Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers


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  • Cherrykye Waters
    Cherrykye Waters 4 hours ago

    you reckon you can do the meatsiah

  • Jordan Vasquez
    Jordan Vasquez Day ago

    your singing brings me so much joy I’m not going to lie

  • Marina Escamilla

    You should make the breakfast from 50 First Dates! Spam and Egg with peanut butter cup!

  • Xix_Immortal
    Xix_Immortal Day ago

    You should have your own restaurant

  • Argus Night Stalker
    Argus Night Stalker 3 days ago +1

    let me eat my phone for a while

  • Unspeakable Experiments

    Try to make White Castle Sliders and French Fries from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.... Please!!!!

  • AzrielJale
    AzrielJale 4 days ago

    now do "The Molester" menu xD

  • Marshall
    Marshall 5 days ago +1

    I’m hungry now

  • Maverick Monster
    Maverick Monster 5 days ago

    Best song

  • fire fox
    fire fox 5 days ago

    Pls do the berger from movie big burger (look up Ed's sauce)

  • Jordan Maye
    Jordan Maye 6 days ago

    Return of the MACK🙏🏾

  • Colin Martin
    Colin Martin 6 days ago

    I miss this song in the newer episodes

  • Lizzy Zamora
    Lizzy Zamora 6 days ago

    Looking at the meat in the beginning made me get a, there’s something in my teeth feeling

  • Fayte Wilson
    Fayte Wilson 8 days ago


  • DarkHorse17
    DarkHorse17 8 days ago

    Haha ! I saw that episode on Friday 🤣

  • aGuy2412
    aGuy2412 10 days ago

    I miss the old episodes and the great music :(

  • Freakin' Kids
    Freakin' Kids 11 days ago

    honestly i'd fuck your voice itself. no homo.

  • Amerafist U
    Amerafist U 11 days ago

    Didn’t you say NOT to stuff a hamburger patty? 🤔

  • Inside Jokes
    Inside Jokes 11 days ago

    Why do you actually kinda sound like bob😂

  • thecathero
    thecathero 12 days ago

    I love the blood

  • ZbOsS Life
    ZbOsS Life 12 days ago

    I tried fried pickles at BWW and they were the bomb

  • Bill Kulis
    Bill Kulis 12 days ago

    Automatic thumbs up for ratatat

  • Madd Dr. Ew
    Madd Dr. Ew 13 days ago

    You're also not letting your burgers set... Bad move. Let those juices settle in the burger, it makes it so much better

  • Wet Watermelon
    Wet Watermelon 16 days ago

    You should make Spongebob’s onion sundae from the episode something smells

  • Tekkins :D
    Tekkins :D 16 days ago

    how does bob make the black garlic mayo in 35 secounds

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 16 days ago

    You didn’t grind the meat in the true bobs burgers fashion, bob uses a meat grinder not a food processor you silly sir

    • Brainhorn
      Brainhorn 12 days ago

      He also mentions that he didn't have a meat grinder. He has one now, though

  • Ashlee Loves
    Ashlee Loves 17 days ago

    Hey!! Huge fan! If you ! And bobs burgers. So bob always has a burger of the day it’s different every episode. Can you please read and recreate more of his burgers if the day!!! Thank you!!

  • Silvia Quiroz
    Silvia Quiroz 17 days ago

    I rewatched this video and I MISS THE LITTLE SONG I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT

  • Timur Khilyamov
    Timur Khilyamov 17 days ago


  • Island_Kermode
    Island_Kermode 17 days ago

    watching this drunk at 3:30am is dangerous for everyone in my building... this is how I lost my family. on the bright side the people here dont mean as much to me as them or my hunger so might as well just go for it.

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez 18 days ago

    2019 anyone?

    ROCKO THE DOGGO 18 days ago

    I am eating burgers while watching this XD

  • Hi I guess
    Hi I guess 18 days ago

    Yeah I dont know about that cook on the burger. Its still bleeding

  • inez Hamilton
    inez Hamilton 19 days ago

    Fried pickles are life 😍

  • Mahdee
    Mahdee 19 days ago

    Why didnt he cook the meat tartar before putting it in the burger? Or is meat tartar suppose to be served raw?

    • Brainhorn
      Brainhorn 12 days ago

      Tartare is indeed served raw

  • Siobahn T. Ayumu
    Siobahn T. Ayumu 19 days ago

    Singing with Babish.

  • Ashby Norford
    Ashby Norford 19 days ago

    Do I hear Ratatat in the background

  • Xathier
    Xathier 20 days ago

    You know you're a nerd when you recognize Ratatat's music within seconds of it playing

  • Winklez
    Winklez 20 days ago

    lightly toast our bread LEGIT MAKES GRILLED CHEESE

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore 21 day ago

    make the child molester

  • Ashton Taylor
    Ashton Taylor 21 day ago

    Holy cow

  • SirKingHoff
    SirKingHoff 21 day ago

    cna make your own black garlic at home.

    • Brainhorn
      Brainhorn 12 days ago

      It's possible. You're just letting garlic ferment. That can be tricky though.

  • Ethan Slater
    Ethan Slater 21 day ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only on that noticed the fraiser intro?

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 22 days ago


  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 22 days ago

    The only way you are legally allowed to serve the meatsiah is to dramatically pull off a covering tea towel and shout *_”BEHOLD!”_*

    -JDB- CYN!CAL13YROLD 23 days ago

    This stuff must take ages to make.
    But the payoff must be amazing.

  • Little Talks
    Little Talks 24 days ago

    Eating a burger that is not well done/has pink in middle is not advised. Its not the same as eating a steak rare/medium rare\what have you. The bacteria gets all ground up and is dispersed throughout the entire patty, while with steak the bacteria lives on the outer edge of the meat and is killed just with a sear.

  • SpicyMeatball ?
    SpicyMeatball ? 24 days ago

    yo, ratatat is fucking sick

  • James Adams
    James Adams 24 days ago

    If you haven’t heard the background music in every videos. I’m sorry

  • Sojourn
    Sojourn 25 days ago

    BB is one of my families favourite shows, especially my mother's. Which is why I find it hilarious that you sang ROTM at the end of this episode since she hates that song lmaO

  • Comedy Moose
    Comedy Moose 25 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song he’s listening to at the end?

    • Brainhorn
      Brainhorn 12 days ago

      Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison

  • Matthew Shenkman
    Matthew Shenkman 25 days ago

    damn that was the best looking burger I have ever seen you should do like a contest where 5000 comment gets to try the burger...all i'm saying is it was 4999 before my comment

  • StarrPhototype
    StarrPhototype 25 days ago

    Babish jamming to "Return Of The Mack" is something i had no idea i needed so badly.

  • JT Esterkamp
    JT Esterkamp 27 days ago

    This was the last video with the Fraiser theme song intro

  • Xelthos
    Xelthos 27 days ago

    I love the Bob's Burgers cook book.

  • Sebastian Subia
    Sebastian Subia 28 days ago +2

    If anyone wants to know the song he's singing at the end is called Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison.

  • Oscar Gil Ferrer
    Oscar Gil Ferrer 28 days ago

    You never said how the black garlic burger tastes.

  • Master DeVit
    Master DeVit 29 days ago

    i kinda want the song on the end can someone tell me the name thanks.

  • Stephan
    Stephan Month ago +1

    why do you like raw fucking beef

  • Teina Kore
    Teina Kore Month ago

    I want to join your clean plate club

  • Nizar KoubbXOXO
    Nizar KoubbXOXO Month ago

    Everything u make makes me want to do iam a good chef but not like u , ur the best

  • DrakeySnakey
    DrakeySnakey Month ago

    No u

  • yaboiibfreeze 1347 Gaming

    Return of the mack

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz Month ago +1

    “Stupid name”
    “Stupid name”

  • DickSneezeMcgee
    DickSneezeMcgee Month ago +2


  • Eric Hodge
    Eric Hodge Month ago

    What? No child molester? I hear it comes with candy.

  • Nick _TN
    Nick _TN Month ago

    Can we get a singing with babish

  • JoMomma239
    JoMomma239 Month ago

    Why does this have so many views? This fuckin show licked ass..

  • Scum Boi
    Scum Boi Month ago

    The child molester

  • Mr. Ddahk
    Mr. Ddahk Month ago

    What did he sing at the last part

  • Gracie Bee
    Gracie Bee Month ago

    The singing at the end was like a surprise tater tot in your french fries. Didnt know it was gonna be there but overjoyed that it was

  • caleb manning
    caleb manning Month ago

    Hungry hungry hungry

  • Z O D I A C
    Z O D I A C Month ago

    great fucking job no im hungry

  • ZLo Sov
    ZLo Sov Month ago

    I am not satisfied until you make one with real human meat.

  • Christopher Z
    Christopher Z Month ago

    Why does everybody always get the pickles wrong on the Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger? They are not fried in the episode. They are regular old dill chips. Unfried. Otherwise, it's just a variation on that burger.

    WFC GAMING Month ago +1

    You should have had Gordon Ramsay do the Wellington 😂😂

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago

    Black garlic is extremely expensive proceeds to blend it into Hellmans. Black garlic is worthy of at least Kewpie or better, HOMEMADE!

  • Awesomefox
    Awesomefox Month ago

    I would love that first burger

  • alexleeanne
    alexleeanne Month ago

    I know I'm late to the party but I just found your channel and I love your videos. You have made me super excited to try these recipes in my tiny and ridiculous kitchen. Thank you for sharing your love of food!!

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago

    10/10 Best singing ever. Would listen again.

  • Gin JuiceGaming
    Gin JuiceGaming Month ago

    Now for the return of the mack you get a big SUB🥳

  • Seizeps
    Seizeps Month ago

    Now i am hungry 😩

  • mkay
    mkay Month ago

    i think i saw you on gmm and i’m in love

  • Spartan 9013
    Spartan 9013 Month ago

    And this guys, is where the magic happens

  • Hailey & Anne
    Hailey & Anne Month ago

    Omg this has nothing to do with the video but IT WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY 😁

  • Antheaxe U
    Antheaxe U Month ago

    when will the Binging with Babish album come out with only 90´s hit

  • Dalaimim Darwis
    Dalaimim Darwis Month ago

    You sound like Bob from bobs burger

  • I'm. not. Famous.
    I'm. not. Famous. Month ago

    What's the episode?

  • Dhank Meme
    Dhank Meme Month ago

    Why have I watched this 3 times

  • Aisha
    Aisha Month ago

    I’m so sad it’s not on Netflix anymore

  • Ryan Liston
    Ryan Liston Month ago

    Adventure time bacon pancakes

  • nuew1e
    nuew1e Month ago

    i love your videos but i need to stop watching them because i get so hungry

  • Keven Lewis
    Keven Lewis Month ago

    I love this channel so much

  • TheBobMonster 70
    TheBobMonster 70 Month ago

    What is bobs burgers from?

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith Month ago

      ....a show called Bob's Burgers lol

  • Hunter Wheeler
    Hunter Wheeler Month ago +4

    You can make your own black garlic too

  • Umbreon 1795
    Umbreon 1795 Month ago

    Out of all the shows you watched/made food from which is ur favorite

  • DarkOsyris
    DarkOsyris Month ago

    Could you make sea ssalt ice cream from kingdom hearts?

    PLAGUE Month ago

    Side note: I knew i heard the amazing artistry that is Ratatat in the background

  • Vince V
    Vince V Month ago

    Says he’s going to treat the black garlic with care. Crushes it in a blender

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson Month ago +13

    Rip bobs burgers on Netflix

    • Kiko
      Kiko 21 day ago +2

      David Jefferson Hulu, my friend