The Club Who Have Had The BEST Transfer Window Is… | #SundayVibes

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019
    We're back in a brand new pub, with brand new graphics & brand new lighting. Shame about the same old faces though...
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  Month ago +423

    Thoughts on the new pub?! 😍

    • Daequan George
      Daequan George Month ago


    • Mr Awesome
      Mr Awesome Month ago


    • Carl m
      Carl m Month ago

      atheistically it looks nice but has no atmosphere, feels a bit too clinical

    • Hunk Kwoizer
      Hunk Kwoizer Month ago

      that looks dull n lifeless, previous one was charmer!!

    • abb ba
      abb ba Month ago

      It's so fusty I nearly started believing you're Sunderland fans.

  • G. F.
    G. F. Month ago


  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago +1

    Arsenal got no defenders

  • Rees Jones
    Rees Jones Month ago

    Guy in the white chats mostly shit

  • Henrique Adão
    Henrique Adão Month ago

    Leão is Portuguese not Brazilian Chris!!

  • dan_g123
    dan_g123 Month ago

    These guys seem to solely base their opinions on stats

  • viva la tin
    viva la tin Month ago

    Doesn’t sound welsh. Lol

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar Month ago

    Awesome bar! Loving the new graphics looks super cool! !!

  • Essa Shah
    Essa Shah Month ago

    they always find some way to diss arsenal, lowkey always use to watch this , but seeing how unfair they are to arsenal in very video

  • Marts the boy Martin

    You can tell u guys support different clubs

  • Moses Onyango
    Moses Onyango Month ago

    That Arsenal defense that everyone is shitting at went a couple of matches without a loss.... how we forget

    • youngtiteakachamp
      youngtiteakachamp Month ago

      yup pretty much once Holding went down, so did their defense.

  • ITZZ FUze Aily
    ITZZ FUze Aily Month ago

    I think unite shouldn't play wingers

  • 2Coolle HD
    2Coolle HD Month ago

    FD trying to show us their cinematic photography at the beginning failed miserably.....🤦🤦

  • Sub2RajeeshKappeesh

    Cum inside

  • JubeZ Gaming
    JubeZ Gaming Month ago

    Guy with glasses chats so much shit

  • Mfundo Xiniwe
    Mfundo Xiniwe Month ago

    I have been looking for a knowledgeable football show and loved this content. I love hearing about a variety of leagues not just the EPL.

  • Ethan Ethan
    Ethan Ethan Month ago

    Midfielders age quickly what about the likes of pirlo xavi they were amazing 30+ also love the new pub

  • ajit tamanam
    ajit tamanam Month ago

    You all have dumb predictions

  • MKW
    MKW Month ago

    Amazing new pub

  • Mustafa Ashiwaya
    Mustafa Ashiwaya Month ago

    Clearly Chelsea have had the best window😂😂😂

  • JMartComedy
    JMartComedy Month ago

    Confused why big boy in the middle wont let anyone else speak, talks with absolute arrogance and is drinking a coke...then realized he is an Arsenal supporter....makes sense!


    Guy in middle is a idiot

  • It's a common Fault !

    PVS is the biggest gimp ever. Genuinely thinks he is God's gift to the world when he is just a chubby nerd.

  • Raffy Shamash
    Raffy Shamash Month ago

    Spiderman re-make ???

  • Dylan Ward
    Dylan Ward Month ago

    Pato could say anything and I’ll believe it

  • O TC
    O TC Month ago

    villa bought benteke with similar numbers

  • Zaim Hilmi
    Zaim Hilmi Month ago


  • A Forever
    A Forever Month ago

    If anyone on this said that water was wet, PVS would argue it wasn’t.

  • Hannes Meuleman
    Hannes Meuleman Month ago

    I know the league they play in is maybe to niche for the channel but club bruges transferwindow is really interesting with big players going and also coming
    Out: wesley and nakamba tot aston villa, Danjuma to bournemouth, Denswil to bologna. All for over 10 million euros which is huge for the league.
    In: Mignolet, percy tau and promising young talent like okereke, sagna and deli.

  • Krum Krum
    Krum Krum Month ago +1

    Patrick: in modern football there isnt really a strongest 11 anymore
    Chris: what do you anticipate being your strongest formation?
    Speech 100

  • Yandere
    Yandere Month ago

    Aston Villa, they’ve got everyone they’ve gone for bar a few. Btw this is a who’s had the best window, Not who’s picked the best team for the season. So undoubtably villa, all early signings young with high potential. They’ve not done a Fulham as they’ve all been signed early and have links with the club unlike Fulham’s mad spree on deadline day.

  • Benn Alexander Leyland

    Tom Davies better than Andre Gomes... Jesus.
    These guys have mastered the art of sounding like you're talking sense, when in reality you're actually talking pish.

    • Tom Mullins
      Tom Mullins Month ago

      Been taking Tim Sherwood punditry courses over the summer 😂

  • famul 7
    famul 7 Month ago

    tarantino vibes.if only you can kill each other

  • taylor yamamoto
    taylor yamamoto Month ago

    Can't believe none of the Chelsea youngsters were mentioned in that question at the end there
    Cheer on the new bar though set up looks great!

  • Alec Simone
    Alec Simone Month ago

    40 mil for kean, but with a buy back clause reported so it may work out well for juventus in the long run.

    • Tom Daives
      Tom Daives Month ago

      Alec Simone 27 million and no buy back clause just first refusal

  • crow dee
    crow dee Month ago


  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald Month ago

    It's Aston Villa or Manchester United even Arsenal . I think if Man United take a huge risk and play the likes of Gomes Chong Garner Greenwood instead of matic mata lingard they'll grow and in 3 years they'll be challenging for a title

  • Avishek Chowdhury
    Avishek Chowdhury Month ago

    I will say Manchester United, just so that they win something...:D..:D

  • Hamza Taiebi
    Hamza Taiebi Month ago

    djenepo is fast strong and a dribbler, young and scores goals on important moments but still has a lot of space to grow, on therms of style he looks like ousmane dembele so a young talent who could be an amazing transfer or could be s**t

  • Geraldo Reid
    Geraldo Reid Month ago

    Dougie again with his stupid opinions.

  • Callum Clarke
    Callum Clarke Month ago +1

    Who’s watching this after maguire has been announced

  • Reson8s
    Reson8s Month ago

    Go. Es was a great signing who controlled our midfield last season. Guaye was great at breaking up play, but couldn't pass a ball to save his life at times. Onside Gbamin we'll see Gomes do more of the same this season. Watch what these players do on the pitch first instead of using stats to come up with an argument.

  • Abhishek Patel
    Abhishek Patel Month ago

    Whats the name of the new pub?

  • Øyvind Aanderaa
    Øyvind Aanderaa Month ago

    I know this is recorded and posted before the Dybala transfer fell through but still; Dybala wouldn't be playing on the right. Ole has been playing a 4-2-3-1 formation most of the season and Dybala would likely feature at nr 10. Apart from that, while rashford has been playing mostly as a nr 10 so has Martial, and even martial more so when they've both played together. Meaning Ole wants the team to be fluid and interchange, the fact that Dybala can play nr 10, 9 and out wide would be perfect. But again, doesn't look like it will happen now.

    we do need a central midfielder, but 1) he was never a big part of a united team, never started more than 19 league games. and 2) we have replaced him from within, with Mctominay and arguably also Pereira. Now if we, like i mentioned before, move to play more 4-2-3-1 we'll be using 2 central midfielders so the need for that much reinforcement isn't needed. But i believe we'll probably play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 diamond in the big games and will need to sometimes use 3 midfielders.

    Perhaps if Matic is not playing every game he can be perfectly fit to play those big games, but I have my doubts about him. Fernandes to me would only make sense as a Pogba replacement. Tielemans would have been my preferred choice but Lo Celso would be a great addition.

  • Killian Bourke
    Killian Bourke Month ago

    Villa haven't made expensive signings, two were over 20 million, villa have improved in every position and added seriously depth, but villa do need another striker, but they are looking for another striker, apparently before the window ends they will break their transfer record again on a striker, so the criticism villa gets is unjust.

  • thompson223
    thompson223 Month ago

    Balotelli to Newcastle would be fun to see

  • nznz nznz
    nznz nznz Month ago

    Well arsenal paid 70 million for a guy with 13 non penalty goals from a farmers league soo..

  • Alex Wharfe
    Alex Wharfe Month ago

    transfer window closes on August 8th this season boys...

  • Scott Fitzgerald's son

    chris copying pat with sangerray

  • Ben Bull
    Ben Bull Month ago

    Sirey Nolds? 😂

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans Month ago +1

    That's why Everton have signed Jean-Philippe Gbamin

  • Ryan Potter
    Ryan Potter Month ago

    Chris I personally invite you to come to wales to watch us play in the next international break

  • Jack Beardsley
    Jack Beardsley Month ago

    Pato is a legend

  • Jack Beardsley
    Jack Beardsley Month ago

    Pato is a legend

  • bigdog23345
    bigdog23345 Month ago

    Villa Fans aren't "pissed off " with Wes most of us think he's pretty good

  • romano douglas
    romano douglas Month ago

    Pato I thought I was the only one that believe the lion king remake was an insult to the original. My girl forced me to go and see it and I only went because it was her birthday. I was very disappointed at the point that nothing changed

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell Month ago

    This guy doesn’t rate dendonker 🥴😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Joe Catlow
    Joe Catlow Month ago +4

    I love Dougie, but the first episode in the new pub and no Joe!

  • Jack Breeze
    Jack Breeze Month ago

    Joao moutinho not mobile have you see him play for wolves, he goes played like a 10 behind jimenez and jota he goes forward when attacking and comes back when defending

  • Nikhil T
    Nikhil T Month ago +5

    40 million for Kean? It was 27.5 milllion euro for Kean with 2.5 in add-ons LOL.