope an animal kills him! macho bs.

  • I can't think of a good username

    jakdiaudiakdj Jim ♥ Seriously, he's so Cute! Those eyes!

  • gumbess 검베스
    gumbess 검베스 6 years ago +6

    Jim Sturgess has the prettiest puppy eyes and cutest boyish smile

  • Aylla Sousa
    Aylla Sousa 6 years ago +6

    I've been obsessed over Jim Sturgess since i first watched Across The Universe at the cinemas(and i'm a big Beatlemaniac!!) and now it's like i've known him my whole life even though i've never met him personally

  • TuQuyen Pham
    TuQuyen Pham 6 years ago +1


  • jorgina demellites
    jorgina demellites 6 years ago

    Where can i find that video when jim plays keyboards with la roux?i wanna watch it..been looking for it but can't find it.somebody help please?

  • mae1010101
    mae1010101 6 years ago +2

    OH MY! JIM...THOSE EYES!!!!!!

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise 6 years ago +10

    I love how Colin just can't stop with the innuendos... :)

  • Barbora Holubcová
    Barbora Holubcová 6 years ago +6

    I would trade my kidney for a date with colin... I ain't even kidding

  • darth trek
    darth trek 6 years ago


  • dhiny p
    dhiny p 6 years ago +8

    I love Jim, but Collin is soooo much fun and not to mention HOT!

  • nanayjan232011
    nanayjan232011 6 years ago +1

    jim....jim...jim....wowwwwwwwwwwwww so handsome!

  • Ina Tajuddin
    Ina Tajuddin 6 years ago +2

    Colin Farrell is like a roguish pirate, and Jim is like his younger brother

  • Sugar Magnolia
    Sugar Magnolia 6 years ago +2

    My man Colin ((;

  • lavedah
    lavedah 6 years ago +1

    i definitely love jim more i mean look at him he's so adorable

  • Kristofer Sigmarsson
    Kristofer Sigmarsson 6 years ago

    hi =)

  • hailey1491
    hailey1491 6 years ago

    Jim is like pushing Colin off the couch to see the picture of fetus Colin with his football team

  • Mar_404
    Mar_404 6 years ago +1

    Colin :3 lo amo. No le entiendo casi nada, pero lo AMO.

  • Amy Punk
    Amy Punk 6 years ago +1

    Colin with Jim ... my fav two actresses together !!! *DEEEEEEEEEEAD* !!!!

  • pizzakrydder
    pizzakrydder 6 years ago +1

    Jim Sturgess is a decent guy and Colin Farrell just can't understand it..

  • Ariel Swiftie
    Ariel Swiftie 6 years ago +1

    oh Jim, so adorable!!!!!!!!

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago +1

    Wretched Penny defaming Coln on the Aug. Jon Ross interview video.Why does TheXvid allow this?

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago +1

    i think I saw Ms. jackson helping out by looking for the table seating. That was a bit of a scramble. I'm sure Colin was very dissapointed also by Warner's making him work on Sunday morning. I realise that was due to
    sandy storm, putting things behind schedule, and people still have received no help from DC. Hopefully next year will be much better!

  • Rita Molino
    Rita Molino 6 years ago

    I know...I was bummed we didn't see each other..and yes that was my husband, scott with scotty..i must have been getting ready or something...that is when hubby takes scotty for me..we did leave the gala by 11 though...so I really didn't see all the people I wanted to..definitely next year...I am so happy you at least saw my scotty

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago

    I never did find you at the Gala tho I saw Scotty, with a gentleman I presume was your husband. Next year for sure!

  • Rita Molino
    Rita Molino 6 years ago

    I want to meet Alan Carr...he cracks me up

  • Claudia Atlason
    Claudia Atlason 6 years ago

    I am so fucking angry. Where the hell are all the Oscar nominations for Cloud Atlas?! This is a joke. It shoud have at least been nominated for Best film, Best score, Best screenplay, Best directors, Best actors, Best actress, Best editing, Best cinematograpy, Best sound, Best MAKE UP. This is bullshit. Those dumb, narrow-minded, ignorant academy and critics are a fucking joke. I haven't seen a more masterpiece ever, and I won't for many years to come. This is a joke. The end.

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago

    yeh,and he's how old in that photo? Common mis-conception, they aren't the same thing. Don't believe me...look it up on Wiki...

  • LaraCroftEyes1
    LaraCroftEyes1 6 years ago

    Oh puhleeze you need stop listening to haters especially if it come from some bitter woman with nothing better to do in her life but to make up lies about Colin Farrell and let see I don'tlike Miley Cyrus so I don't go around making up lies about her and never will unlike woman who has nothing better to than hate on Colin Farrell for no reason..

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago

    The movie was Total-recall, woman never laid eyes on him.

  • colinchick69
    colinchick69 6 years ago

    No! He does not! The woman who has posted that on 24 youtube video's is a pissed off woman who walked up to Pinewood studio, in Toronto to ask for a job as an extre. Instead she was ticketed for trespass on studio. property. One must apply thru proper channels. She has gotten her revenge by doing this. It ould make more sense to me to plague the studio. She denegrates a man who has done so much for charity like Angelman Syndrome [from which his son James suffers] View FAST 2012 the Journey.

  • Sam Mbwana
    Sam Mbwana 6 years ago


  • Allee2012
    Allee2012 6 years ago

    I was right!

  • portishphonic
    portishphonic 6 years ago +2

    I could listen to Colin talk for hours. He is so lovely and charming and witty and funny and well spoken and intelligent. I mean really.

  • Fleur Magnifique
    Fleur Magnifique 6 years ago

    jim is like the good boy. colin is like the bad boy lol