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  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Wonder how Charlie, Hamzah, Joiee and some more of our teens were doing after a couple of months from their experience on the show? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: bit.ly/worldsstrictestparents
    ▶ How Strict Parents Deal With LOVE, SEX & DATING: bit.ly/2AP75N7
    ▶ Teens get their bags searched: bit.ly/2FAXrRp
    ▶ Alcohol is BANNED: bit.ly/2VSdwIe
    ▶ Most Shocking Moments: bit.ly/2STv2de
    Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones? From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?
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  • Emily Donnelly
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  • billybob jake
    billybob jake Month ago +6

    10 YEAR OLD: ima smoke n drink
    FBI:we got em

  • Girls yBluey
    Girls yBluey Month ago +2

    In total support!!!

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Month ago +11

    I kinda wanna hear or see them talk about making new friends and not hanging out with the friends they had before like do they still hang out with those people who just wanna party all the time or do they hang out with people who are good for them to be around?

  • DhUr Pumps
    DhUr Pumps Month ago +1

    Why do these teenagers like this stuff, it’s so old

  • Fzc
    Fzc Month ago

    Break dancing in the street drinking UV Blue is better than going to college

  • Taylah @CESC
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  • Kaiser Willhelm The 2nd

    They should have sent the Pakistani kid to India

  • Tommaso L Fois tLf
    Tommaso L Fois tLf Month ago +1

    Can you try Italy ????

  • _ HuffleProud _
    _ HuffleProud _ Month ago +8

    Honestly that Indian father grabbing and pulling on her was too much, she looked genuinely scared of him and I would be terrified

  • John Vince Legason
    John Vince Legason Month ago

    Put brony with georgie who is going to win they are both tough teenage girls with bronys adhd against georgies outburst

  • 767 vert
    767 vert Month ago

    Packie Stan?. That’s the people from 9/11

    • DabHyun 11
      DabHyun 11 29 days ago +1

      Learn to spell correctly..

    • mhuoop
      mhuoop Month ago +2

      TreyMade It and very ignorant

  • Kaiser Willhelm The 2nd

    Bar 👏ba👏dos

  • lrf_mynameis_logan
    lrf_mynameis_logan Month ago +1

    Shola is very pretty.

  • Rosalee Zephier
    Rosalee Zephier Month ago +4

    Shola and Joiee are Chameleons as they changed their colors of their hair lol

  • DingDongDeathChime
    DingDongDeathChime Month ago +5

    @10.50 Her bananas were sentenced to hang on the gallows. Poor bananas 😭

  • Callum Morley
    Callum Morley Month ago +2

    Real big man of the UK

  • Maria Marchetti
    Maria Marchetti Month ago +2

    Always wondered if they stayed in contacted

  • Michael Goodall
    Michael Goodall Month ago +16

    The boys eyebrows look like windshield wipers

  • Lrs_Fish
    Lrs_Fish Month ago +1

    11:18 why dose he look like justin beiver?

  • Marilyn Simmons
    Marilyn Simmons Month ago +4

    I’m glad we seen all the changes in these teenagers lives 👍

  • othman othman
    othman othman Month ago +2

    3:42 what an alpha

  • Lucas Manuel
    Lucas Manuel Month ago +5

    11:56 how u get wasted on damn 7UP or is it MNT DEW(MOUNTAIN DEW) XD

    • Quing Tarzan
      Quing Tarzan Month ago +1

      There’s alcohol in it. that’s how you don’t get caught drinking in public lol

    • Stanzb
      Stanzb Month ago +1

      they probably mixed some kind of alcohol in with it, i've seen it on other episodes

  • Corta Cotaz
    Corta Cotaz Month ago +3

    Poor dog 🤨 crazy humanz

  • Hugo Van der Wal Edgcomb

    thanks for the video

  • SevenBurntWaffles
    SevenBurntWaffles Month ago +3

    Why does that kid look like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

  • Swiftie lul
    Swiftie lul Month ago

    The camera 🎥 get another one

  • John Vince Legason
    John Vince Legason Month ago +1

    The britsh episodes are back

  • Jodie Gills
    Jodie Gills Month ago +12

    They need to go to BAR 👏🏻 BA 👏🏻 DOS 👏🏻

  • Stein De kempenaer
    Stein De kempenaer Month ago +22

    Please start filming new episodes this show is so much fun

  • Stephanie White
    Stephanie White Month ago +6

    It's great to see updates....

  • Sierra Nicole Cox
    Sierra Nicole Cox Month ago +76

    Can We Get The Upload For Barbados? 🇧🇧
    BAR 👏🏽 BA 👏🏽DOS 👏🏽

    • Sierra Nicole Cox
      Sierra Nicole Cox Month ago

      Br quaz
      Yes lol . I’m part bajan. (Meaning someone who’s from Barbados ) (which Im pretty sure that’s the correct term instead of saying barbadian) my dad is from there , but I wasn’t born there lol, but I’m still considered bajan 🇧🇧

    • Br quaz
      Br quaz Month ago +2

      WAIT your from Barbados that's cool

    ANDREW COHEN Month ago +2

    😈😈😈😈😈😈 don't care abut dum teenage kids

    • Luca Muscat
      Luca Muscat Month ago +2

      ANDREW COHEN your dumb because you don’t know how to spell

    • The Fresh Green Beast
      The Fresh Green Beast Month ago +1

      ANDREW COHEN dumb...

      ANDREW COHEN Month ago +1

      Luke Martin I'm watching so I can make fun dum kinds

    • Luke Martin
      Luke Martin Month ago +5

      Why are you watching this then?

    • Talia Kerr
      Talia Kerr Month ago +7

      literally NOBODY asked but okay I guess 😶

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  • S
    S Month ago +9

    Where is the Riley & Liam :(???

  • MartyyHD
    MartyyHD Month ago +37

    Good to see some people genuinely did change. Never thought 1 week would be enough to change someones personality

    • Abby Sheyba
      Abby Sheyba Month ago +2

      Sometimes even 1 day is enough to change one's whole perspective in life

  • Tree perkin
    Tree perkin Month ago +3

    I just realized I’m early

    MR CLUTCH PlAYZ Month ago +4

    Yes finally an update

  • gentlemanvanilla
    gentlemanvanilla Month ago +9

    What episode was the ginger in? She didn't look rebellious at all so I want to see what her deal was

    • gentlemanvanilla
      gentlemanvanilla Month ago

      @Abby Sheyba here she is in the thumbnail thexvid.com/video/lDncTjCYOa0/video.html

    • gentlemanvanilla
      gentlemanvanilla Month ago

      @Abby Sheyba the one in the last update on the teens episode. On this channel.

    • Abby Sheyba
      Abby Sheyba Month ago

      which ginger?

  • Mining maniac
    Mining maniac Month ago +1

    This is saucy

  • Alfie Manley
    Alfie Manley Month ago +155

    3:04 they're lesbians not aliens lol

    • shannon cardinal
      shannon cardinal 16 days ago

      Oooohhhhh...they're Lebanese;)

    • Anastasia KimMinJungParkJeon
      Anastasia KimMinJungParkJeon Month ago

      @Justice Duchovny perverts say that too........ but hey love is love right?

    • N MM
      N MM Month ago

      Good to see that afterwards he had so much respect for then!

    • Alfie Manley
      Alfie Manley Month ago +1

      People seem to have misunderstood my comment. It's more the fact that he thinks the other one is going to like make out with him. Particularly "If this one's hugging me whats the other one gonna do"

    • 10.000SubscribersWithoutAnyFriends?
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      @Squid Kid if u dont allow them to than no

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  • Lara Ward
    Lara Ward Month ago

    Hi, I’m new to TheXvid and I’m trying to get 100 followers by the end of September. I work really really hard on my content thank you for reading XXX

  • hello hello
    hello hello Month ago +12

    I wanted to read what other people though but there was almost no coments

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    Good musician!

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  • sheila amani
    sheila amani Month ago +6

    The song playing at 3:53 is Kenyan not South African

  • MrAnthonyramon
    MrAnthonyramon Month ago +70

    Did they do episodes like this with U.S version?

  • Nolan Playz
    Nolan Playz Month ago +2

    ive seen this before

  • Jodie Anne
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    Fairly early my dudes 👌

  • For Ever Alone
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    • well nothing
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      @For Ever Alone you sound like your high

    • ki ki
      ki ki Month ago

      @For Ever Alone that's old.

    • ki ki
      ki ki Month ago

      @For Ever Alone no but it isn't 2019. The show came out around 2008-2009 the perivious episodes came out 2012, and this was only 4 months later.

    • GuitarGuy
      GuitarGuy Month ago

      For Ever Alone 2011

    • Cat DeWitt
      Cat DeWitt Month ago +1

      They say at the beginning that it's 5 months later. Listen and comprehend or your life will be unnecessarily tough.

  • ItsQueenJazz
    ItsQueenJazz Month ago +45

    Only 20minutes late? *Woop woop*

  • Naomi Tapper
    Naomi Tapper Month ago +22

    Next week, could you please upload North Carolina.

    • Naomi Tapper
      Naomi Tapper Month ago

      This is when Georgie didn't join in well with the charity work which is Charlotte Rescue Mission for drug addicts.

    • John Vince Legason
      John Vince Legason Month ago +1

      Finally ive been wating so long for this the north carolina episode where georgie had an outburst with the li family

    • Naomi Tapper
      Naomi Tapper Month ago

      Thank you!

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  • Deanne Groom
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    Glad that there is this video! Been wanting to see the changes 😂😂

  • Julia C . Edwards
    Julia C . Edwards Month ago +58

    Last time I was early Danielle cohn was pregnant 😂

  • X class laxxz
    X class laxxz Month ago +24

    I hoped they would upload this

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  • Sophie Hardy
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    4th comment