Red Camera Vs Arri Alexa | Cinema Camera Showdown

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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Comments • 1 762

  • Potato Jet
    Potato Jet  Year ago +639

    *CORRECTION - shot at 13:40 and 13:47 was 800 ISO, not 3200 ISO.

  • Ahmed Stanton
    Ahmed Stanton Day ago

    Thank God, i dont have the money to buy alexa or red.

  • Hfuy
    Hfuy 2 days ago

    Called it.

  • Media Buster
    Media Buster 2 days ago +1

    The colors are better on the Arri... more realistic. Look at the 12:38 shot. Her jacket is too green on the Red and doesn't catch the brown spots like the Arri does.

  • All about Games
    All about Games 3 days ago +1

    Arri >>>>>>>> Red

  • iandud3
    iandud3 3 days ago

    I think it’s a little weird how you kinda skip over all the different options for Reds color. It shoots raw. Meaning you can even change the color science in post, it doesn’t “come out” of the camera with any predetermined look, like you’re yellow example. It’s raw data. Raw data is ugly. You CHOSE to look at that raw data a certain way, making it more yellow, but that’s not what the camera SHOOTS. I think mentioning that flexibility that only Ted has instead of saying both cameras are flexible would be important. Also I don’t think you understand how to crop cause that red and arri footage looked the same zoomed in (which it doesn’t in real life)

  • Dave Werner
    Dave Werner 3 days ago

    8:22 free frame and see folks why the ARRI Mini is more expensive and a better camera.

  • Kinetibeb Studios
    Kinetibeb Studios 3 days ago +2

    I don't know how the two footage are similar to you. The Arri's footage is sooo much better!!

  • Carlo Grotti Trevisan

    I prefare camera 1, and I can understand is a Red from the second scene. And the confirm arrive..

  • ErnestJ
    ErnestJ 5 days ago

    I looked all video and can say for me alexa looking way better.

  • Mille
    Mille 7 days ago

    I thought completely different. 😅amazing image quality with both thes cameras... 🤓

  • Yavor Kaloyanov
    Yavor Kaloyanov 8 days ago

    Anybody with basic understanding of anything technical will know that Arri is a proper well made cinema camera and RED is just american crappo, only created to make somebody some money :))) No comparison.

  • Double Tower
    Double Tower 13 days ago

    what do People mean when they say camera has low hours ? 210 is that mean I have less chance that may stop working after 210 hours?

  • Corey Sykes
    Corey Sykes 15 days ago

    Red looks like shit. Arri is really good

    • Corey Sykes
      Corey Sykes 15 days ago

      I shouldnt say shit, but Arri looks a lot better imo

  • JaynesfilM
    JaynesfilM 17 days ago

    I think the Red’s image would look better to most. But I much prefer the cinematic look of the Arri.
    The Red footage looks like a music video in every shot, and I just don’t like that.

  • cultclassic999
    cultclassic999 18 days ago +3

    16:29 That is a torx tool. You can find in it any hardware store.

  • Danyal A.
    Danyal A. 20 days ago

    Why do so many TheXvidrs, like MKBHD and Linus, use the Red instead of Alexa Mini?

  • morgo52
    morgo52 23 days ago

    The arri looks washed out at night.

  • Toua Yang
    Toua Yang 27 days ago

    1 the picture is darker, 2 is more clear

  • Toua Yang
    Toua Yang 27 days ago


  • Siddhun Karthik
    Siddhun Karthik 28 days ago

    Indeed, a very good video. I learned a lot about RED and ARRIS Alexa cameras. I used to go for BTS photo and video shoots for music video and commercial advertisements shoots. I have seen ARRIS camera being operated by DoP.
    Now I came to know about connectors and all accessories a lot ....that is awesome put together in one video. Thanks dude 🤝👌

  • JLuis Isaula
    JLuis Isaula Month ago

    Its 1:26 am its my birthday why am I watching cameras on TheXvid

  • Tom Welfringer
    Tom Welfringer Month ago

    You singlehandedly trained me to recognise the picture of ARRI cameras 🙈
    But if they weren't side by side I wouldn't know..

  • Dennis Kevin
    Dennis Kevin Month ago

    HOLLY HELL. Just finally watched this at 4k. Bruh!

  • Noah chive
    Noah chive Month ago +1

    "going in the RED"

  • Mahathir Malaysia
    Mahathir Malaysia Month ago +1

    You didn't search this video..

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    2 normal, 1 in dark

  • Mai Elizabeth
    Mai Elizabeth Month ago

    Yes! I was correct!

  • Michael Zootlegger
    Michael Zootlegger Month ago

    Please review Chinese camera.

  • How To Program Visa Bank Card System

    thsi guy deserves lot mores subs than 500k. he desrves like 1.5 subs at least rite now.

  • Harten33
    Harten33 Month ago

    21:56 The temperature keeps going in the... RED.

  • Allostasis
    Allostasis Month ago

    Arri Alexa all the way, way more shadow detail.

  • tobias jensen
    tobias jensen Month ago

    I liked the video, but when u said sry for saying it was a dude, like wtf who the fuck cares, fucking sellout

  • moeshickenyay
    moeshickenyay Month ago

    One side is the Arri, the other side is the Red.

  • William Bond
    William Bond Month ago +1

    LMAO I got a amazon Alex add

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish Month ago

    Thank christ for spandex leggings

  • j Smith
    j Smith Month ago

    It's like galaxy 10 vs iPhone both good just different.

  • Miso Monih
    Miso Monih Month ago

    This guy look like quagmire

  • cyphre
    cyphre Month ago

    Really surprised the Arri is SUPER warm in almost every shot. Some better lowlight performance... sort of. I'd definitely prefer the Red due to accuracy; this is noticeable in some of the lights at nighttime which show up as pink instead of yellow on the building exterior in one shot.

  • Alpha Fort
    Alpha Fort Month ago

    Arri seems way better - rather obviously

  • Askejm
    Askejm Month ago

    19:10 bruh that sounds like reloading a fucking gun

  • Jose F Pirela
    Jose F Pirela Month ago

    Red is a lot warmer without color correction. I could notice that C1 was Red almost instantly due to the fact that many tech youtubers such as MKBHD use Red so I got used to red footage.

  • Fermioncool Fermioncool

    ARRI looks so much better

  • Blair Thornton
    Blair Thornton Month ago

    FYI: PAG batteries also communicate with the RED camera, just like the RED bricks.

  • Kingshuk Nath
    Kingshuk Nath Month ago +1

    camera 2 i like

  • Matt Kneeshaw
    Matt Kneeshaw Month ago

    They use that screw design for safety you can't over torque and strip the screw head making it very hard next to impossible to retrieve but the hexagonal star design maximizes surface in contact when trying to torque the screw your standard star screwdriver only has four points of contact and those screws can be stripped really easy if that quality of screw 4 screwdriver don't line up or you overpowered and wear and tear over time the annoying one did they use on the expensive thing mitigates most of that and I'm the one without a job ask yourself screws or drivers apparently

  • Thang Le
    Thang Le Month ago

    the future will be RED, ARRI for some conservatives, they don't want to change what is familiar to them.

  • Ivz
    Ivz Month ago

    I could tell the red on all the shots.. it got this nice contrast and it's one of the reasons why i like red so much.

  • b m
    b m Month ago

    I knew the left was Arri it has the best overall on people, Red got the sky which made the people look dark. Red need just 1/3 stop more light to be on par with the Arri.

  • Kollabo25
    Kollabo25 Month ago +1

    700k People who watched this
    ??? People who are actually considering buying Red or Alexa
    Pls Tell me^^
    ↓ ↓ ↓

  • Mr Koo1aid 540
    Mr Koo1aid 540 Month ago check me out 🏊🏼‍♂️🌊🏊🏼‍♂️🌊✨✨✨good music ✨✨✨

  • Linx CastleClash
    Linx CastleClash Month ago

    The Arri clearly has more dynamic range!

  • vwbora26
    vwbora26 Month ago

    The Arri is overall best image, it's all that matters

  • ecoriv
    ecoriv Month ago

    Wait, you met Pepe Aguilar?

  • marvin luther
    marvin luther Month ago

    this dancing girl sure is a big whore!!!! we should all try to find her rape her and kill her!!!! what a bitch!!!!

  • Rod Yates
    Rod Yates Month ago

    My pref is for the Arri, but as far as i can tell, there is a Sony 280 that is just as good, The advantage is to have three neutral density filters, which the Arri might have anyway

  • whimseyOFC
    whimseyOFC Month ago

    We can see you are working a lot cameras alright. Please open your left eye mate

  • Sujata Kondekar
    Sujata Kondekar Month ago

    You look like kid from up

  • Daniel DP
    Daniel DP Month ago

    Alexa hands down no contest. It’s the industry standard.

  • Samuel J Booth
    Samuel J Booth Month ago

    You can get a black magic sdi to hdmi powered buy mini usb for under 100 for the converter and a usb battery back to power it