Pouring Square Water

  • Published on May 9, 2021
  • I show you how to make square water using a superhydrophobic coating.
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  • Jon Buffington

    Imagine you're a kid at a science fair and someone has their project spelled out in water

  • Blue Storm

    Hagrid: You’re a wizard harry!

  • David Satrio Wibowo

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology, is indistinguishable from magic." -Arthur C. Clarke

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy Year ago +15

    This would be kinda sick for a proposal. Just have a water balloon fight and then they realize that the floor says will you marry me. God I’m lonely.

  • SoUnDs LiKe A LoT Of HOOPLA!!

    If he’s a teacher or anything, class must be so fun

  • rotten pinapple

    The A was a good representation of our bodies before and after quarintine

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Pretty soon he'll find a way to climb mountains using a bucket of water

  • Bageldemon5-ttv

    Yo imagine if people find out how to make that on a larger scale and we could swim in it :0

  • Pretexion
    Pretexion  +18

    "Can't belive there are still hydrophobes, i thought we had come further as a society."

  • Ryan Riggio

    This has the same energy as

  • William K
    William K  +51

    People in the 50s "I wonder if there will be flying cars in the future."

  • UniversalFox

    I've been having a dream of creating solid water. In my dream a japanese scientist discovered how to change the water molecules with the help of magnetism to control water and have it form into a solid; this was done by rearranging waters electrons and other molecules. Also, with the help of a capsule that gave the human the ability to control the waters molecules by use of a electromagnetic solution and making humans a conduit of power to control it. This actually seemed like a really interesting dream as I gained the power to control water and was able to stop a tidal wave with the powers I gained from his experimenting. Now I want to make a movie out of my dream 😁

  • Spyziy
    Spyziy Year ago +4

    This is what we wanted in our TheXvid shorts. Not some cringe tiktoker with an obnoxiously repetitive song pretending to prank someone

  • hi i'm emily

    "How do you get a square balloon?"

  • Joseph Wong

    “Did you know that you can hold water in any shape you want without a container ?”

  • Playerno.1

    Finally I achieved... MINECRAFT WATER!

  • Dokueki
    Dokueki  +9

    The water took "Be there or be square" literally

  • Ben Huskey

    I want to see what happens if he over fills the square.

  • Mason Williams

    "Pouring square water"

  • EGreaterThan

    "you can actually build a house out of water using hydrophobic air!"