A few new things made by Google

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • Meet the new Pixel 3, Home Hub and Pixel Slate.
    Learn more at Google Store: g.co/xu3bb3
    *Pixel Slate has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.
    Pixelbook and Pixel Slate Promotional Disclaimer:
    3 months of TheXvid TV on us with the purchase of a Pixelbook or Pixel Slate.
    Promotion available in the US only. Pixelbook promotion starting on November 1, 2018. Pixel Slate promotion starting on the date it becomes available for pre-orders. Promotion ends on 12/31/18. Terms and restrictions apply.
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  • TylerGaming 7000
    TylerGaming 7000 Month ago

    These things are breaching our privacy, man

  • Yordani Fernandez
    Yordani Fernandez Month ago +1

    Google quien le gusta su canal no me mande nada

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  • Bambi Pardis
    Bambi Pardis 2 months ago +1

    Never been able to buy anything on .this internet

  • TechTalk
    TechTalk 3 months ago +1

    Good luck with making people buy the Pixel 4.

  • *f4r1d*gp
    *f4r1d*gp 3 months ago


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    Thanks google you are the best!!
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    IPANK CIANJUR 3 months ago

    Hay google

  • Thin Nguyen
    Thin Nguyen 3 months ago +1


  • Nokia aikon
    Nokia aikon 3 months ago

    Its real or u making clickbait

    NINTENDO SWITCH GAMER 3 months ago

    Ich liebe Google

  • shukoor vf
    shukoor vf 3 months ago

    I am big fan of you pixel 3xl camar😍😍😍

  • Ilham Rabbani
    Ilham Rabbani 3 months ago






  • Beat surgeon frank ward

    Add me on you tube msgn

  • Tim Hex
    Tim Hex 4 months ago +1

    GOOGLE Why can't you make a good design for your gadgets?😠

  • Kensley Innocent
    Kensley Innocent 4 months ago

    1.2k apple users disliked!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 months ago

    Mmmm n o t c h

  • norma ines lopez
    norma ines lopez 4 months ago

    esta muy bueno

  • J.P Morgan Chace bank
    J.P Morgan Chace bank 4 months ago

    Como que abansa mucho la tegno.......cumbia

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  • Mrs Rohit Kumarjha
    Mrs Rohit Kumarjha 4 months ago

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  • राजुठाकोर राजुठाकोर

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    • Jose L Escorcia
      Jose L Escorcia 4 months ago

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    • ابورائد العامري
      ابورائد العامري 4 months ago


  • Jolian Alvarez
    Jolian Alvarez 4 months ago


  • Janet s
    Janet s 4 months ago

    Alguien que me ayude a configurar un chromecast que no puedo!!!!

  • Amit Paul
    Amit Paul 4 months ago

    Join me on Google Pay, a payments app by Google. Enter my code (l947A) and then make a payment. We'll each get ₹51! g.co/payinvite/l947A

  • Neeta Sunita
    Neeta Sunita 5 months ago

    Hi Google my cell phone is not helping to connect with you ,why.....

  • Live Iptv X
    Live Iptv X 5 months ago

    I love Google products. Beautiful Goolge Pixel3...

  • God 2.0
    God 2.0 5 months ago +1

    I do not like yours ads

  • musica ecua mix
    musica ecua mix 5 months ago


  • Kinza Kashif
    Kinza Kashif 5 months ago


  • fillapaccino !
    fillapaccino ! 5 months ago

    Anybody know what the song is that they've been using in their new Google pixel ad?

  • K T Kothandam.
    K T Kothandam. 5 months ago +1

    Merry Christmas Google!!

  • Anthony Case
    Anthony Case 6 months ago

    Rip off

  • Master Nikki
    Master Nikki 6 months ago

    uMADE I'M LIFE 👌👌👌👌

  • Master Nikki
    Master Nikki 6 months ago

    U work for youtube too?!?!?!?!

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    Oke frend.

  • حسين الحنين
    حسين الحنين 6 months ago


  • akram Khan
    akram Khan 6 months ago

    How to update windows 10

  • Perry Papadopoulos
    Perry Papadopoulos 6 months ago

    I love how they feature Netflix in this ad when the Netflix app on chrome books doesn’t even support HD quality..

  • George Patton
    George Patton 6 months ago

    Absolute shame on you. You are going into business with one of the most totalitarian regimes in the world. And to think you once stood for something...

  • Salim Tanger
    Salim Tanger 6 months ago

    Google may you please fix this every time I try to sign into my other account it says this:Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you

  • Xenia Kanure
    Xenia Kanure 6 months ago

    wow !

  • Lynner ZeroNine
    Lynner ZeroNine 6 months ago

    Eu queria reclamar uma coisa.
    Quando eu vou baixar algo pelo navegador chrome ele não pega 100% do download e isso deixa o download lento e demorado então vim aqui pra ver se vocês fazem algo a respeito desta maldita configuração horrivel que deixa meus downloads lentos.

  • วศิน สุภาพVasin Supap

    Ok Google Vasin Supap Arm Ai99%tvit

  • Sir Loxley Mendoza
    Sir Loxley Mendoza 6 months ago +1

    Made by google: millions of lib sore bu tt zombies willing to accept rigged search results that parrot their Godless Anti American ideas

  • ‘ CCK5018 ‘
    ‘ CCK5018 ‘ 6 months ago

    Dear google,
    I have just received an anti-immigration ad on my device whilst using TheXvid. You might want to investigate the ad, as it is very controversial and people have the right to immigrate. I am not an immigrant, I am in fact an looking out for the people who want to come here. I would appreciate it if you were to investigate this ad.

  • Barack Sucks Cock
    Barack Sucks Cock 6 months ago

    Never ever use Google!!!!!
    Biased Left wing aholes!!!!

  • Hora Jano
    Hora Jano 6 months ago


  • davidadrm D
    davidadrm D 6 months ago

    Hi Google. my name is David Magalhaes, and I live in Portugal. I have a project, and I could help you guys improve "Google trips" and "Google VR". I've sent an email asking for a meeting, but I´m afraid it will never be seen. How can I contact Google to explain my project, and possibly work for Google? Thank you for the help!

  • Deeban Raj
    Deeban Raj 6 months ago


  • DabbinGeo Master
    DabbinGeo Master 6 months ago

    Dear Google, Please make a 2018 rewind video that doesn’t suck unlike another suck.

  • A.1 GROUP
    A.1 GROUP 6 months ago

    please give me some tricks and suggestions

  • A.1 GROUP
    A.1 GROUP 6 months ago

    please please please help me to promote my TheXvid channel

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear
    Jenny Gavin-Wear 6 months ago +1

    Article 13 protects the REAL content creators who have their work stolen by TheXvidrs.
    I hope it closes you down.

  • Online Ahmed Ali
    Online Ahmed Ali 6 months ago


  • MrAtown3057
    MrAtown3057 6 months ago

    Thats funny..I don't recall subscribing to Google...yet there it is....
    👮🕵️ Also they have more subscribers than anyone I've seen.👀👁️‍🗨️

  • Jitesh Meniya
    Jitesh Meniya 6 months ago

    Hay day game

    • Giovanna Bononcini
      Giovanna Bononcini 6 months ago

      Jitesh Meniya who the fuck are you bro!!! This her husband bro wtf

    • Jitesh Meniya
      Jitesh Meniya 6 months ago

      @Giovanna Bononcini haha true but I was testing for TheXvid API for site development, so I typed which comes in my mind. cheers. Thanks :)

    • Giovanna Bononcini
      Giovanna Bononcini 6 months ago

      Jitesh Meniya you are the game bro

  • Jordan Pace
    Jordan Pace 6 months ago

    A few new things made by google:
    1. Improved crap with a notch
    2. A big pile of crap unlike an iPad worth the same price can’t do the same thing
    3.A pixelcrapbook no one will buy
    4.A Wireless piece of crap that doesn’t let you charge your phone and and use it at the same time when it’s on 5%

  • White Freddy
    White Freddy 6 months ago

    i lost my keys on my email and how to take it back
    pls help
    this is my brother email

    MD SOHRAB ALI 6 months ago

    Age rectercted video are working on my account

  • Suraj Wankhede
    Suraj Wankhede 7 months ago

    It's my Birthday 🎂 Today..
    Feeling so Sad 😔😔😔😔
    No surprise on 🎂🎂

  • Logan Z
    Logan Z 7 months ago

    I like the app google

  • shawn gomez / sm
    shawn gomez / sm 7 months ago

    accounts are saved

  • Bre Pilman
    Bre Pilman 7 months ago

    and i have to use my mom's account which is anoyying!

  • Bre Pilman
    Bre Pilman 7 months ago +1

    I kinda hate google because it dosen't let me sigh in into my school google account and it acts like i'm hacking. Will you please fix it so i can sigh into my school account

    (Btw my teacher said it's fine if i use my school account only for work tho)

  • Shehryaar
    Shehryaar 7 months ago

    Cool! Can't wait to get mine!!

  • Rafael De La Nuez
    Rafael De La Nuez 7 months ago

    And so after using Google phones for the last 7 years or more. I say goodbye for now. Will miss the software and as such I would not use an Android phone that doesn't have "Stock Android" in it. I don't like all the crappy software added by different manufacturers. I like the pixel 3 xl but not so much to pay full money for it. And I am on the TMobile network. They will take my old Pixel XL and give a $390 credit towards an iPhone XR. And so the XR for 359 paying $ 10 a month for 3 years. I will try IOS. My wife loves IOS...I have never used it that much...but I know IOS like Stock Android is not clogged with unnecessary add-ons...

  • Malcolm Yeary
    Malcolm Yeary 7 months ago

    If Pewdiepie isn't in this year's TheXvid rewind saying "year review" and clapping twice than TheXvid is pretty darn stupid. Holllly buckets though. T-series pewdiepie war was so big that if pewdiepie isn't in the TheXvid Rewind 2018 than they are pretty much insulting themselves.
    Pewdiepie in the next TheXvid Rewind. Like if you agree. 👍

  • George Ingersoll
    George Ingersoll 7 months ago

    Surcharge www web

  • Aroxaa
    Aroxaa 7 months ago


  • Chester Nemuel Mage
    Chester Nemuel Mage 7 months ago

    0:26 GOOGLE! WHY?!

  • Laura Elizabeth Alvarez Veloz

    porque ponistes yotube en nintendo schuich

  • Mr. Jack Wad Sir
    Mr. Jack Wad Sir 7 months ago

    Master Mason says

  • Tom Vlogs 549
    Tom Vlogs 549 7 months ago

    Your a good search engine

  • Tom Vlogs 549
    Tom Vlogs 549 7 months ago

    Why do you guys have to copy everything amazon make ....amazon is better

  • Komaungkhin Komaungkhin


  • Hi5 Tilinko
    Hi5 Tilinko 7 months ago

    Hello Google, I wanted to say Goodbye to you. I'm fed up, I'm switching to another search engine. Your searches have become useless, they no longer show the results I want to find, they show the results that *you* want me to find.
    There are articles and documents I read a few years ago, I remember them, they were not the kind to be taken off, and you no longer show them among the results.
    You've made yourself unreliable and consequently useless.

  • Vidgt 7
    Vidgt 7 7 months ago

    Hello mr I want to ask you why my channel cannot get money for you ?

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 7 months ago


  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar 7 months ago

    What's the second one name ???? That's a laptop ?

  • Mahesh Kumawat
    Mahesh Kumawat 7 months ago

    Don't see me ads

  • Floxyana uwu
    Floxyana uwu 7 months ago +1

    Google when we’re u made??

  • Ondra Francl
    Ondra Francl 7 months ago

    LOve it

  • Dulce Pavon
    Dulce Pavon 7 months ago +1


  • buntytheartist
    buntytheartist 7 months ago

    never buy google stuff...when you return they make lot of issues

  • Wee Ching Chok
    Wee Ching Chok 7 months ago

    A few new trash made by Google

  • reach tess
    reach tess 7 months ago


  • reach tess
    reach tess 7 months ago


  • Ioronrote Montour
    Ioronrote Montour 7 months ago

    If we users can’t use the rubbish you offer how we want to. Why should we spend a dime on it in the first place. You are not the arbiters of morality for every last human being. You’re a fancy Rolodex with a Dewey decimal system shoved up your arse. We got along before you. And we can do so again, without bar codes or your infantile nonsense that you attempt to force on us all. You are nothing without the underlying infrastructure we the people built and maintain. Like politicians, you’re a dime a dozen. Remember that, smarty pants’.

  • Jitesh Meniya
    Jitesh Meniya 7 months ago

    Few this tsret

  • private cyberqskymerfairy channel

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  • ศรัญญา
    ศรัญญา 7 months ago


  • CIP Tech Know
    CIP Tech Know 7 months ago


  • Jitesh Meniya
    Jitesh Meniya 7 months ago

    Good video

  • خسرو آسمانی
    خسرو آسمانی 7 months ago