Boeing 777X Door Explosion Update

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • An update has been given regarding the Boeing 777X following its recent cargo door explosion. In today's video, I go over the update regarding the testing and more!
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Comments • 482

  • Mark Tsipe
    Mark Tsipe Month ago +295

    I can’t wait for the 777x to go into service

    • Kymran O'Shea
      Kymran O'Shea 27 days ago

      @Gregory Ho A380 will be in the sky's for 30 years yet as will the 747-8. Don't think airlines are gonna throw millions down the pan just because a new 777x comes out. Besides right now the 777x doesn't have many orders its the A350 that does.

    • Kymran O'Shea
      Kymran O'Shea 27 days ago

      @Gregory Ho and the 747 too.

    • 俞穎何
      俞穎何 27 days ago

      better to wait before they get it right. the company needs a revolution.

  • Liam Horn
    Liam Horn 6 days ago

    Is Boeing turning into McDonnell Douglas ???

  • VFA-102S Diamondbacks
    VFA-102S Diamondbacks 17 days ago

    Looks like boeing is gonna collepes soon. Hmm

  • wlliam miller
    wlliam miller 19 days ago

    Why havent you done any vidoes on the A321 that crashed in Russia due to the failure of both of its engines ???
    What about a video on the Swiss A220 that has sufferd not one but 2 engine failures in a short span

  • Indomaret
    Indomaret 22 days ago

    Current management of boeing many from old Mcdonel douglas company, so they just redesign 777X door as same as faulty DC-10 door, what a shame..

  • Indomaret
    Indomaret 22 days ago

    Boeing 777X= Mcdonel Douglas DC 10

  • Jay W
    Jay W 24 days ago

    I just got a 1:200 model Qatar Airways 777-9 yesterday with working folding wingtips and all!!

  • Michael Scott Howard
    Michael Scott Howard 24 days ago

    SO UNDER TESTING, THE DOOR FAILED.. Thank you Boeing for going the extra mile and test to the failure point. Just like testing to failure of wings etc. that you have done for at least 80 years.

    • Appable
      Appable 22 days ago

      It failed before the ultimate load was reached (though only slightly below).

  • Niels
    Niels 24 days ago

    I dont believe "the door problem" in the developpment delay on the 777X. If BOEING has their 737MAX grounded, then it's like financially you are running out of liquidity as NO money are floating back into the system, kind of like a FINANCIAL MCAS. Now this forces BOEING to stop the investment into the developpment of the 777X. Engine problem, Door Explotion.....or simply a financial mess like the beginning of a bankrupcy?

  • Yxng ace
    Yxng ace 24 days ago

    Which airline is he most known for its 777?

  • Harrison La time traveler

    The good thing is that the 777 has so many backups that it's almost impossible for a 777x flight to go down from a cargo door explosion so the likeliness of this happening and the plane crashing is slim. There's little way the 777 can crash unless the pilots make a mistake or a pilot is suicidal.

  • GalaxyGacha AndMore
    GalaxyGacha AndMore 24 days ago

    Hmmmm tri jet anyone

  • angelo t
    angelo t 25 days ago

    FAA...what explosion 💥???

  • David Alexandrovitch
    David Alexandrovitch 25 days ago

    Hey at 0:48 - Theres Swiss001!

  • Noah Riding
    Noah Riding 25 days ago

    Hm....pretty sure they aren't supposed to have their doors explode.
    One interesting aspect about this is maybe years ago Boeing filed bankruptcy.
    The bankruptcy wasn't for insolvency but to dump the pensions so they could steal that money. They weren't even in need. When that happened they basically put management against labor, and vice versa and a culture distrust and not listening to each other ensued. Managers wouldn't listen to skilled workers, and skilled workers lost ownership in the job, while the top CEO got the pensions, which could have been affordable but instead went to buying him toys, and for more cash for top leadership immorality & payouts.
    Very few people point to the fact that all these problems are coming up after this happened, and after those formerly great workers were no longer there from having their pensions stolen.
    Is it any wonder that they are having troubles?

  • jlcool007
    jlcool007 25 days ago

    Working on a FIX?! What fix....

  • R. I. Agostini
    R. I. Agostini 26 days ago +1

    Boeing Will file bancrupcy before the 777x human killing device will see the skies (,thanks God)

    • Günther Gerster
      Günther Gerster 24 days ago +1

      R. I. Agostini Boeing is the pride of the American Aircraft industry, they wont let them go bankrupt

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 26 days ago

    "Captain, have you seen the flight attendant anywhere?"

    OLIVIA GABRIEL 26 days ago

    Top in a rectangle shape. Full length of plane.
    Place an Air Bage/ Air Plane.
    Which can convert.
    To a floating wrath.
    Storage inflation can, also.
    Use air hose, compartment on plane.

  • Stan Watt
    Stan Watt 26 days ago

    Never heard of it until I saw this. Love the triple 7.

  • blancolirio
    blancolirio 27 days ago +1

    150% is your engineered safety margin. These standards need to be met in static testing to obtain certification.

  • JD Shotwell
    JD Shotwell 27 days ago

    Any word on the airframe issue with the A320neo?

  • Kurt Number1
    Kurt Number1 27 days ago

    Request: Southwest evaluates the Airbus A320neo in wake of Boeing 737 MAX ban.

  • Daniel Tyce
    Daniel Tyce 27 days ago

    Husky voices are hot 😂

  • Shuyaib Abdullah
    Shuyaib Abdullah 27 days ago +3

    The 380 had a cargo door problem during testing too. They had to redesign that.

  • Sione Tielu
    Sione Tielu 27 days ago

    Boeing things

  • Abdulla Alshehhi
    Abdulla Alshehhi 27 days ago

    hot water + lemon + ginger + honey, helps a sore throat :)

    • Elaine Blackhurst
      Elaine Blackhurst 26 days ago +1

      Abdulla Alshehhi A couple of early nights might sort him out haha🇬🇧👨‍✈️✈️👩‍✈️🇺🇸💗🤦🏼‍♀️

  • MrTellyBelly
    MrTellyBelly 27 days ago +1

    Well there is a surprise..... not! if you believe Boeing then more fool you. But FAA will approve it and it will take 400 deaths before the truth will come out.

  • WillsGCreed -asx
    WillsGCreed -asx 27 days ago

    747: thats my boy, now be as deadly and useless as i was

  • Joss Dionne
    Joss Dionne 27 days ago

    Check next if it won't be the cockpit that blows...up. But, I liked the 777.

  • David H
    David H 27 days ago

    I was not aware that Boeing had confirmed that it was a baggage door and not one of the main fuselage doors that had blown out.

  • peter doellefeld
    peter doellefeld 27 days ago

    Boeing has been making the 777 for what, 20+ years. and it's passed these tests in the past. or is this a newer more stressful test!?

    • Appable
      Appable 22 days ago

      peter doellefeld 777x fuselage is different and doors are different than 777

  • Musa Usman
    Musa Usman 27 days ago

    An old airplane with a new body

  • AmericanAirlines321
    AmericanAirlines321 27 days ago

    Can you talk about Interjet?

    • wlliam miller
      wlliam miller 19 days ago

      A fair request on your part . However Dj is not interested in putting out vidoes that his viewers like . Hes only interested in getting money from TheXvid

  • Stephen Yoong
    Stephen Yoong 28 days ago +1

    Close to 500 innocent life loss from 2 737 Max crashes. Now another issue with 777X. On the right track.

  • james johnson
    james johnson 28 days ago

    Anyone remember the 747 cargo door latch pins failing to fully engage/align , way back in the day? United 747 crew had their hands full one day over the Pacific, when the forward cargo door blew out.

    • Elaine Blackhurst
      Elaine Blackhurst 26 days ago

      Kurt Number1 Oh that’s really inspired my confidence God help us all at Boeing safety time has stood still 🇬🇧✈️👨‍✈️👩‍✈️🇺🇸💗🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Kurt Number1
      Kurt Number1 27 days ago

      This issue only affected all Boeing 747-100s and 747-200s in service at the time.

  • TYLO
    TYLO 28 days ago +1

    if it's a boeing, I am not going.

  • Chadh Stacy
    Chadh Stacy 28 days ago

    0:14 Eels 58 - 0 Broncos 355pm game at Bankwest Square Cake-Tin that Milford thought was starting at 6pm? 😄 Or went to another NRL finals game? or was it a AFL finals game? or was it NFL (in USA)?

  • Battleship United
    Battleship United 28 days ago +1

    Cargo door explosion?
    DC-10 vibes anyone?

  • Dongone Seo
    Dongone Seo 28 days ago +1

    Heard that the GE9X has been fixed and now being sent back to Boeing. No video about that?

  • MrTudwud
    MrTudwud 28 days ago

    For the "It's only testing" brigade - how many other planes have failed the door test in the past? We all know about the DC10 and, indeed, the odd 747 failing in-flight but were these given similar tests? Boeing cannot hide beneath their name any longer!

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 28 days ago +1

    You know, you can choose not to scream.

  • KillMeWithPotato
    KillMeWithPotato 28 days ago +1

    Update: the door exploded and they are fixing it
    end of video lol

  • Jan Negrey
    Jan Negrey 28 days ago +1

    As far as many sources say the pressure was over 50% higher than maximum expected. As a person who won't fly in 737 max ever, I can at least appreciate the speed of reaction and candor instead of sweeping it under the rug.

    • Xavi Chuvy
      Xavi Chuvy 22 days ago

      Thanks, I didn't know that.

    • Appable
      Appable 22 days ago

      Xavi Chuvy 133% for pressurization typically

    • Jan Negrey
      Jan Negrey 28 days ago

      ​@Xavi Chuvy Yes, I wish Russians well, we will see how the situation with Suchoi Superjet will develop. Chinese build mostly on their own market, though perhaps some African countries might buy as well. The problem with Mitsubishi is that it is delayed. At least as far as I remember. Have to check what it's status is.

    • Xavi Chuvy
      Xavi Chuvy 28 days ago

      @Jan Negrey
      Same here, hopefully Irkut with the MC-21 and the new Russian/Chinese widebody will be successful.
      ATR is doing fine but remember it's 50% owned by Airbus, so not quite competition in that sense.
      And don't forget Mitsubishi and its new regional jet.

    • Jan Negrey
      Jan Negrey 28 days ago

      ​@Xavi Chuvy And I've heard that wings did spectacularly. The only problem was with cargo door. They're saying about making hinges stronger. But sources in MSM are unreliable, hell first info was that passenger door blew off. I hope it's just the supplier of hinges or something easy to fix. As much as I am Airbus fan (not really, just didn't like Boeing's monopoly, and both companies make beautiful aircraft), I am concerned with taking over bombardier (and Boeing taking over Embraer). I prefer the world were there are AT LEAST 2 aircraft companies making large Airplanes, 2-3 medium (Bombardier, Embraer, and I don't know what happened to ATR - they used to make passenger turboprops) and lots of companies with smaller planes (up to 20 passengers).

  • Bobby Fhet
    Bobby Fhet 28 days ago +2

    structural design flaw. Wings get stressed body flexes doors blow out.... Better than a 500 mph noose dive into the deck

    • Guinness
      Guinness 28 days ago

      Bobby Fhet if it happened at 38 000 feet you'd probably get the same result

  • Jerry2011b
    Jerry2011b 28 days ago

    The force is HIYAH with this one

  • ertus306
    ertus306 28 days ago +1

    777x's cargo door explodes,DC10 proud grandfather sounds.

  • Freddie Lewis
    Freddie Lewis 28 days ago

    What game did you watch?

  • Sydnick
    Sydnick 28 days ago +1

    Airbus doors open in before they go out, (plug) so I would call this ANOTHER Boeing design flaw. The DC-10 cargo door blew out during testing as well, but the FAA certified it anyway. Sound familiar?

    PANDETTA D 28 days ago +2

    After 737 max crashes, one can be intrigued how Boeing fixes things, Mcas that cargo door now!

  • RobEJC
    RobEJC 28 days ago

    Boeing engineers: a cargo door exploded and failed.
    Boeing Execs: outsource to Bangladesh to write an app to flip the plane upside down so nothing falls out.
    US FAA: receives report wrapped in crisp, new $5 bills, pulls out the APPROVED stamp.
    Boeing Execs: first delivery expected tomorrow afternoon.

  • Typical Life
    Typical Life 28 days ago

    Damn the 777 is beautiful

  • Christopher Bayne
    Christopher Bayne 28 days ago

    "The Football"............... you know soccer ain't a real sport, right?

  • Donald Storm
    Donald Storm 28 days ago

    I would definitely fly on that plane, I don't see any problems with it whatsoever.

  • Johnny Lynch
    Johnny Lynch 28 days ago

    Hay by the way massive fan I’ve got a suggestion if you go travelling at anytime can you do a trip report

    FUZZY LOGIC 28 days ago

    Mr Dj´s Aviation, the shots of your videos are so beautiful that many times I have found myself "lost" watching them rather than listening

    • wlliam miller
      wlliam miller 19 days ago

      Its probably a good thing that you dont listen to his vidoes . Djs avation ia a amateur channel that is a insult to any decent avation enthuiast . The garbage that is spewed on this channel is astounding

  • Lenny Talbot
    Lenny Talbot 28 days ago

    Real footy? Who is your tip for the GF?

  • Mike Chau
    Mike Chau 28 days ago

    Better to test it max limits on the ground rather have it as a experiment in flight with passengers on it. Get it done and get it done right. Being quick doesn’t payoff at all. Hope you feel better soon buddy.

  • Eudald Guell
    Eudald Guell 28 days ago


  • Marcin Dawid
    Marcin Dawid 28 days ago

    "manufacturer will push the plain to the limit...." software push it to the limit, tests are just to confirm that the software was writing. That's failed. Those extreme situations it's when emergency occurs and pilots need to push the plain beyond the limits. If it's last, people survive if fail unfortunately will not.