• Published on Oct 18, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Cata Cruz
    Cata Cruz 12 hours ago

    I want more ygs, give me more ygs.

  • ItsYourBoiMichealDouglass

    Jack. You are ogly

  • tafa sani
    tafa sani 2 days ago are ogly

  • A Grandma with SASS.

    Every Friday

  • Eshall Carter
    Eshall Carter 4 days ago

    Copied from Facebook

    "Why is it you say u love the next fucken 1 you care what thay think when i said how can u comment tell or calling the next one beautiful o u see the wrong in that when she say it but u cant see it when i said it u said sorry wow u reall a piece of work j.r glover.u keep lieing to me saying u not fucken with home girl u not fucken wit no 1 its all in my fucken heaD REALLY FUCKEN JR GLOVER REALLY SO HOW THE FUCK CAN U GIVE HER A KISS AND HUG TELL HER U are a lie sack of shit facts try helping to pay a fucken bill in this damn house u work or stay where the Fuck u pay.because you sure dont pay shit in this fucken house.get paid every week come on.YOU CANT EVEN BE A FUCKEN MAN AND SAY U FUCKEN WIT HOME GIRL OWN YOUR SHIT .U COME AT ME ABOUT POSTING YOUR CHARGE NA BOBO NOT ME.I HAD your back from day 1 and you cant even be honest

  • Ronnie Sanders
    Ronnie Sanders 4 days ago

    If you you went you run with salt and pepper turtles...... there is no is a hey also a fortnite dad playing with his spoon

  • TacocatX
    TacocatX 4 days ago


  • Maroou YT
    Maroou YT 5 days ago +1

    I dwanna wacth ur viz coz I gone a get hack toads in taller aunts oph eaten chez stix

  • Deku
    Deku 5 days ago

    I dont want to set the world on fire and I saw this one and I saw this one and thought it was funny and I saw this one too and I saw this one too and I saw this one too and I saw this one too and I wanted to give it a try and see if I could go on any longer shows that I am not dating anyone who is interested in Chinese novels or something like that in the future I would like to reroll the fact that I am a very good writer and I am very interested in the comment section don't comment the audition post it is time to fill the auditions of the players

  • MasterOf4Elements
    MasterOf4Elements 6 days ago

    3:20 .....cause there are no cats in America

  • I’m not racist, but

    Y’all austic

  • Cough
    Cough 7 days ago

    Remember when Jack collabed with other TheXvidrs? Not anymore. He has no friends.

  • thetristanfrantz
    thetristanfrantz 7 days ago


  • Crystal Gem Sardonyx
    Crystal Gem Sardonyx 7 days ago +2

    Jack: She's GONNNNE!!!!!

  • Luxio
    Luxio 7 days ago

    Why’d he call this your grammar sucks forever instead of your grammar sucks 118?

  • Sutton Kotler
    Sutton Kotler 8 days ago +1

    I got a lot going in my life so I got to see my new car today so I’m just getting my car 🚘 was that a half hour and I just wanna is a cool night I got to a car park park in front and I’m going back to work and so I just got off the phone with the car so I’ll just watch the one I have my scooter 🛴 was

  • Someone On The Internet

    It seems like last Friday was ages ago

  • that one kid
    that one kid 9 days ago

    Guys, god uses ygs to remind himself it’s Friday, guess it’s just still Thursday

  • Succulent Steve
    Succulent Steve 9 days ago

    You think getting back broken please never say better video should probably make but

  • o o
    o o 9 days ago


  • Yamo hamo
    Yamo hamo 9 days ago

    My freind kate eats petezza and yeetez it to jacfillms

  • The Flat Earth
    The Flat Earth 9 days ago

    Jack. You are ogly

  • Bad Word
    Bad Word 10 days ago

    4:29 well shit

  • Fuck off cunt
    Fuck off cunt 10 days ago

    3:42 That face 😂😂😂

  • Baljeet Monster
    Baljeet Monster 10 days ago

    Yo my mom when I start the Xbox is kinda like

    🔥KRATOS 🔥

  • Baljeet Monster
    Baljeet Monster 10 days ago

    Type a little bit more spooky and stuff to be in the next few minutes I have a few more minutes of work and then we will get to see y’all and I have some kids here we go again and see you in a few hours so I’ll talk with ya guys and then we can go get out some of my I love you and I’m gonna was your birthday party for your mom was your day so I just took the kids to get the stuff done done so I don’t know what about to get

  • Tobias Vieira
    Tobias Vieira 10 days ago

    still waiting for friday :c

  • Miguel Marques
    Miguel Marques 10 days ago

    They said that i have to get a e-mail And I think that is a very important part of our own way forward for a while now but it was the best of luck in a bit late to get to know you better be good for me and

  • killyx
    killyx 11 days ago


  • Loïc Brisson
    Loïc Brisson 11 days ago

    I just got a new one and I wanna was a great really fun day and I wanna is the way to go see ya girl of broken
    Cool swim and drown in
    And give adds?
    She donot deverve it the funnier version

  • human person
    human person 11 days ago

    4:11 *1 week ago*

  • Wheatenly
    Wheatenly 11 days ago

    IDK what to do with my best friend and I will thank you so much for the PewDiePie and I don't know how to do that but I don't know if it's the one that I could do that but I don't know if o is a perfect example of what I have a few questions about the other one I have is the rrtard and I have to get my own stories about it but not the one who loves to be in the same room as a result of the day I was gonna ask if you were still interested in the house for rent and it was so much fun and even though it was a pleasure speaking of which one is the one I was.

  • Real Stuff With Victor

    “Every damn Friday”

  • I am the true dr cubbin
    I am the true dr cubbin 11 days ago +1

    Oh wow I gotta is a time for me haha was a time for me ya guys to get to me and I wanna go last time we were

  • D Mansapit
    D Mansapit 11 days ago

    Tis as tha bes vidio Iv evir sen

  • GFM
    GFM 11 days ago


  • FBI
    FBI 12 days ago

    Ur mom so dum that it she jumps folow dad an dum little rat ugly stopid idoit y does it mak it red dot under letter? Yes it she is dum ugly distcusting little stopid chese rat


    How to make a terrible, grammatically incorrect comment:
    To the left side of my car and it was just a little while ago but I don’t know if you wanna see you in a few hours or maybe you just got to the eat dinner I wanna was a little bit of it I just got off the bus right after I ran out.

  • Hotpies
    Hotpies 12 days ago

    Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

  • FloopMaChoot
    FloopMaChoot 13 days ago +1

    3:56 Ssundee is a youtuber you boomer

  • A. Aziz
    A. Aziz 13 days ago +3

    Gosh, this is more akin to:
    Your Spelling Sucks

  • J. Anthony Ashley
    J. Anthony Ashley 13 days ago +1

    I'm so cool that I might as well be:

    Fuck off, I'm not doing that Kratos shit.

  • Jalyn B.
    Jalyn B. 15 days ago +1

    yGs eVeRY frIdAy

  • Buttercake
    Buttercake 15 days ago +1

    *_Do you are have stupid?_*

  • Captain Fuzz
    Captain Fuzz 15 days ago

    Ths ar godo vidoe I liek

  • Isaac thomas
    Isaac thomas 15 days ago +1

    Yeah because he was the only person that would have a man with me or just like the way I said that man he did a good thing he did up a bit and I made a dirt bike for a dirt dirt fire he made it out there he did it for the first one because of the fire damage and the fire water damage made a fire fire extinguisher water damage

    QLXVP 16 days ago

    Hey I can do it haha was a way of you going out to the game with you bruh was a really really nice and relaxing game but you guys are going to be like a little boy and a guy 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • RyanJake Gaming
    RyanJake Gaming 16 days ago


  • RyanJake Gaming
    RyanJake Gaming 16 days ago


  • Polexia
    Polexia 16 days ago

    I just watched a Your Grammar Sucks video for the first time in about 4 years. You haven't changed a bit Jack. This video could literally have been made in 2015. The only change is the ad/sponsorship thing at the end.

  • Maurice Letterman
    Maurice Letterman 17 days ago +4

    Why did the chicken cross the road?


  • Alterix
    Alterix 17 days ago

    ok so her its goeng and then as he does and i and I watch uit and i lik recomen i see thuj

    (obviously a joke)

  • LexiByDay
    LexiByDay 18 days ago

    I think if your gramar gets bad enough you lose track of what you're writing as you wright it and just "jibbles turkey oister noise and that's why you suck"

  • Thomas McCleod
    Thomas McCleod 18 days ago

    I was at a good time with the girls I had to my friend for the last two hours I was gonna was a good day I don’t have a ride I have a ride home I have to get a a ton done for my class so I’m going up there to be there in the person and then there’s no way I don’t have a a lot to go out there and then there’s no way to go there and I have a a ride home was a good night and then you have a a ride home was the night you go there and I have to go get my kids and I have a a lot to go out to school so I’m going up there and I have a ride home I don’t have any money for the kids

  • D Schuster
    D Schuster 18 days ago

    This video was the funniest thing I've seen in so lllooonnnggg!! Why is other people's mistakes so funny? Aaahhhh I'm literally cracking up.

  • kayper
    kayper 18 days ago

    YGS will always be my favorite TheXvid series.

  • OwOUwUCat
    OwOUwUCat 19 days ago

    The last one is a lie in the first place and I can see it is the same as you can have a shower or something to be an adult with a bad idea what you are doing in a toaster

  • marcelina k.
    marcelina k. 19 days ago

    How do i send you screenshot of bad spelling example?

  • Anomaucos En
    Anomaucos En 19 days ago


  • MachineryMan71
    MachineryMan71 19 days ago

    Oh Olga!!!