Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Every Final Smash (New Reveals Included)

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • This video shows every final smash of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch seen in the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct footage and the mini trailer reveals
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  • Timothy Mai Tran
    Timothy Mai Tran 4 days ago

    UPDATE: Princess Peach and Princess Daisy both got Daisy/Peach Blossom

  • jacka verse
    jacka verse 5 days ago

    That mega man one tho

  • Robika
    Robika 6 days ago

    I want triforce link not bow...

  • Toaster Strudel
    Toaster Strudel 9 days ago

    I REALLY hate DK/lil Macs final smash :/

  • DeFactoLeader
    DeFactoLeader 11 days ago +1

    These have really stepped down in originality. I think removing the smashes that you can freely move all around the stage was stupid; as aside from taking out some of the uniqueness from certain characters, it also gave the one who activated the smash a window to both mess up and succeed in doing damage or taking their opponents out. And if they DIDN'T take them out, they'd most likely have wracked up percentage, setting the opponent up for KO's shortly after the smash was over. And vice versa, a SKILLED player could dodge someone who got the interactive smashes, but they'd have to consistently do that for at least 15 seconds so as to avoid getting KO'd, or badly damaged. This was tense, and added mind-games to a match, particularly in ones with more than two people. It was almost like a short boss battle midgame.
    But now, many of them are dumbed down to, "one click means you hit or miss." The ability to actually move around something like volt tackle meant the player could target who they pleased (again, mindgames). Now, it's just a cutscene. There's effectively no difference between what Little Mac does and what Pikachu does, except perhaps range.
    Removing the Landmaster is depressing, because that thing was especially unique. There were a lot of different ways to amusingly eliminate an opponent. Every Smash is like Captain Falcon's from Brawl (a cutscene, in other words). How they thought this was better is beyond me, and it does NOT make me wanna "get right back to fighting." I liked the intensity/reward that would come from someone getting a smash ball.
    And I don't care about final smashes being in competitive play, and neither should anyone else. They're gonna be disallowed, as they've always been. And even if they were, who cares? Most people don't play competitively.

  • Sofia Pumpkin
    Sofia Pumpkin 12 days ago

    Wheres Luigi?? ;-;

  • Kareem Dorset
    Kareem Dorset 13 days ago

    What about Luigi?

  • Noel Sanborn
    Noel Sanborn 14 days ago

    Hahaha poo

  • Octo 007
    Octo 007 15 days ago

    Where is diddy kong ?!

  • Scott Frost
    Scott Frost 15 days ago

    Poorly edited

  • WeeSmackyJim
    WeeSmackyJim 16 days ago

    love dongs new final smash

  • TheGoldenDunsparce
    TheGoldenDunsparce 16 days ago

    Does Diddy's still kill himself?

  • Andres Torrero
    Andres Torrero 16 days ago

    where is Cptn Falcon?

  • PandaMeneertje
    PandaMeneertje 17 days ago

    Where are the rest? Ken, Incineroar, piranha plant. U be lying

  • PandaMeneertje
    PandaMeneertje 17 days ago

    where is the blue fast frog

  • Frank Holterman
    Frank Holterman 17 days ago

    where is greninja

    ENDERBOUNDX 17 days ago

    Wait where was Greninja's final smash?

  • Rosemon,Lillymon
    Rosemon,Lillymon 19 days ago

    I want to see Yoshi's Final Smash!

  • ツAcidicAli777
    ツAcidicAli777 20 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who absolutely hates the specials with cutscenes?

  • ThatCreeperGuy
    ThatCreeperGuy 24 days ago

    I see a lot of people are disappointed with some of the new Final Smashes, but you know why I'm disappointed? THEY DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING CHANGE A *THING* IN KIRBY'S FINAL SMASH.

  • Nour Al Baddah
    Nour Al Baddah 25 days ago

    I’m sorry

    Paula and *Poo* ?

  • Diamond Monster Studios

    Kinda sad to see that Dr Mario wasn’t given an original final smash instead of having basically a reskinned version of mario’s.

  • C.Q. Cumber
    C.Q. Cumber 27 days ago

    how come pearl isn’t using the killer wail again
    a big test failed smh

  • Wave -kun
    Wave -kun 28 days ago +1

    and robin smash ?
    I want a super thunder attack like mjolnir or grima apparition/transformation or morgan support

  • Super Comic
    Super Comic 28 days ago


  • Ben James
    Ben James 28 days ago

    So Lucario doesn't have a final smash?

  • Diana Carreiro
    Diana Carreiro 29 days ago

    I wanna know what dark pit's new fanle smash is

  • Otamatone •
    Otamatone • Month ago

    Where’s sans?

  • DJ Light
    DJ Light Month ago

    2:51 *Leak new overwatch legendary skin for reinhardt*

  • Jose Relvas
    Jose Relvas Month ago

    There's footage for:
    K. Rool
    Simon/Richter Belmont
    Dark samus
    why didn't you show them off?

  • Cart00nic
    Cart00nic Month ago

    lettme s m a s h

  • Ogrod
    Ogrod Month ago +1


  • TJYoshiboy
    TJYoshiboy Month ago

    Whenever Luigi’s new final smash gets revealed they better have him getting revenge on Little Mac

  • Christopher suazo
    Christopher suazo Month ago

    I like Mario's final smash but its old

  • Christopher suazo
    Christopher suazo Month ago

    Wheres diddy kong and luigi's final smash!!!!!

    • Christopher suazo
      Christopher suazo Month ago

      JellyWood i know just i wonder what his final smash will ne

    • JellyWood
      JellyWood Month ago

      Christopher suazo Still in development.

  • Nuigi 12
    Nuigi 12 Month ago


  • Zach Hodge
    Zach Hodge Month ago

    Almost thought the yellow eyes meant they were a boss. Also thought i heard ora ora from DK.

  • Robbie Andersen
    Robbie Andersen Month ago

    I think the needs to change to every final smash we know so far. Because there is a few that aren’t here like peach, young link and Olimar.
    Plus sheik has her own final smash it’s not the light arrow or the triforce of wisdom.

  • Kinq Kirby
    Kinq Kirby Month ago


  • Retro and Revolt
    Retro and Revolt Month ago

    It's such a missed opportunity in my mind that they didn't make the Inkling's Final Smash the Kraken
    (Plus, I wonder what the Palutena's Guidance would be like on the new fighters, if they plan on adding it into Ultimate too)

  • Nick trija
    Nick trija Month ago

    0:06 Jojo?

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    0:05 Za Warudo... Muda muda muda... MUDA!

  • SonicStar917
    SonicStar917 Month ago

    *Final Smashes in a nutshell*
    Link - Sniped
    Samus/Zero Suit Samus/Ridley - IMMA FIRIN MA LAZAR
    Kirby - Big Freakin' Sword
    Fox/Falco - X-Wing attacks
    Pikachu/Pichu - Thunderstruck
    Ness/Lucas - Meteor shower
    Jigglypuff - Make my monster grow!
    Bowser - RUN! IT'S GODZILLA!
    Ice Climbers - Titanic
    Zelda - YEET
    Dr. Mario - PILLZ HERE
    Marth/Lucina/Ike/Chrom - BEGONE THOT
    Ganondorf - TORO! OLE!
    Mewtwo - MIND BLOWN
    Roy - KA-BOOM!
    Mr. Game & Watch - Release the Kraken!
    Pit - Chariots of Fire (or Lightning)
    Wario - Batman (THWAK! POW! BOP!)
    Snake - Call of Duty stuff
    Sonic - Super Sonic Overdrive (Sonic Heroes)
    King Dedede - Hell in a Cell
    Olimar - Nuclear bomb
    Toon Link - C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
    Wolf - TIE Fighters
    Villager - HGTV
    Mega Man - TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOTHER-(censored)!
    Rosalina - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Palutena - Death Star
    Shulk - Tag-Teamed!
    Ryu - Kamehameha
    Cloud - ?
    Corrin - FUS RO DAH
    Bayonetta - Hungry Hair
    Inkling - EARRAPE
    I could be wrong on these.

  • VGE
    VGE Month ago

    But what is Robin's final smash now!?

  • Tolu Awe
    Tolu Awe Month ago

    Final Smashes are fast and furious this time.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Zee GamingFox
    Zee GamingFox Month ago +2

    I wanna see if they are gonna change Yoshi's final smash since their isn't gonna be anymors transformation final smashes

  • Katie Pamperin
    Katie Pamperin Month ago

    Pit's gets to use the Lightning Chariot now?!


  • KHfan890
    KHfan890 Month ago +2

    When you realize we aren't supposed to know who kumatora and boney is

  • Tidal Rose
    Tidal Rose Month ago

    I came here to see the Inkling's Final Smash and was not disappointed.

  • DLN. 333 King Dee
    DLN. 333 King Dee Month ago


  • Temmie the Tem
    Temmie the Tem Month ago +1

    2:38 He's not from Nintendo. He's from Sega!

  • Theroux
    Theroux Month ago

    Essentially, every final smash works exactly the same now.

  • Zoey Pete
    Zoey Pete Month ago

    All I have to say is mr. Game and Watch is amazing and so are the inklings one thing I want there to be an another smash game is the octoling and please add me Zozo & 8 could be Splatoony

  • Geoffrey Adams
    Geoffrey Adams Month ago

    Does Yoshi not have a final smash like what the hell?

  • Gen Waray
    Gen Waray Month ago

    4:26 inkling

    ISAAC REPUESTO Month ago

    Smash of Luigi

  • Jairo Matias
    Jairo Matias Month ago

    Toon link and Olimar’s final smashes haven’t changed but they have improved

  • Jairo Matias
    Jairo Matias Month ago

    I like the final smashes in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U better than the ones in Ultimate

  • Kevin Abel
    Kevin Abel Month ago

    1:08 why does it say "Drug Store"?

  • 겜타임우이신설
    겜타임우이신설 2 months ago

    0:05 / me: sonic?? / ???: no. it's mario.

  • zeyad shoker
    zeyad shoker 2 months ago


  • Alfredo Ortuño Porras
    Alfredo Ortuño Porras 2 months ago +1

    And yoshi ?

  • JS Savage
    JS Savage 2 months ago

    What about peach

  • Nintendo supremacist 01


  • Nungky Dyah Laksmita
    Nungky Dyah Laksmita 2 months ago

    Luigi ?

  • Whomst Boi
    Whomst Boi 2 months ago

    Mr game and watch: Y O I N K

  • QuestGuy17
    QuestGuy17 2 months ago

    Robin's final smash used to summon Chrom but Chrom is now a playable fighter.....

  • Rubina Leghari
    Rubina Leghari 2 months ago


    Read more

  • Chris p
    Chris p 2 months ago +1

    link's final smash has been updated! finaly!

  • Dominic Corradi
    Dominic Corradi 2 months ago

    Was hoping for a kraken transformation, but then nintendo makes an attempt to legalize FS's in competetive

  • Hagop Kiljian
    Hagop Kiljian 2 months ago

    Yo but ridleys tho...

    It’s fucking brutal. You’re slapped onto the gunship as it’s flown through space. Ridley spots you and fucking blasts you with a death laser and blows up the gunship. And those two seconds of him in space just... flying there. It reallly feels like he killed you

  • Christopher suazo
    Christopher suazo 2 months ago

    19 years ago Super Smash Bro 64 came out and remember that intro that Samus and apparently he's still angry about it

  • Nasir Smith
    Nasir Smith 2 months ago

    I just can’t wait to play the game in December.

  • Кирья Орёл
    Кирья Орёл 2 months ago

    It's not "every", it's "everything we seen in trailers".

  • James Ultrabot
    James Ultrabot 2 months ago

    Plz be fest ass NELEEEEEEEEEEEy

  • That One Guy Who knows where you live

    Where is yoshi’s final smash?

  • Kittycat321
    Kittycat321 2 months ago

    Damit, why didn’t wario get- spoilers
    Wario deluxe for his final smash?

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright 2 months ago

    Paws of fury 0:06

  • Barrington A3
    Barrington A3 2 months ago +1


  • Judith Cameni
    Judith Cameni 2 months ago

    No super saiyan Sonic?

  • rakero xd
    rakero xd 2 months ago

    young link?

  • pegeta
    pegeta 2 months ago

    No wulf

  • Asriel 177
    Asriel 177 2 months ago

    when did the smash roster get published?

  • Luxai
    Luxai 2 months ago

    It gets woomyful at 4:26 guys.

  • Panic! ᖴᗩᑎ
    Panic! ᖴᗩᑎ 2 months ago

    I hate it!! Sheik is my main and they don't bother to show her final smash!!!!

  • monique phillips
    monique phillips 2 months ago

    (LOL )

  • davyt0247
    davyt0247 2 months ago

    Any news on Daisy's final smash? I am guessing crystal punch from Strikers Charged

    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 2 months ago

    whats yoshis final smash

  • Nigralurker
    Nigralurker 2 months ago

    I'm a little disappointed that many final smashes were drastically changed into something less exciting due to tourneyfags bitching and moaning...

  • CaptConrad
    CaptConrad 2 months ago

    I like how Sonic's final smash is quicker and probably controls better. What I don't like is since you go so fast, you don't even see Super Sonic.


  • Heat fox
    Heat fox 2 months ago

    Were's Luigi's Final Smash

  • Lou and Tom
    Lou and Tom 2 months ago

    Ö omg

  • J. R.
    J. R. 2 months ago


  • LittleTale Sans Poketale

    What’s up with the yellow eyes it’s Creepy every Character has yellow eyes in the final smash attack

  • Suprgo
    Suprgo 2 months ago

    IT ACTUALLY COMES OUT Steptember 7 2018

  • trollbreeder
    trollbreeder 2 months ago

    So basically they made all the final smashes boring.

  • gamingwith cool
    gamingwith cool 2 months ago

    Some may not agree with me but the real thing saving the switch is the smash graphics and fortnite the switch lived even less then the wii u and im not exicted too get one ok not gonna lie after what i just said i want one now but only for 2 games im gonna get this concol

  • Sarah et Charlie !!!
    Sarah et Charlie !!! 2 months ago

    Whats Daisy smash

  • Lane
    Lane 2 months ago

    Tbh I would have liked links final smash to be a cutscene of the opponent being thrown in hyrule castle and the champions and their divine beast unleash their attacks, similar to how they attack calamity ganon in botw (like if you agree)