Red Camera Vs Arri Alexa | Cinema Camera Showdown

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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  • Potato Jet
    Potato Jet  11 months ago +538

    *CORRECTION - shot at 13:40 and 13:47 was 800 ISO, not 3200 ISO.

  • Azymight
    Azymight Hour ago

    Arri is expensive why bother telling consumers and prosumers

  • Christophe Paitrault
    Christophe Paitrault 23 hours ago

    there is a reason most directors use Arri in big hollywood prods, and it shows here, RED looks so much more digital while Arri still hang to that film feeling. Then again depending on what result you're aiming for RED might be the way to go no matter the price difference or anything. I don't have the budget or crew for those kind of cameras anyway but if I ever do I'm going for Alexa, the look is so appealing to me and if you feel like it you still can just smash the contrast to get more of a RED look anyway, but for now the next purchase is Mini Ursa G2, that's what our budgets allow and I'm not complaining

  • Yanis
    Yanis Day ago +1

    The reason Netflix shows are shot mostly on REDs is that the Alexa doesn't shoot true 4k, they upscale it from 3.5k or something, but Netflix only wants to use true 4k

  • Pramod raj
    Pramod raj Day ago

    This is fake review about red and arri,
    Arri gives a better quality then red camera
    Arri is the best camera ever 📽

  • Addisbirhan Gudeta
    Addisbirhan Gudeta 2 days ago

    cam 2 alexa arri cam 1 red

  • Hays Clark
    Hays Clark 3 days ago

    screens were actually much crappier 15 years ago. :D

  • towfiq Ahmed
    towfiq Ahmed 5 days ago

    Compare with film camera

  • Jake Ward
    Jake Ward 6 days ago

    They both look bad. Nothing beats film!

  • Vanny ARTS
    Vanny ARTS 6 days ago

    Man! No matter how much you love this hobby but freaking tell me that you dont feel like a fool or a sucker paying for a simple $7.500 LCD screen. I understand that some camera gear can be expensive but some are just straight theft to consumers

  • Xabier Landa
    Xabier Landa 7 days ago

    You are the only one he used red bricks. Horrible battery, no one used, in any commercial or movie, ever

  • Xabier Landa
    Xabier Landa 7 days ago

    New Alexa mini LF, better viewfinder, version 2 , not even Alexa LF has it

  • Adrianne
    Adrianne 9 days ago

    I work as a background actor, 90% of the movie and shows I’ve worked on uses Arri. I know Fresh of the boat uses Arri, when I worked on Birds of Brey (Harley Quinn) they were shooting on a Arri camera. Red does not even compare to it. The shows I’ve worked on that uses Red are mainly small productions (Chicken Girls on TheXvid for example) so that says a lot.

  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS 9 days ago

    Arri Alexa is much better on day shot !!! Red is terrible !! not even better than iPhone XS Max. but Red shot much better at night.

  • Tech Gamz
    Tech Gamz 10 days ago

    Watching it in case i need to buy an point and shoot camera

    AYBABTU 11 days ago

    Why the name Potato?? I have a sister we've been calling Potato since I could remember. Don't ask why, seriously I have no idea either.

    AYBABTU 11 days ago

    The symbol for RED reminds me of HAL 9000. That should be a warning all by itself..

    AYBABTU 11 days ago

    I just watched the movie The Dead Don't Die and I watched the credits and it said it was filmed with the Arri Alexa LF. I only know of Panavision and I thought all Hollywood type movies were filmed with the Pana. Lol. I didn't know others existed. So basically that's why I'm here. Haha. I just learned the Red existed too. Watched the whole vid.

  • Frankie Dog Turner
    Frankie Dog Turner 11 days ago

    I really think that they a both Crap... Maybe it is just the bloke behind the camera.Or maybe all this is just overpriced unusable junk - kind of like a Ferrari ... nice to dream about but you wouldn't want to own one.

  • Carl Beckham
    Carl Beckham 12 days ago

    I can't even afford a new camera

  • James Bandes
    James Bandes 14 days ago

    The Arri is brighter and too warm in my opinion

    • James Bandes
      James Bandes 10 days ago

      @Chicacherrycolalime I cant believe the cost. you could buy a nice car for the cost of one of these. To be honest, I dont think the video quality they offer is worth the cost of a car?

    • Chicacherrycolalime
      Chicacherrycolalime 12 days ago

      yeah im not sure it also looks bit too bright for me. i don't like the contrast as well. Arri is obviously better in many ways but red has that good david fincher colors. bit greenish.

  • James Bandes
    James Bandes 14 days ago

    Glad to see that your arm healed.

  • James Bandes
    James Bandes 14 days ago

    You have such an amazing personality live your videos. I like the extra contrast on the Red. The costs for these cameras are nit worth the cost they charge in my opinion.

  • Mateus de Oliveira Eugenio

    110k dollars. Way... way.... WAYYYYYYY beyond my production reach. Gonna stick with my GH5s and try not to think about it to not get depressed.

  • barley Bot
    barley Bot 15 days ago

    Is it your camaras?

  • Kevi Kiru
    Kevi Kiru 16 days ago

    The reason I knew Red was number 1 is because of it's poor low light performance

  • Kevi Kiru
    Kevi Kiru 16 days ago +1

    1 red
    2 arri

  • ArkansasPrepper
    ArkansasPrepper 18 days ago

    I enjoyed this video and loved reading the comment even more.

  • Adr805
    Adr805 19 days ago +2

    buy two a6400 and all of the problems are solved

  • Trần Văn Dũng
    Trần Văn Dũng 20 days ago

    Chả hiểu loz gì

  • Dave P
    Dave P 20 days ago

    What a great video, you demystified these cameras for me!

  • Thought Criminal
    Thought Criminal 22 days ago

    That star shaped tool you are referring to is actually a Torx driver. You can buy really good professional Torx Drivers for cheap. I recommend Tekton. Take a look at their website. Torx is superior to many other fasteners. Please dont refer to them as star. There is actually another fastener that is commonly known as star. It has 5 points, Torx has 6. Star fasteners are found on cheap devices. Torx bolts are probably the type of fastener your car's crankshaft is held by.

  • Robert Livingstone
    Robert Livingstone 23 days ago

    Anyone from Aug 2019?

  • KaSyl
    KaSyl 23 days ago

    Cam 2 is MILES better.

  • Rick Yang
    Rick Yang 25 days ago

    Arri looks much better in default setting

  • mansh singh
    mansh singh 26 days ago

    HAVE WORKED on both of them but i cant understand why your footage has such a huge difference the blacks are crushed in red like heck

  • Stefaan Codde
    Stefaan Codde 29 days ago

    You can add a filter to change the color.

  • XDTheLaughingManXD
    XDTheLaughingManXD Month ago

    i got distracted by the thicc in the first shot lmao. I was like "shit, i'm supposed to be comparing"

  • Cryshy Cafe
    Cryshy Cafe Month ago +1

    I'm just watching to waste my teatime

  • RahulHackz [ꪜ ]
    RahulHackz [ꪜ ] Month ago

    A film maker: let's shoot in HD. 😃
    RED: I'm I a joke to you?? 😑😑

  • Tom J. McCoy
    Tom J. McCoy Month ago +1


  • Jonas Karg
    Jonas Karg Month ago

    worked with ARRIs for around 500 shooting days, had two complete failures. shot around 50 days with REDs - same amount of failures. the modularity is the biggest problem imho - often connections or complete modules fail. and let's not talk about the inability of RED cameras to compress footage properly. haha

  • Upora
    Upora Month ago

    I don't care what you or anyone says, Arri hands down.

  • Nixa Zizu
    Nixa Zizu Month ago +2

    ARRI is way better. Those short clips are so nice even without color grading.

  • Hai 1
    Hai 1 Month ago

    my Panasonic is better Than These damn!!!

  • Danteabad
    Danteabad Month ago

    i dont know why am i watching this. i cant even afford to buy an arri or red poster or sticker

  • Cattack
    Cattack Month ago

    I'd rather have a lumix gh5

  • Alex Pana
    Alex Pana Month ago

    was able to spot ARRI on the first shot

    DARRYL SMITH Month ago

    Well?. As i said. The MKll 6K is Here.

  • Allan Michael
    Allan Michael Month ago

    Are you able to intentionally “clip” the highlights on the Alexa to get a soft yet brightly exposed image?

  • Dinesh Srini
    Dinesh Srini Month ago

    My fav is 2!! Clearly ruling it.

  • Icallyousowhat
    Icallyousowhat Month ago

    Arri: German quality!

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon Month ago

    The arri has a higher dynamic range so the lights are super exposed while haveing a lot of details on darker areas... i dont know how many f stops there are in tye arri but if you know pls tell me...

  • rukiddinbro
    rukiddinbro Month ago

    This video is as exciting as technology porn gets.

  • Tyrantula Nebula
    Tyrantula Nebula Month ago

    Maybe I was dreaming or I've had those days

  • Psychotic Smiley
    Psychotic Smiley Month ago +1

    Both look gorgeous. But coming from film my eye prefers the red, but I would prefer the Arri to work with since the contrast isn't as high for the dark areas, it would be easier for me to color grade. But if someone gave me a Red, I would love it :) (fat chance that'll happen)

  • KittyFooFo0
    KittyFooFo0 Month ago

    If one has shot Eastman Kodak motion picture film and Fujifilm motion picture film before, it is easy to spot the differences of Red and ARRI. Or have 300-1000 hours on both platforms. One is the iPhone and the other is the android. Two very distinct and very different flavors. But get your hands on a "Panavised 8K Red" Millenium DXL2 and Light Iron grading, and you'll have something to talk about.

  • Kim Jakobsen
    Kim Jakobsen Month ago


  • Paul Riekert
    Paul Riekert Month ago

    Arri color science is worse to my eyes.