The (ALMOST) Amazing Spider-Man

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
    I pinky promise this is (almost) the last Spider-Man Video HiTop Films will do. This Video Essay focuses on Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, and how The Amazing Spider-Man is almost amazing. Henceforth the title, The (ALMOST) Amazing Spider-Man. I hope you guys enjoy this Spider-Man Video Essay, and I hope you all are well.
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  • HiTop Films
    HiTop Films  10 months ago +1289

    Going to be uploading A LOT over the next two months. I have one more special Spider-Man video coming in March and then I'm done talking about the web head, for now. Head over to Squarespace and build your own E.D.M Spidey Website, it's all N.B.D. Much love to all of you.

    • GamerLuna
      GamerLuna 3 months ago

      Sam Raimi's Spidey - Exists in the comics
      Andrew Garfield Spidey - Exists in the comics
      Tom Holland Spidey - White washed Miles

    • Noor Abbas
      Noor Abbas 6 months ago

      Marc Webb's The Atrocious Spider-Man movies were horrendous due Sony Studio's interference.....

    • Krishna Passi
      Krishna Passi 8 months ago +1

      you haven’t uploaded the “march” video yet, and it’s MAY

    • Mario G
      Mario G 9 months ago

      Hey y’all Im trying to make a book on a hero. What power if any should he have. If now powers, how much money do you think he should have and what gadgets should he have

    • ZEN
      ZEN 10 months ago

      Could you please do a video talking about the punisher??? In my opinion it’s right next to daredevil as one of the best superhero shows out there

  • Assassin 16
    Assassin 16 10 hours ago

    What I like about TASM is that this reboot actually put in Peter’s parents Richard and Mary where in other incantations, the parents are barely mentioned

  • FixyFams
    FixyFams 12 hours ago

    Your points actually made me appreciate The Amazing Spider-man a lot more, good job!

  • Carlo De la Vera
    Carlo De la Vera 14 hours ago

    I still cry every time I watch Gwen die tho

  • Mavielor
    Mavielor 16 hours ago

    No man, TASM Peter is not accurate at all. Hes a geek not a nerd

  • Tre'Michael Gilbert
    Tre'Michael Gilbert 5 days ago

    Almost amazing MY ASSHOLE you pick this shit over Tom holland.
    Your channel is ludicrous and your suck superhero movie hypocrite. For that I give you 5 thumbs down.
    👎👎👎👎👎 so pathetic.

  • christen brackett
    christen brackett 10 days ago

    I like these movies even with a hella bunch of plots in tasm2 but imagine if peter parker was in college for those movies only cause Andrew Garfield looked to old for a high schooler

  • Red Vigilante
    Red Vigilante 11 days ago

    I love the first amazing Spiderman but I do not like the second

  • Thiccimus Prime
    Thiccimus Prime 12 days ago

    That email was as boomer as you can get. Jesus Christ

  • Flemming
    Flemming 12 days ago

    They should've just removed Peter's dad. UNCLE BEN IS LITERALLY THERE. Ben has been a father figure since the comics

  • Dajuon Bowen
    Dajuon Bowen 13 days ago

    oh hi mark

  • Jai Bii
    Jai Bii 14 days ago

    Never realized spidey was so real😂

  • J T
    J T 15 days ago

    Wait, Mark WEB? 😁 made SPIDER-Man

  • Alexander Innocent
    Alexander Innocent 15 days ago

    You can tell that the email was written by a bommer try to hard to reach my age level

  • Spiderverse Gaming
    Spiderverse Gaming 15 days ago

    Avi Arad needs to be fired and banned from anything Spider-Man related.

  • Robo-Knight YT
    Robo-Knight YT 16 days ago

    I've noticed that every Spider-Man movie (or tv show), the director (or writer) always seems to care considering that the characters that don't want to have the movie) aren't created by Stan Lee, but Sony always forces them into the movies, I love Vemon, I love Eddie Brock, but here's something, they aren't made by Stan, I feel stupid for not knowing that to be honest

  • Blitzball Ace
    Blitzball Ace 16 days ago +1

    Hey I love your stuff HiTop. And honestly most of the time, I actually agree right along with you. You're a breath of fresh air in terms of high quality content and good critique analysis' in a sea of mediocrity. Your enthusiasm and passion are infectious.
    Please don't stop. Your content is addictive and I love it. We all do.

  • Nova Mations
    Nova Mations 17 days ago

    TASM1 was good ngl. But the second....

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma 18 days ago

    Spoiler alert! : Infinity War and this video ends with a snap.

  • joshua creviston
    joshua creviston 20 days ago

    Wow. Well done on the video.

  • Stephen Barry
    Stephen Barry 22 days ago +1

    Hi, this is the same “ 7:18 PM“ person. I just wanted to say “ Empathetic“, not “ Sympathetic“ and The first Sam Raimi film was from 2002 and not 2001. That was an accident. My bad. Again, have a good evening and… What the hell. Do you feel what I’m about to say is from the video you did about Batman, who I am a HUGE fan of as well. “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.”

  • Stephen Barry
    Stephen Barry 22 days ago +1

    This message is being made on November 20, 2019 (7:18 PM). I just wanted to say that what you said about Peter(people) doing some bad things in life and then finally doing some good? Not only is that something I TRULY understand, but it is something I am trying to do. To have. To EARN. I have done some... some bad things in my life. Hurt people I care about over and over and over. And it is something I always regret. It’s because of this that my goal, my ONE GOAL, is to help people. To save people. So that... I can change. I can go from the “bully” to the “Hero”. So that I can EARN the forgiveness. So that I can have a chance. A chance to do better. To “fix his(my) broken piece”. It’s hearing words like this, kind, understanding, sympathetic words that understands being human & being flawed, that helps give me the will, the STRENGTH to do better, to BE better. Like the Raimi Spider-Man series did for you (yes I both saw and enjoyed those videos. To be honest, I have NO idea who the one person throughout your various videos is who insults you. One example is “Doc Ock is a bitch, bitch.”) As a final farewell (in this message, not these videos. I going to continue watching), I say, from Spider-Man 1 (2001), “ whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words. “With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift. My curse.” Have a good new evening and… Hopefully sleep better than I have for the past couple nights :-).

  • Nez Boi
    Nez Boi 22 days ago

    You're easily one of my favorite channels to watch and literally said everything I tell my friends about this movie

  • Panda
    Panda 24 days ago

    Unpopular Opinion. The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2 are actually really good, and people hated on them to hard. Once you get past some issues, and, if, IF you just watch the movie, just try to enjoy it, then you will realize that there not bad. There was some mess ups, however, both were very, very good.

  • Ricardo Mejia
    Ricardo Mejia 24 days ago

    the email is total cringe

  • ViciousBane 56
    ViciousBane 56 25 days ago

    Can you do more videos of the amazing Spider-Man movies, hellboy 1 and 2 from Guillermo del Toro, Blade franchise maybe do the part 2

  • AGamingChannel
    AGamingChannel 28 days ago

    can I please say ok boomer to all of sony

  • Blu Boyo
    Blu Boyo Month ago

    I think listening to you pointed out to me that the selfishness of Peter Parker at first is realistic. Imagine that you were bullied all your life.. then finally had the chance to act back. I know I would, being bullied at a younger age, I would have made lots of people pay for it. But that's not important. Back to Spider-Man, Garfield's PP is more realistic in this movie because of how he first acts (suit was still shit tho tbh)

  • Lord Cat Vader
    Lord Cat Vader Month ago

    You finally explained why I always kinda liked this movie despite being completely awere of its flaws... Thank you!

  • wright96d
    wright96d Month ago

    Excuse me if that email is real then I don't think I want to live anymore

  • HiddenAssassin32
    HiddenAssassin32 Month ago +2

    Its funny that TASM spiderman goes against the usual spiderman themes and everyone hates it yet the MCU spiderman also did that yet everyone loves it?

  • Whyshoulditellyouwhoiam ?

    I always liked this film, and you showing that peter is learning selfishness compared to selflessness just makes it better

  • shiches boy pro
    shiches boy pro Month ago

    And the high fuckung dineisor

  • shiches boy pro
    shiches boy pro Month ago

    🤬the first on is good

  • Harp Knight
    Harp Knight Month ago

    The Amazing Spiderman films are my favourite Spiderman films still

  • Ethan Hudson
    Ethan Hudson 2 months ago +1

    I mean even if you are over analyzing, that doesn’t matter. Even if what you interpret isn’t what was intended doesn’t mean it less valid

  • Ghostrick Alucard
    Ghostrick Alucard 2 months ago

    God those out of touch are the people at Sony? Fuck I wanna work there! I have an IQ above 2.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    At least this movie uses the Lizard. Sam Rami cock teased the Lizard.

  • Imagineit Ryan Productions

    This is why we're starting to see more and more independent creators, because of 2 things, 1. Hollywood doesn't want to take risks with original ideas anymore, and 2. even if you get your idea sold to a studio, they will literally steal it from your creative hands and make what THEY think it should be, not what YOU wanted it to be.

  • leo mendoza
    leo mendoza 2 months ago

    Nick Shore is a fuckin dork.

  • Smack
    Smack 2 months ago

    So satisfying to watch a video that fills my entire big-ass monitor

  • Mr Bubble
    Mr Bubble 2 months ago

    ‘Getting invited into spidey’s snapchat circle would be huge...fuck’
    Sums up everything so well.

  • Ryan Morrissey
    Ryan Morrissey 2 months ago

    I always thought that first movie was okay, it was just the sequel I hated

  • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

    I love TASM

  • SuperIntelligentMax
    SuperIntelligentMax 2 months ago


  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 2 months ago +1

    If mcu fans were paying attention they would know why this Spider-Man was an asshole at the beginning

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 2 months ago

    See mcu Spider-Man isn’t grounded and grow doesn’t feel human

  • Jeffrey Meent
    Jeffrey Meent 2 months ago

    Damn I really love this movie

  • Callme Carder
    Callme Carder 2 months ago

    I say The amazing Spider-Man is better than Spider-Man 2

  • Darien Griffin
    Darien Griffin 2 months ago

    “A giant fuckin dinosaur” 😂😂 everybody clowns on the lizard , Sony definitely dropped the ball on that one.

  • Milvanus
    Milvanus 2 months ago

    Man, TASM had so much potential.

  • XpertGreek Gamer
    XpertGreek Gamer 2 months ago

    This changed my mind about the amazing spiderman a little. The movie is still mediocre though and amazing spiderman 2 is trash thanks to Avi.

  • Bocaj Idrat
    Bocaj Idrat 2 months ago

    You keep calling yourself a “filmmaker”... are you referring to your TheXvid vids? Cause that would be douchey as fuck 😂

  • Venom Ikon
    Venom Ikon 2 months ago

    Amazing spider man was good. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was bad

  • Distracted Globe Productions

    Holy shit that Avi email is almost as fucking painful as *"Pokémon go-to-the-POLLS!"*

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl 2 months ago +1

    I think the one thing I really enjoyed in this Spider-Man was how spider like he was. I enjoyed scenes where he really seemed to be crawling around and acting like a spider.

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery 2 months ago +1

    The bridge scene with that kid is the best Spider-Man scene of all time if you ask me

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery 2 months ago +1

    This movie really did have so much potential

  • Veiregor O' Real
    Veiregor O' Real 2 months ago

    That drop at the end.

  • Knightwing4587
    Knightwing4587 3 months ago +1

    Better then Trash Holland movies

    • KualaRanksMovies _
      KualaRanksMovies _ 3 months ago +1

      Tobey > Tom, but that's kinda to far.

    • FIVE
      FIVE 3 months ago +1

      i liked spiderman 3 and amazing spiderman 2 more then tom holland overrated iron boy gay bullshits the most overrated actor in this generation and his stupid 5 year old toxic fanbase